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  1. author

    Jayne d'EauIl y a 2 minutes

    Police Culture? (A cop) speeding IS criminal.

  2. author

    Jason BarsottiIl y a 4 minutes

    I'm sorry, maybe because I'm white, I shouldn't say anything. But, I don't think he was being racist. Lamar is amazing to watch, and I'm not a fan of the Ravens.

  3. author

    Moto_Grinn94Il y a 7 minutes

    God i love my black conservative friends, we make race jokes to each other all the time way worse than Tims comment. And i never see any lick of displeasure or that "poor me" attitude liberals have.

  4. author

    mikes channelIl y a 7 minutes

    That’s a dam man baby yeah! He can’t be in women’s sports.

  5. author

    Darren RobertsIl y a 9 minutes

    A man or women impersonating the opposite sex will never know what it's like to feel and to be the opposite sex. Same sex attraction can be removed in the name of Jesus once a believer understands that God has died to deliver people of that reprobate mind 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 states this .

  6. author

    Ralph. MattocksIl y a 10 minutes

    harris and booker suck,

  7. author

    icemattfavIl y a 11 minutes

    Because you’re Being honest and you don’t have a chip on your shoulder

  8. author

    Larry BanksIl y a 17 minutes

    Because she knew she had no chance

  9. author

    Princess GraceIl y a 17 minutes


  10. author

    ICUS FreeIl y a 20 minutes

    You are absolutely correct, being a whit man white women have been a let down pure and simple not all but alot .

  11. author

    FloridianIl y a 22 minutes

    I do not understand how come someone in his right mind will watch this group of hypocrite mentally ill nasty women.

  12. author

    Martin PIl y a 23 minutes

    You are exactly right on this one. I'm a white guy, too. Zimmerman was NOT a cop. He had no reason to be following Trevon. Put yourself in Trevon's shoes...You see a guy following you, and you don't know who the hell he is....I mean, he might about to be robbing you! Would you fight that man that was following you?? Especially if he was soooo close to you!? At first I supported Zimmerman, but after years of thinking about it, I changed my mind on this dude.

  13. author

    godsangel47Il y a 24 minutes

    Straight up bullshit!

  14. author

    Berta BelloIl y a 24 minutes

    Brandon, I think you are just amazing.

  15. author

    Christopher WilderIl y a 25 minutes

    Definitely done now! Although I don't think he ever even stood a chance against president Trump. Trump would destroy all of these idiots. They act like they are characters in the movie ready player one!

  16. author

    Reality TVFanIl y a 28 minutes

    If the community was 95% white, then wouldn't it be 5% African American not 1%? #Justsaying

  17. author

    YOUNG 365Il y a 29 minutes

    PC gone waaaay to far. Yeah he’s darker than me. But I’m darker than my neighbor. But lighter than my other neighbor and lighter than my cousin. Come on now facts are facts and we are all people. Get over it butt hurt snowflakes

  18. author

    Sherb KingIl y a 31 minute

    How T.I. acted towards Candace Owens is the reason why common people (like us.) can't win with niggas. Candace killed it with her facts being presented out to them who seems to always ignore it and then wanna mask the truth. T.I. is nobody to take serious, I swear. #GravitatetoGreatness

  19. author

    Frank Castle PIl y a 33 minutes

    Sorry Brandon. What you said is a load of crap. If your job is to enforce the law then you lead by example. Especially if you are a leader in or the leader of an agency. It doesn't give you the right to speed when you feel the need. Here is a simple fact. Non law enforcement sometimes speed because they "feel the need". Then they get caught. Then they get a big ass ticket and points assessed to their driver's license. For the average person, this can be life altering. Possibly resulting in them having to do without. 99.9% of police officers do not care about your problems. You get the ticket. A lot of speed traps are run all over the country during the holiday season. They issue tickets in record numbers in some instances. No one cares about the person receiving the ticket. So what if they couldn't get little man that remote control truck or their daughter that doll house she's had her eye on all year. No one cares. Now, that crappy copout you stated, 20+ years of driving experience in high speed situations. Maybe a little EVOC [Emergency Vehicle Operators Course] training? No one ran the EVOC course in their POV. Numerous police officers crash their patrol vehicles and sometimes die every year because they lost control of their vehicle on their way to a call. It's okay for them to get away with speeding when caught because "they protect and serve"? Okay "protect and serve". I was running late on my way to load my bags into a connex to go to Afghanistan and was departing my duty station two days after the described day. Got caught speeding to get around a truck on I-5 in my 04 GTO (yes, a very capable sports car, more so than a Range Rover) to access a lane. State Trooper gave me a nice send off to war ticket. This is back when we wore the "save the world uniform" [multi cam] within a few weeks of deploying, so he knew I was going to Afghanistan. Oh and I was Military Police with a blue line sticker on my rear window. Guess what? Didn't care. No excuses for anyone else. No excuses for law enforcement. I know that there is a professional courtesy usually shown between law enforcement in certain situations and there always will be. I'm just playing devil's advocate.

  20. author

    Steven HigginsIl y a 34 minutes

    If it's got a dick it's a dude period

  21. author

    Ebonyqueen49Il y a 35 minutes

    You're correct. This is very demonic. God made male and female. The end.

  22. author

    Winston SymeIl y a 41 minute

    Nope. Being an LEO doesn't give you a pass. I've always had the same standards of warning/ticket for everyone. Even on speeding. That said, people get a warning the large majority of the time anyway. Actively trying to get out of a speed ticket using the fact you're an LEO adds corruption concerns, which increases your need for a ticket to ensure that by not writing a ticket I am encouraging you to speed more than you already do. Anyone who's ever been a LEO should understand that this stuff is no big deal. Getting caught speeding is not the end of the world. He wasn't going to get fired and sent to prison over a simple misdemeanor speeding. It's just mildly embarrassing.

  23. author

    Paul DaleIl y a 45 minutes

    So truth

  24. author

    Ray W.Il y a 46 minutes

    Ugh, that lady had me cringing so hard.

  25. author

    RaRa RodrigoIl y a 51 minute

    Today’s class of feminism is so embarrassing

  26. author

    Celina ChimeraIl y a 54 minutes


  27. author

    BECKY GonzalezIl y a 56 minutes

    I have never liked Celine. Theres always been something off that i sensed . Now I know why. THIS is completely demonic, I AGREE totally! I wonder what type of witchcraft or new age demonic thing shes into.

  28. author

    Ash OIl y a 58 minutes

    Gay pride flag: exists Brandon Tatum: stop beating it into my head! I thought this video was going to actually have something to do with education. I should have known that identity politics means more to people than quality of knowledge in today’s society.

  29. author

    Darren DawsonIl y a heure

    I tell u what I think...democrats candidates all suck....

  30. author

    FloridianIl y a heure

    Men who want to be woman should be play with other men who want to be woman.

  31. author

    Sam NievesIl y a heure


  32. author

    Liam PatrickIl y a heure

    I do think you have a point , I live in Brooklyn ny , lived in bad and good ones , thank you for your videos , have to try to find peace , life is way to short to be a asshole.

  33. author

    Fock LungIl y a heure

    And black folks will still fight with you if you say anything about Barack Obama! What a fuckin joke! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. author

    Purple SunflowerIl y a heure

    He/she is a MAN......He looks like a Man ! shares a dressing room with ya daughters MMMMMmmmm

  35. author

    Dennis JohnsonIl y a heure

    They're running out of things to be offended about 🙄🙄

  36. author

    Isa TIl y a heure

    He shouldn't be called transgender at all. What he does has nothing to do with being trans. He is a man who likes to beat up women and thinks he found the ultimate way to do so without consequences.

  37. author

    Carlos G.Il y a heure

    Where are the LGBT organization now ? Keep defending these sick people with the excuses ...." oh, we have to respect their choices and their rights " equality my ass. you're either a man or you're a fucking woman. Guys can dress as women in order to sneak in women bathroom. And the other example is this one right here. Let's say lebron james comes out of the closet and say he likes guys and wanna be a trans. Can he play in WNBA now ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝 This Is not about RESPECT others choices .this is about DO THE RIGHT THING Stop the trans bullshit equality. Because guess what ? Do they have vaginas? Do they have uterus? Are they REAL WOMEN? of course not. My comment is not based on religion, homophobia or nothing at all. This is just pathetic. That's why our society is getting out of control since the 80s and 90s. when it comes to family values etc...goddamn

  38. author

    turowatIl y a heure

    Since the word *advantage* is mentioned, it's for a clear reason.

  39. author

    Dee VANLIFEIl y a heure

    Oh heck no!

  40. author

    Tyler NguyenIl y a heure

    Grown man loves Yang. I dont see anything wrong wit it.

  41. author

    Ju. L.Il y a heure

    God Bless All Our HEROS, And Merry Christmas,,

  42. author

    Mikey’s Water GirlIl y a heure

    I didn’t care about President Clinton’s private personal life and I don’t care about President Trump’s. I’m voting in a man, not a priest. I expect them to be sexual people, male or female. None of my business if they like to grab p***y or d**k, if it’s consensual.

  43. author

    Island LifeIl y a heure

    Trans are a lost gender. Unrecognized by both.

  44. author

    Willam TomczakIl y a heure

    I treat people how they treat me i don't care if your white Black red yellow ex,it's only a color people are people.

  45. author

    Rumpleforeskin12Il y a heure

    These biological wimmen need to step their game up

  46. author

    Dirty SancheZIl y a heure

    Tatum basically admitting most police officers are above the law.

  47. author

    Willam TomczakIl y a heure

    I've been called a pollock my whole life because of my name I don't give a shit words are nothing

  48. author

    Pace RLIl y a heure

    okay you played music with the word that had no bad intent behind it

  49. author

    DON HALLIl y a heure

    There are three main ways to get a criminal speeding ticket in Arizona: exceeding 85 miles per hour no matter the speed limit exceeding the posted speed limit by 20 miles per hour exceeding 35 miles per hour approaching a school zone In most cases, what determines excessive speeding is based on your speed, the speed limit and the location where you’re speeding.

  50. author

    Camron ToneyIl y a heure

    U of A baby!!!!

  51. author

    Robert BrophyIl y a heure

    Can't believe you asked, "where do we draw the line?". Either someone has a uterus or they don't.

  52. author

    Garry R KennedyIl y a heure

    You're right on

  53. author

    Nancy WennIl y a heure

    Love your honesty Brandon!!

  54. author

    Dede VaughnIl y a heure

    Joel Osteen's brother lives across the street from me with his husband. What your brother does doesn't mean you are responsible for their behavior, but I'm just sayin'....

  55. author

    Ricky OstromIl y a heure

    There are highways in Texas with the speed limit of 85 mph. So, going a few miles faster should not be criminal.

  56. author

    Love & PeaceIl y a heure

    I agree with you 100% this is a woman sport . He still been a men so he should go play men volley

  57. author

    Jordan EIl y a heure

    U definitely on to something thanks for being a voice for righteousness for women. Women is the one who support them and now it's back firing but hopefully they realized they need to pull together and support men like us who support them.

  58. author

    Tommy HeadenIl y a heure

    I’m glad you broke it down. I have seen the video, and I was trying to find the sexiest part. I figured I was clueless. I bet fat women are the ones who was mad.

  59. author

    Sparkles The CatIl y a heure

    Dang I've been caught speeding before but not that fast.

  60. author

    Steven McNuttIl y a heure

    Just a reminder a major at Fort Hood where I was serving my time in the army had used a 9 mm from the arms room and a 38 special the 9 m m had one round in the chamber and he loaded the gun with a 15-round magazine and had another 15 round magazine on his side and just a little over a minute he dispensed all 31 rounds shot 31 people and killed 14 all done with a 9 mm handgun,and them Dems call the AR 15 dangerous

  61. author

    Edward JacksonIl y a 2 heures

    after you do more research into this media, obama gov. lie, I hope you come back and do another video on why Zimmerman should win his suit

  62. author

    i wish we had libertyIl y a 2 heures

    What happens when these kids end up having mental health issues and shoot up the school or something it's all the parents fault

  63. author

    Edward JacksonIl y a 2 heures

    sorry, disagree with you on this one.

  64. author

    gmail obesrIl y a 2 heures

    Not racist but in poor taste.

  65. author

    tom RIl y a 2 heures

    Totally agree Brandon, Go Trump 2020

  66. author

    izanir guedes da silvaIl y a 2 heures

    Is Kanye West the NEW Moses??

  67. author

    George StepienIl y a 2 heures

    Police are not held accountable for anything !!!!! they get away with everything !!!! even cold blooded murder !!!! the good cops all look the other way !!!!!

  68. author

    hesh 74Il y a 2 heures

    Joel Osteen isn't just prosperity. Just about every sermon is about how human beings are flawed. He relates these qualities back to the many flawed figures from the Bible and talks about the ways in which they were able to serve God despite their shortcomings. The "motivational speaker" description is more accurate, but he is motivating people toward Christ. He tries to get people to better themselves and feel worthy to pursue Christian faith. One time I was talking to this girl I worked with and religion came up. She basically said that she didn't go to church because she was a bad person. None of the things she mentioned were very bad, but what struck me is that she was a decent person who stayed out of church because she felt she was *unworthy.* She didn't understand that Christianity is not just a destination. It's a path... a way of living. You don't have to be perfect. You just have to pursue Perfection and do so with integrity. If she was going to feel bad about a few personal flaws, then she certainly was conscientious enough to be a good Christian. She just felt too bad about herself to try. That's not right. Maybe some ppl who were raised to feel bad about themselves need the extra motivation Osteen provides. Also, success isnt just being a millionaire. Oftentimes succeeding is saving your marriage, getting through college, finding a new job after getting laid off.... Osteen doesnt promise everyone they'll be rich and famous. He does say that if you follow Christ with integrity you will likely be fulfilled, but fulfillment looks different for each person and often comes in ways we might not expect. Osteen could stand to talk a little more about the afterlife, but what he says about serving God's purpose in this life and being worthy of the pursuit isnt bad.

  69. author

    Herod BenzieIl y a 2 heures

    This so stupid his disgrace as human being

  70. author

    GodBless AmericaIl y a 2 heures

    Brandon you state facts & thank you for it! That woman is absolutely frightening! She's DEFINATELY deranged & mean as hello. She scared me & I am part American Indian. Where's my tomahawk? 😳😳😳

  71. author

    frankgamboa666Il y a 2 heures

    I think the minute we denigrate average citizens from helping police their own communities because police can't be everywhere, we are protecting and enabling crime.....if Trayvon was not doing anything which he wasn't, he wouldn't have confronted GZ

  72. author

    Todd CerconeIl y a 2 heures

    I have to disagree Brandon. As a military policeman, I have written one of my officers a ticket for parking his patrol vehicle in front of a fire hydrant to ticket someone parked in a handicapped parking spot. Wrong is wrong, and being hypocritical is wrong. Lead by example.

  73. author

    Jarvis TurnerIl y a 2 heures

    We will inherit the Earth. Not now but in the future.

  74. author

    Claire PowellIl y a 2 heures

    I feel like women are being oppressed by men all over again. Just in the mask of trans rights.

  75. author

    ted ClaussIl y a 2 heures

    Democrats have no clue.😂😂😂 lying is there way of life. Out to say anything just to get your vote. Look what Democrats have done to get the black vote. Are they better off ? Watch Hillary’s America on Comcast on demand to educate yourself knowledge is power.❤️🇺🇸 This documentary was not shown in black communities. Wonder Why ?

  76. author

    0nes And Zer0sIl y a 2 heures

    Are all these people unaware of how electric vehicles recharge? From power plants that burn coal or natural gas. That is not low carbon output. These people are retards.

  77. author

    hithereitsleaaIl y a 2 heures

    So far I’ve only seen black men defending women’s sports... please can more people speak up women are becoming erased

  78. author

    GodBless AmericaIl y a 2 heures

    Baby you SPEAK TRUTH! GOD BLESS US ALL. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  79. author

    Retired JournalistIl y a 2 heures

    But did he offer a quid pro quo?

  80. author

    Ĺaura ĶamisIl y a 2 heures

    Welcome to the twilight zone hilarious

  81. author

    Adam WatkinsIl y a 2 heures

    Anderson Cooper makes $10M a year....his face when she says HE should be paying 60-70%; and that is just Federal taxes, add in state and local taxes and you're talking about 90% of your earned income going to taxes. Even HE is OUT! President Obama gave a voice to racism when he brought Black Lies Matter to the White House. AOC doesn't even know what a dog whistle is or what her statements mean...her ignorance is FACT. Pres. DJT has done more for minorities then EVERY President since Abraham Lincoln. This is what you get when < 12% of voters in a district elect a congresswoman. She is a perfect example of the Peter in an adult world with the mind of a child.

  82. author

    Gh0stCrZIl y a 2 heures

    Funny I don’t remember Donald Trump being a racist when he was hanging out with Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson back in the 2000s If you ask me He’s not a very good racist.

  83. author

    jl HighfieldIl y a 2 heures

    Warren is the most delusional candidate by far

  84. author

    lonelysith66Il y a 2 heures

    Sure, it’s pricey, but I feel it’s a good way to get stay at home moms motivated, so, what’s wrong with that? 😒

  85. author

    Beth MitchellIl y a 2 heures

    So glad I saw this today. I had no idea there was such depth of faith and knowledge in you. I've watched and respected so many of your videos, but this, Brandon, has raised my level of respect for you even more. God bless you and keep you always. Thank you for speaking so eloquently and passionately, and may your message find fertile ground everywhere it falls.♥️♥️♥️

  86. author

    girl fridayIl y a 2 heures

    He has flirted with the Enemy and now has a demonic influence in him

  87. author

    PETER STEARSIl y a 2 heures

    When cops break the law then we have no law. So be an example to the people !!

  88. author

    Uranium 235Il y a 2 heures

    I have a problem with that commercial, where is the beer and the sandwich for the husband , that she was supposed to get him at the end of the commercial.

  89. author

    IRISH_SAINT_14Il y a 2 heures

    What makes it worse, is that, right after he said “he loves children in his lap” he looks down and stares right at a child, and gives the creepiest look. This dude is a pedophile.

  90. author

    henry SmithIl y a 2 heures

    Yang Gang!!!

  91. author

    Camron ToneyIl y a 2 heures

    After hearing Richard Sherman say about the same thing. Everybody should just chill the F out

  92. author

    Cindy YoungIl y a 2 heures

    I always loved her voice but I never could bring myself to like I know why!

  93. author

    budman123052Il y a 2 heures

    Joe Biden is a puppet paying his penance to the puppet master!! Globalists are running the Democrat dog and pony show, obviously!!

  94. author

    Marie 7Il y a 2 heures

    We are becoming a pathetic nation.

  95. author

    Rochelle 50Il y a 2 heures

    True story: I saw on a documentary a group of "ex-transgener" men who regretted going through the process. Luckily they found love and are married to women but they cannot enjoy a normal sex life. Point being, they REGRETTED the surgery.

  96. author

    Dianna SmithIl y a 2 heures

    My mother had a saying (& many others) excuses are like a__holes, every bodies got some & they all stink!!!!

  97. author

    Rochelle 50Il y a 3 heures

    Big hands! :):)

  98. author

    sabrina gonzalezIl y a 3 heures

    Love this guy ❤️

  99. author

    sneaky gamerIl y a 3 heures

    To me alot of them taking advantage so they can look at women without getting in trouble smacking their asses "sportsmanship" without harrassment

  100. author

    Big InjunIl y a 3 heures

    Apparently any time you mention another mans skin color, your a racist. People just look for an excuse to be mad. Bunch of vaginas. That guy stated that my eyes are brown, racist.