Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland

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    olini84Il y a jour

    How about painting the bleachers like a big American flag?

  2. author

    bornrebel701Il y a jour

    9:44 nasty dmax burnout? Lmao

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    Aussie Daz VK4DJHIl y a jour

    You boys are doing amazing things. 👍👍👍🍻

  4. author

    Rashad MartinezIl y a jour

    Who are the 419 ppl 👎🏽 the vid man nothing better than a man restoring his race track keep it up brother @CleetusMcFarland love the vids

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    TelexicIl y a jour

    paint the stands red white and blue

  6. author

    Christopher HarryIl y a jour

    Sell the hell yeah brother flag !!

  7. author

    cableandchain !!!!!Il y a jour

    make em work ass off

  8. author

    Bryan HIl y a jour

    More track fixing vids! Lol it is like a new "map" for the channel.

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    RL Racing GarageIl y a jour

    He'll yeah bro the freedom factory content is awesome keep it up!

  10. author

    The AwbIl y a jour

    lol "dont come to the freedom factory" seems ironic

  11. author

    sean24Il y a jour

    i got a dad bod and im 19 hell yea brother

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    Bryan JamesIl y a jour

    Need to fly in Lynchy to show em how it's done, you wouldn't even need his car just lend him one of yours. Lynchy Lynchy Lynchy

  13. author

    Jeremy HusackIl y a jour

    Cleetus...Plan 1. Dream, plan perform, finance, and execute only the best show with the largest attendance the Texas Raceway will have this year and ever!!!! Plan 2. Clean bleachers. Hell yeah brother stay humble my friend it’s why we love you.

  14. author

    Guy HollowayIl y a jour

    Paint the wood sections red white and blue

  15. author

    CoolChannel NameIl y a jour

    make sure the concession stand has vinegar for the french fries.

  16. author

    MarkIl y a jour

    FF sign on the gate is dope 👍🏻

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    Nicholas BaldrickIl y a jour

    Man this is so awesome. I seriously can't wait to come and attend an event. I think it would be seriously awesome for you and Bradenton drag strip should team up and create a huge racetrack amusement park. Right next door to eachother and you could have all types of different events with the two tracks... I still feel like you have plenty of room to build a dirt track. Diet track racing isnhuge right now and it would draw a huge crowd. Good luck with everything and again, I'm so dam excited for this.

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    Johnny LopezIl y a jour

    HOLY COW. There was enough elbow grease in this video alone to lube up that old tractor y'all have!! Props on the LEGIT HARD WORK that's you're putting into this track! Will be there soon; on an invitation day of course! Best regards! - some oil dude from Albuquerque

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    bbhdIl y a jour


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    CK_32Il y a jour

    What cooing system is that?! I want AN lines for my coolant!

  21. author

    Cannon PowersIl y a jour

    That moment when you witness a man become a bleacher enthusiast.

  22. author

    RCasey 51Il y a jour

    Dying at the fact his shoes sound like spongebobs boots when he gets some in that one episode 😂😂

  23. author

    Andrew DvorskyIl y a jour

    Maybe have some fans come help you..........

  24. author

    briangage rogersIl y a jour

    Just living the dream brother. Super happy this has been working for ya

  25. author

    James BatteseIl y a jour

    Get a massive sign made up saying trespassers will he prostituted 😉

  26. author

    MclovinthedankIl y a jour

    Hyped on the bleacher content!

  27. author

    Todd BosselmanIl y a jour

    just a thought it would be great if you could do something in remembrance of Dave Steele on March 26

  28. author

    Pretty Red’s GarageryIl y a jour

    Money idea!! FF Bleacher seats at the gift shop.

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    Scott bierowskiIl y a jour

    This track couldn’t have been purchased by a better group of guys! Can’t wait to have my butt on one of those bleachers cleaned by the man himself that is looking out for every fan . Freedom Factory is going down as a world class documentary to provide inspiration for dreams can come to fruition!

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    Lorry StaggIl y a jour

    sounds like a heap of Aussie burnout guy and girls are keen to lay some rubber on the freedom factory track

  31. author

    Parker FisherIl y a jour

    Way to put in the work! Gonna be sick when it’s done!

  32. author

    captainjerkIl y a jour

    AHHHHH! Very satisfying! Until ya see the edges! LOL

  33. author

    TortminatorIl y a jour

    Gonna have to call neighbor in to chase down these freedom factory trespassers.

  34. author

    Chris HaganIl y a jour

    Lovin the beard cleet 😎👌

  35. author

    CallMeMrCrabsIl y a jour

    you guys need a boom mower to cut that ditch

  36. author

    Shane BaumgardnerIl y a jour

    Nice beard buddy

  37. author

    Kenneth JamesIl y a jour

    And this how dreams become reality, hard work and dedication. Cleeter n crew, the Freedom Factory is gonna be a fun place!

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    tiny dancerwannabbeeIl y a jour

    Congrats at being on Roadkill!

  39. author

    Jonathan PIl y a jour

    A good video ruined by a Mike Bloomberg ad

  40. author

    SkylerIl y a jour

    in about two weeks, everything could be cleaned up and looking like new.

  41. author

    PwrswitchdIl y a jour

    Wow! What a difference!! This has to be the best series on FRreporter so far!

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    Gareth L.Il y a jour

    Cleetus going off about bleachers at the end was probably the funniest thing I've seen all week HAHAHA 17:18

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    carguy 218Il y a jour

    I think you guys should paint a giant merican flag on the bleachers or the freedom factory logo

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    Cullen InmanIl y a jour

    The people over at r/powerwashingporn are gonna have a hay day with this. Hell yeah brother!

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    Sloppy MechanicsIl y a jour

    those boi's cleaned up so nice, sorry to hear about the break ins and people thinking its their own place to fuck around

  46. author

    Jim McDonaldIl y a jour

    this channel's slowly gonna make a transition into bleacher digest

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    John AndersonIl y a jour

    Al Jr. realized he was officially over the hill when Glenn says "Who are you? You won the Indy 500?" LOL

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    Levi ComptonIl y a jour

    Need to paint the bleachers like the American flag

  49. author

    Temuera LagalugaIl y a jour

    I realllllly wanna see some of our Aussie cars roll into one of these events and show y’all a nasty burnout

  50. author

    emeraldisle70Il y a jour

    Stay off the mans property!!! Looks great😍

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    Tyler Roberts T-RobIl y a jour

    Future episode of My Strange Addictions. Cleetus: man I just love bleachers, I tell you twat you don't realize how much these mean to me. From the texture to the color to how they sound. I just love em.

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    Shiloh StoreIl y a jour

    I don't think I could be more emotionally involved in a place that I will probably never go to in my life!

  53. author

    Stephen BachmanIl y a jour

    I actually look forward to when you can re-tar the race track. Be expensive. But so satisfying.

  54. author

    Fast Lane ProsIl y a jour

    No respect!

  55. author

    TeamJeepLabIl y a jour

    This would be a great place to host some Jeep events!!! There is a huge jeep community in the area! Find me on FB under the JeepLab in Tampa !! Let’s talk

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    Scott BrownIl y a jour

    Couldn’t even give bruce wilson a shout out after he brought the fire truck out that’s cold

  57. author

    Jay A SpeelmanIl y a jour

    Dude, this is going to be the greatest thing since Dale Earnhardt was the Champ,. I believe that you are going to kill it. I live in North Carolina and am down in Tampa this week to visit my mother. I thought about coming by. But no I decided not too I figured y’all were busy enough. Then I see this video, and I’m glad I respected your space.ill see you when you open. God has blessed you beyond your wildest dreams. Respect that. And God bless America.

  58. author

    The ManUpStairsIl y a jour

    My name is alex and my birthday is this weekend let alex know I said happy birthday.

  59. author

    Rafael GuerreiroIl y a jour

    how the hell are those trucks riding in the street without being stopped by the cops??

  60. author

    michael cookIl y a jour

    Your bleachers might not be the coolest right now but if you let fans start signing them (only nice things) that would look awesome in the years

  61. author

    Stephen BachmanIl y a jour

    You gotta rub your bleachers. Reminds me of bad boys 2 "you gotta rub your leather"

  62. author

    DrFieroIl y a jour

    I can’t even imagine what your next months water bill will be like!! :O

  63. author

    Richard KnappIl y a jour

    Your working your ass off!!!

  64. author

    A HoIl y a jour

    People just think they can do whatever they want. Probably the same ones that broken in. Lol

  65. author

    ExperialIl y a jour

    Love the freedom factory content

  66. author

    Chuck NorrisIl y a jour

    Get back supports for the bleachers! They’re highly uncomfortable and hurt peoples back after about an hour of sitting.

  67. author

    Baz ScarlettIl y a jour

    All treaspasses will be made to clean the public toilets with a toothbrush

  68. author

    Beej And skeejIl y a jour

    Cletus said 🚶🏼🚶🏼 when he was power washing the bleachers

  69. author

    Jaron BangIl y a jour

    Also the freedom is looking great, can't wait til we see the bald eagles come back!! 🦅 🇺🇲🏁🏎️🦅

  70. author

    CrazycatmanIl y a jour

    18:32 Demonic Baby Lamb

  71. author

    jeremiah smithIl y a jour

    it's always more satisfying to see your accomplishments after your best efforts

  72. author

    Max UmIl y a jour

    The FF content is gold. Needs to NOT stop. Thanks for the vids.

  73. author

    herrle420Il y a jour

    Dont let anyone tell you that you dont have nice bleachers. You have beautiful bleachers 👌😁

  74. author

    ice1 pacificIl y a jour

    You should put speed bumps before the gate. So if some one was to drive into the gate they mess up there car

  75. author

    ConnorsPostsIl y a jour

    So happy for you Cleetus! After watching you for quite a while it makes me happy seeing you get to this point. Embrace it! Must feel good!

  76. author

    George KuhnastIl y a jour

    So satisfying!!! Also love the channel keep up the excellent content

  77. author

    Paw PawIl y a jour

    Dreams, I hope all of you dreams of growth and success come true. This is for all of you out there. God bless you, and God bless America and her allies too.

  78. author

    Baz ScarlettIl y a jour


  79. author

    Jaron BangIl y a jour

    Not gonna lie, I love pressure washing when the results come out like that, it's super satisfying and comes with soooo much instant gratification lol

  80. author

    Fox UnfocusedIl y a jour

    With your bleacher obsession budding, I will not be surprised if you end up anodizing them red, white, and blue.

  81. author

    Josh SpringerIl y a jour

    Build a shop at the track. It would be freaking awesome. Heck yeah brother 🤟🏻🇺🇸🦅

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    thomas barlowIl y a jour

    941 area code thats punta gorda

  83. author

    Random Stuff In OregonIl y a jour

    I had no idea he knows Bruce! That's cool!

  84. author

    Do it like Capt. DanIl y a jour

    13:13 epic thumbnail

  85. author

    Mark CarruthersIl y a jour

    16:46 OK Tom Sawyer.

  86. author

    Nathan matasIl y a jour

    The American dream is alive anyone that says it isn't hasn't opened their eyes. Your hard work is appreciated you guys are doing great!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    Bikes Cars & GunsIl y a jour

    Need to paint the bleachers but in a American flag

  88. author

    KILL0R0YIl y a jour

    The SatisFactory today

  89. author

    SmokeyEmpireIl y a jour

    17:58 are boi cleet is High on freedom!

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    JacksonGeetarguy 97Il y a jour


  91. author

    Russell McBrayerIl y a jour

    I ordered my freedom factory shirt late Monday evening. Came home today and it was in my mailbox. Hell yea brother!

  92. author

    x SavageIl y a jour

    Our boy Cleetus on the YT trending page, god damn look at him go

  93. author

    MAHANEEYIl y a jour

    Crazy how enjoyable this video was. Must be my OCD, was very soothing to say the least to watch 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  94. author

    Daniel BeckwithIl y a jour

    Matt's up to part 14 on his renovating abandoned mansion series, you're a little behind! Lol

  95. author

    Pete CrabtreeIl y a jour


  96. author

    PUGSRULE 1229Il y a jour

    America. Am I right?

  97. author

    boostedKTMIl y a jour

    Never had a reason to go to Florida........GREAT now I have to. Was it just me or was that music and clean the bleachers super Majestic saving a piece of Americana

  98. author

    Cory HIl y a jour

    proud of you Cleetus, and your whole crew you guys are great. Been a fan of this channel since the early days. Yall have came a long way. You really made a huge jump forward buying this track and you guys are killing it, keep up the good work!

  99. author

    thomas barlowIl y a jour

    Wheres this track at?

  100. author

    999 VisibleIl y a jour

    trending gang