Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata

Videos from my property maintenance business.

Stream boatingStream boating

Stream boating

Il y a 3 mois

Buying cheap boatsBuying cheap boats

Buying cheap boats

Il y a 3 mois

Jetski ridingJetski riding

Jetski riding

Il y a 4 mois

Removing dead treesRemoving dead trees

Removing dead trees

Il y a 5 mois

Moving a buildingMoving a building

Moving a building

Il y a 5 mois

Fixing my drivewayFixing my driveway

Fixing my driveway

Il y a 6 mois

Screening top soilScreening top soil

Screening top soil

Il y a 6 mois

Servicing the UTVServicing the UTV

Servicing the UTV

Il y a 7 mois

Fixing a drivewayFixing a driveway

Fixing a driveway

Il y a 8 mois

SUV serviceSUV service

SUV service

Il y a 8 mois

Digging out stumpsDigging out stumps

Digging out stumps

Il y a 8 mois

Spreading top soilSpreading top soil

Spreading top soil

Il y a 9 mois

Excavator thumbsExcavator thumbs

Excavator thumbs

Il y a 11 mois

  1. author

    Henry GIl y a jour

    Were they aluminum rims on that wreckage would have scrapped them in my aluminum pile

  2. author

    apelsauce23Il y a jour

    53 minutes in--New puppy??

  3. author

    Josh DibbleIl y a jour

    Yo camerata from ny.....

  4. author

    Take ZootIl y a jour

    Wow. Thank you for recommending this. I have never been so intrigued in my life. The best possible way to spend 15 minutes of my life with Alona. I can die happy now. Thumbs up!!

  5. author

    SomerIl y a jour

    And here I was thinking you were just gluing some metal together based on some crazy design you had in your head. Today I find out that you were actually working with some engineers. So I guess it is still loosely based on some crazy idea you have in your head. I am okay with that though.

  6. author

    David LilesIl y a jour

    Would like to get your measurements on it if possible would appreciate it very much. Thanks 🙏🏻

  7. author

    David LilesIl y a jour

    That son , I could not honestly tell you but I like your design. I am going to talk to my cousin and see if he can watch your video and make us one for the 25 ton county line splitter. Congratulations and a job well done. Maybe you should start production on 4 way log wedges. You might have something there. Good luck . Hats of to built one I have seen yet 👍👍🙏🏻🙏🏻 And I have watched a lot of videos. The one that county line sells is a small one and can only be used horizontally. I don’t recommend it , I took it back to tractor supply. It bent on the first use of it cheap made but cost around $50.00 .. please contact me back when you have time. Thanks

  8. author

    Joe AndrokovichIl y a jour


  9. author

    Robert PolitiIl y a jour

    not all of us think that what you do is not right. it seems to me your pretty good at the things you put your mind to lol

  10. author

    carl snowIl y a jour

    great video i love all the steel rafters cant wait to see it roofed .how many pounds of 7018 welding rods have you used so far on the build ? I was working today up in your neck of the woods lol i was drilling a water well in woodstock ny . ok be safe and levi and cody are very lucky to be with you . i had a dog long time ago he was levi 100%he made it to 18 years old . love them while you can !!!

  11. author

    AlpiinIl y a jour

    I call it "Fort Tetanus"

  12. author

    onrr1726Il y a jour

    Them old Pettibone's were very popular with railroads like Conrail along with Fairmont craines that had similar design.

  13. author

    Anastacio MemetlaIl y a jour


  14. author

    portabullIl y a jour

    more compelling content than anything on broadcast television ever. ever.

  15. author

    DuncanIl y a jour

    Just an FYI as to why your video is choppy in the end drone flyup. When youre importing video, make sure that the framerate of the timeline matches the framerate of the recording. You can go from 60fps recording -> 30fps timeline, but if you try and do 25fps recording -> 30fps timeline (or the reverse) you wont get smooth youtube video. Thanks again for the channel, its been addicting.

  16. author

    Jack AndersonIl y a jour

    Ohh the “squeak was like squeak squeak squeak” Well that definitely sounds like a wheel bearing 2 squeaks is a rusty door -3 squeaks is a wheel bearing and 4 squeaks is a cheating ol lady 🛌

  17. author

    Levi MaxtonIl y a jour

    Harness? who? Never heard of the guy.

  18. author

    babe tucciIl y a jour

    i think the best video's were when you were working the smallest i keep wondering if you will tell us when you pass the 1 millon dollar point on the build......

  19. author

    Paul KostrabIl y a jour

    Hmm, thought it was a skidoo blizzard

  20. author

    Yes ManIl y a jour

    The "lab inspected" line was funny. I like your project. Can't wait to see it finished.

  21. author

    Nick KlubekIl y a jour

    Andrew are you going to con expo this year

  22. author

    Andrew HodesIl y a jour

    did andrew's dog pass?

  23. author

    Joe GuilfoyleIl y a jour

    Andrew did you see Elon musk show the world the Unbreakable windows and then he smashed it LOL LOL

  24. author

    Mark GuyIl y a jour

    Your idea to use that rock at the front looks terrific!

  25. author

    HERPY DERPEDYIl y a jour

    Now this is a real Mitsubishi not the jokes they pass off as cars.

  26. author

    DuncanIl y a jour

    You did this in a way that made it just the right framerate to look like claymation.

  27. author

    yvan flodinIl y a jour

    me at 24.00: What a waste of really good wood! (meme enthusiasts will know)

  28. author

    Gerald GallagherIl y a jour

    Well I said it before, now I have to say it again -- SO much weight on that foundation !!

  29. author

    Jack ScheplengIl y a jour

    “There’s a picture of it stuck in....nothing.” 😂😂😂

  30. author

    Sharolet YoungIl y a jour

    You're and artist with those machines!

  31. author

    harold edmondsIl y a jour

    Oh man you need new brushes in that skillsaw

  32. author

    B KeenIl y a jour

    I love watching these videos, but Andrew always makes me feel lazy by comparison.

  33. author

    David DavidIl y a jour

    Apple I Phones aren't finished products when people buy them. The new owner needs to smash the screen to complete it. Nearly every I phone in the world must have a smashed screen ;) Adults seem to have largely realised that apple products are overpriced junk. Kids still desire them. Apple are one of the best marketing companies in the world imo. They could sell shit to a toilet!

  34. author

    Frankie GambinoIl y a jour

    Wow , never seen anybody like Andrew he can do anything! . Man I love ❤️ Levi & Cody !

  35. author

    Jack ScheplengIl y a jour

    I don’t have any tanks but didn’t stop me from watching this whole video.

  36. author

    Kenneth HumeIl y a jour

    Andrew says this video is going to be 1 hour 18 minutes , subscribers say bring it on , great stuff mate .

  37. author

    Brown StarfishIl y a jour

    Supervisor Cody explaining how NASA lost all the telemetry data and Lunar Lander blueprints.

  38. author

    Nathan HellyerIl y a jour

    has so much energy for 13year old. my black lab is 14 and she was extremely active right the way through but she just isn't bothered anymore. she'd run and sprint along side us mounting biking now the cutest couch potato haha

  39. author

    FatBikeRacerIl y a jour

    No idea how code enforcement isn't driving you insane.

  40. author



  41. author

    pat AllenIl y a jour

    Levi!! Great to see ya!

  42. author

    Fraser ObrienIl y a jour

    man your a very very hard worker a very very good worker . sir Andrew .. great workmanship .sir...Fraser

  43. author

    Juan HigaredaIl y a jour

    Can I get the link of when you started this project?

  44. author

    Shawn BrownIl y a jour

    AC just needs to set up some bleachers and sell tickets to these awesome displays of demolition! Real expertise involved in operating these machines!

  45. author

    Michael DokmanianIl y a jour

    loved seeing over a hour Andrew Camarata video

  46. author

    Rosemary McCammondIl y a jour

    Wow, the roof is looking beautiful! Excellent design and very, very strong.

  47. author

    Bailey SavageIl y a jour

    "Oh this is going to be me fix this heater!"

  48. author

    Jeff HesterIl y a jour

    could build crane on top of project

  49. author

    Jeff HesterIl y a jour

    glade not worried about paint job

  50. author

    Paul HenryIl y a jour

    Looking good 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  51. author

    Steve WolffIl y a jour

    Great looking project! One thing to consider, when it comes to fire protection, solid wood construction will actually last longer in a fire than steel. Once steel gets to melting temperature it will collapse. Solid wood may stay standing long enough for the fire to be extinguished. You may want to cover your structure with a spray on fire protectant like is used in commercial buildings.

  52. author

    TwigletIl y a jour

    You and Post10 should do a culvert collab.

  53. author

    Drummer 28Il y a jour

    Can’t wait to see the final product!

  54. author

    Arthur FiorilloIl y a jour

    Andrew safety stand that jack blows the seal?

  55. author

    Henry GIl y a jour

    I think it would make a good car port off of those three beams???

  56. author

    SalandFindlesIl y a jour

    I literally busted out the popcorn for this video. It's finna be lit.

  57. author

    movax20hIl y a jour

    Do you plan to clean all these beams out of rust and protect somehow from moisture?

  58. author

    Robert NorrisIl y a jour

    I would love to know the drone equipment and camera you use for your videos. Also, you go non stop and not once have I seen you do bad work. Whoever taught you the work values you hold should be proud of what a great person you turned out to be.

  59. author

    Paul hornetIl y a jour

    Aesthetics really ain't your bag is it mate? lol.

  60. author

    ChickenParm152Il y a jour

    invest in YANKUM ROPES for pulling vehicles

  61. author

    jimsbro58Il y a jour

    Cody is awesome . Eats concrete mix and poops out concrete blocks lol

  62. author

    john donohoeIl y a jour

    Air, land and sea, no problem for Andrew. If you can cook I’ll retire as a chef after 30 years,

  63. author

    Антон ОльшевскийIl y a jour


  64. author

    H HazeltonIl y a jour

    You're an ingenious young man Andrew. Great video.

  65. author

    FafnirChaos07Il y a jour

    Barely any ventilation in that welding area, if he spent a lot of time in there, that's probably what killed him.

  66. author

    72earthwoodIl y a jour

    Respect to you folks out east with weather. . In southern ca the job shuts down when we see a cloud.

  67. author

    to0btasticIl y a jour

    This is one of the very few channels where I actually like the video before I start watching it. Simply because I know it is quality content with a lot is work behind it and I will find it very entertaining but certainly educating. Keep up the good work Andrew. Also, do you offer shipping to Sweden with your merch?

  68. author

    R MackIl y a jour

    On those corner plates, I probably would have bolted it down first, THEN welded it.

  69. author

    Kirk SmithIl y a jour

    I suppose you know that you're gonna have a lot of visitors when the zombies come...

  70. author

    Horst SzibulskiIl y a jour

    You should paint a big "H" on the roof once it´s done, if anything can handle a helicopter´s weight then this roof! :-D Biggest advantage of a pure metal roof is that you can just click solar panels on it with some magnets... Derusting and painting these rafters from the inside if they stay visible will be a nightmare, I guess... Great job, you guys are just crazy in the best way! :-D

  71. author

    Ramos34 descourIl y a jour

    you should use more wood for this bulding !! it's lighter and less expensive

  72. author

    Swelan AugusteIl y a jour

    I'm so serious as to know what people who've clicked, "don't like", don't like about this videos?

  73. author

    Jeff GriffithsIl y a jour

    leaky roof? - no problem...just add another roof.

  74. author

    Ryan BalsdonIl y a jour

    I’d like to see this video narrated by Ozzyman Reviews.

  75. author

    jimsbro58Il y a jour

    I'm glad that you got rid of the LDLS and did all steel. Great job. Love it.

  76. author

    Sean Mc GlynnIl y a jour

    I always love the before and after drone shots and the music too! Thanks Andrew!!

  77. author

    Jeff GalleaIl y a jour

    Andrew, could you please make a video showing your hands and feet as you operate the controls of your excavator on a job, then cutting to an exterior shot of you doing the same work? Maybe you have developed a unique technique? or maybe you are just savant on the controls? Your excavator skills are such high level Im sure many people would love to see you "driving your race car". If you already did this type of video, sorry I didn't see it yet! Thank you for your time (I'm also an Upstate New Yorker) Left hand left = Swing left. Left hand right = Swing right. Left hand forward = Main Boom down. Left hand back = Main Boom up. Right hand left = Bucket curl in (closed) Right hand right = Bucket curl out (dump) Right hand forward = Stick Boom (Dipper) away. Right hand back = Stick Boom (Dipper) close.

  78. author

    Grasshopper Lawn Care Services, LLCIl y a jour

    You are one crazy cat. Well played!

  79. author

    joed596Il y a jour

    Great job as always, Andrew 😉 👍

  80. author

    NutmegThumperIl y a jour

    Glad to see you finally engaged some helpers! Reduces the amount of your own stunts you need to perform.

  81. author

    Ken WhitneyIl y a jour

    Just curious as to cost and how you funded your project??

  82. author

    Τάσος kouIl y a jour

    can you cut a tree without the overview of a forest officer? if you did that in my country you go to the prison then we have the green ones, they are ecologists who don't let them cut a rotten tree without first noticing I saw something of course you buried the roots because it is illegal or purely out of purity?

  83. author

    ДЕРЕВНЯ DIYIl y a jour

    экскаватор "вещь"

  84. author

    polo86cfahrerIl y a jour

    I hardly dare to ask, but where's Levy?

  85. author

    Сергей РяшкинIl y a jour

    Dear Sir! I wanna know: where is dynamite explosions of rocks? Why not?

  86. author

    HOMEGUY4X4Il y a jour

    The local fire department is finding all the homes that are built with the new engineered I-beams and parallam beams are burning way faster when they do catch fire than a home with dimensional lumber. It's all the glues they use. Good call Andrew. I think I've also convinced my wife to maybe sell the house and build something like this.

  87. author

    Theodore MillerIl y a jour

    How can I get a day pass in Andrew's brain? Not sure I would even know what is going on ..ever in there. Want to see some more boat and jetski buys and repairs. Cannot wait for spring and summer!

  88. author

    Scott SmithIl y a jour

    Whats the pups name?

  89. author

    brad kosteIl y a jour

    can I leave my erector set at your house overnight? but don't play with it...ha

  90. author

    mike appeIl y a jour

    owner: can i buy my truck back?

  91. author

    Dale DurbinIl y a jour

    Ive built a few steel framed homes in Hurricane country. I don't understand why you went with such heavy I beams. I've spanned thirty foot rooms with 12 gauge C channel that have easily withstood Hurricane winds of over 160 MPH. Only reason I can fathom is you must have got a bargain!

  92. author

    Naila Sch2Il y a jour

    You crack me up on those dirty welds! I thought I was the only one? Mans gotta do what a mans gotta do!

  93. author

    tomctutorIl y a jour

    Just don't understand why you are using a steel roof when a timber-frame would be a lot lighter, cheaper and easier to get up. If you wanted regidity you could always put steel plate on timber. You're surrounded by slate everywhere there so I am sure slates would be relatively cheap too. I don't know, I am no expert but why this particular design? ╱╲

  94. author

    Frantz JensenIl y a jour

    If your old took 12 loads of stone to a job site, and your new truck does the same work in 6 loads, you should not double, but keep the price the same for doing less work, not double like you said.

  95. author

    Michael MooreIl y a jour

    Really like the progress that you are making on your "connex castle." Can hardly wait until your next video. Looks awesome. Keep up the great work.

  96. author

    Jacob ZinkIl y a jour

    SUPER LONG but worth it

  97. author

    WanSolveIl y a jour

    Did you remove the ECM computer first ? They're kinda paired to the engine they were installed on. Nice job and skill with that excavator

  98. author

    Grammer Natcis' hair are you're christmas present;Il y a jour

    53:09 Inspector Cody is not pleased what that hammering technique Andrew.

  99. author

    Beginner BeginnerIl y a jour

    Good job nice to see that come back to life.

  100. author

    Boris FettIl y a jour

    That things looks amazing. I just bought a new house and your builds are really making me think more about concrete and steel instead of wood.