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  1. author

    Caillou Real No FakeIl y a 11 mois

    Wolfie, Can u make the stretch amstrong giveaway? Some of your's suscribers are latins, like me. Because here in Colombia is impossible only for internet if somebody can, but that's the problem

  2. author

    Star GazerIl y a 11 mois

    cuz I'm almost old enough to have Facebook

  3. author

    Star GazerIl y a 11 mois

    does wolfie have a Facebook account

  4. author

    john greenIl y a 11 mois

    Turning into Logan/Jake Paul... Smh

  5. author

    KingSnake ViperIl y a an


  6. author

    Caleb WhiteIl y a an

    i have wolfie and i have to say he is the best youtuber behind logan and jake paul

  7. author

    Dark LionIl y a an

    wolfie i hope you see this i have been subed since 75k and remember hearing the 200k rap wish all the best of luck man keep it up

  8. author

    GamerGod437Il y a an


  9. author

    NoMe_ClanIl y a an

    Happy to see people from home get to the big time, hope to be there soon, your video are awesome.

  10. author

    iiGachaMoonlightIl y a an

    here before everyone finds out what the discussion button even did <.<

  11. author

    Riley O'SullivanIl y a an

    is wolfieraps still in team alboe

  12. author

    LaprasIl y a an


  13. author

    Emma StrelzoffIl y a an

    in your stats they should show how many likes you have because you would have like millions by this time

  14. author

    Zoe ManleyIl y a an

    Hi its me

  15. author

    Student Farhanmohammed ShaikIl y a an

    what up

  16. author

    Gamer CJIl y a an

    you are so cool and crazi and funny

  17. author

    NoahThe0neIl y a an

    Its been almost 2 years since I watched you

  18. author

    Daniel60892Il y a an

    why dont YOU check the stats Jake Paul around 12,000,000 subs yet you have 7,000,000

  19. author

    CLOSERATIl y a an

    what vids shuld i post?

  20. author

    Hugiz RecordsIl y a an

    I love this!

  21. author

    mike bahnsenIl y a an

    i wish wolfie would tell us his thoughts on his dad/uncles diss track

  22. author

    SaddleTankEngine65Il y a an

    How has this loser got like 7 million subs? I can make better videos than him!

  23. author

    tigerfreakIl y a an

    make more prank vids pls

  24. author

    Kamerion LaSeanIl y a an

    Mans not Hot

  25. author

    canyon 1025Il y a an

    james lol

  26. author

    Chin ORIl y a an

    you should try to make cloud slime sometime.

  27. author

    DiamondPugzIl y a an


  28. author

    Momo NIl y a an


  29. author

    Sheyanale IipingeIl y a an

    bro aznee dropped at diss track on you

  30. author

    Polaris 999Il y a an

    wolfie your WOLF FAM miss! where you at doh!?

  31. author

    Adam AzmanIl y a an

    pls do a prank on the rents ... fill up their room with cotton candy !!! like if u agree

  32. author

    xdft13Il y a an

    heyy wolfie i just brought your hoodie and sent it to you on snap @ seboy20

  33. author

    Youtube MastersIl y a an

    Can you do the saltest drink challenge

  34. author

    nightcoregodIl y a an

    can you do a giant ball of hurricane tape?

  35. author

    NotAnotherVlogIl y a an


  36. author

    Abduls Gaming CHIl y a an

    why we stop comment

  37. author

    IT'S GHEKO...Il y a an

    wolfie im a new youtuber an I really need help

  38. author

    Leone LopezIl y a an

    He should go with Sylvia to a place to do the lie detector test.*VIDEO IDEA*

  39. author

    mohamed ElkhoderIl y a an

    upload more

  40. author

    J'Veontae SwygertIl y a an

    wolfie you should make music videos that will get you a lot of views.

  41. author

    Emmanuel AliGonzalezIl y a an

    best youtuber/ wolfie ive been watching your vids for 2.5 years

  42. author

    Xavier NunezIl y a an

    omg i love ur videos

  43. author

    Joshua EisenhauerIl y a an

    wolfie help me out what is your phone # for snapchat

  44. author

    Cool DuckyIl y a an

    y nothing on wolfiegames

  45. author

    Finn LarsonIl y a an

    Welcome to the cickbait center of America

  46. author

    Tom StratfordIl y a an


  47. author

    Zombie BuildsIl y a an

    hi u da best

  48. author

    Andrew CochraneIl y a an

    Still haven't uploaded on wolfie games

  49. author

    Alpha AxisIl y a an

    team 10

  50. author

    Alpha AxisIl y a an