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Changing Automotive History

  1. author

    Martin SabolIl y a 2 minutes

    LOL guy who got your NSX got better deal:-)

  2. author

    MO SilverIl y a 2 minutes

    Nice shirt, but I don't think it's officially licensed...

  3. author

    Ben EIl y a 3 minutes

    Hey that's my birthday😂

  4. author

    jeroenIl y a 4 minutes

    hoovies shtick is really growing old and tired exponentially. its plastic amd basically lame.

  5. author

    Big TyIl y a 5 minutes

    What an asshole. I watched Parker a few times and that was enough to realize he’s a huge douche. Your cool though Tyler I like watching your stuff as much as vinwiki

  6. author

    hoodoo2001Il y a 10 minutes

    Insurance Adjustter: "A happy Hoovie? I will fix that next time.....and there will be a next time."

  7. author

    Richard MeyerIl y a 11 minutes

    Parker sounds like a bad friend.

  8. author

    Biker GremlingIl y a 13 minutes

    Hoovie made some money. I don't know if to feel good or bad for him.

  9. author

    Radical SpeedIl y a 17 minutes

    That’s dope! Hang it up or make functional either would be cool

  10. author

    azmax623Il y a 17 minutes

    the V True Hooviewood Story....

  11. author

    iare19Il y a 18 minutes

    "but it's not a Ferrari"...Well what you should've said is that it's a Honda.

  12. author

    wkz1234Il y a 19 minutes

    I subbed many automotive youtubers, but I never like Parker.

  13. author

    Jamesie AdamsIl y a 21 minute

    I’m guessing Parker knew about the recall with this car so when it started acting up and he had a funny smell why didn’t he pull over and turn it off instead of calling and then deciding to drive another mile?

  14. author

    RumbleBellyIl y a 21 minute

    I am not a great story teller, but I did the same stupid things that Hoovie did :D

  15. author

    LouMarBow LouMarBowIl y a 23 minutes

    You truly are arrogant. Very unappealing. You're proud of being an idiot.

  16. author

    tankimusIl y a 29 minutes

    Good lord, as a country guy... You need some nature boy.. Damn

  17. author

    WolfWouldIl y a 30 minutes

    I've almost got a full VINwiki background edited together to make a story video. I can't find an image or video of it empty but it'll work for my story!

  18. author

    19Clutch69Il y a 32 minutes

    They are just bending you over

  19. author

    EnEm GeeIl y a 33 minutes

    IIIiiiii drrrriVe mahh converrrrtible as a daaaily drivahh

  20. author

    Zack GIl y a 36 minutes

    Call it a Firerari.

  21. author

    Loveunderlaw Heil LuciferIl y a 37 minutes


  22. author

    JIl y a 37 minutes

    i took over a least once from ford it was insane how many times i had to overnight papers back and fourth, that said id like to try a luxury lease hack like an X5, but i just bought a house and am worried about credit right now it was mid 7s

  23. author

    lennier1Il y a 38 minutes

    Sorry, but if someone's stupid enough to let go of an NSX they kinda deserve what's coming their way.

  24. author

    sellingthewindIl y a 38 minutes

    seriously, Ed is the type of man I look up to. Im 32 and trying to be successful in my life and anytime I hear Ed talk, I wonder if someday I can be as articulate and shrewd as he is!

  25. author

    1quickdubIl y a 38 minutes

    The only way he could ever make money on a car

  26. author

    HungryQueensIl y a 38 minutes

    Please give this man a shirt. The misspelled Ferrari is getting on my nerves after 3-ish video's with him wearing this. :-)

  27. author

    Anania HarutyunyanIl y a 39 minutes

    Its totally your fault, giving your ‘95 Ferrari to the most annoying kid on youtube for a month and telling him he can do anything with it just not to plastidip it

  28. author

    Literally ShakingIl y a 39 minutes

    Life lesson: Don’t let actual, honest to god douchebags drive your car

  29. author

    tankimusIl y a 41 minute

    Parker sounds like an asshole

  30. author

    fazhxlIl y a 41 minute

    just fall off the car already!!

  31. author

    Eric SchottIl y a 45 minutes

    Man i wish there was a better example of an E46 m3 there... that white one is not my cup of tea lol

  32. author

    Patrik MasseratiIl y a 49 minutes

    Honda NSX it´s not a Ferrari... it´s even better tho :D

  33. author

    NCHERRYIl y a 49 minutes

    Dude sounds like a d bag

  34. author

    252 3Il y a 50 minutes

    Porker is shit

  35. author

    Patrik MasseratiIl y a 51 minute

    Trade true legend Honda NSX for a f... Ferrari 355 how dare you! :D :D Honda got her revenge :P

  36. author

    ererwereqreqrqerIl y a 53 minutes

    Best vinwiki story ever! So much respect for the united states police!

  37. author

    Ryan In The CommentsIl y a 56 minutes

    "2007 BMW" - Shows a 2014 BMW 4 Series

  38. author

    Brian GrayIl y a 59 minutes

    Tylers insurance agent enters chat....

  39. author

    Alias SmithandJonesIl y a 59 minutes

    Enzo's Revenge

  40. author

    Finite TuningIl y a heure

    Oh yeah, the best practical jokes are usually the one's where nobody is laughing, because it's real....Yet unbelievable :-).

  41. author

    Todd KonicekIl y a heure

    Hoovie did a shrewd negotiation, salut'

  42. author

    join the fist 10Il y a heure

    He’s not the one who started it?

  43. author

    Christian HolmstedtIl y a heure

    Ahh... ok the shitty Top-Gear USA is what this is about. False advertising.

  44. author

    JavardiiIl y a heure

    Only thing that matters: have good credit

  45. author

    Christian HolmstedtIl y a heure

    So basically Parker is still a douchebag.

  46. author

    BosIl y a heure

    Does parker have a nose? You can smell gas right?

  47. author

    plnkoIl y a heure

    Wasn't vehicle virgins known to be somewhat of a prick?

  48. author

    HvguyIl y a heure

    For future trips, look into using a diesel engine. The truck fill pumps (pilot, ta, etc) pump like 50gpm. 1" nozzles, i can fill my 100 gallon dump truck in minutes. Just food for thought.

  49. author

    MosottiIl y a heure

    Cash has no algorithm.

  50. author

    Mark KIl y a heure

    The only tIme when hoovie made money on a car lol

  51. author

    Stuart J. SutherlandIl y a heure

    Watched the video... checked the comment section for “Parker sounds like a bit of a jerk” comments. Not disappointed on both counts.

  52. author

    George papageorgiouIl y a heure

    Confirmed..Parker is a DBag..BTW that shirt is funny as hell

  53. author

    billiondollardanIl y a heure

    THAT SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. author

    EvlengrIl y a heure

    Long story short an officer claimed to have "Paced me" at 127 mph for a 1/2 mile and then proceeded to overtake me in a standard police sedan. Needless to say he was lying and the judge threw out all the tickets that came to several grand and 20+ points. I got him to admit on video that this is what he did. After the judge heard that, I explained unless the officer could beat the laws of time and space and that this type of cruiser was limited to 135 mph there is no way he properly "Paced me" and then overtake me.... therefore it was not a valid ticket.

  55. author

    JaredIl y a heure

    that shirt tho.

  56. author

    Sounds Good StereoIl y a heure

    AL Priority Laser Jammers + Net Radar was one of the techs used to complete this amazing record... For those interested in what these systems are...

  57. author

    Austin AIl y a heure

    Hoovie's logic was spot on. Only problem is Ferraris don't obey logic.

  58. author

    Patrick MIl y a heure

    On the flip side, Nevada is the best state to speed in. Got caught once doing 124mph in a scion tc, which im surprised can even do over a 100. Cop said anything 40 over is an automatic reckless driving, misdemeanor and jail time, but he's been tagging people going 90+ all day without giving them tickets, so to be fair to me, he just gave me a 40 over without the rest. This was in the highway going Searchlight, so barely anyone were going through their wide roads anyway. Called a paralegal, not even a lawyer, and had it changed into a parking ticket. Apparently in Nevada, you can amend almost any traffic violation, sometimes even minor DUIs, to lower Vegas' crime rate.

  59. author

    Mason AlexIl y a heure

    Sounds like he was holding back tears when talking about the junkyard, damn parker what a dick move buying a ferrari thats worth two cars you could’ve given your friend or kept one even.

  60. author

    Error989Il y a heure

    parker is an idiot

  61. author

    Ron WilliamsIl y a heure

    If anybody can breathe new life into roached super/hyper cars, it's Freddie!

  62. author

    Private IndividualIl y a heure

    Rips into a prostitute.. then proceeds to BREAK EVERY TRAFFIC LAW across USA , endangered lives, with a team of 50+ people. #highhorse much? #cannonballrun

  63. author

    driz drazIl y a heure

    this.... is just mind blowing i keep thinking its gonnabe joke but it just keeps going on and on.... this is a legit nightmare and proves that cops can literally do whatever the fuck they want no matter what the law says they can and cant do. some cops hate there lives and are jealous of the nice cars so they wanted to fuck you how ever they could, absolutely ridiculous.

  64. author

    Howard LambIl y a heure

    This dude is one lucky dumb ass.

  65. author

    _Mango_Il y a heure

    I'd hit jake Paul, easy choice

  66. author

    aumkar chandanIl y a heure

    Classic Porker

  67. author

    SaladforkIl y a heure

    I had a long response typed out, but it appears to have been lost when I submitted it. So I'll just say this. Thank you for this video and thank you for your faith and hope in Christ. Needed to see this video today.

  68. author

    Elliott GrossmanIl y a heure

    Wew he traded an NSX for a Ferrari..... Legit the most beautiful car imo for a fire 🔥 hahaa

  69. author

    SmOgERIl y a heure

    How the fuck can he and the passenger BOTH lose their phones when one's usually and normally carrying it his jeans pocket?! And most of all how the fuck did he call Tyler to tell that the car has burned to the ground then??!

  70. author

    MitchMayneIl y a heure

    So we basically found out the stig after Ben Collins is a guy named nicky...wait nevermind hes talking about the grand tour.

  71. author

    driz drazIl y a heure

    that jiffy is not getting spiffy line had me DYING dude thats the best part of the video XD

  72. author

    MIKE .WIl y a heure

    Traded for NSX o my dum

  73. author

    Charles StrawserIl y a heure

    I'm officially not a Tanner Faust fan, now. I was indifferent, before.

  74. author

    Sergeant SpeedIl y a heure

    Parker is absolutely a contributor to the cause of the fire. What person can't tell the difference between the smell of gasoline and the smell of power steering?! You pump fuel in your car all the time! You should know what that smell is!!! Shame on hoovie too, for not telling Parker to just park it KNOWING the engine was miss firing and that these cars are notorious for literally combusting. I place blame on both of them, but mostly parker simply because anyone with any sense of smell would know it's leaking fuel.

  75. author

    Hudrey AepburnIl y a heure

    Nice to know that Parker from Vehicle Virgins is the douche I suspected him of being all along, had to stop watching him a long time ago......

  76. author

    ZROSTARSIl y a heure

    At first glance though it was Mustang tshirt

  77. author

    Aaron MikusaIl y a heure

    So hey...... funny story

  78. author

    FROxTIl y a heure

    He kept talking for 11:11 minutes. No car video only slide images

  79. author

    Brandon VegasIl y a heure

    19:38 wow he whistled so hard it broke my speakers

  80. author

    StevenIl y a heure

    Let alone Parker drove it way too hard for the car not being his. Did not respect Hoovie

  81. author

    Clutch545Il y a 2 heures

    hah, nice shirt.

  82. author

    1.5x playback everything - thank me laterIl y a 2 heures

    Hot diggidy daym how am I late to this nugget of gold? Thanks Casey! Keeping the bar high

  83. author

    Zach BIl y a 2 heures

    Did he say “Plane crash avoidance system” when talking about the counter measures?

  84. author

    the life of patrykIl y a 2 heures

    Maybe those weren’t cigarettes?

  85. author

    Michael KirkIl y a 2 heures

    God I loved that car.

  86. author

    Brofessor _Il y a 2 heures

    Parker's hot boi clothes are what set the ferrari in is he wearing camo and boots for?

  87. author

    Geo MartensIl y a 2 heures

    Great story

  88. author

    OdeIl y a 2 heures

    Nice stuff, but wrong place to use it

  89. author

    Maz VlogsIl y a 2 heures

    You boutta get arrested, what a stupid thing to do, you put people in danger going fucking 104 MPH on average

  90. author

    No Here KrugerIl y a 2 heures

    These fucking assholes should all be arrested.

  91. author

    J. Scott CaudillIl y a 2 heures

    Parker sounds like a total DOUCHE that doesn't respect Hoovies time

  92. author

    J LeonardIl y a 2 heures

    the minute he mentioned a chick in flip flops steps in the poo, my juvenile brain found that funny...(yes, I spit coffee all over my laptop)

  93. author

    Ravi DasIl y a 2 heures

    So, common animals on the roads: Australia : Kangaroos India : Cows USA : Liberals

  94. author

    L8 APEXIl y a 2 heures

    Lmao who else remembers Parker and Dahms awkward ass video talking about the 3 rotor hood? 😂

  95. author

    QPIl y a 2 heures

    What. The fuck. Man.

  96. author

    rwdplz1Il y a 2 heures

    There's a special place in hell for insurance company workers.

  97. author

    Matt's GarageIl y a 2 heures

    I loved that 355 so much, I was so sad when it burned!😢

  98. author

    Greg WilliamsIl y a 2 heures

    This was just a massive fraudulent insurance claim.. I smell something fishy...

  99. author

    CMDR BoomIl y a 2 heures

    This guy sounds like a hell of a lot better friend than Parker. Hoovie: Sure, I'll loan you my Ferrari. Parker: Hey, about that loaner... I bought a 458 and we'll 'deal' with your situation after I get back from a rally. Me in same situation: No problem. By the way, I'm coming over after I stop at the gun store...

  100. author

    Private IndividualIl y a 2 heures

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