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    ionxIl y a jour

    Emily is in the second half😁

  2. author

    breadIl y a jour

    lorenzo's laugh is so ear ritating

  3. author

    MERCIl y a jour

    Mexicans laughing noises

  4. author

    Nazreen BhamjeeIl y a jour

    How ignorant and/or oblivious are these people

  5. author

    Christof MeierIl y a jour

    There is no 5 star restaurant

  6. author

    William ShakespeareIl y a jour

    Nobody said it? Okay, I’ll do it. Frank vs Gordon Ramsay

  7. author

    Peter N.LIl y a jour

    I actually liked the Level one's dish... Her mashed potatoes and gravy were alittle thick...i dont want to eat soft baby food

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    ajk thunderIl y a jour

    T0mtato iS a FruIT

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    Emina AlihodzicIl y a jour

    Can we have a sugar expert and an oil expert and a water expert!?

  10. author

    violinplayer101Il y a jour

    I love how she explains the process of how she tastes ice cream, and the science behind it, rather than just saying 'this one's very good' or 'I don't like this one'!

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    Fernando AyalaIl y a jour

    Emily honestly looked the best to me

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    Wendy WatsonIl y a jour

    The chefs were having fun, and they loved what they made at the end... (Not too sure about the level four part though...) People in the comments..? Bickering over ingredients used. 😔 Really..... why not have little conversations about your own eggperiences...? We all would like to know.... 💜💙💕

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    ResoIl y a jour

    OH. They actually took one of my question. Neato.

  14. author

    Deets CalemIl y a jour

    Pimienta recien molida dice que se la pelan

  15. author

    Aryan MishraIl y a jour

    Petition to ask Gordon Ramsay to come and taste the food

  16. author

    Nahl AbbasIl y a jour

    Why does the chef cook like a home cook and why does the home cook cook like the chef?

  17. author

    Kris HIl y a jour

    Imagine going to a store and buying 50 watermelons lmao

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    alvin ngureIl y a jour

    i dont know hwat hse made, but that aint no scrambled eggs

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    krispy kremeIl y a jour

    is no one gonna talk about how ur supposed to boil the egg after using the scrambled egg thing. the whole purpose was to have a scrambled boiled egg its not to scramble the egg if you dont have a fork.

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    Name mcaaIl y a jour

    Level 2 looks amazing, level 3 looks out of this world, but what the heck is level 1s nonsense. Scrambled egg and sriracha? Get tf out

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    Slap my phat ass daddy. I thinkIl y a jour

    am i the only 1 who thinks level 1 is the best one there?

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    KelpoIl y a jour

    never tried peanut butter and jelly but i'll stick with my classic pb and a nice slice of ham fresh off the pan thank you very much

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    Nesmée O’HaraIl y a jour

    6:38 Looks like leonardo dicaprio 😮

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    your momIl y a jour

    tilapia ?

  25. author

    Eddie KimaniIl y a jour

    "My burgers are the truth" 😂😂😂

  26. author

    angiem577Il y a jour

    I prefer soft-baked cookies though, not crispy ones.

  27. author

    Chiney EyesIl y a jour

    What do you like about chicken nuggets? Their high in chicken Give that kid a medal🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. author

    Rave GamesIl y a jour

    bruh frank won and lorenzo

  29. author

    jagboj tgyjubIl y a jour

    The 'ooh that looks good' from stephen was a lie

  30. author

    wood woodenIl y a jour

    "what i loves about doughnut is... everybody likes doughnut"

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    Martina TognatoIl y a jour

    The dragon fruit can be found in yellow with more fruit and it’s called pitaya. It’s really good

  32. author

    Mauricio AguilarIl y a jour

    Level 3 chef coocking a steak french style instead of marinating his steak mexican style ....no mames

  33. author

    Martina TognatoIl y a jour

    The Cherimoya is like a tiny version of a guanábana

  34. author

    Mike IvyIl y a jour

    I collect knives...some very high quality I.e Damascus , and some not so high quality...but still excellent knives.

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    SatanIl y a jour

    Kids are so spoiled nowdays they don't appreciate the food a lot of kids don't even have food

  36. author

    Molly Corkey FlattersIl y a jour

    I’m a woman of simple taste. I see Lorenzo, I click.

  37. author

    Foxxy GMZIl y a jour

    3 am* Me: I think Imma sleep My brain: One more Me: Why not

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    Edgar the goalkeeper VillIl y a jour

    Frank is working if ICE be careful

  39. author

    Nesmée O’HaraIl y a jour

    Europeans and Brits, are watching this and getting anxiety. Opening a bottle of wine is basic common sense 😂

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    violinplayer101Il y a jour

    If there's one thing I've learned aobut this video is that it's not about the quality of the ingredients, it's about the expertise and experience level of the chef. That pro chef made everything look amazing, and the home chef seems more like an advanced, almost pro chef with everything he did know about plating and execution of the dish!

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    TheIdiotIl y a jour

    9:33 that laugh tho

  42. author

    Black ViudaIl y a jour

    "two shots of vodka"

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    theaxehandle1Il y a jour

    Wow, first time a level 1 chef dominated the other 2

  44. author

    theaxehandle1Il y a jour

    Level 3 always has to break the rules, cooking the wrong thing. That’s a freaking poached egg

  45. author

    Ricky GreenIl y a jour

    Chefs always waist half of the fruit

  46. author

    Павел АлексеевIl y a jour

    This video is a nightmare. Bring me Lorenzo and Frank plz

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    Vlatko BatkoIl y a jour


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    jumpzyIl y a jour

    Level 1: I'm gonna make scrambled eggs. Level 2: I'm gonna try destroy scrambled eggs. Level 3: I'm gonna go as far away from scrambled eggs as i possibly can.

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    vijithra Life TimeIl y a jour

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    Bruceki94Il y a jour

    Level 2 is clearly a level 3 lol

  51. author

    JohannesIl y a jour

    Thanks I'm gonna filet my little brother

  52. author

    gracie gracieIl y a jour

    i rather eat level 1 chefs eggs.

  53. author

    vijithra Life TimeIl y a jour

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    Gabriela CruzIl y a jour

    As a Mexican I can say that all of them are disgusting

  55. author

    Zinat Shuvra KhanamIl y a jour

    I only came here for the food scientist

  56. author

    D CruzIl y a jour

    Eggs with cucumber? Gross.

  57. author

    Griffin JenkinsIl y a jour

    "je ne sais quoi." I don't know what that means. He's not wrong.

  58. author

    Ross BrunsonIl y a jour

    I am a fairly accomplished cook and other than the verbal denial of service attack of hearing that german knife brand about 45 times, I agree with almost everything here. The comments are also one of my favorite parts of this, such goodness...

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    Sverre MensenIl y a jour

    some of them are soooo rude god damn

  60. author

    Rebecca WeiIl y a jour

    Petition to make Gabriella a Level 3 chef All in favor say “I”

  61. author

    ZarrakonIl y a jour

    French style with that rolling boil

  62. author

    THE CTRIl y a jour

    how do you even call these people a chief, even i make better pancakes

  63. author

    Carmen AsidoIl y a jour

    SpongeBobs house no

  64. author

    Nienke CorneleseIl y a jour

    Endives are extremely delicious cooked and then covered in cheese and ham. Put in the oven until cheese is melted and yummy.

  65. author

    TSA MarioIl y a jour

    l1: I made a dog hot l2:I made a woofer handsome l3:I made a wolf descendant warm up to be the fetcher

  66. author

    W-PIl y a jour

    Why is level 2 always the best looking

  67. author

    Everything Ryan vlogsIl y a jour

    Tbh I would have Frank's stake cuz he's is a pro 😂

  68. author

    Viktor VicanovicIl y a jour

    You can eat it rawr? Roar? 😂

  69. author

    Nothing At AllIl y a jour

    I get it but, that amateur burger didn’t look bad in the thumbnail.

  70. author

    MANSI SONIIl y a jour

    Who slice a grape😂😂

  71. author

    Manish singhIl y a jour

    Home cook wins 😁 Thank later ⬇ ⬇

  72. author

    Heather SpoljaricIl y a jour

    Things I didnt need today: A woman with a pointy stick explaining to me what a toaster is.

  73. author

    taekookies baby :3Il y a jour

    *Get the shark*

  74. author

    Loki OdinsonIl y a jour

    Who is bred

  75. author

    Odin HIl y a jour

    why add the nasty sounds?

  76. author

    Fiqa ZackIl y a jour

    omelette level 2... is the most delicious based on video..

  77. author

    Odog77dog OIl y a jour

    Who dose not like fried pickles they are weird

  78. author

    Brennan CarrIl y a jour

    10,000 years of Brad

  79. author

    LMAO LMAOIl y a jour

    For the scrambled egg gadget, I just use my hand and shake it for 2minutes.

  80. author

    ZeeqwanIl y a jour

    Didn't know experts give their food the finger

  81. author

    Jake BurnamIl y a jour

    Am I the only one that thinks that the inside of the dragonfruit looks like cookies ‘n cream?

  82. author

    emo cupcakeIl y a jour

    dear level 3 chefs, *when* *did* *i* *ask*

  83. author

    NostrildamasIl y a jour

    LOVE Epicurious and this video was really fun and enjoyable. Keep making fun, stimulating and educational content like this. Great personalities and delicious meals.

  84. author

    gaurav khandelwalIl y a jour

    disastrous triple whammy...three levels of terrible...yuk

  85. author

    AdonisPlaysIl y a jour

    6:19 some level 3 stuff there Emely hahaha

  86. author

    LocalAutobotPoliceOfficerIl y a jour

    As soon as I heard eggman I was like SONIC THE HEDGEHOG

  87. author

    Shuvam NandyIl y a jour

    People who can't make an orange juice on their own are dumbest people in the entire world

  88. author

    audrey KIl y a jour

    after seeing Lorenzo, i suggest drunk cooking would be cool

  89. author

    Owen FitzsimmonsIl y a jour

    *says anything* "AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

  90. author

    Sarah GovIl y a jour


  91. author

    srinivas murthyIl y a jour

    Everyone : Radom crap (not stupid ,but Radom) Me : why is plate of the level 3 clearer than my future

  92. author

    Resty MRIl y a jour

    Lvel 1 food so tempting

  93. author

    Giovanni SiqueiraIl y a jour

    Tf are aygs

  94. author

    nalu LandersIl y a jour

    I can smell the smoke from here😹

  95. author

    Hila MischaIl y a jour

    It's about the creativity the chef has not the ingredients.

  96. author

    Kit KatIl y a jour

    Ngl I would eat the level one mashed potato because I think she left the skin on

  97. author

    Leonie StewartIl y a jour

    Lol does this girl literally think you can overmix eggs and make them tough

  98. author

    Jan HenckellIl y a jour

    it makes me really nervous seeing his hand touching the blade so often

  99. author

    A CooperIl y a jour

    I honestly don’t get caviar. Isn’t it just fish eggs? Why is it expensive? And why do people like it? Sorry, I know people have different tastes, but every time it’s presented people act like it’s beloved by everyone, which I don’t understand because I never see anyone in real life splurging on fish eggs.

  100. author

    Teja SaiIl y a jour

    When you try to follow the level 3 chef's recipe till the end and then realise that you'll need to sell your kidney to get that last topping(caviar) 😬