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  1. author

    Renku PandaIl y a heure

    "Time goes by with the energy you put out there." Untrue I put out no energy and time flies by.

  2. author

    Sasha SageIl y a heure

    Thanos: I am inevitable Freeze dried chicken: I am inedible

  3. author

    Mr.ThunderChiefIl y a heure

    Brad Leoneee the Spaghetti Western singer <3<3<3

  4. author

    Heather DeHavenIl y a heure

    the best part of this was seeing all the different ways they used the same ingredients. it wasnt how close they got to the real recipe, it was their creativity and the differences between each dish

  5. author

    Kyung-hee PARKIl y a heure

    I love his video

  6. author

    randomtennisballIl y a heure

    That outro 🤣🤣🤣

  7. author

    Adilene GuerreroIl y a heure

    Louie’s in Elmhurst, Queens!!!!

  8. author

    Aidan CIl y a heure

    You know the clay would have worked better had you just wrapped the salmon in a banana leaf , then clay covered it..

  9. author

    Legendlaker 101Il y a heure

    Anybody thought about how much calories he gains making these videos🤔

  10. author

    Sir HumanIl y a heure

    16:00 "I'm susfishious"

  11. author

    Morgan SheibleyIl y a heure

    Have you guys ever done an episode on high altitude baking?

  12. author

    AcekorvIl y a heure

    Cook it at 400 what? Celsius or farenheit.

  13. author

    Sauce MasterIl y a heure

    I love every second of this.

  14. author

    Mr.ThunderChiefIl y a heure

    OoOoO Hey Ali!! Guest host soon?

  15. author

    Classy_CaseIl y a heure

    16:00 - Did you just say airhead? :> Hopefully you don't regret that...

  16. author

    maggi RIl y a heure

    Are they holo nail polish? Oodhdksjhsh

  17. author

    Kathy LawrykIl y a heure

    OMG, my mouth was watering during the whole video!!!

  18. author

    krispycreme99Il y a heure

    they didn't say how the poached egg white tastes =(

  19. author

    6laderunnerIl y a heure

    I don't know anything about cooking falafel, but that whole time I was thinking that with that many fresh herbs, it had to be meant for the sauce. Some seemed confused by it, but where else would all of those greens go?

  20. author

    myflyingkidneyIl y a heure

    he is incredibly funny

  21. author

    Joe MamaIl y a heure

    I love this guy

  22. author

    Jo Cool11Il y a heure

    i’m coining dairy fatty sisters for my sorority

  23. author

    ClaudiaIl y a heure

    Andys is the best, looks so good!

  24. author

    Kate HammondIl y a heure

    claire should make refreshers!! (are they a thing in america or just the uk??)

  25. author

    j clendinenIl y a heure

    Who tf makes falafel with canned chickpeas? Absolutely not. That is completely wrong. It won't ever have the right texture. Priya had the right idea lol.

  26. author

    jenzuh_gIl y a heure

    Can you make gourmet Kinder Bueno bars?! :)

  27. author

    Kat CoronaIl y a heure

    My brother and I used to decorate our Christmas cookies in a very similar style. It used to make our stepdad (The Christmas General) so angry.

  28. author

    MelIl y a heure

    *my mouth watering this whole video*

  29. author

    Alfie JohannesIl y a heure

    Do an onion i wanna see you pull a shrek

  30. author

    amy andersonIl y a heure

    Making these with Christmas colors this year!!!

  31. author

    crisIl y a heure

    orville braiding his mask is everything

  32. author

    cindy liuIl y a heure

    I think if this wasn’t in New York, more people would think hot dog is a meal

  33. author

    The PfoneGuyIl y a heure

    if he doesn't stop fake eating im gonna kill myself

  34. author

    IzzyIl y a heure

    Rick’s reaction to the tofu picadillo is me when someone puts the toilet paper the wrong way.

  35. author

    JohnIl y a heure


  36. author

    obsidianoasisIl y a heure

    Definitely got tingles during Brad's knife sharpening section

  37. author

    leena —Il y a heure

    finally another pink and red supremacist

  38. author

    Haley RIl y a heure

    Me: Why didn't Claire do this? Also me: They torture her enough on Gourmet Makes so never mind

  39. author

    Haley RIl y a heure

    Me: Why didn't Claire do this? Also me: They torture her enough on Gourmet Makes so never mind

  40. author

    Kat CoronaIl y a heure

    Rick has such gorgeous, delicate hands. I’m so jealous With my enormous man-hands.

  41. author

    Kaptain AxelIl y a heure

    "Something delicious is gonna happen" -Sohla This video had so many positive cooking vibes!

  42. author

    Russian bearIl y a heure

    8:04 but why would I do that 😂

  43. author

    KittytoastIl y a heure

    claire you've done it you did a gourmet makes in 2 days I honestly didn't think it could be done

  44. author

    BigBobsInstituteIl y a heure

    Ah my 2 favorite Mexican men making Mexican food.

  45. author

    kathou meowIl y a heure

    two girl one taco at 12:14 min. crack me up.

  46. author

    10,000 subs no videos?Il y a heure

    *Who wants a Pastry Chef to make soda in the next video?*

  47. author

    6laderunnerIl y a heure

    I've never seen this series on here. It's an awesome idea and very interesting to watch!

  48. author

    10,000 subs no videos?Il y a heure

    *Who wants a Pastry Chef to make soda in the next video?*

  49. author

    Hwee LeanIl y a heure

    Try to eat 40 pizzas in 30 days like sweaty Papa John

  50. author

    SyrebralIl y a heure

    I wish he would season me to taste.

  51. author

    Charlie RestivoIl y a heure

    You should do mallomars!

  52. author

    halo masterIl y a heure

    it looks like he's not talking

  53. author

    Evey AzuIl y a heure

    Enrique! Noooo!

  54. author

    ivan goloyIl y a heure

    i see your face your handsome bro_"

  55. author

    Karla LovedIl y a heure

    Pretty cookies! Why the nail polish my bro?

  56. author

    Elizabeth ManionIl y a heure

    Sooooooo yeah I'm gonna need 8 thousand more of these. You can call it simply; Ingredients Only! To the girl who commented the idea: You rock! I didn't know I needed this in my life until today!!!

  57. author

    CK HelgesonIl y a heure

    The range of things people are making with the same ingredients is amazing.

  58. author

    Anna JIl y a heure

    We got a kick out of it. Make them do it again.

  59. author

    Chandler SpiresIl y a heure

    How did they misunderstand the grilling question that badly? “How do you not dry out chicken on a grill.”

  60. author

    Tormented SoulIl y a heure

    Welcome Sohla **COMPOST** I always wondered about that. Or if you saved the veggies and other scraps for stock/broth. It always seems like it goes straight into the garbage. I am sure between all the Chefs and kitchen staff their would be a great deal of food waste.

  61. author

    MikaelPainIl y a heure

    She put the steak down facing her. Boom fail

  62. author

    Blue DieselIl y a heure

    14:00 disgusting i hate you

  63. author

    belizeguyIl y a heure

    So cool!! Thanks

  64. author

    Alex RothIl y a heure

    Every kid y’all wimps it’s not bad

  65. author

    NightKroweIl y a heure


  66. author

    Bridget McArthurIl y a heure

    Rick, I need that nail polish.

  67. author

    oldrustycarsIl y a heure

    I have that vacuum sealer. The roll of bags fits inside, the gray grip you see has a cutter. Just slide it across the bag. Much easier.

  68. author

    ERIKA DOWDYIl y a heure

    But does the glaze DRY??? I doubt it They looked dry

  69. author

    Jason MayIl y a heure

    Brad's a little much, yeah?

  70. author

    S WhiteIl y a heure

    You should recreate the pillsbury Christmas cookies for the holidays

  71. author

    GiraffozillaIl y a heure

    The way Americans have falafel or hummus is absolutely blasphemous

  72. author

    Mohammed Hammad ShakeelIl y a heure

    That’s A Disgusting Amount Of CANDY

  73. author

    Ahin ChoiIl y a heure

    Haliee def didn’t go to school

  74. author

    Eva Galanes-RosenbaumIl y a heure

    MORE OF THIS, please.

  75. author

    An Onion in AlaskaIl y a heure

    Yum! I am so buying those fruit and veggie powders, thank you Rick!

  76. author

    belfortpennmachidaIl y a heure

    You only fry green tomatoes... you blasphemer

  77. author

    Alexandra DefreitasIl y a heure

    Priya literally can't not make something Indian can she?

  78. author

    michelle bradyIl y a heure

    Please try to make gourmet McDonald’s ice cream 🍦

  79. author

    Mr. Tomato トマトさんIl y a heure

    Don't cook tomato!

  80. author

    Awkward SquirtleIl y a heure

    I didn't know butterflies peed blue

  81. author

    jacqueline stoutIl y a heure

    He is seriously the best xP Love his creativity!

  82. author

    peacerose96/jennsatwoodIl y a heure


  83. author

    i_write_franks_ not_tragediesIl y a heure

    I love his nail Polish!

  84. author

    TenRowenaIl y a heure

    you should try costco poutine...

  85. author

    FionaphilomenaIl y a heure

    10:04 You‘re gorgeous, first of all

  86. author

    Fred McIntyreIl y a heure


  87. author

    Alica RybárováIl y a heure

    This was so awesome... Loved watching this and these guys gave me so much inspiration in the kitchen ❤️

  88. author

    bella abadiIl y a heure

    i mean, to be fair, there's at least ten different ways the chef can explain that without making it sound so confusing :'(

  89. author

    SagBobetIl y a heure

    Does Priya even know how to make anything other than Indian food? How boring.

  90. author

    Gboi7Il y a heure

    Rick = FASHION. I have spoken.

  91. author

    Andrew McDowellIl y a heure

    she was allergic to seafood but still ate it??????

  92. author

    Foster 'Anna' EverettIl y a 2 heures

    ever since Rick had the only correct opinion about eggs I now care more about all his food opinions.

  93. author

    ThatOnePersonIl y a 2 heures


  94. author

    clown princeIl y a 2 heures

    I thought there was only 3

  95. author

    Diana GonzalezIl y a 2 heures

    The ending got me

  96. author

    Perish_FNIl y a 2 heures

    Anyone else's mouth water like the whole time?

  97. author

    aph mapleIl y a 2 heures

    gourmet bugles !

  98. author

    TenLettersRapIl y a 2 heures

    corn is the most useless crop in existence

  99. author

    AnticonnyIl y a 2 heures

    I love the bisexual color palette.

  100. author

    Joshua NorthcuttIl y a 2 heures

    Maybe leave the skin on, the natural yeasts may help