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    culam nguyenIl y a 3 heures

    If rockets can some how get iggy👀

  2. author

    Tom WillettsIl y a 5 heures

    Former NBA MVP Derrick Rose 😜

  3. author

    KaiMagSchokoIl y a 6 heures

    U mean play defense?

  4. author

    Joaquin Magno VergaraIl y a 7 heures

    Coach Nick: Maybe the greatest shot ever in the postseason. Kawhi Leonard: Hold my beer.

  5. author

    Chris ThompsonIl y a 9 heures

    Coach Nick is a 99 overall pg, y'all better listen he doesn't miss much. 😂

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    J ReynoldsIl y a 10 heures

    Yeah I pick Chris as well, because he sacrificed a lot of his own game

  7. author

    Paul GamingIl y a 11 heures

    imagine chris paul and the thunder winning the 2020 Nba championship

  8. author

    Sid Michael FajardoIl y a 11 heures

    Bad idea. And counter productive.

  9. author

    Thor The God Of Thunder, Hoes, and BeerIl y a 11 heures

    The passing between Harden and Westbrook is gonna be insane if they do it right

  10. author

    JC's Fun WorldIl y a 11 heures

    Met Klay Thompson few weeks ago. He looked great! Very nice guy. Hopefully Klay comes back before Playoff. Curry and Thompson are the greatest shooting duo ever!

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    The dudeIl y a 12 heures

    U shd tryout as an NBA coach dawg

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    Mooks MedinaIl y a 14 heures

    If they didnt like when melo posted up... im sure they wont want harden to do it either

  13. author

    Dez CashIl y a 17 heures

    Man I love going back and watch how amazing your old videos used to be even back in the days!

  14. author

    Milk CartonIl y a 17 heures

    Harden is one of the best players out there. I just hope travels and flops are not two of many in his arsenal.

  15. author

    - TTMTBWFIl y a 19 heures

    They are gunna win it next season

  16. author

    AChang80Il y a 19 heures

    It's simple, play defense.

  17. author

    Nora OparaIl y a 19 heures

    Nice dance moves dude 1:28

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    Jason SawIl y a 20 heures

    Russ is only more athletic, less injury prone and better in the paint. CP3 has much better shooting ability, better IQ, performs better in the playoffs and A BETTER TEAMMATE

  19. author

    Jean HIl y a 20 heures

    why is harden stepback not a travel?

  20. author

    STATS DONT LIEIl y a 21 heure

    Basically they are talking what all the 80s and 90s players did...

  21. author

    STATS DONT LIEIl y a 21 heure

    but thats easy for the refs to call travelling...

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    shohokuslamdunkIl y a 22 heures

    Steph posting up? Brother doesn't have the strength to back down an empty can of coke

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    Ross JPIl y a 22 heures

    If Harden became an elite defender on and off the ball AND improved his post game (footwork & advanced moves) he’d be dominant.

  24. author

    Clive HG LeeIl y a 22 heures

    interesting idea. i do wonder if harden is tall enough to see / pass over taller defenders. compare to Jokic, for instance, who is able to pass out of post ups to anywhere on the court.

  25. author

    J BainsIl y a 23 heures

    I’ve been doing this in 2K

  26. author

    hui buiIl y a 23 heures

    Let's see if harden,Paul and westbrook fit together

  27. author

    scythermantisIl y a 23 heures

    but what if they just double with Russ's man and let him shoot tho? BRICK

  28. author

    scythermantisIl y a 23 heures

    I've seriously always thought this was a good idea. Harden could be like a modern Charles Barkley (except he can shoot 3's and doesn't rebound quite as much). Barkley more than anyone else I've seen was a master at posting up and kicking out to open shooters.

  29. author

    Trollmaster69Il y a 23 heures

    So basically play like derozan ?

  30. author

    scythermantisIl y a 23 heures

    Lemme guess ... SHOOT THE MIDRANGE? lol jk Wait... you want that nigga to POST UP??? rofl u crazy man but I like you

  31. author

    Derek JrIl y a jour

    I predict the rockets getting plenty of guard post ups. But it will be Westbrook lol

  32. author

    Your moms is a hoeIl y a jour

    3:48 was so fucking sexy...

  33. author

    Sayed El AminIl y a jour

    Absolutely agree with this. A good shot is a good shot... and a step back out of the post up is the definition of unstoppable. #takethatforefficiency

  34. author

    9ClutchIl y a jour

    So basically, the best way to guard Steph Curry is to not guard Steph Curry.

  35. author

    1500 sub with no video challengeIl y a jour

    Zaza with the deadliest ankle breaker

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    RenismIl y a jour

    Coach Nick always got them smoothest ad inserts

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    Chavanun SiphomsayIl y a jour

    Even though the rest of the world is catching up but I still see black players though

  38. author

    Chavanun SiphomsayIl y a jour

    I just hate how you u do your ad lol

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    yeet master999Il y a jour

    Can you break down on how DeMar DeRozan is so good at his mid-range game

  40. author

    David PauloIl y a jour

    The OKC Thunder frontcourt (KD, Ibaka) won a ring before the backcourt (Westbrook, Harden) did xD

  41. author

    TenzingIl y a jour

    The reason why Harden is so hard to guard when he isos at the three point is because he has the Step back three in his bag. Defenders have to play for both the drive and the step back three. For most guys you dont have to press up as much because its a step back three, most maybe make like 30%, but Harden can legitimately make close 40% of those if not closed out on. If he posts up inside, the defender (usually the best team defender) doesn't have to worry as much about the step back as much since he knows Harden is more so trying to get inside to score or draw FTs. A step back 2 at 40% is something defense can live with from Harden. T That's why Harden is always starting from the 3 pt line. Its just straight up more efficient, and you know how much the Rockets love those.

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    Jan MatIl y a jour

    now yall dm this to james harden

  43. author

    TilataIl y a jour

    The guy who made this is a joke look at the thumbnail. All he does is pull up some game footage and make generalizations. Not much basketball insight there.

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    Malvin DenantIl y a jour


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    Nikola TodorovićIl y a jour


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    Jaime Sacristán RivasIl y a jour

    The NBA has made a huge mistake. Sure, it's more entertaining to watch a good offense than a good defense. The problem is, nobody enjoy watching offense when there's no defense. That's why the All-Star game is the biggest bore-fest in the history of basketball instead of being the best game of the year like it should.

  47. author

    Nathan ZacharyIl y a jour

    Post-up?!! Umm...what about frickin DEFENSE?!!! What an idiot, this Cutino Nobody!

  48. author

    JesusIsGODIl y a jour

    Ok. The reason why he can't make it through the playoffs is that he relies too much on celebrity foul calls, which don't fly in the playoffs..

  49. author

    menehune1025Il y a jour defense

  50. author

    Turtle And DadIl y a jour

    Jordan Durant Kobe they all were elite in the post the fadeaway over either shoulder. Durant is especially good. It also gets teammates open shots and cuts for layups when defense turns their head or doubles. He has all the floaters and shots with diff footwork so he would be fun to watch in the mid range post. Pick and roll spread is great but being predictable makes it tough in playoffs. If I was that great I would want the ball all the time and go 1v1 and show off skills but you have to let others touch it more it makes them better on both ends. And really if they are gonna win title harden and Westbrook will both have to care about defense and give multiple efforts on defense and not have bad body language towards teammates when they or someone gets beat instead they need to just cover for them and take someone scoring as everyone’s fault. And they can’t focus on the refs or get into 1v1 battles that take focus off the game plan.

  51. author

    Team GamersIl y a jour

    Draymonds dirty plays were unacceptable and he shouldn’t get away for flipping players over, but Marcelo Heurtas was just hilarious.

  52. author

    Rocket RaccoonIl y a jour

    still no ring. sad

  53. author

    Michael LoweryIl y a jour

    Crazy that a video has to be made to explain to people how great Iverson was, smh new fans got no respect for some of the legends

  54. author

    Terry LaundryIl y a jour

    For whatever reasons FRreporter made me watch this video after all Lakers have gone through. feel like this is a joke when coach said that game winning shot was a hope to Lakers to be in the Finals and of course they didnt make it and they traded three talents for AD. Lmao

  55. author

    Shayne GorgichukIl y a jour

    Not lead the league again for most turnovers again .....hes first by a mile ...fear the walking turnover james harden ...👍🙈

  56. author

    FootToastIl y a jour

    This video literally described melo's game lmao

  57. author

    Flying HippoIl y a jour

    How does he hit a green 3 when heavily contested and I don’t

  58. author

    Genesis JisonIl y a jour

    Good thoughts buddy, thanks for the info!!!!

  59. author

    Minimal InterestIl y a jour

    Man james Harden needs to add everything to be effective in the post season not just no damn post up. He needs that, a pull up game, a fade away game, a midrange game, a pivot game, a step back midrange game, all type of moves not just a post up game 🤦 anything besides just shooting step backs and slashing

  60. author

    Alexie CierraIl y a jour

    I like a player who can score any shots on the court and not depending on one shot the whole game. Maybe shoot closer to the basket from mid-range or close range if the shots are not going in from downtown during the important moments in the game when points are needed. Also, you can't win the game with just offense or defense. The Rockets main focus is offense and need to show some defense.

  61. author

    RGIl y a jour

    This is a remarkably bad take. Forget all the reasons why a good post player is not as effective as a pretty good 3pt shooter for now. Am I the only one who remembers that the Rockets just brought in Westbrook? That's a free defender. Any team will be able to send a double team and rotate to leave Westbrook open in the perimeter and allow him to shoot all day long. Not to mention, it would kill Capella's game and rebounding due to poor spacing, and if Westbrook can't keep himself from penetrating off ball, you'll have 3 men under the basket, allowing the opponent to double team Harden and still have one man to crash the boards. It's insane that you would think the only reason teams don't post up as much anymore is because they just "didn't think of it". Have you forgotten that Melo lived and died in the post, even though he was a wing, and that he did that in the Rockets, which made them so terrible they got off to a very poor start and kicked him off the team? And that was before Westbrook joined them! Honestly, you could have gone without posting this video, coach.

  62. author

    Turtle And DadIl y a jour

    This analysis is spot on for Westbrook even 5 years later. It’s shocking anyone disagreeed with Durant leaving, can you imagine playing with him? Sure he is still a good player his pure speed and explosiveness will make for exciting plays and occasionally he will calm down and make outside shots, so at times it would be good but the decision making, and the focus because he gets distracted by 1v1 matchups and let’s emotions effect his decision making and patience on both ends of the floor. It would be frustrating for a guy so skilled and smart like Durant. And worst part is his body language with teammates and focus on refs or some beef with player or a fan, maybe he needs to have an enemy to play hard, maybe that’s how he was coached, or maybe he is a superstar who carries himself with supreme confidence and projects that because he thinks he has to, im better than everyone else type attitude. It’s like the guy who never will admit it was his fault in front of everyone and when he gets beat he makes excuses in his mind instead of thinking about he mindset he had and decisions he made and learning from it. The game is so fast most nba players play off instinct and muscle memory, watching film plants that stuff in your mind but it’s not like there is tons of time to think about there and the momentum things would take the average person out of the game immediately. It’s easy to watch from the side and be critical but it can’t be easy to be as good as he is in front of all those people every night and to bounce back from bad games and mistakes and keep playing hard, I don’t like his attitude either especially with the media who really make it all possible, sure a lot of media reporters never played or don’t know the game but neither have a lot of fans and majority of media is covering the game for the casual masses. People who really love the game deeply watch b-ballbreakdown and skip the first take Twitter opinion arguments with strangers. I would like to see coach nick deep dive and do like a top 50 players of all time list, I know rankings are kind of silly but if they are based on coach nicks analysis it would be intriguing.

  63. author

    Brendan YuIl y a jour

    kinda wanted to see the one legged three tho

  64. author

    FobinzIl y a jour

    Sub to my channel for a free skin💯💯

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    Jean-Charles KouassiIl y a jour

    What about learning to defend too ?

  66. author

    damian smithIl y a jour

    D’antoni dont want that, it slows the game down and less possession

  67. author

    Spektrum HDIl y a jour

    He plays in a 3 or key system tho, why post fade from mid.

  68. author

    ASDFGIl y a jour

    THE STEP BACK 4s!!

  69. author

    HalloFrameIl y a jour

    Don't know about y'all, but this was my 1st time seeing an all-time performance where the player tapped his wrist. I know Lillard does it now and people call it Dame time, but when somebody taps their wrist I think of this moment.

  70. author

    Thanh DuongIl y a jour

    Which one is the better comeback? Nets v. Kings / Clippers v. Warriors?

  71. author

    Ty ArmstrongIl y a jour

    Been saying this for years go check my Twitter....

  72. author

    courtney gatesIl y a jour

    If Harden goes to the raptors he will win the 🏆

  73. author

    pkmondolIl y a jour

    "If James Harden Does THIS, The Rockets Could Win The Title" This is really just not having to run into the KD Warriors, the greatest accumulation of NBA talent we've ever seen. The Rockets could easily be back-to-back champions were it not for the Warriors.

  74. author

    P4T21CK K1NGIl y a jour

    Michael Jordan carried just as often and got away with it. It is a trend, not an exception.

  75. author

    Anthony MartinezIl y a jour


  76. author

    Rin PendraIl y a jour

    What the rockets need to do to win? Make midranges. Stop settling for threes for the entire damn time.

  77. author

    Noah SarnoffIl y a jour

    Kyrie already does this and it works so🤷‍♂️😂

  78. author

    The Fab 007Il y a jour

    Gary > Cp3

  79. author

    J.D. HagueIl y a jour

    I opened this video and was expecting the answer to be playing defense. I kept expecting defense to be the answer. This is something that might help the Rockets a little bit, but not a lot and good luck convincing them to do it. Besides Russ is going to be filling that role, not Harden, they lose a deep threat and spacing in having Harden post-up.

  80. author

    Jack PüstIl y a jour

    USA didn’t even bring there best players, just a bunch of solid young guys. They would’ve crushed if they had guys like Curry, Durant, Lebron, Giannis, etc.

  81. author

    Steve BikoIl y a jour

    Esse deu muito azar na carreira !!!

  82. author

    Darth ExiaIl y a jour

    NBA Style is now upside down PG SG posting up SF Point Guard PF C shooting 3pts NBA EVOLUTION

  83. author

    Cubero IIIIl y a jour

    Best add yet

  84. author

    Game MakersIl y a jour

    That's if Harden and Westbrook play 100% smart

  85. author

    LunaresteIl y a jour

    The Rockets are two time champions, how can it take them further than that?

  86. author

    LeMagic JamesIl y a jour

    BS. If they big guys spot up, who gon get the offensive glass? Kyrie? No. Big guys rebound

  87. author

    MollyQerimNeeds ToSTFUIl y a jour

    meanwhile Kobe routinely did this with a mix of 3's...

  88. author

    jsfbrIl y a jour


  89. author

    ChiefIl y a jour

    None of this matters if the refs activate playoff mode again.

  90. author

    ImBarryScottCSSIl y a jour

    I dunno, he would have to shoot well over 50% from his postups to justify taking those shots inside the arc. It's possible I guess, maybe at the expense of some of his more inefficient drives and if he draws a ton of fouls on them. I don't really buy the whole you are gonna tire your opponents out so much that they suddenly shoot 25% worse from changing 5% of your offensive sets to JH postups, doesn't seem reasonable.

  91. author

    11Dubs30Il y a jour

    FRreporter suggested in 2019. Coach is in a time warp where he doesn't age, has all the same slogans. You in?

  92. author

    Mark L.earnsIl y a jour

    Thank you coach for the amazing ads you put out, it doesn't even bother me that I have to watch the rest of the video to see them! Keep doing the great work!

  93. author

    PaulDogBabyIl y a jour

    All you gotta do is be physical with JHarden.... He's probably one of the worst high volume scorer the LEAGUE has ever seen. His game is dependent on how involved the refs are for his favor, and also, he waste absolutely no ENERGY on defense, because he doesn't play any at all (disgusting). I've never seen this much attention for 1 player, who clearly is only 1 denominational. It's very sad that he (JHarden) actually thinks he should've won 3 MVP Award in a row. This man is gonna end up like CAnthony towards the back end of his career.

  94. author

    Joe LIl y a jour

    T R U L Y D I S G U S T E D ! ! ! This would have been a piece of cake for USA!!! UNFORTUNATELY, NOT EVEN A SINGLE TOP-TWENTY USA PLAYER in the NBA rankings demonstrated any love for their country - they refused to play for the USA in the FIBA tournament 2019. They're solely interested in the good ol' dollar, which they're doled out to in the millions! Shame on those players who were healthy and declined the invitation to the FIBA! As far as the next Olympics, I -- as a veteran of the Army and true patriot -- don't even care about them participating in the Olympics! THEY CAUSED THE DAMAGE by failing to play for their nation and that's going to be a long, long memory hard to erase! I'm forthwith going to root for the USA players who showed up at the 2019 FIBA, as well as their NBA teams! I'm disgusted!!!

  95. author

    Shin AkumaIl y a jour

    In just the opening alone, he carried and traveled. And yet he will never win a title being the main person in Houston

  96. author

    xRecluseIl y a jour

    U mean play defense right!?!?!

  97. author

    Mario LopezIl y a jour

    Lol nice raycon drop

  98. author

    Tigerex966Il y a jour

    stop flopping traveling and hooking (offensive fouls). And yes it is a travel. play off the ball and play more defense besides reaching in. And stop bragging so much and be humble. use the midrange.

  99. author

    P4T21CK K1NGIl y a jour

    Do a video on how Lavar Ball hides all of his children's lack of talent!

  100. author

    jondominoloveqwickIl y a jour

    i want to see the beard grind on the low post