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  1. author

    ChocoswagIl y a 13 secondes

    Already busted which one is not muslim. Wearing short skirts, probably.

  2. author

    Alana McConnellIl y a 4 minutes

    Majority of these are awful

  3. author

    Maria OkonIl y a 5 minutes

    1 2 3 4 fuck off😂😂😂😂

  4. author

    HecateIl y a 7 minutes

    "thats the personality you're always gonna get", well we dont want it hun

  5. author

    Sweet CraftsIl y a 10 minutes

    What if the mom asked: "do you watch pron?" I'll be like: "ah, shİT.. Here we go again"

  6. author

    Sonam GurungIl y a 10 minutes

    One, two, three, fo-fuck off

  7. author

    VincLordIl y a 10 minutes

    2:58 "I LOVE Harry Potter!!!" ~LEVITOSA~ sure...good try

  8. author

    nebulaepIl y a 11 minutes

    i for one love the blazer girl.

  9. author

    Este AIl y a 12 minutes

    the dude to the rights reaction when he asked if the man was ever a racist had me DYING

  10. author

    crjmIl y a 12 minutes

    Am I crazy or are a lot of the people in this comment section absolutely insane? Judging someone and calling them 'toxic' and 'unstable' from a short video just doesn't seem right to me... Like seriously, ignoring the fact that polygraphs are pseudoscience bs, taking one in front of a camera and crew, and being asked inflammatory questions of a reactionary manor is bound to make any results from it hit or miss. Yes, cutting the pony-tail off does seem bit unstable, but its clearly something they both have talked about and healed from. Does that sound toxic to you? The answer to the favourite child question is literally the response any parent would give: 'no, I have no favourites, I love all my children' etc. With the question about moving in with her dad, her response sounded so sincere that I refuse to believe she was lying, and just because the polygraph said she was doesn't mean anything. Finally, the public sex hypocrisy is really nothing major. As a parent myself, I hope to god that my child doesn't do half the stupid shit I did when I was younger, because I expect them to better than I was and not make poor decisions. This might be unfair, but of course I would be disappointed to find out something bad, like that my kid went out drinking the night before his exam, just as my parents were when they found out I did!

  11. author

    Rogue SanIl y a 13 minutes

    Do indonesia

  12. author

    TV By the DocksIl y a 13 minutes

    Me: they eat too much Also me: *fat* Also me: oh i thought that was per week...

  13. author

    Abi Assi RaymondIl y a 16 minutes

    Gay dude trying too hard to light the mood but gets cringy

  14. author

    b e a n sIl y a 19 minutes

    france is such a beautiful country with a beautiful language, i would love to visit someday!

  15. author

    sniper gamerIl y a 19 minutes

    My sister used my brothers toothbrush too....

  16. author

    LE APIl y a 20 minutes

    okay but can me and michelle talk cause i got some theories too sis

  17. author

    AlIl y a 20 minutes

    Don't fat people realize they need to go on a fast? She wants to be a medical assistant but she can't even assist herself. We look down on people who smoke or drink heavily, but when it comes to food, it's some kind of taboo to talk about people with food addictions.

  18. author

    ja jqIl y a 21 minute

    Kelcee is just like me, its hard for us to show our friends we love them, but promise me, we do 😬✌🏼🥰

  19. author

    tallulah jèan papaellinasIl y a 23 minutes

    is that baby chan...

  20. author

    looney lunaIl y a 25 minutes

    1:39 she's so cutee

  21. author

    GreenCookieWolfIl y a 27 minutes

    8:16 that dont even look like real world wtf nani

  22. author

    Ivy PaxtonIl y a 27 minutes

    Mirror mirror on the wall Who’s the gayest of them all

  23. author

    MakeupByMiaIl y a 28 minutes

    Idk if it’s just a UK thing or where I’m from in the UK at least but that does not look like $100 worth of food, I feel as if I could go to Lidl or anywhere else and pick it all up for £30 maximum. Like there was $7, around £5 for some cheese and milk, you can get that for £2 in some stores

  24. author

    Hannah BerkeIl y a 29 minutes

    5:19 I have those things behind my ears too!! I've never met someone else who has them!! They feel like egg yolks!!!!! anyone else?

  25. author

    Aya SepetanIl y a 33 minutes

    Egyptian lady here♥️

  26. author

    SkippiezIl y a 36 minutes

    I spend about $20aud on food per week. I’m not a student, I work full time, don’t drink alcohol or anything. I mostly spend my food money on snap frozen veggies, a little bit of pasta or rice, kimchi, tofu and some almond milk. I usually get a pizza a week as a cheat day and I will buy meat once every 3 weeks or so (approx$20 worth of meat). All up I spend about $100 a month on food, if I am really splurging it’d be around $140ish (eg. if I go out with my work colleagues or something). Seeing them spend that ridiculous amount of money on snacks makes me cry.

  27. author

    Pidgey StardustIl y a 36 minutes

    “1234 fuck off”😂😂😂😂

  28. author

    Onur Özkan SubayIl y a 37 minutes

    ohhh man. I have three toothbrushes and it makes me happy hahahaha

  29. author

    World PeaceIl y a 38 minutes

    austin mom 😍

  30. author

    DR0PD3ADxHAWKIl y a 39 minutes

    She kinda looks like violet from the incredibles

  31. author

    Milla RoseIl y a 41 minute

    I use paracetamol, that's it 👶

  32. author

    Onur Özkan SubayIl y a 42 minutes

    thanks Dads cock at the end xD hahahahahaha

  33. author

    Prince ReedIl y a 45 minutes

    Pilipino ako Like kung pilipino kayo 👇👇

  34. author

    Kane HvacIl y a 45 minutes

    “I feel like you’ve done it alot” OOOF

  35. author

    JasonJacksonJamesIl y a 45 minutes

    how is she not allowed to drive ? doesn't she live in America ? there is no american law that says women can't drive

  36. author

    Arie RoseIl y a 46 minutes

    I heard voice cracks 👀

  37. author

    Lina EvansIl y a 47 minutes

    I cringed so hard when he found the video with her ex in bed I choked on my cereal

  38. author

    Ian MontesaIl y a 49 minutes

    whats your password *it's password*

  39. author

    FynnIl y a 50 minutes

    Everybody has debts because of college and university... Yeaah I think so too, maybe have a look at Europe? U Americans really have to get ur s**t togehter

  40. author

    Carlee FleuryIl y a 51 minute

    6:55 Hey Graham, did you know they just discovered Pluto? Graham - sleeping

  41. author

    nithiyaa subakaranIl y a 51 minute

    ok but like the high school students one no offence but this one kid really got on my nerves

  42. author

    xo.LaDonna TVIl y a 51 minute

    She clearly proud to be black just like y’all white ppl proud to be white 😂 lol

  43. author

    UWU Potato:3Il y a 51 minute

    who saw marina 1:21 from hiho kids

  44. author

    Widya Purnama DewiIl y a 53 minutes

    1960 look so beautiful

  45. author

    Team BuilderIl y a 54 minutes

    If they hug and don’t give a, “ back the F -up look”. They’re a couple. Watch who they look at on the other side the most.

  46. author

    dee beeIl y a 54 minutes

    unpopular opinion apparently but i really didn’t like nina from the last vid, overalls girl with the short hair was annoying but nina gave off a strong rude girl vibe

  47. author

    ellaIl y a 56 minutes

    Awwww so many cute dogs 🐶

  48. author

    Katsuki BakugouIl y a 57 minutes

    That Asian girl with a dog is so *cute*

  49. author

    JsquidIl y a 57 minutes

    theyre annoying

  50. author

    wan nur afiqahIl y a 59 minutes

    Austin mommy?

  51. author

    PrivateKnucklesIl y a heure

    so they consider condoms groceries? is that supposed to be funny? Just made that guy look like fucking idiot and has nothing to do with the video idea

  52. author

    Michio_LeafBunnyIl y a heure

    The man: my passcode is fathers name that passed away Mine : mine too but it’s my grandma that passed away her name is mongolian so I translated it to English

  53. author

    Rachel BondIl y a heure

    she gives me massive psycho vibes

  54. author

    Pa olaIl y a heure

    2:23 i'm done,bye.

  55. author

    MoonixiIl y a heure

    Wtf bear skin condoms did I hear that right

  56. author

    다이아나다이아나Il y a heure

    Wow! I'm surprised! The koreaboo and nailed it guys are so cool and funny! 🤣

  57. author

    James Eadmer Dela CruzIl y a heure

    2:16 that face

  58. author

    GreenmatcharisthaIl y a heure

    Indonesian pleasee🙎🏻‍♀️

  59. author

    MoönchildIl y a heure

    pAsSwOrD t0 My b0dY? lmao

  60. author

    GreenmatcharisthaIl y a heure

    Indonesia Pleaseee🙎🏻‍♀️

  61. author

    MargauxIl y a heure

    The worts break-up it's happened three days ago , Ma boyfriend break-up with in message and he cheated on me We leaving together. So yeah the first boyfriend ( sorry I'm french )

  62. author

    Nurulhuda SalimIl y a heure

    I want to date Kwan!

  63. author

    Kyrsten LindbladIl y a heure

    “I just don’t have money to eat out at all” “I’ve got all these white claws to share with my roommates”

  64. author

    Dia KirkwoodIl y a heure

    Weird angle for people to interview laying down.

  65. author

    CujucuyoIl y a heure

    Did that woman have to bring her "baaaaybeeee" to this? Totally unnecessary.

  66. author

    HAROLD BIl y a heure

    Been married 20yrs and it works ... Im a creative sleep 3 to 4hrs with irratic schedule that if I think of something I have to draw or paint it and she'll sleep 8hrs straight. Put those 2 in the same room over time you will have arguements and resentment about respecting sleep. Just make sure you come together and show that love.

  67. author

    Kumiko ĐỗIl y a heure

    0:32 oh girl i understand you 😢😢

  68. author

    bruno barreraIl y a heure

    So we have a young Julianna Moore being a daughter of an old Zoey Deschanel

  69. author

    Zaynab NajafiIl y a heure

    I literally only know 8 of those shows

  70. author

    Fetch QuestIl y a heure

    Wonder why she’s single. A real scooby doo mystery.

  71. author

    XxD3m0n97xXIl y a heure


  72. author

    Ivona FlakusIl y a heure

    Sebastian was fun! Love him!

  73. author

    fraiyoeIl y a heure

    3:59 its that girl who left hiho to go to japan

  74. author

    K LyaneIl y a heure

    Herbs doesn’t even want to be there

  75. author

    Sameer ChoudharyIl y a heure

    0:46 that 69,69,69 Like if u know what am talking about

  76. author

    Cassandra HaddonIl y a heure

    I LOVE THOSE LESBIANS!!!!!! ❤️💕🥺😍❤️

  77. author

    suju ended meIl y a heure

    There's nothing wrong with your parents still supporting you through college. I don't know why the US has this mentality that you gotta be able to go to college and support yourself financially with a minimum wage job THAT'S BEYOND STRESSFUL. Just cuz some people aren't able to get financial support from their parents doesn't mean we all gotta go solo. If your parents can help you, take the help.

  78. author

    Leanna HaberIl y a heure

    When your parents asked you if you fail every subject at school: 1:20

  79. author

    ravenIl y a heure

    people mad cause a skinny white chick has preferences 😩

  80. author

    VanshikhaIl y a heure

    I can't even comment cos that woman was clearly put in a fix she had no option, that's a situation I'd never want to be in

  81. author

    Maman Aissatou DiagneIl y a heure

    Wtf did the girl with the white t shirt did with the money?howcome she only bought that?😂😂😂

  82. author

    Samuel CarrilloIl y a heure

    So now that I understated ASL I realized she’s left handed

  83. author

    I'm a good boyIl y a heure


  84. author

    Jessica ClarkeIl y a heure

    "do i look.... gAyY?"

  85. author

    Scarlett WinchesterIl y a heure

    Oof it sucked to watch them try to explain to her she was unattractive because she was overweight

  86. author

    tbhmattIl y a heure

    i'm allergic to those stuff

  87. author

    Namira DhiyaniIl y a heure

    2:23 if u watch hiho kids Thats ethan mom

  88. author

    2WheelsAs1Il y a heure

    "Fairly stable"? You're out... And at 2:50 it looks like she smelled someones fart, LoL.

  89. author

    Dat tranIl y a heure

    Islam has destroyed all fashions of human in the world

  90. author

    Iship DerpalIl y a heure

    -Tell us your pet Peeves- *BABYS!!!!!!!!!*

  91. author

    Fourleafclover kingdragonkillrIl y a heure

    Well I wished they would have said a old password they used

  92. author

    Moira Don'tIl y a heure

    Mga parekoy, sinong may Ulam as bahay? Lol

  93. author

    angie fotsiIl y a heure

    That was one very sad episode

  94. author

    Sofia LaxamanaIl y a heure

    Filipinos: wow thats our country... also us filipinos:HALLIIKAA NNAAAA

  95. author

    Naraya rwIl y a heure

    Indonesia please

  96. author

    LavenderkitsuneIl y a heure

    The girl that said "everything zelda" EVDVWFBWTBTWN💖💖💖💖💖 YOU'RE MY FREN NOW

  97. author

    explicidtIl y a heure

    my password is my face hehe

  98. author

    Katelynne MIl y a heure

    Has this video been posted before? I’m having mad déjà vu

  99. author

    Durix 97Il y a heure

    1:35 what i love that cheese

  100. author

    noneIl y a heure

    The one with the scarf you don't have to ask her she's a muslim