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Kelsea Ballerini - LAKelsea Ballerini - LA

Kelsea Ballerini - LA

Il y a 10 jours

Russ - PatienceRuss - Patience

Russ - Patience

Il y a 11 jours

Big Thief - ShouldersBig Thief - Shoulders

Big Thief - Shoulders

Il y a 12 jours

Marcus King - The WellMarcus King - The Well

Marcus King - The Well

Il y a 26 jours

  1. author

    sa gaIl y a jour

    To this day I still don't know why Paul was targeted. He was a grown man not molesting kids or disrespecting women and he had real talent.

  2. author

    KatameIl y a jour


  3. author

    RaginGamingIl y a jour

    Jimmy Kimmel: Im the ultimate pussy who is scared of everything and I love to cut people off and have a wild rude audience I will not control. Conan O'Brian: Oh my god its so adorable can I touch it??? Im going to rub my face on the adorable creature!!!! Im going to own a full size mountain lion for sure.

  4. author

    satel consaIl y a jour

    I know this vid was supposed to be funny but I'm afraid of those kids.

  5. author

    Diva HairIl y a jour

    Trump is so naturally funny

  6. author

    comiskey2005Il y a jour

    Wax figure not realistic enough. It needs constantly flowing tears.

  7. author

    Kit ChongIl y a jour

    What's wrong with her eyes, she's not looking at Jimmy, not looking at the audience..... Can't see her eyes after 2 minutes.......

  8. author

    Pete’s CouchIl y a jour

    Ariana grande as Harriet Tubman lmfao

  9. author

    Nelson ClubIl y a jour

    Achievement unlocked: Banana Republic.

  10. author

    Roth fam funIl y a jour

    How can Chris not know who Tom Holland is he worked with him in avengers infinity war and Endgame how can he not know him

  11. author

    dino falabrinoIl y a jour

    The democrats are a hot mess. And if you can't see that, your as ignorant as these two losers.

  12. author

    Josh JordanIl y a jour

    This country is so ripe for invasion when 100% of people are afraid of a wax statue of a guy in a suit and tie...

  13. author

    Diva HairIl y a jour

    Richmond has fallen I’m dead

  14. author

    Roth fam funIl y a jour

    This feels like a marvel reunion

  15. author

    a bIl y a jour

    I hate to say it, but Bloomberg could probably best Trump. He has more money, can get under his skin, and was a republican, so he could coax some of they vote. I don't like it but it looks likely

  16. author

    HxA CaliforniaIl y a jour

    Honestly, I can only name the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Libya,Spain, Italy, Japan, Russia, Argentina, Madagascar, and Cuba. Atleast I know a few things.

  17. author

    Naheim GoogollaIl y a jour

    OMG, Jimmy did not start crying.

  18. author

    Wade KIl y a jour

    skip t0 @0:10 to ignore kimmel

  19. author

    Flow RinseIl y a jour

    I hate that for him. I really like Huey Lewis and News and he seems like a nice guy...Hope his hearing improves so he can tolerate it.

  20. author

    Roy's KeithIl y a jour

    My son Kenny got me into his music. Heard the album once and bought it at my local record shop

  21. author

    LastTrend StandningIl y a jour

    Losers live with the family lmao

  22. author

    Ali Al-SarrafIl y a jour

    Vsauce has the best comeback

  23. author

    a bIl y a jour

    You know, if we make up a position like Covfefe General, and tell Trump it's a higher office than President, and he's already won it... We could save our country.

  24. author

    DDM7406Il y a jour

    Ahh man. Iconic voice in American music though. Makes me sad though, this and Linda Ronstadt

  25. author

    Andrew HIl y a jour

    So clearly impeachment is a sham. Doesn't matter what the President says or does he won't get removed. Why even bother ???

  26. author

    A ZIl y a jour

    Do not cosign to everything a celebrity says or does . Media asked one person a question and that one person gave their opinion to a mass of people .

  27. author

    Holland MightyMicahIl y a jour

    Chris Pratt just signed my little four yr old brother cap for cancer♥️♥️🥺

  28. author

    Nelson FavedraIl y a jour

    4:39 Yang Gang!

  29. author

    Cerys JonesIl y a jour

    Not even kidding but before this interview I had a running joke that I have a list of my favourite Tom H's so here you go: -Tom Holland (no wonder I'm here) -Tom Hanks -Tom Hiddleston -Tom Hardy -Tom Hollander P.s I'm pretty sure I would've cried if Tom appeared next to me in the audience

  30. author

    Nicky HIl y a jour

    Chris Pratt seems really nervous in this one

  31. author

    Lillie WilliamsIl y a jour

    I remember you Charlie. i met you before you are the one that got me singing in the pass Thank you God Bless you

  32. author

    Dininda WeerawardanaIl y a jour

    Im 30 years old still live with mom and dad .....but i do work ..im single. Tho🙃 im an Asian.....we live with them its not a bad thing in my country..... subscribe me plz

  33. author

    Anshuman ShastryIl y a jour

    I feel very bad seeing these idiots not able to explain how marriage works. being an Indian I regret now they represented my nation and its culture.

  34. author

    Mary CamposIl y a jour


  35. author

    dino falabrinoIl y a jour

    And here is the desperate jimmy kimmel with his every night bashing of the president. Better tell your writers to prepare writing for 4 more years because your loser friends are handing Trump the white house again.

  36. author

    yellowburgerIl y a jour

    1968??? Dude doesn't look a day over fifty.

  37. author

    SK ALIl y a jour

    After Parasite won 4 times(Yeah!!!!!!!), I was waiting for this video! Let's make actors/actresses drunk again, Guillermo! Also, Charlize is always sweat to him(to get some shot!) in every Oscars! I love her❤❤

  38. author

    Ron MyresIl y a jour

    Renee Zellweger is so weird. She strikes me as someone that thinks she's too good for anyone. She probably did or said something weird is why her clip was only a half second long. She also needs to stop with the face lifts...it's not improving!

  39. author

    Enxrgy 24x11Il y a jour

    you damn know that 2k wanted him to say that with the numbers because he is the cover athlete

  40. author

    lujain mustafaIl y a jour

    Yep that does sound like a black mama😂😂

  41. author

    Rubi LeonIl y a jour

    i only came here for vale genta lmao

  42. author

    kornfreak78Il y a jour

    Such a crappy thing to happen to such a great musician. Huey is a class act. A true talent.

  43. author

    Graydon RamseyIl y a jour

    I serve Gordon water: Gordon: It’s to bloody wet!

  44. author

    Pompey ParkerIl y a jour

    Fake Taxi, anyone?

  45. author

    CharbelIl y a jour

    One is a prick and the other is Jimmy Fallon

  46. author

    Mr. MeeseeksIl y a jour

    He said "Soccer" and I puked. It is disgusting. Not my puke but that someone call our holy Football, "soccer"

  47. author

    Pranav IngleIl y a jour

    Logan Paul bro you need to bring back Lyin Ryan

  48. author

    InmortalIl y a jour

    Tom loves to make a big entrance. He's getting better and better

  49. author

    Alex LIl y a jour


  50. author

    _ Schmeaty _Il y a jour

    Kurt Russels looks like that one homeless dude from the 1800's a time traveler would bring back with them

  51. author

    Rola CIl y a jour

    😂 lmao, a camara an a Tub of hummus..! 🤣🤣😂

  52. author

    AsahelIl y a jour

    the older and kinda young guys looks like father & son , I mean the eyes

  53. author

    Mike BellIl y a jour

    He’s not funny.

  54. author

    Dennis MorrisIl y a jour

    Huey Lewis - great musician, great guy. Hoping the etiology and cure is found to Meniere´s Disease.

  55. author

    Umang Deep RaiIl y a jour

    Jeff Bridges... what he did... if a regular Joe attempted to do so, you'd be unsuccessful.

  56. author

    Pedro QuaresmaIl y a jour

    2:04 those reflexes tho

  57. author

    Pedro QuaresmaIl y a jour

    2:04 those reflexes tho

  58. author

    Sekulært SnøfnuggIl y a jour

    lol. he's talking about loyalty on an american talk shows. almost no NBA-players play for the team in their state.

  59. author

    Philip HolmesIl y a jour

    She's a nice looking lady !

  60. author

    Robert CraigIl y a jour

    This shows how addicted we are to our cell phones as a society it's really pathetic

  61. author

    billnye69Il y a jour

    Dark Fate was the best Terminator since the first two, I don't understand the dislike.

  62. author

    Candace ShirleyIl y a jour

    Oh this is funny A fun social experiment

  63. author

    Nayops 19Il y a jour

    Katy Perry’s so talented and stunning like always♥️👏🏼

  64. author

    David GauntletIl y a jour

    Jim carrey is one of my favourite comedians there is he clearly is a legend love him ❤❤❤

  65. author

    Nega ChinIl y a jour

    I can actually imagine John doing this 😂

  66. author

    ElizabetIl y a jour

    Why does she has box braids 🤢 ? Culture appropriating ain’t cute.......

  67. author

    WanderlustinIl y a jour

    Surprised you have a Republican/Trump supporter on your show and not silence them lol.

  68. author

    G AIl y a jour

    Wondering how they are so heavy; “whip cream”

  69. author

    Joseph StalinIl y a jour

    Lesbianism is taking over communism

  70. author

    Rolf LeseratzIl y a jour

    Donny Trumpy: " I don't care about anything! " Yeah, that's true! .

  71. author

    Eduardo Javier Medina MendozaIl y a jour

    Exquisite... that voice. That acoustic drum set

  72. author

    Madison Lovesvids18Il y a jour

    Omg me and my best friend are in love with hedgehogs

  73. author

    Danny LopezIl y a jour

    This is the best one yet! A lot of tequila paraphernalia!

  74. author

    cheristarIl y a jour

    Dude don't know what's the color of his lady eyes, what? Such an easy question.

  75. author

    6thMessengerIl y a jour

    I’d love to see a Donald Trump version

  76. author

    I am KhaiIl y a jour

    Great as ever...

  77. author

    Petty EddyIl y a jour

    So if a normal person was standing at those places would they still scream like that

  78. author

    THERICKIl y a jour

    Bring back the stoner!

  79. author

    Jim MckennaIl y a jour

    Definitely agree justin bieber is worth getting back 2 pac

  80. author

    Edwin GuilbeauIl y a jour

    Hows all the fake accounts posting comments and liking each others posts.. Bloomberg pay for these accounts too?

  81. author

    Bella VentimigliaIl y a jour

    I was VERY disappointed when I saw the movie trailer and immediately realized that the dog was CGI! Gosh Hollywood, have you gotten THAT LAZY...and then have the NERVE to charge BIG BUCKS at the box office to cover the expense of special fx?! Shame on you!!! Sorry, but as much as I LUV Harrison, this is one movie I won’t be seeing bcuz of the FAKE dog! 😝

  82. author

    Jason PittmonIl y a jour

    It's so interesting to see Dave actually listen before answering.

  83. author

    Informed citizenIl y a jour

    I thought crybaby Damon moved to Australia?

  84. author

    Ahmed KhaledIl y a jour

    0:52 if you want to skip any unnecessary kimmel

  85. author

    Nicole CiprianiIl y a jour

    the hamburger train

  86. author

    embola00Il y a jour

    Imagine Mr Twamp, taking care of a dog or a cat! that´s some shudder dot dot dot

  87. author

    embola00Il y a jour

    Imagine Mr Twamp, taking care of a dog or a cat! that´s some shudder dot dot dot

  88. author

    embola00Il y a jour

    Imagine Mr Twamp, taking care of a dog or a cat! that´s some shudder dot dot dot

  89. author

    65wisemanIl y a jour

    tRump is a disgrace to humanity.

  90. author

    Daily JoyIl y a jour

    I heard my first song from Huey in American Psycho

  91. author

    Bob SloppyIl y a jour

    But those tweets weren't even that funny.

  92. author

    Ye SuIl y a jour

    Yo LeBorn is here

  93. author

    BenhavisIl y a jour

    The moment when you wanted to dislike the video, but it has 420 dislikes already. Lucky guys. ;)

  94. author

    ShankIl y a jour

    Wtf is up with Jimmy

  95. author

    sean grantIl y a jour

    Liberals and their never ending pursuit to win Darwin awards. Hahaha. That's not even a slide. Great work California. Keep up the good work!

  96. author

    aNNdreUIl y a jour

    Just one word. Anal. That's it folks!

  97. author

    Agent FungusIl y a jour

    In some weird way, I still kinda like and feel sorry for Sean Spicer. I do, however, still hate the My Pillow guy.

  98. author

    Emy GonzalezIl y a jour

    5:22 can we talk about the lady that also feel in the back

  99. author

    Luis PerezIl y a jour

    hola papa como estas salgo en youtube

  100. author

    High DistructionIl y a jour

    He didnt seem to enjoy it.