The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan take on the world in Slow Motion!
Definitely in the top 10 of slow motion based FRreporter channels!
If you can, watch our videos at the highest possible resolution on your device for some offensively crisp slow motion footage.
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Slow Mo 4K KittensSlow Mo 4K Kittens

Slow Mo 4K Kittens

Il y a 2 ans

Paint DrillPaint Drill

Paint Drill

Il y a 2 ans

Bear Trap PowerBear Trap Power

Bear Trap Power

Il y a 2 ans

Catapult LaunchCatapult Launch

Catapult Launch

Il y a 2 ans

Fruit Stand SmashFruit Stand Smash

Fruit Stand Smash

Il y a 2 ans

Fruit vs FruitFruit vs Fruit

Fruit vs Fruit

Il y a 2 ans

Slow Mo Belly FlopSlow Mo Belly Flop

Slow Mo Belly Flop

Il y a 2 ans

Tidal WaveTidal Wave

Tidal Wave

Il y a 2 ans

  1. author

    Travis BrautesethIl y a jour

    Do this with the cap still on

  2. author

    movie MaNiaCIl y a jour

    What you guys do for living? Split the bullet

  3. author

    Arnel GaderIl y a jour

    Gambit in real life 😂😂

  4. author

    NoobusMerasmus YTIl y a jour


  5. author

    goodsousIl y a jour

    NSFW lol

  6. author

    Andrés VázquezIl y a jour

    No, I don't know how I got here either

  7. author

    thestuartEJ EJIl y a jour

    You are the first and last channel I am subscribing on FRreporter, you guys are geniuses! (I have been watching your videos for like 2 years and finally made up my mind to subscribe)

  8. author

    Gaurav Sharma.Il y a jour

    Can u cut the empty bottles like this. In slow Mo.

  9. author

    its barnyYTIl y a jour

    We Watched you in my school. My teacher was showing us youre channel an this video

  10. author

    Bagas antoniIl y a jour

    Wow,that's so cool

  11. author

    4embikIl y a jour

    А переводить кто блять будет???

  12. author

    Sandy CodfishIl y a jour

    Did you know that your video was used at the new Samsung reveal event?

  13. author

    liakos 2005Il y a jour

    Soooooo beautiful 😍

  14. author

    CharlieIl y a jour

    Whoever does the foley for this channel deserves a sound design award

  15. author

    Jeremy ZIl y a jour

    2:28 that sound when he hit the balloon satisfied my ears

  16. author

    Abdul KarimIl y a jour


  17. author

    Abdul KarimIl y a jour

    Hay in your lest test there is perizam

  18. author

    Pedro ValleIl y a jour

    Quick question when the dart hits the animal, what happens with the niddle If the animal Falls on top of it? Isn't It going to break and get stuck inside the animal?

  19. author

    Lord SparksIl y a jour

    2 days, 10 million views. If that's not success, I don't know what is.

  20. author

    NafyoutsIl y a jour

    This isnt csgo physics

  21. author

    Aniket MeshramIl y a jour

    Guys, you could've tried more angles there

  22. author

    LaneyIl y a jour

    The only thing I could think of while watching this is how long the needle is and how fast its entering and injecting

  23. author

    aIl y a jour

    Things you came to see: 4:45 7:22

  24. author

    Jon MurphyIl y a jour

    They used this on the sky q advert

  25. author

    DistelIl y a jour

    Amazing 🧐

  26. author

    DN RayIl y a jour

    I got conned. The fragments from the glass punctured the baloon due to its proximity...

  27. author

    JulianIl y a jour

    Every time they say waw'uh I'm squeaking with joy over here. Proper bloody haytsh two oh :)

  28. author

    DingIl y a jour

    would have been sooo much cooler with ballistic gel as well

  29. author

    dakik360Il y a jour

    So nice!

  30. author

    Give Birth!Il y a jour

    I try to get the perfect part for my phone screen cuz it’s to beautiful.

  31. author

    SharpTech GamingIl y a jour

    Tried this several times and failed every time... didn't even nick the glass.

  32. author

    Evan RiversIl y a jour

    should have done a ziploc instead of a baloon

  33. author

    Szabolcs PechóIl y a jour


  34. author

    Vilde CarlssonIl y a jour

    5:22 oh ok

  35. author

    invincibolt gamerIl y a jour

    AND here I am getting 5 fps in roblox

  36. author

    Nawid SamimIl y a jour

    8:52 look at Gavins hands 😂

  37. author

    Deano is my nameIl y a jour

    0:33 my whole 2019 from January to December.

  38. author

    Prince CharminIl y a jour

    What if you used jelly?

  39. author

    stray livesIl y a jour

    03:28 speed at 0.25x have fun people.....

  40. author

    stray livesIl y a jour

    03:28 speed at 0.25x have fun people.....

  41. author

    Luca Dario BützbergerIl y a jour

    I remember Lucky Luke looking different.

  42. author

    Deano is my nameIl y a jour

    The advertisements for 'pp' enlargement on xvideos be like 9:43

  43. author

    Jake ThomasIl y a jour

    6:17 a sneaky women in the bushes

  44. author

    Hafid HugenIl y a jour

    Ada orang indonesia kah

  45. author

    Patrick StarIl y a jour

    I accidently had it on 0.5 speed and thought at the beginning there name were really meant

  46. author

    SaberBowenIl y a jour

    video making a video idea that's just great ain't it XD

  47. author

    Curtis MoranIl y a jour

    now you got to do that last shot in slow mo... tell him specifically to get it in his eye again... lol

  48. author

    Dogsul Sniper DoedoetIl y a jour


  49. author

    FaconYoloIl y a jour

    With the balloon it’s just the glass hitting it not the needle

  50. author

    Wheelbite ClothingIl y a jour

    The small hole in the tops of the pens is in case small children swallow / chew the tips of the pens

  51. author

    PolishCreepersIl y a jour


  52. author

    Liza DewanIl y a jour

    Bro I even put it in 0.25x with this slow Mo but still it was so fast!

  53. author

    Emanuel RüttimannIl y a jour

    Oh, that was you! I knew I heard an explosion here in Switzerland ...

  54. author

    Not ImranIl y a jour

    Imagine playing games at that fps.

  55. author

    9ineOne1Il y a jour

    The fire looks artistic

  56. author

    iamandrejaIl y a jour

    This is awesome!

  57. author

    İLGİNÇ VİDEOLARIl y a jour

    Gel benim küçük hüsamettine kremsiz otur

  58. author

    WaseemIl y a jour

    Who else skipped to see the slow shot only.

  59. author

    Ashgamer33590Il y a jour


  60. author

    adepu prashanthIl y a jour

    this video made my laptop screen look beautiful and sharp

  61. author

    x techIl y a jour

    Just look what God created and some idiots just say God doesn't exist --> shut it and watch it u jackasses

  62. author

    #thekingofALLmonkzIl y a jour

    I put this in my "meme" playlist

  63. author

    cyber gamezIl y a jour

    1:42 how it feels to chew 7 rocks

  64. author

    FlakeyIl y a jour

    If you think about it, darts are just arrows with potions mixed with them like in Minecraft. How to be a real life support: Blow darts with harmful chemicals switching with blow darts with medicine when you want to heal teammates.

  65. author

    Raj KumarIl y a jour

    Shooting the candle footage was amazing🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪👍

  66. author

    СТРОМIl y a jour


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    Joan SuarezIl y a jour


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    Давыдов АлександрIl y a jour


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    let's get 1k subs pleaseIl y a jour

    i accidentally created a ink war between my friends

  70. author

    Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor of GermanyIl y a jour

    it doesn’t really sprinkle

  71. author

    The Boi Who Likes To YeetIl y a jour

    Dan: breathes me with subnautica anxiety:MTHRFKIN WARPER

  72. author

    Daniel AllenIl y a jour

    Thanks for the spoiler Gavin....

  73. author

    HonklertonIl y a jour

    Both of you NEED to have your blood tested for HEAVY METALS. Especially the bearded fellow. At the end of the video I can TELL he got A LOT of galium on his skin on his hand / arm!!!! Although Galium is not as poisonous - YOU DO NOT want that floating around in your body for too long!!!! There is a treatment you can undergo which will get rid of all that excess metal - not only that but it will ALSO get rid of a lot of Mercury that IS in your body (everyone gets it over time). Normally people don't get this done until they are 50... but after the exposure, you guys just got smacked with (especially the bearded fellow) YOU NEED TO GET THIS DONE ASAP!!!!!!!!!! If the levels in your body aren't that high then you won't have to have the procedure - BUT PLEASE GET CHECKED!!!!!!!!!!! Oh but hey - if you LIKE destroying your nervous system and increased risk of cancer - then don't listen to a word I say!!!

  74. author

    DataVanKultIl y a jour

    What cam did you used tho ?

  75. author

    ludovico CalzolariIl y a jour

    tutta la notte coca e mignotte (qualche italiano qui?)

  76. author

    Ayush GhoshIl y a jour

    Did he just say "This may result in a very BRIGHT AFRICA"!! XD

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    Buhman ProductionIl y a jour

    You should try fire it into a water bottle or something with mass

  78. author

    Gerry CollinsIl y a jour

    When its in slow motion it sounds like a machine gun

  79. author

    Richard TsutsaIl y a jour

    Who else thought of searching this while watching other slow mo videos.

  80. author

    The Masked OutlawIl y a jour

    For some reason, I had a gruesome thought of someone being Tranquilized and falling on their side and on the Tranq piece

  81. author

    Peetu HaarahiltunenIl y a jour

    Puhukaa suomee

  82. author

    Ronan BuendiaIl y a jour

    Can you slowmo the explosion of some fireworks

  83. author

    Temuun OdIl y a jour

    when you fail a magic trick but you want to seem like you didnt fail it and try to continue by making up. 2:06 your mind be like.

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    Dustin EspinozaIl y a jour

    Video starts @ 7:10

  85. author

    MrColzamanIl y a jour

    I’d love to see this dart shot into ballistic gel.

  86. author

    HdgbsyIl y a jour

    You guys really should be careful with the glass dust. Can be very harmful when you breathe it in

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    Samuel DaviesIl y a jour


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    Diablo angelosIl y a jour

    The mist looked blue

  89. author

    Atty. Gomez de LiañoIl y a jour

    At the very first second, I THOUGHT YOU GUYS WERE DANIEL RADCLIFFE!

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    Jok3 GamesIl y a jour

    Slow mo guys get a 100,000+ fps Me gets a 60 fps..... feels sad

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    As.... Bompaper in naruto

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    comment avoir trouver une camera qui filme plus vite que la vitesse de la lumière ?

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    Isn’t that slight curved streak in front of the bullet the effect of breaking the speed of sound?

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    Elias RIl y a jour

    You should redo this one but with a bunch of holes instead of slits I bet it would be marvelous yeah

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    watermelon farmers regretting their whole lives

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    heres what your looking for 7:54 thank me next year