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  1. author

    Matt GilesIl y a 19 heures

    Bobby's goal should have counted .. weak ass pen tbh

  2. author

    Le RenardIl y a 19 heures

    Now everybody will see how important is Wilfried Ndidi!! Without him this team is like a car with no engine. Also what the hell is wrong with the coach benching Iheanacho eventhough the guy has been making a difference every time he comes in?

  3. author

    FrigginManateesIl y a 19 heures

    Jesus Christ yellow team's defenders are terrible

  4. author

    Icon CanadaIl y a 19 heures

    I am glad I am not reading tons of nasty comments about Man U. I know Man U in the past havent been so humble. But this new LFC team makes me want to act humble. They are awesome.

  5. author

    fred headIl y a 20 heures

    I'm still nervous to say it out loud. I don't want to jinx anything No, Not "WE'RE GONNA WIN THE LEAGUE" thats done and dusted. The other thing with the zero in one column at the end of the season.

  6. author

    moviegrapevineIl y a 21 heure

    Bit of a noob question, but how was Salah not offside?

  7. author

    Ferdi YildizIl y a 22 heures


  8. author

    Matt PascoeIl y a 23 heures

    The Prem is so trash now. Liverpools only competition is Man City and they have been tragic most the season... The Prem in its current state is very overrated. Sad to say but true. Napoli beat Liverpool in the UCL and they are 11th in Italy. They would be a top 5 club in the Prem.

  9. author

    Ayush KharadeIl y a 23 heures

    Traore scares me

  10. author

    DeLan MukosiIl y a jour

    for messi to be complete,,he should speak english as well,not just his home language or spanish

  11. author

    Marko KirkovskiIl y a jour

    If I'm joke to you then bye

  12. author

    Danny DIl y a jour

    Salah goal was just embarassing for the defender. The guy had the speed. Took forever to slide tackle. Mascherano slide tackling was needed.

  13. author

    yeşim karabıyıkIl y a jour

    My love me like to be have you got the best seller for me like to be have you got the best android

  14. author

    yeşim karabıyıkIl y a jour


  15. author

    stajIl y a jour

    Liverpool players should have a crown on their heads or medals round their necks during every match from now until the end of the season period!

  16. author

    StormTech EntertainmentIl y a jour

    If liverpool start resting players in the epl for the champions league i swear they will win both. If bayern make it past round of 16 i hope we dont draw liverpool or we will get raped 7-0 on agg.

  17. author

    IvanIl y a jour


  18. author

    Stefan PetrescuIl y a jour

    whatca xhame, curly shirtless

  19. author

    Second AgeTVIl y a jour

    Who are the commentators

  20. author

    TedIl y a jour

    @Dazen Canada - thanks for adding the final score to the last few seconds! Nice touch to the video.

  21. author

    Adam jr.Il y a jour

    Wood and Westwood game 😂

  22. author

    Yamin Ghulam NabiIl y a jour

    Salah love you

  23. author

    LordStanleyJrIl y a jour

    Should have been 4-0

  24. author

    Alan norbertIl y a jour

    I still love Vardy

  25. author

    YumydudeIl y a jour

    2:17 You can hear Neville slamming his table.

  26. author

    chinwe ezeiloIl y a jour

    Poor Leicester...it feels like that time of the year when men are separated from boys. Give it up for Liverpool YNWA.

  27. author

    Clive Anderson Jr.Il y a jour

    Credit to Salah but Daniel James must have lightning in his boots.

  28. author

    Vic 3Il y a jour

    Who else thinks Henderson looks a bit like Aaron Ramsey?

  29. author

    DragMeToHell 666Il y a jour

    The player behind Salah during the second goal should’ve just went for a tackle wether he gets the ball or not. Better you lose 1-0 than 2-0

  30. author

    Frodo BagginsIl y a jour

    Chelsea is shocking

  31. author

    Bryan OuelletIl y a jour


  32. author

    Vagelis11AstoriaIl y a jour

    They are simply unstoppable babbyyy YNWA

  33. author

    David .LIl y a jour

    2:35 look at Daniel James 😱 the guy has pace.

  34. author

    Dillinger SamIl y a jour

    My Goodness 😀

  35. author

    GWM-BTD Battles, Agar.Io and more!Il y a jour

    Poor Leicester

  36. author

    Huxble 'infinityIl y a jour

    bruh how did dj not get the ball from salah after that pace to catch up with him

  37. author

    Uchenna OkworIl y a jour

    Pope😀 I am happy for Burnley, they were hard done

  38. author

    Marcus Zoe13Il y a jour

    Congratulations to the Champions Liverpool, I salute thee 🙏🏾

  39. author

    Toby BeckIl y a jour

    I can't believe how rubbish United is now.

  40. author

    IndieIl y a jour

    Great vid

  41. author

    John McGahernIl y a jour

    Thanks very much Utd! YNWA! :D

  42. author

    UnderFunded inc.Il y a jour

    Salah overrated trash😂😂

  43. author

    すしざむらいIl y a jour

    No one can beat Liverpool this season

  44. author

    nantrax143Il y a jour

    VAR tried it's best to help United.

  45. author

    mohmed eldeebIl y a jour

    Where are the Mane moaners?? What was that miss?? Salah is selfish now?? Where is the "best player in Africa" LOL. What a dumbass fan base. You lot are a shame to football. Salah is the KING of Liverpool and Africa and you dumb pricks best remember that always.

  46. author

    Marianne KimIl y a jour

    god the sky as the background for virgil's goal... so gorgeous

  47. author

    Desmond JordanIl y a jour

    Absolutely great goal by Firminio. Shame it did not count. Got to say I thought ‘foul’ on De Gea was a bit soft. Look at what goalies do to forwards when going to clear a ball at a corner. It’s not a no contact sport. Regardless Man Utd reaction was completely unprofessional and should have been punished. Call me biased. I don’t care.

  48. author

    Sunny ChowIl y a jour

    Premier league vs Champion League !!! VVD show his class to Harry Maguire !!!

  49. author

    Tymko CIl y a jour

    In the beautiful game you can be 5'7" and be the best player in the world.

  50. author

    Tymko CIl y a jour

    Chris Wood is great in heading the ball into the net. Being 1.91 cm helps.

  51. author

    eli9719Il y a jour

    Can't wait for Löw to retire and for klopp to take over the German national team. We will be unstoppable!!

  52. author

    Tymko CIl y a jour

    De Gea's save on Mane was thanks to ball being kicked straight at his leg.

  53. author

    dilluminatilairIl y a jour

    i need abs like Salah...the man is in shape.

  54. author

    Suprab RajbhandariIl y a jour

    Martin Tyler is the worst commentator to listen to 🤢🤢

  55. author

    Travel TheoryIl y a jour

    First goal is a foul from Gomez. Second goal is offside. LiVARpool cheaters again

  56. author

    stephane vincentIl y a jour

    I've seen u14 defense corps that are much better

  57. author

    Hossein KariminiaIl y a jour

    Alisson is learning from Ter Stegen. To provide an assist as a goalkeeper.

  58. author

    Leo SanchezIl y a jour

    Without de gea this game is 5-0 he has to get out

  59. author

    Bryan BullchildIl y a jour

    Liverpool should just win the title already

  60. author

    BC BushcraftIl y a jour

    I thought Leicester were throwing higher than their weight but with their history I couldn't rule them out. Now I can YNWA

  61. author

    Sennay OgbazghiIl y a jour

    daniel james's pace though

  62. author

    NesckamoIl y a jour

    Remember when da Gea was the best goalkeeper lmao

  63. author

    Paulo RamírezIl y a jour

    I can't believe it, bloody James!!! Shoulder vs shoulder vs Salah, C'MON!!!!

  64. author

    drbhagsIl y a jour

    Wow. Just wow...

  65. author

    cammyIl y a jour

    All credit to Liverpool. It’s a shame De Gea has to play through a rough new era for Man Utd. This game could’ve easily been 5-0 without him.

  66. author

    Daniel TshilengeIl y a jour

    Where the f*ck is greeenwood this kid is suppose to be the next star of Manchester United if rashford absent put the kid in the lineup for god sake

  67. author

    AL PDIl y a jour

    There were like 8 man u players who should have been sent off for manhandling the ref. Horrible and unwanted reactions

  68. author

    antetubo1Il y a jour

    Liverpool will lose two games. One against Wolves and another against either Arsenal or Chelsea.

  69. author

    antetubo1Il y a jour

    No doubt they are good. But in fairness they are also the EPL Ref's darlings when it comes to decisions. That ref in particular is sub standard. Arsenal on the other hand are EPL refs enemy for some reason. Everything goes for Liverpool when refs make decision. Refs are the only bad part of EPL. They are so blatantly in favor for teams like Liverpool, Leiescter city, spurs.

  70. author

    John McGahernIl y a jour

    Got to give Neville credit; it was never a foul on De Gea. Soft is right, if that's in the middle of the park, no one bats an eye.

  71. author

    Sincere SiceIl y a jour

    I swear to god teams forget to shoot against liverpool somehow

  72. author

    Gordon RamsayIl y a jour

    Awful penalty for Luton to concede.The looks on their faces were of obvious guilt.

  73. author

    Mr.EpicChocoIl y a jour

    Only if Rashford was not injured😣😤

  74. author

    Nanker PhelgeIl y a jour

    ITS OURS NOW !!!!!!🏆🥇

  75. author

    Mr.EpicChocoIl y a jour

    Luton Town need a better goalkeeper.🛡

  76. author

    Amit OrkoIl y a jour

    Can we give liverpool the trophy already?

  77. author

    Ben PetrieIl y a jour

    I didnt want to hear Liverpool fans singing that they're gonna win the league,but they really do believe it and rightly so.YNWA

  78. author

    Amit OrkoIl y a jour

    Alisson has more assist than lingard this season. Let that sink in united fans 😂

  79. author

    Rafi AhmedIl y a jour

    Mo Salah is a beast !

  80. author

    Chadd TomyIl y a jour

    Yo Salah is lo key shredded 🔥🔥

  81. author

    Talha TariqIl y a jour

    Love that goal at the end!!!

  82. author

    nemes1sIl y a jour

    Piss poor defence. Piss poor strikes. Piss poor ManU. I feel so bad for De Gea. Top tier keeper playing with high schoolers.

  83. author

    GM TVIl y a jour

    Pope Nicholas I with another stellar performance!

  84. author

    selamyukunIl y a jour

    manchester united got off easy

  85. author

    Mr TIl y a jour

    Everyone going on about liVARpool can go f*ck themselves

  86. author

    Kay QIl y a jour

    Van Djik jump on De Gea was 100% a foul

  87. author

    Shawaiz SiddiquiIl y a jour

    De gea is legitt goood. But he is in the wrong team

  88. author

    zHdizzyIl y a jour

    holy sh*t liverpool are unstoppable... i imagine playing under Klopp is such a thrill !!

  89. author

    david messiIl y a jour


  90. author

    CB BANGERSIl y a jour

    Liverpool are just unstoppable. There is no team in the Premier League that will stop them!

  91. author

    NebulahHDIl y a jour


  92. author

    Explosive pickle 55Il y a jour


  93. author

    Agilen JeyamRajIl y a jour

    And with that, Liverpool is gone out of sight!

  94. author

    Connor HoganIl y a jour

    Early gang.

  95. author

    Hazem EldelebshanyIl y a jour


  96. author

    NACHO MANIl y a jour

    Manchester United are retarded why tf was Brandon Williams who is 5ft6 guarding VVD who is 6ft3

  97. author

    Umar MallIl y a jour


  98. author

    Michael AdeyemiIl y a jour


  99. author

    carmeron jackIl y a jour

    Adama is a bully in this football, he should go and play in the other football 😂😂😂

  100. author

    Ion BashaIl y a jour

    rip little man