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The 6-Core XPS 13

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  1. author

    Hosam MazawiIl y a jour

    MSI has the shittest service. So even if the laptop is brilliant, consider not buying, if something happens... You will be talking to a walls of stupid support teams.

  2. author

    jeet moriIl y a jour

    That is exactly why I got into oneplus, owned a one plus 1 then the 3 and now 5t but now not buying a 8 worth 700gbp or something cause anyways you'll have to buy a new phone in about 3 years so will now stick with the flagship - flagship killers thanks for the heads up dave!!

  3. author

    Marvin WernerIl y a jour

    Samsung produces weapons systems used in wars going on right now

  4. author

    kitch zmrIl y a jour

    Honor 8x

  5. author

    Saksham JainIl y a jour

    Please make a video on new samsung a51 and a71. I was looking forward to them myself but a71 is a little too high for my budget I am hoping you would clarify if it is worth those extra bucks. Thanks

  6. author

    SpiralViperIl y a jour

    Cracked phone is _not_ what you get when the phone is cheaper. My One Plus One was far less expensive and almost completely undamaged for 5 years. The screen protector is only cracked because i deliberately tried to destroy the phone one time when i was angry. The only reason it's slow now is because the the planned obsolescence updates that were made. One Plus was good, One Plus now sucks major d**k. Don't be like One Plus

  7. author

    dank tankIl y a jour


  8. author

    tarifoniumIl y a jour

    The Samsung S10 you mentioned and link you shared is of a refurbished product though. So the half price thing is a bit misleading. I agree with the gist of what you're saying though, but it's not as straightforward as wait a year buy a flagship half off.

  9. author

    SpiralViperIl y a jour

    Nice hoodie

  10. author

    Florin AdrianIl y a jour

    People don't buy the latest phones because of features but because they're the latest. Too many people with inferiority complex have too much money.

  11. author

    Joseph RamosIl y a jour

    I just like the 4500 mah battery on the s10 Lite but I know it makes more sense to buy the s10+...I think its even cheaper than the Lite I've seen.

  12. author

    SpiralViperIl y a jour

    Better get one before the 5G phones kill me even worse

  13. author

    Augustus Terra AustralisIl y a jour

    why an 80wh battery? it has the room, just put a 99wh battery in there

  14. author

    Randy ChoIl y a jour

    love your vids. As an owner of k20 pro, I had the exact same thought with you, that the traditional flagship killers making companies have started to make flagships themselves. It's an interesting and convincing insight that the 1-year old phones are becoming the flagship killers. Wish I could like this video 10 times, but FRreporter would let me do it only once :3

  15. author

    Thomas ChapmanIl y a jour

    4:39 looks like you're about to throw it

  16. author

    Akash KIl y a jour

    Someone tell this noob that 420 bucks s10 is renewed one

  17. author

    Will CateIl y a jour

    As soon as that OnePlus 8 comes out I'm getting one

  18. author

    Lars IppenIl y a jour

    Exactly my thoughts. I got the Oneplus 7 Pro for 500€ while their latest 7t Pro got released for 759€ with very minor upgrades.

  19. author

    Fiduan HaiderIl y a jour

    1:36 i see what you did there

  20. author

    Dax BermejoIl y a jour

    I'm still in love with my S10+.

  21. author

    Prashik 2703Il y a jour

    Btw I wanna know the theme of that🙄

  22. author

    altbinhaxIl y a jour

    Flagship phone prices have about doubled too.

  23. author

    Ely FrizeIl y a jour

    why do i love your thumbnails do much?

  24. author

    E QIl y a jour

    Dude those are renewed phones

  25. author

    Gary GregorioIl y a jour

    Phones over a thousand bucks should not exist darn it.

  26. author

    Sim JieIl y a jour

    Apple can grow so fast is because they sell old technology for higher price then latest technology price.

  27. author

    nimSquareIl y a jour

    What about the "RENEWED" tag????

  28. author

    R M SagorIl y a jour

    Want to know... which wallpaper is it? I've installed flight light.Just need this wallpaper.

  29. author

    Farang ForeverIl y a jour

    I always wait the exact week and more specific the 48 hours before a company reveals their new (for example Samsung s20 model) and I buy from internet shops last years model at the lowest price because no company wants to stock up last year's model the week that new model is arriving.

  30. author

    IG: ayygetIl y a jour

    I surely believe since my first D2D video (back at Feb, 2017) that Dave is the one that give philosophy on how to buy and perceive tech correctly. He always give insight on how to appreciate tech further more with concise video.

  31. author

    Tantareanu JimmyIl y a jour

    I’ve had a razer deathadder for 10 years and it still works fine. Never bought headphones from them. I’ve been using the audio technica m50x for 5 years, don’t have a scratch on ‘em. Take care of ur stuff it will last

  32. author

    StackinRaxIl y a jour

    bought a refurb S10e off amazon for $350 USD. A used 64gb iphone XS is going for about 500-550 USD. Never buy retail

  33. author

    John TranIl y a jour

    “You were the chosen one! It was said that you would kill the flagships, not join them!”

  34. author

    SpideyIl y a jour

    We can say bye to Samsung. Competition is good for the consumer.

  35. author

    LeFatalpotatoIl y a jour

    Phones the size of my head but can't find a 3mm place for a headphone jack :(

  36. author

    Edwin FloresIl y a jour

    Dude your so right

  37. author

    harsha vardhanIl y a jour

    hey hey naruto and keanu reeves

  38. author

    Dumpling 。Il y a jour

    What is flagship

  39. author

    Mickehd00dIl y a jour

    The industry is starting to adopt all the things that made Apple stand out, and now they're becoming irrelevant. Back in the day, you didn't get good build quality and a good screen on a Windows laptop... now you do. You didn't get smoothness and the best screen on a non-iPhone... now you do. Now, Apple's been shooting themselves in the foot with their new laptops, their abysmal performance and terrible keyboards for very premium prices. The competition is just better.

  40. author

    LimesIl y a jour

    Watching on my OP7Pro, am very happy with it got it refurbished for about 500€

  41. author

    FilipeIl y a jour

    lol just in usa these phones r getting cheaper, here s10e when from 3000 to 2300

  42. author

    Jacob Arthur VishalIl y a jour

    One true bold eye opener out there👌🏽. God bless

  43. author

    Aiden FrostIl y a jour

    That's gotta be one of the realest takes I've seen in a bit!

  44. author

    Thomas WebbIl y a jour

    My STADIA works great!!!

  45. author

    Runze YuanIl y a jour

    Anyone knows the brand of his hoodie? The colour is pretty sick

  46. author

    Flare78xIl y a jour

    They'll be like apple and when it's close to coming out they'll stop making the last year model.

  47. author

    Internet Privacy AdvocateIl y a jour

    How well does Linux run on it? Please include that information in your reviews.

  48. author

    tin8921Il y a jour

    They really skipped that puberty teen and went straight to 20 hahahhahaa

  49. author

    GAZIl y a jour

    I unsubscribed, your channel is getting kinda boring. If you change it up I might subscribe back.

  50. author

    EmerslamIl y a jour

    This is the main reason that I quit buying Samsung phones. Lack of support. I currently have an iPhone X running the latest software. I won't be going back to Android until they start supporting their phones better.

  51. author

    Tay JMNIl y a jour


  52. author

    Gary ConradIl y a jour

    6 months after it was introduced the Galaxy Note 10 plus was discounted 450.00. Wait til Thanksgiving and I believe you will see the same discounts on the new

  53. author

    CodientIl y a jour

    Apple already solves this problem. Just slow down the last generation phone.

  54. author

    Felipe SchulerIl y a jour

    Very good video!

  55. author

    RoiFIl y a jour

    In-screen camera is the future of front camera.

  56. author

    MrJj295Il y a jour

    redmi k20 pro is honestly the best phone

  57. author

    Beemer BoyIl y a jour

    You have got a whole new perspective on this!

  58. author

    PeterIl y a jour

    I'm personally one of those consumers who doesn't care about cameras, in fact i'd rather not have a selfie camera at all and just one camera on the back or another camera for wide angle.

  59. author

    J GIl y a jour

    Tried it before. Got the year old LG G4 to replace my LG G2. It was ok, but I noticed that battery efficiency dropped quicker than when I bought brand new. Like, in less than a month it felt like I already had the thing for a year.

  60. author

    J GIl y a jour

    Tried it before. Got the year old LG G4 to replace my LG G2. It was ok, but I noticed that battery efficiency dropped quicker than when I bought brand new. Like, in less than a month it felt like I already had the thing for a year.

  61. author

    fair enoughIl y a jour

    I usually avoid Razer products because you can usually get a better deal within the price range of the equivalent, though everyone I knew was raving on about the black widow mechanical keyboard in 2013, was expensive but I still have the same keyboar till this day works fine.

  62. author

    AznDpsIl y a jour

    that was a renewed model idk how i feel about renewed phones dave

  63. author

    Mario RafaelIl y a jour

    And waiting for the Nokia 4.3 with USB C to update my Moto G6 Play or I'll go to Moto G Power

  64. author

    taufik samIl y a jour

    which one charges faster?

  65. author

    sayyed waseemIl y a jour


  66. author

    Anurag AmbujIl y a jour

    When video titles end with a question mark I just ignore them. I just wrote this comment, haven't seen the video. You can ignore my comment too if you are not comfortable with it.

  67. author

    HadesIl y a jour

    Are you telling me buy the galaxy s20 next year at half price?

  68. author

    3rdHalfIl y a jour

    Breaking news! New phone is newer than previous!

  69. author

    PacoIl y a jour

    I got Samsung A50 best phone for the price,and hey it's Samsung not Chinese phone (I don't have anything against it I just don't wanna get hit if Google and US go nuts and blocks something)

  70. author

    Parker PetersIl y a jour

    Razer Keyboards are trash. However, I've had this Abyssus mouse since 2012 and it still works great.

  71. author

    SamIl y a jour

    True, got the OP2 as flagship killer previously. Then Last year just got the samsung S9 for $250 than OP7 for $500

  72. author

    Remastered Movies Superheroes 2Il y a jour

    Knives and cars can kill/murder anybidy including the young

  73. author

    Product reviewer ukIl y a jour

    People are more hard up now so are switching to last year's model

  74. author

    Dmitry RIl y a jour

    X won't give it to ya:(

  75. author

    FrankieareIl y a jour

    I fucking around with my Note 3 the other day and I'll say if I had to use it again right now in 2020 I'd be perfectly fine with that. 5.7" screen, great display, good speakers, still snappy, good camera and good performance not to mention headphone jack. And that phone is from 2013 so that should tell you everything you need to know about phones and bang for your buck today.

  76. author

    Venkatesh PrabhuIl y a jour

    Perfectly said.

  77. author

    Tech AfricaIl y a jour

    You are so right

  78. author

    spitcrossIl y a jour

    But how about updatesupport. Will the one year old phones have a decent runtime update wish?

  79. author

    Mohammed FaisalIl y a jour

    People in the comments be like: It's Mi 10/Pro, Realme X2 pro is $350, Oneplus T series is not in that list Please try and get the point instead

  80. author

    Nicholas ChillIl y a jour

    Just got a Y540 today and when I use my headphones with it the audio sounds muffled. When I use my headphones with my iPhone or MacBook the audio sounds fine. Is there a way to make the audio clearer with the Y540?

  81. author

    Furkan BoyrazIl y a jour

    Best flagship killer phone is an old flagship phone. End of the conversation

  82. author

    Nicolas SalazarIl y a jour

    Dave any phone can compete with flagship phones dosen't mean it will beat it...

  83. author

    PaleAlejandroIl y a jour

    To summarize, he says "flagship killer" every other sentence.

  84. author

    9a3eediIl y a jour

    I have recently purchased a nice mirrorless camera. Suddenly I stopped caring about the quality of my smartphone camera because if I really wanted to take a good memorable pic I'd bring my camera, and my phone is good enough for "disposable" social media pics. This lack of requirement for a good camera made me stop caring about flagships and suddenly I have a lot of choices on what phone I can get. I highly recommend people do the same

  85. author

    MPRF12345Il y a jour

    The thing is unless it's an Apple or Samsung phone, the camera quality just isn't there

  86. author

    Antony ColeIl y a jour

    Couldn’t careless about the darn camera. Just focus on the device

  87. author

    Giorgi LaluashviliIl y a jour

    Flagship killers: pocophoe, xiaomi, huawei, honor, umidigi and so on👊

  88. author

    Sandeep AugustineIl y a jour

    Very true

  89. author

    Antony ColeIl y a jour

    Will stick with iPhone. Got the iPhone 11 Pro and love it, had several iPhones and would never go back to Android.

  90. author

    makeen awadeeIl y a jour

    Can't agree more...👍

  91. author

    Pluto PediaIl y a jour

    FRreporter’s Not Going To Like This Thumbnail

  92. author

    Raja DevIl y a jour

    Buying phone just bcoz it has 120htz is dumb

  93. author

    Marcell KissIl y a jour

    I wish i could buy this at Eastern Europe officially

  94. author

    Walking GuyIl y a jour

    i totally agree with you there got a new xs max for 519 literally half the price of new 11 pro max. crazy

  95. author

    Edvin ConkaIl y a jour

    Im watching this video on my Xiaomi Pocophone f1 :)

  96. author

    Tor ObgIl y a jour

    Yup I agree (watching this on my s10e I got for 450€)

  97. author

    Matthew JacobsIl y a jour

    Anyone else remember the one plus x lol

  98. author

    Chaitanya MoreIl y a jour

    U cant kill nonliving thing

  99. author

    Tarek MarzoukiIl y a jour

    I'm just happy with my s9 Plus :D it suits all my needs plus that design is really timeless knowing that phones nowadays are getting really ugly

  100. author

    Mohammed NameerIl y a jour

    That's why people buy iPhones, bcz their value doesn't drop so quickly. Btw I'm a Samsung S8+ user, not an 'iSheep'