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Kung Fu NunsKung Fu Nuns

Kung Fu Nuns

Il y a 2 mois

  1. author

    cmz8706Il y a 50 secondes

    a fucking mattress store? really?

  2. author

    Fuck DemocratsocialistIl y a minute

    Sounds tasty

  3. author

    CLOCKAFRICAIl y a 3 minutes

    This is really inspiring!!!

  4. author

    Matthew BradleyIl y a 3 minutes

    color blind people hae the license to dress whatever way they want

  5. author

    Lamidiya KarriIl y a 3 minutes

    Amazing human!!!!!!!!!!

  6. author

    Jamerson PinheiroIl y a 7 minutes

    Cadê os BR ? Achou que eu ia mendigar ? 😱

  7. author

    AKASH CHAUHAN 0.4Il y a 8 minutes

    Go sentinal island of Andaman Nicobar in India..the most untouched civilization on earth even don't know about fire.

  8. author

    Sebastian ClarkIl y a 9 minutes

    I hope I can visit that church someday

  9. author

    Kacper AnimationIl y a 10 minutes

    Even those who say they don't like ice cream still love ice cream Vegans: Are we joke to you?

  10. author

    Cloudy spams L2Il y a 10 minutes

    It's mam bah bah tok not mambabatook

  11. author

    F. B. I.Il y a 10 minutes

    This family:11 kids My mother's family:10(one died)

  12. author

    Jake GarciaIl y a 10 minutes

    How is it so hard to prey to god but not hard talking about somebody else real respect for this man💯🙏🏽

  13. author

    CinnaBunIl y a 11 minutes

    Damn, there are 11 of them there is bearly any space (well there is) and they have a dog.. I am the only child and I can't have a pet.. :c

  14. author

    M4GN3TIC _Il y a 11 minutes

    Make good use of gold, in a way to calm your brain

  15. author

    F. B. I.Il y a 11 minutes

    My mother's family was 12 in total, and they still managed to be rich asf

  16. author

    neo geoIl y a 11 minutes

    Fuck this shit, god isn't real, time to move on... we live in the 21st century for christ sake

  17. author

    Ryan MartelinoIl y a 13 minutes

    We need people like them in this world because millions upon millions of kids don’t have parents and they feel lonely. God bless them.

  18. author

    Edward KenwayIl y a 14 minutes

    *When you get obsessed with Minecraft*

  19. author

    AnthonyIl y a 15 minutes

    Once the pan fell, 45 years of waste.

  20. author

    ionxIl y a 17 minutes

    I think i noticed something Each letter repeat a number of time and the letters that are reapted the same number of times make words the words are organized by lowest number of times that the letters make is repeated and for eavh sentence i am not sure but i think you do it in a logicsl order Here is the fourth code: OBKR UOXOGHULBSOLIFBBWFLRVQQPRNGKSSO TWTQSJQSSEKZZWATJKLUDIAWINFBNYP VTTMZFPKWGDKZXTJCDIGKUHUAUEKCAR Note: sentences are not in this order it is made so you can see it properly

  21. author

    Xx_yakkoWorldMemes_xX lolololIl y a 24 minutes

    k so sing yakkos world very quickly then

  22. author

    NicoleGames NoobIl y a 27 minutes

    Sana ol

  23. author

    HyperBryceIl y a 27 minutes

    wait this is allowed?

  24. author

    Black ice7Il y a 30 minutes

    Wow he is amazing man

  25. author

    Just JuliaIl y a 32 minutes

    I'm proud to be living in Cincinnati

  26. author

    Shmacked MuffinsIl y a 34 minutes

    For me i always here the dryer turning on before the tall man appears.

  27. author

    Tyler GajewskiIl y a 35 minutes

    Why not just record the actual object? You want to record a the rope and carabiner, then record a rope and carabiner, not a horse hoof, rusty nails, railroad spike, and an anchor

  28. author

    TrapIl y a 36 minutes

    The spicy is ok but I'm afraid that the taste make me feels more uncomfortable

  29. author

    FL4K RaidersIl y a 36 minutes

    Toilet door at 3AM: 1:03

  30. author

    LowellIl y a 37 minutes

    Perfect job for introverts

  31. author

    ninjaツ unique_Il y a 37 minutes

    Remember halloween 1997

  32. author

    NoteamaasimeIl y a 38 minutes

    So this is what my mom always made for me. One pack of those cost 1.5 usd it doesnt come with any flavor tho so you need to make your own ingredients for cooking the sou mien

  33. author

    Tyler HooksIl y a 39 minutes

    Idk this is kinda retarted

  34. author

    Kerty- AceIl y a 39 minutes

    This Guy Deserves $100,000

  35. author

    Josh MartinIl y a 41 minute

    Must pay crazy amount of property taxes to build on the water!! That or theyre tax evaders hiding out.

  36. author

    Imari JoyIl y a 41 minute

    This warmed my heart. God bless yall

  37. author

    Ken KwanIl y a 41 minute

    Too bad, the authority should demolish it for a bridge or something to boost GDP

  38. author

    GAMER XDIl y a 43 minutes

    You mean timmy is gay???!!!

  39. author

    Google KontoIl y a 43 minutes

    I truly want to help him

  40. author

    beautiful sirbarIl y a 44 minutes


  41. author

    DanigirlIl y a 44 minutes


  42. author

    Can we have 1000 subscribers challenge?Il y a 45 minutes

    Wow he can't even taste the carolina reaper

  43. author

    Al WaIl y a 46 minutes

    This is dangerous if you aren’t en pointe and lack ankle strength

  44. author

    Darien BrewerIl y a 48 minutes

    It looks really good too. It's amazing what you can do when you are dedicated and put your mind to it.

  45. author

    Toxic GamerIl y a 51 minute

    A tiny, magical creature huh? What is this trash lol

  46. author

    DositlessIl y a 53 minutes


  47. author

    The Turt1e9Il y a 56 minutes

    When you play Minecraft for a bit too long

  48. author

    Asa MattsonIl y a 56 minutes

    1:58 “Thats a lot of days, 4 sticks a day” Bruh this math professor couldn’t do a division problem real quick. That only would last him about a year 10 days to spare.

  49. author

    Moon Child de EvergreenIl y a 56 minutes

    &&& he's still fine ❤😊

  50. author

    Mark FlorendoIl y a 56 minutes

    I wish he'll be a saint after he passes away.

  51. author

    ultimate brutalityIl y a 58 minutes

    Pink haha

  52. author

    Ada ARIINAIl y a 59 minutes

    I salute you.

  53. author

    Second-Hand DanIl y a heure

    "My mother had 17 children, 13 survived" WTF??!!

  54. author

    n?aIl y a heure

    Cool but grouse I mean the flies and other nasties.

  55. author

    X-Ray Studios PresentsIl y a heure

    at 7:12 On our side you can see our god

  56. author

    Ronniebon GamingIl y a heure

    At least 1 dude will be named Jeeves.

  57. author

    Andrea CoIl y a heure

    He is still alive because he has faith in God :) God bless this amazing man💓

  58. author

    AntaresIl y a heure

    and something like that still tastes? I think it hurts a lot

  59. author

    Jess ZimmermanIl y a heure

    Love has no color! Amen! 💚

  60. author

    Lai TPPIl y a heure

    DIY man

  61. author

    Kyle DilbertIl y a heure

    Remember that spongebob episode with the appetizer? Yeah..

  62. author

    私だ。お前か。Il y a heure


  63. author

    Allen MoralesIl y a heure

    Ima see these people walking around some day I live in cincinnati OH too 😂

  64. author

    Ultra990 YTIl y a heure

    I don't think thats filipino, this is. Hi, ako po si [REDACTED] Marunong ako mag english Or Ako si [REDACTED] Kabalo ko mo englis.

  65. author

    Random JunkIl y a heure

    Mac n cheese with ketchup is my childhood

  66. author

    Mr Epic BananaIl y a heure

    Imagine if it said pranked

  67. author

    f ForecastIl y a heure

    Am I hallucinating or have I watched this video before?

  68. author

    X ZIl y a heure


  69. author

    M PiperIl y a heure

    God bless these brave souls and hope they're never have an earthquake and be buried alive.

  70. author

    Muhammad Awis abd ShahadanIl y a heure

    Apakah khasiat wasabi kepada tubuh manusia serta sistem penghadaman?

  71. author

    Electron NityIl y a heure


  72. author

    MalachiGacha YTIl y a heure

    She is Really famous in the Phillipines and she is always on the news

  73. author

    reakizzzIl y a heure

    "So I'm probably the most beautiful zombie u'll ever see." Oh yeh u are! uwu "Scars are beautiful." OH YES they are!!

  74. author

    Mr Epic BananaIl y a heure

    Theres mango pizza on a part of my country

  75. author

    mia playzIl y a heure

    Phillipine kids in A.P be like

  76. author

    Eagle GamezIl y a heure

    it’s 11 and your making me hungry dude

  77. author

    Flash SentryviosoIl y a heure

    "Guy dedicates 53vyears of his life to his passion " *Everyone liked That*

  78. author

    Unidentified Assassin LeighIl y a heure

    1:20 i dreamt about this. So happy to find out it was true! God is calling me

  79. author

    Yılmaz TemiroğluIl y a heure

    It’s so beautiful 🥺

  80. author

    Talia KohIl y a heure

    This guy can do push ups and built an arn with only one arm while i can even walk straight

  81. author

    Jehoiakim Jade EsganaIl y a heure

    Surprised the pan doesn't crack for a long time

  82. author

    MzLivLafLuvIl y a heure

    Video: this soup has been cooking for 45 years. *Gordan Ramsey has left the chat*

  83. author

    Lukas Sejer Bjerregaard SejersenIl y a heure

    Beded lizards are not deadly

  84. author

    CondensifyIl y a heure

    me, making my minecraft house alone.

  85. author

    An Idiot From SpaceIl y a heure

    I can't believe a 45 years old soup is older than most millenials today.

  86. author

    Joseph CabidaIl y a heure

    i can respect the tradition but the out look aint so hot

  87. author

    KclarIl y a heure

    Reminds me of those sesame Street dogs

  88. author

    lester andesIl y a heure

    He is the real life Don Quixote.

  89. author

    A L I G AIl y a heure

    I’m late but I can understand her and I’m not even filipino- REEEE

  90. author

    GapsIl y a heure

  91. author

    KclarIl y a heure

    Unsurprisingly I think you can get dunkaroos in Australia

  92. author

    EmanonIl y a heure

    This sounds like an awsome band

  93. author

    Tilla LuskasIl y a heure

    51? He looks like 30

  94. author

    TrapzIl y a heure

    Me: Hey look at this amazing picture I took. This man: Pathetic

  95. author

    Moon Child de EvergreenIl y a heure

    This makes my heart smile ❤

  96. author

    Bang BangIl y a heure

    Low IQ black folks?? 😂😂😂😂

  97. author

    VoidIl y a heure

    4:41 jojo fans can hear it

  98. author

    jebuzDonkeyIl y a heure

    i would totally put fake messages in bottles along his beach

  99. author

    Rojun SantizasIl y a heure

    Never give us they say :D

  100. author

    Roblox legend73687Il y a heure

    me on halloween