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Fear of RejectionFear of Rejection

Fear of Rejection

Il y a 7 jours

Life Changing ActionsLife Changing Actions

Life Changing Actions

Il y a 8 jours

Dying to Be HotDying to Be Hot

Dying to Be Hot

Il y a mois

  1. author

    Brandon ChesnerIl y a jour

    She is so condescending to Kathy, jeez!

  2. author

    Laurinda SchaarIl y a jour

    He'll do everything but get a job lol

  3. author

    Alisha ChamelIl y a jour

    If people have the right to be "for" something then they have the same right to be against it. It's called an opinion but it seems to be an issue when people don't support everything that others think they should. Freedom of speech applies to everyone and it shouldn't make people run to their safe place, it's America and it's life. Agree to disagree without slander or being ugly.

  4. author

    A S S H O L EIl y a jour

    “You Speak too much on that, you feel me?” Tells the whole world you’re a drug dealer** Only thing that’s feeling you is the police when they pat you down.

  5. author

    Bevis WuIl y a jour

    He’s going to get jumped one day

  6. author

    Ramen NoodlesIl y a jour

    Lmao I think it was the way it was said like other “blacks “🤨girl .. dr Phil is right Stop commenting on stuff you don’t know anything about honestly

  7. author

    A R C H I E K U NIl y a jour

    My mom's bi polar and she doesn't act like that at all.

  8. author

    Madcat4301Il y a jour

    The mother pampers him because he's a male child. She wouldn't do that for a daughter. Sad to say there are some black mothers like that.

  9. author

    Julie GrandyIl y a jour

    Go Michigan!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. author

    TheKittyQueenIl y a jour

    ngl corn dogs dipped in nacho cheese sound good

  11. author

    MerkTippinIl y a jour

    He’s faking for real

  12. author

    Alisha ChamelIl y a jour

    Ofcourse this happened to Miss Michigan the Muslim capitol of America is Dearborn Michigan.

  13. author

    Tai SeasonIl y a jour

    This is what happens when you're attached to material things. When he becomes an adult he's going to do what it takes to get what he wants.

  14. author

    Alex scottIl y a jour

    You don’t hit your kids ever. Any psychologist or anyone with a brain knows it does nothing.

  15. author

    Mama GypsyIl y a jour

    I read 'Queen Deepthroat' in the title

  16. author

    SBTV O.G.Il y a jour

    had to put this mf on 0.75 speed...

  17. author

    Kirsta LeeIl y a jour

    Y’all needa stop being like Danielle like be different be original damn I’ve seen too much try to act like Danielle

  18. author

    Sam SIl y a jour

    “I’ll pay you back when I’m famous” So That Means Never Right?

  19. author

    Matt GarciaIl y a jour


  20. author

    Beez NestIl y a jour

    She has a screw loose. Regardless if she raised him or not, she gave birth to him and how she can justify any of this and play victim is disgusting. Major boundary issues and major morality issues here and she knew better. She needs to own it

  21. author

    Jason powersIl y a jour

    Ok come on you can't just end it like that you have to actually show what her decision was, geez

  22. author

    B WilzIl y a jour

    Cut him off! How is he still in your house? Still in your closet? Any of that?!?

  23. author

    Beez NestIl y a jour

    Her victim act is nauseating. She knew what she was doing and has no idea how to establish boundaries or what morals are. She's pathetic and I wonder how she lives with herself

  24. author

    Thats A MazzaIl y a jour

    Bam lost his mind ever since his best friend died, he hasn’t grieved properly so him self medicating himself is a coping mechanism but it simply destroys ones life, it’s incredibly sad really.

  25. author

    Gemini Vixen ChellyIl y a jour

    Wtf "Till this day she does not have a menstrual"?! Yeah okay...And she's supposedly 16 now?? Yeah that don't sound right. I can understand her not have one when she was 8 but not having one at 16 she's definitely been hiding it from everyone, and to not have one even now she's probably been hiding it for so many years that she doesn't know how to even say she has it by now.

  26. author

    Amiin ElkeyIl y a jour

    Okay I’m tired too

  27. author

    valIl y a jour

    Take the phone away. Idiots.

  28. author

    Ashley ScottIl y a jour

    I think LaTonya deserves a guy who will treat her like a queen because Randy is such a douchebag and he doesn't feel bad about it.

  29. author

    Malik ReidIl y a jour


  30. author

    zero ZIl y a jour

    Dr phil i like your content

  31. author

    Wat DenkkksstIl y a jour

    she 100% is, 33 yrs, nowhere to go only relying on these people taking in people into their homes like this.

  32. author

    sharay hudsonIl y a jour


  33. author

    Boe AllenIl y a jour

    She is the best is 𝙺𝚊𝚛𝚎𝚗 and the bet boomer

  34. author

    DanielleIl y a jour

    Gypsy rose c9mes to mind

  35. author

    TableFlippersIncIl y a jour

    In what world does having a divorce mean she can’t date? What a total dumbass. She never has to go back to him. But he’s allowed to go and do whatever but not her. God.

  36. author

    ASHBYHAYNESIl y a jour

    Omfg.... cringe

  37. author

    andy vdwIl y a jour

    nice bb guns lol

  38. author

    Gala BlackburnIl y a jour


  39. author

    Wat DenkkksstIl y a jour

    she like 25-32

  40. author

    lma boomieIl y a jour

    Tbh he don't even look good with all these designer outfits

  41. author

    andy vdwIl y a jour

    wannabe gangster xD hes stash started to grow and acting like a boss. makes me laugh. hes asking to get shot

  42. author

    wonderlandIl y a jour

    I think my mom is jealous of me. I got a boyfriend back in October and he is my best friend and we can talk about anything and we call and FaceTime everyday. Two weeks ago I apparently did something wrong I upset her and she grounds me from seeing him for a month which isn’t cool because we have an LDR. My mom is jealous because her love life is going the way SHE wants according to HER, she’s divorced and she’s no longer the center of attention.

  43. author

    Stephanie WardIl y a jour

    She's completely high out of her tree. 🤦

  44. author

    S Y P H E RIl y a jour

    are these even the same kids? like damn

  45. author

    Quinton KirkIl y a jour

    When you listen to too much rap

  46. author

    amosIl y a jour

    I think he should be able to take any substance he wants hes clearly not addicted but the dealing part is the only problem that should be addressed.

  47. author

    Mikayla MouserIl y a jour

    He’s putting her in a uncomfortable situation.

  48. author

    Mikayla MouserIl y a jour

    it’s dr Phil’s fault. Poor girl. She told them she didn’t want the guy there and they clearly didn’t listen. U failed dr Phil 😕

  49. author

    KEKE RossIl y a jour

    2:35-2:36 Man: "Where's the divorce papers?"

  50. author

    Maggie KaplanIl y a jour

    Are you kidding me? She asked her if she had been born in this country in the most condescending way isn't that the exact opposite of being an accepting person

  51. author

    200 ugIl y a jour

    take a shot everytime they say dawson

  52. author

    kayIl y a jour

    Dr Phil is really pulling cheesy clickbait people from FRreporter now???

  53. author

    BracedBirdIl y a jour

    Please send him to jail

  54. author

    Samantha LittleIl y a jour

    Honey, that's nothing from a fake god. That's part of being psychic. Look into precognition.

  55. author

    Solomon BeesleyIl y a jour

    When the video started I thought I was watching season 6 of prison break

  56. author

    ana ParkerIl y a jour

    Her "crying" is disgusting n she seems to be on something for sure

  57. author

    Fabio RodriguezIl y a jour

    Ohhhhh if she was in a Mexican house hold,she would be dead

  58. author

    DollbabyrhiIl y a jour

    There's a Kyle in the house!!!

  59. author

    Boomerz TingzIl y a jour

    I cant wait when he turns 18

  60. author

    hunter3x1Il y a jour


  61. author

    Jeff MonahanIl y a jour

    Wait....this isn’t the “Lil baby- Woah” music video? Damn i clicked on the wrong video thought that was Lil Baby.

  62. author

    Sam & SaraIl y a jour

    Not her place to say "fix your community" that irks me. As far as her opinion about the oppression of women under Islam, that's more of an open discussion, but I guess she said it in too much of a confrontative, aggressive manner, that kind of ruined it for her.

  63. author

    Jeff MonahanIl y a jour

    SHE BLAMED THE “MOLD” bahahahahahahahhahahaha 😅😂😂

  64. author

    Riley ArchulettaIl y a jour

    I hope you’re well bam

  65. author

    Ultimate InvincibleIl y a jour

    Did anyone else think that was Drake Bell from the thumbnail?

  66. author

    Nichelle FranklinIl y a jour

    Jesus jesus🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  67. author

    Sugar daddy Yoda isIl y a jour

    My guy, you can’t be gang bangin and yo name is Dawson LMFAO

  68. author

    Boomerz TingzIl y a jour

    He sounds stupid

  69. author

    max marreroIl y a jour

    $500 a day of fuel and the other day to the toiled as poop castle . That what happen when you re obese , brain doesnt get the signal of satiety as result youll have binging disorder.

  70. author

    Jeff MonahanIl y a jour

    SHE BLAMED IT ON THE “MOLD” 😂😂😂😅😅😅 💀 lmaoooooo

  71. author

    LexynIl y a jour

    Okay, I’m just being honest here. Don’t judge me but... The Mom looks really pretty on this show! 😁

  72. author

    hope hillsonIl y a jour

    Severe Child abuse= life in prison

  73. author

    Flowers FlowersIl y a jour

    Nancy Grace is so goofy...she is so dramatic when she talks.

  74. author

    Sally KernanIl y a jour

    If I was Kathy I would ask Hijab Girl if she has any Conservative Christian friends? I seriously doubt that. Second question, why is it important for her to know where Kathy was born? That seemed a bit racist. I would throw out some facts as well, like did you know that Christians are the most persecuted Groups in the World? I'm sure she did not know that. Here Hijab Girl, I invite you to wear my cross necklace. Are you OK with that? I would ask Dr. Phil after sharing more facts if he was enlightened after her appearance on the show?

  75. author

    hunter3x1Il y a jour

    he's so nervous

  76. author

    Katelinlmao 38Il y a jour

    Okay this broken Katy Perry is obviously delusional

  77. author

    Makoto bakeIl y a jour

    Are these the sisters from bad girls club ?🤔

  78. author

    thorbjørn mannIl y a jour

    dr.fhull of himself

  79. author

    Rubiee GutierrezIl y a jour

    What’s crazy is why they didn’t take both of the kids why just dulce ? If someone is going to kidnap a child I’m pretty sure they both take both of the kids not just one . Second , she’s trying so hard with her story . That’s so sad that a mother is not giving no type of emotions for her daughter I would if my child was missing

  80. author

    amal zuhairIl y a jour

    Just want to say I wear a hijab as well and I don’t live in America yet it’s still my choice to wear it and yes it is offensive to say every Muslim outside America is being forced to wear it and it’s a sign of oppression. The majority of countries where Muslims are the majority as well don’t have laws on hijab namely Pakistan (where I’m from), Bangladesh, Indonesia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Turkey and many Muslim women chose not to wear the hijab in these countries. Then even in countries where Muslims are the minority still hijab is still a choice and not a law! Taking three or four countries that do have the law and labeling the entire Muslim community as oppressors for it is racist and offensive that’s like me blaming all Christians for nazism because a select few who think they are above other races because the Bible says so.

  81. author

    Warm&Cozy AsmrIl y a jour

    Clearly her mom just wants attention bc even ppl my age are sending nudes to each other and we’re still in elementary 🤦‍♀️they’re teens okay they are going to do stuff like this

  82. author

    thomas CunninghamIl y a jour

    i kinda feel like this lulu is a kid that wants to be trans 😂😂😂 you can’t be anything you aren’t, all you can be is how you are born friends

  83. author

    King RobIl y a jour

    Where is he now?

  84. author

    M WalIl y a jour

    Btw that nurse is doing a poor job. You should always defend your patiënt and act ethical. I'm in Nursing school, and i would never agree to do this. Basicly you're holding a person hostage until the test is produced. Not ok at all.

  85. author

    MrBossmanbossIl y a jour

    This has got to be fake.

  86. author

    Grace RogersIl y a jour

    Breaks my heart, he's spiraling and just wants off this crazy ride. It's like the words are coming out but his eyes express instant regret and he just keeps going off.

  87. author

    M WalIl y a jour

    Thats not ethic at all. You never can force to take a test on a grown woman. Sorry i totally disagree no matter what her story is.

  88. author

    o oIl y a jour

    People don't care about your political party it's what you say that makes you intimidating.

  89. author

    Didi-beansIl y a jour

    Her name is now Karen

  90. author

    Imani SteeleIl y a jour

    His face is so awkward 🤦🏾‍♀️

  91. author

    Jane and John DoeIl y a jour

    I can’t take that kid seriously. The pot has fried him.

  92. author

    cheese banditIl y a jour

    I can barely understand her

  93. author

    Jane and John DoeIl y a jour

    “So you wouldn’t smoke what you sell?” (pikachu face) “Noooo!”

  94. author

    Candy Brought It Up.Il y a jour

    Wow. This behavior says more about him.

  95. author

    Candy Brought It Up.Il y a jour

    Wow. This behavior says more about him.

  96. author

    The Block HellIl y a jour

    Honestly with that amount of followers he can start making big money back, so maybe he won't be completely useless

  97. author

    ST aLienIl y a jour

    A simple drug test would solve 99% of doctor phils cases

  98. author

    ST aLienIl y a jour

    This dude is on methamphetamine

  99. author

    PunnyMeganIl y a jour

    At least he doesn't hit his parents.

  100. author

    Ariana BaazovIl y a jour

    Her mom is ghetto RATATATAT