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    Chae KIl y a jour

    That beat was amazing! Omg! I'm inspired.

  2. author

    LJIl y a jour

    Sorry to this MUA...Lol. Comments are brutal.

  3. author

    young•jaeIl y a jour

    I can’t be the only one who noticed that she’s was doing the korean 10 step skin care

  4. author

    Simran SIl y a jour

    In love with HER😍✨ . . .oooh aannd her house😍😍

  5. author

    Sophia TesfayeIl y a jour

    When the robot asked the question with the headphones there was the beats advertisement and Billie wearing headphones 💀💀💀

  6. author

    lue maeIl y a jour

    i love her

  7. author

    Blue LagoonIl y a jour

    Eww she so ugly

  8. author

    Anny LolaaIl y a jour

    Wet beauty blender.. Aaliyah Jay rule.

  9. author

    AhlamIl y a jour

    she is naturely sweet, and has a most beatiful blue eyes I have ever seen...

  10. author

    Blue LagoonIl y a jour

    She got like so much money

  11. author

    Blue LagoonIl y a jour

    The adopiting ain’t wierd camera guy I know u want to the money tho

  12. author

    Debra DukesIl y a jour

    Awesome Video loved seeing how fast the time has went and how big they got precious (Family).God Bless Deb 😉👍✌

  13. author

    Róbert NagyIl y a jour

    csini vagy . de szerintem a kormod talán tul nagy:)))

  14. author

    Quynline LamIl y a jour

    i didn’t know i was this in love with Rihanna

  15. author

    Kaleb BurgundyIl y a jour

    Someone: and for the lady, perhaps a salad? Florence Pugh: UH PERHAPS NOT!

  16. author

    Lolo StevensIl y a jour

    I literally laughed out loud when Kim said “we really do keep it real”

  17. author

    Firelord_kingoffireIl y a jour

    This moment you realize that taylor swift turns 31 this year

  18. author

    Chae KIl y a jour

    She came alive when she put them eyebrows on lol 😁

  19. author

    Blue LagoonIl y a jour

    Is this planned or random

  20. author

    Anupriya KumariIl y a jour

    Indian actress very beautiful 😊

  21. author

    Rose ParkhillIl y a jour

    I love you and wish i could be that confident in everyday life! Live your life!!

  22. author

    Liyah MendesIl y a jour

    Let’s be real she’s the queen of all queens

  23. author

    MRLIl y a jour

    did anyone notice how cute the driver is? or just me

  24. author

    Prabhjot SinghIl y a jour

    Weeknd busy schedule 4:10

  25. author

    Maitreyi RohraIl y a jour

    We need 73 questions with the 73 questions guy!

  26. author

    John PineappleIl y a jour


  27. author

    SarapuffIl y a jour

    he looks the same before and after xD

  28. author

    Nicole AIl y a jour

    Love my icyyy girl😍😍

  29. author

    ana claudia fonteneleIl y a jour

    Uma deusa. Somente.

  30. author

    Lindo MadondoIl y a jour

    Hes gorgeous

  31. author

    Alley TovarIl y a jour

    She always.be moving when she getting her make up done

  32. author

    Hi It’s AlexisIl y a jour

    Honestly it’s actually really cool

  33. author

    Prabhjot SinghIl y a jour

    Weeknd really need to see this 3:18

  34. author

    Hailey SmithIl y a jour

    Yeah ummm.... your pores don’t open & close.

  35. author

    Jenny yyIl y a jour

    She’s so beautiful with or without makeup 😍

  36. author

    Niven Lim yuIl y a jour

    “Let’s got to Walmart”

  37. author

    KarenIl y a jour

    She looks about 12......

  38. author

    Zoee MinorIl y a jour

    This girl is so gorgeous

  39. author

    Varsha G NagendraIl y a jour

    1:48 is tht BTS written ther..

  40. author

    Jo_asia GoIl y a jour

    Then I wonder.. why are modeling if you are abused so much?

  41. author

    Kayla JacksonIl y a jour

    And the fact that her second cousin is Gabrielle Union AND she went to USC??? Hella smart for one, and for two, she has to know hella ball players. Connections 🔒💸💸

  42. author

    *・シ ャ イ ザIl y a jour

    Wow this ended up being more interesting than I thought lmaoo but no seriously girl, why that ugly painting all the time when you’re truly this gorgeous?! This is seriously the best of her content I’ve seen in years I’ve seen 😂😂😂

  43. author

    Nena AmiIl y a jour

    Omg I love her sweater.

  44. author

    Shamilah AbubacarIl y a jour

    Please do Billie eilish next

  45. author

    julietax182Il y a jour

    FRreporter shady

  46. author

    Chilli RIl y a jour

    she has nice eyelids perfect for makeup looks like cut crease😩

  47. author

    Miryam Palacio BolívarIl y a jour

    Me llamo Mirian soy colombiana soy una fans tuya eres muy linda Dios te bendiga

  48. author

    sophie larenIl y a jour

    One the prettiest women

  49. author

    brainwashedyouthIl y a jour

    Idk who she is but I love her???

  50. author

    MissnewYork578Il y a jour

    Whatsup with that eye brow though😎

  51. author

    Francesse LebrunIl y a jour

    I love how everything she's using actually ( matches) her skin tone😐😐

  52. author

    pavan missulaIl y a jour

    She looks so much stunning n organic without the makeup :)

  53. author

    Beatrice PotterIl y a jour

    73 questions with rhiana 😭

  54. author

    Matheus GurgelIl y a jour

    Love this woman

  55. author

    Traci HarperIl y a jour

    What kind of guitar is that?

  56. author

    Apoorva DhakadIl y a jour

    4:53 She mentions eating scrambled eggs, while the Internet says she’s a vegan, can somebody clear this up please ?

  57. author

    Laine LaineIl y a jour

    She's so humble & so real....& silly😊. Love her! I gota go check out her line.

  58. author

    Sophia SamIl y a jour

    A real black Chinese Filipino queen 💗

  59. author

    FF AssasinIl y a jour

    My oh my..

  60. author

    Madeleine ReeveIl y a jour

    This is honestly so interesting and cool I cannot get over it

  61. author

    T jaxxIl y a jour

    Saweetie is gorgeous my gawd🥰

  62. author

    Holly GoodbrandIl y a jour

    Thx if you do

  63. author

    Mark GibbinsIl y a jour

    A gorgeous woman

  64. author

    Mandy GIl y a jour

    Yeah, I mean, lmao, that's the industry, haha. If you don't like it, then don't be a model, or model for a different/better agency? I wouldn't personally mind it. Everyone tells me "Oh, you'll be so objectified!" when they don't even realize *facepalm* I've been objectified ALL MY LIFE, AND NOBODY HAS PAID ME FOR IT EXCEPT IN BRUISES!

  65. author

    Frôirônica ,_,Il y a jour

    Is she even REAL? She's so pretty...

  66. author

    Julia InomataIl y a jour


  67. author

    Dalton RoseIl y a jour

    You dont know how much i love them!!

  68. author

    Daniela MonteroIl y a jour

    Me encanta cuando dice q lo más cubano en ella es ser cariñoso 😂 literalmente le decimos “mi amor “ a gente q ni conocemos ❤️

  69. author

    Tanya PerrierIl y a jour

    Sister please let me do them brows "right" please lol I luv you hun

  70. author

    larryIl y a jour

    lmao Charles promoting himself

  71. author

    Carla Valeria FerrariIl y a jour

    Camila is my everything

  72. author

    Cara LinaneIl y a jour

    Imagine a goat named Olivia being more e famous than you 😂✨

  73. author

    c survivorIl y a jour

    I love her but her brows are always jacked up 🙈

  74. author

    jalexa mIl y a jour

    when she was contouring her nose and stepped back and forth to see if it was perfect, I FELT😓! im inlove with this girl!!

  75. author

    Mia BahmanIl y a jour

    Why didn't you ask Golshifte any questions? I guess you just wanted to have a ”Square ”

  76. author

    Karolina NowakIl y a jour

    So this me : When i woke up : 1:26 when my mother cooks me something 2:29

  77. author

    Carla Valeria FerrariIl y a jour

    Omg, I think Camila is my long lost twin. We have SO MUCH in common. ❤️

  78. author

    helene xoIl y a jour

    Fashion/Beauty Guru Saweetie >>> Rapper Saweetie

  79. author

    zep padsIl y a jour

    she's so wholesome i love camila

  80. author

    Ask BellIl y a jour


  81. author

    Christinaki KounelakiIl y a jour

    At 03:56 does she look like Eva longoria???

  82. author

    Syeda UmefarwaIl y a jour

    If they give me this guy's job I'd happily accept it even without knowing salary or anything.

  83. author

    linzy callahanIl y a jour

    she’s so beautiful

  84. author

    Maggie PetersonIl y a jour

    She’s too good 4 nick jonas

  85. author

    maymuna adenIl y a jour

    her name legit means "faithful bathroom" in arabic lollllllll - the reason why I know arabic is because im somali EDIT: i DONT MEAN ANY HATE....I JUS NOTCIED THAT AND SHES SOO PRETTYYYY

  86. author

    Ayçe AygünIl y a jour

    73 questions with ezra miller PLEASEEE!!;(

  87. author

    Alex DeLeonIl y a jour

    Wait, new Kanye or old Kanye?

  88. author

    Ayçe AygünIl y a jour

    73 questions with ezra miller pleasee;(

  89. author

    S AIl y a jour

    She looooooks wayyyy more better with makeup. Give it a like if you guys agree✌👍

  90. author

    Eliza HoodIl y a jour

    The friends reference completely went over his head lmao

  91. author

    Marc-André GauthierIl y a jour

    Vogue 73 is always scripted. But I do think HB is like one of the first with Serena Williams that comes off as a really genuine down to earth person.

  92. author

    Wesley MoreiraIl y a jour

    ANITTAAA 😍😍😍😍??????

  93. author

    Hydred MakabaliIl y a jour

    Hmmm... no disabled models interviewed?

  94. author

    Wesley MoreiraIl y a jour

    With Anitta 😍😍 please

  95. author

    Filla ofclIl y a jour


  96. author

    ani halla alfinIl y a jour

    Pakai gak pakai make up dia cantik.

  97. author

    iridescent 24Il y a jour

    Who is she?

  98. author

    Oh Thats TiIl y a jour

    I love this!

  99. author

    Carla Valeria FerrariIl y a jour

    Camila is so cute. I love her so much she's my queen.

  100. author

    Madison LynnIl y a jour

    She’s so intelligent and has a great personality