Italian guy who wants to share his passion for slapping the BASS.
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Il y a 6 jours

Stop This...Stop This...

Stop This...

Il y a mois

This Has To Stop...This Has To Stop...

This Has To Stop...

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Il y a 6 mois

I'm the BASS GuyI'm the BASS Guy

I'm the BASS Guy

Il y a 8 mois

  1. author

    Mamat PeloIl y a jour

    petition for youtube to freeze likes count in this video so davie will stay being a girl

  2. author

    ridcinus 23Il y a jour

    Where is headphones hahahahah

  3. author

    Samarion PureheartIl y a jour

    You look like Michael Jackson or Alita You're scary

  4. author

    D KovorikIl y a jour

    I slapped like and I want to ask why is it that bass players only play in the upper octave? Does this not make the same sound as the lower octave of a regular guitar? Why isn't the bass made TWO octaves lower than the guitar so that it never becomes a guitar?

  5. author

    TulleyIl y a jour

    davie plz reply

  6. author

    Drew RobertsIl y a jour

    Anyone else think girl Davie looks like Hila from h3h3??

  7. author

    Tom LynxIl y a jour

    5.8m sub gender reveal

  8. author

    Dunce BoiIl y a jour

    You know, when it's the Internet.... Everyone's choosing memer, Davie.

  9. author

    Reion NyxIl y a jour

    Tap dislike... And leave a comment now

  10. author

    Michael GrayIl y a jour

    I dislike so I can keep playing with my pp forever watching your videos.... davia 504

  11. author

    Reivan CahayaIl y a jour

    the earthquake 😱😱

  12. author

    A Future OnlineIl y a jour

    LMAO.. Love your videos brother... I'm binge watching lol... SLAPPING like and the next video..

  13. author

    Reven SheridanIl y a jour

    Stand With Honk Kong

  14. author

    White knightIl y a jour

    A pick might be the only way to be epik on this b ase

  15. author

    SmallDollarIl y a jour

    Ha, I'm finally over my crush on Davie. *Girl Davie appears* OH NO!

  16. author

    Sessame ChickensIl y a jour

    Eat you cereal

  17. author

    Shubham KushwahIl y a jour

    No naked girls No drugs No abuse No strings 100% ears

  18. author

    Rangga LubisIl y a jour

    I sent this to my crush And she instantly proposed to me

  19. author

    YzumaruIl y a jour

    Davie needs to buy a new bass, 'cause once you buy a new B.ass you grown a pipi

  20. author

    Fabio MoraIl y a jour

    Weirdly Omegle is pretty full of Davie's fans

  21. author

    うららっちIl y a jour


  22. author

    Martin SellersIl y a jour


  23. author

    Edo HeeIl y a jour

    6:32 slap bass

  24. author

    Р. О.Il y a jour

    And now , I wanna slap this Davie

  25. author

    RicoGamerIl y a jour


  26. author

    OX I AMIl y a jour

    You looks like my English teacher

  27. author

    bryan reyesIl y a jour

    Now that blue dislike got my attention

  28. author

    Keegan SchaffrinIl y a jour

    It’s funny cuz you can litterly go to oldest vids and it shows him without headphones

  29. author

    rina hnamteIl y a jour

    Your Bass Slap is insane. Damn your Good

  30. author

    Regolith 引きこもりIl y a jour

    You want me to comment in Japanese? Okay. あなたはばかですか? Sorry, that was a little rude, so how about this はじめましてよろしく!thats much nicer. Also かぼちゃ just because.

  31. author

    Brayan GarciaIl y a jour


  32. author

    Trisha MaybeIl y a jour

    I want Davie504 to be a girl forever.

  33. author

    MichxeIl y a jour

    Don’t like this video- we want him to stay being a girl

  34. author

    JontyMasterIl y a jour

    The camera quality looking EPIC!

  35. author

    Kenzo KatouIl y a jour

    Where's my pubg dammit!

  36. author

    keeper182Il y a jour

    4:33 Marihuana smoke reveal at 7M subscribers

  37. author

    Ramen RampageIl y a jour

    whetrs the 69 string bass

  38. author

    Gustavo PaesIl y a jour

    That was very EPICO

  39. author

    The Crew of KatieIl y a jour


  40. author

    World Aquarium SingaporeIl y a jour

    ;D LoL so fuNny i slap u "D

  41. author

    Red ZhaskIl y a jour

    actually u look kinda thicc No homo

  42. author

    Borderlands808Il y a jour

    Will u merry me?

  43. author

    RAWIl y a jour

    420 EPICO

  44. author

    BloamyIl y a jour


  45. author

    unknownIl y a jour

    Slap that like to the UkuBass

  46. author

    taco meatIl y a jour

    What if Davie finds TheDooo on omegle

  47. author

    Ramen RampageIl y a jour

    420 in length

  48. author

    Teh RedbaronIl y a jour

    Gotta say Davie504, If you were a chick, would smash, 69/420 all day. Fucking great video.

  49. author

    Shin ArtachoIl y a jour


  50. author

    Blake CarsonIl y a jour

    V attracted, not ashamed

  51. author

    Ş ø ł ą ŕ P ø ł ą ŕIl y a jour

    He looks attractive than me And im a girl-

  52. author

    EatermcIl y a jour

    Transgender will only understand

  53. author

    crispyarturoIl y a jour

    Ok that’s impressive but can you play I Cum Blood while- wait no.

  54. author

    Khairul Anwar YunusIl y a jour


  55. author

    Shouvik DasIl y a jour

    Mammamia 🤣🤣

  56. author

    Will VIl y a jour

    1:06 be “horn-est”

  57. author

    Roberto CeballosIl y a jour

    Hey que pedo? Hay puro vato que habla inglés aquí:(((

  58. author

    うららっちIl y a jour


  59. author

    Tín NguyễnIl y a jour

    Mlem Mlem

  60. author

    boberek 43Il y a jour

    Shake that 🅱 ass

  61. author

    John ZenoIl y a jour


  62. author

    aeron asuncionIl y a jour

    *sigh* here we go again *Unsips*

  63. author

    extreme tutor 11Il y a jour

    The guy who asked for photo was tru fan like me😘❣️ 🅱️🅰️SS

  64. author

    ArArKillsIl y a jour

    9:27 pp revival at 420 million likes

  65. author

    Aaron RobbinsIl y a jour

    Davie504 is bass God confirmed

  66. author

    Dragon45pIl y a jour


  67. author

    EnemyknightIl y a jour

    This would've been a good therapy time video.

  68. author

    nathan jaeIl y a jour

    Boi u look alita from the movie but with long face and with headphones

  69. author

    ReinboIl y a jour

    you cant fool us. this is actually the mom reveal

  70. author

    Ramen RampageIl y a jour

    impressive ...but can you play bass

  71. author

    luna uhhIl y a jour

    10k likes on this comment and ill give davie a real girl make over

  72. author

    TUGAS KULIAH PUTSIl y a jour


  73. author

    samiul azimIl y a jour

    mybe i saw amiway bantai :")

  74. author

    smbmx dirtIl y a jour

    I would like to know where he got the shirt.

  75. author

    A Shitty Guitar PlayerIl y a jour

    that was your sister davie, you cant trick us

  76. author

    Sagar HumagainIl y a jour

    5:29 I know the pieces fit

  77. author

    The Loaded ChristianIl y a jour

    47 47 47 47 47 47 47

  78. author

    solar quartzIl y a jour

    U like my mom

  79. author

    Florin DIl y a jour

    Reveal your italian girl voice at 6M subs!!

  80. author

    Juan VivíanIl y a jour

    Look at all those noobs having a heart attack

  81. author

    S.m. KingIl y a jour

    I didn't know Hila Klein plays bass! (lmao)

  82. author

    Natalia NiedzielaIl y a jour

    You are soooo beautiful 😍😍😍 EPIC

  83. author

    Xeanny A.RIl y a jour

    I speak spanish, can I say that is my moment too?? :(

  84. author

    Fan of Matt DamonIl y a jour

    It did not work, checkmate me.

  85. author

    Raycario racewayIl y a jour

    You are beautiful

  86. author

    frank xuIl y a jour

    ko no dio da

  87. author

    Nathaniel AshfordIl y a jour

    Now everyone will slapp dislike, so he will be stuck as a girl forever

  88. author

    MAD_GANG_53Il y a jour

    i need BASS

  89. author

    phong đoànIl y a jour


  90. author

    Игорь ПионерIl y a jour

    Don't slap likes. My PP is so hard

  91. author

    Stray FurtherIl y a jour

    this had my pp confused

  92. author

    ProXY One CreationsIl y a jour

    Davie504 makes a hot girl

  93. author

    Romal10Il y a jour

    Thumbnail..looks like Valak OMG!!

  94. author

    scrtchmrkIl y a jour

    I am being hornest

  95. author

    Fan of Matt DamonIl y a jour

    Sorry, I sent you an email, of my pause because I cannot attach things in the FRreporter comment section.

  96. author

    DaxmondZIl y a jour

    Be HORNest

  97. author

    DJ CavernaIl y a jour

    lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll greatings from Brazil

  98. author

    FrankTVIl y a jour

    ohh he doesnt wear headphone

  99. author

    RanuralIl y a jour

    _davie: winks_ guy: smiles LOL

  100. author

    Pigeon ProductionIl y a jour

    Not epic