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The In-Love BoxThe In-Love Box

The In-Love Box

Il y a 10 jours

Oscar Winner MemoriesOscar Winner Memories

Oscar Winner Memories

Il y a 11 jours

  1. author

    Danny BoyoIl y a 18 heures

    Because she gets to have Xenu at her wedding and he didnt.

  2. author

    pete jonesIl y a jour

    I'll bet those legs go all the way up to heaven

  3. author

    Pera LimarIl y a jour

    Ova keli bi vristala kao da brata zeni.

  4. author

    Kamran JanIl y a jour

    I like clotheth

  5. author

    Marcos GallardoIl y a jour


  6. author

    ToyManFlyer1100Il y a jour

    This l'il dude is mind blowing.......When you can keep up w/ the actual band the song came from...You past good...You are mind blowin' !!!!!

  7. author

    Jay HigginsIl y a 2 jours

    What does this guy do for a living? How does he make money?

  8. author

    Christina BernatIl y a 2 jours

    I read in a fascinating book called The Wasp Mystique (this was a PhD thesis by a New School - in Manhattan - PhD candidate that was so good it was turned into a book) way back in the 80s as I recall, that this is typical of WASP (meaning white Anglo Saxon Protestant) household - some booze and almost no food!

  9. author

    NENEIl y a 2 jours


  10. author

    A1sausieIl y a 2 jours


  11. author

    Free SpiritIl y a 2 jours

    Dirty tramp!

  12. author

    countsmythIl y a 2 jours

    He was a dapper Dan, woman his name was Dan. People are looking for closure.

  13. author

    Jeff Porcaro GrooveIl y a 3 jours

    much respect for tim but his wife doing the model swimsuit exposure is hypocritical...far from modesty and using her God given beauty to promote lust...sorry, but that is the world...

  14. author

    Apinya SiripongIl y a 3 jours


  15. author

    Melinda MullinsIl y a 3 jours

    His eyes wow

  16. author

    Melinda MullinsIl y a 3 jours

    He's so handsome ✌👍

  17. author

    A SIl y a 3 jours

    I want to see Pine try a Shatner impression.

  18. author

    Nani RIl y a 3 jours

    Lol funny Kelly daughter meet Nick Jonas

  19. author

    prathamesh chavanIl y a 3 jours

    I met him today atvhis school

  20. author

    Phyllis WurmIl y a 4 jours

    I've watched most of these videos over and over and enjoy them immensely. Beautiful couple and great family.

  21. author

    Doña Paca GarmentíIl y a 4 jours

    It says ONE current member. Schumer is correct. The second name was clearly a joke

  22. author

    Giuseppe PolloniIl y a 4 jours

    I would love to date Dame Helen now for a sexy evening

  23. author

    spiralout72Il y a 4 jours

    I’d slam dick in that now

  24. author

    jun linIl y a 5 jours

  25. author

    Jeremy FaulknerIl y a 5 jours

    Hahaha... Impractical Jokers movie out next Friday! Woo! I love 2020

  26. author

    Ken FeredayIl y a 5 jours

    I am pretty adorable 💁‍♂️😁

  27. author

    Alice WilliamsIl y a 5 jours


  28. author

    F SIl y a 5 jours

    I wonder why he said 'Can I use my life line?' followed by 'I am out'.

  29. author

    Phyllis WurmIl y a 6 jours

    Love love love Kelly and Mark hosting together. They are,adorable sharing their cute stories. Love you also Ryan

  30. author

    Rocky Jeter WebbIl y a 6 jours

    Super Bowl 51 is the greatest Super Bowl of all-time! Patriots! Patriots Dynasty! Pats Nation!

  31. author

    mountain boyIl y a 6 jours

    Omg that girl said “I'm not a square...” 😂

  32. author

    GwendolynIl y a 7 jours

    I don’t believe this at all, but I’m just glad she’s actually comforting people who lost someone unlike a lot of other “psychics”

  33. author

    Nani RIl y a 7 jours


  34. author

    zznidarsIl y a 7 jours

    Bullshit 30lbs of muscle and 8% body fat. He was 15% minimum. She didn’t know what she was taking about.

  35. author

    Hasan KaiserIl y a 7 jours

    Were they talking about football or "soccer"

  36. author

    Coffee8Il y a 7 jours

    What a joke of a doctor. She’s basically a kid in an adults body. Just saw her on the doctors railing on dr Paul. What a disgrace

  37. author

    Deaf And Destruction (On the Street)Il y a 7 jours

    Vin Diesel was tight as fuck at pop locking

  38. author

    Morgan EvansIl y a 7 jours


  39. author

    tav finkelsteinIl y a 7 jours

    Ain’t it weird how all the characters in the show were fucking huge like 1.85 1.90cm except for Mila and fez

  40. author

    Morgan EvansIl y a 7 jours


  41. author

    Osmany ReyesIl y a 7 jours

    “Where’s the father figure with chest issues?” As if using cardiovascular disease hasn’t taken the lives of millions of people lmao. She should be hit with a lawsuit

  42. author

    Eduardo TevacunaIl y a 7 jours

    La pampara fuck you tu no entiende

  43. author

    Azariah IsraelIl y a 7 jours

    Kelly be honest with yourself.You were in love with Michael

  44. author

    J RosaIl y a 7 jours

    Well who did she get engaged to?

  45. author

    Maddyson SmithIl y a 8 jours

    3 of my favourite human beings and they really don’t age

  46. author

    CharlieIl y a 8 jours

    Imagine if Laura had married Topher omg

  47. author

    Maddie LadnerIl y a 8 jours

    I love that they’re still friends after all these years

  48. author

    Generic NameIl y a 8 jours

    This bitch is ugly and what the fuck is with those nails? Looks like Chicklets.

  49. author

    vfxlabIl y a 8 jours

    Anderson Davis is starring in a rom/com called Underneath the Same Moon releasing on Valentines Day in select theaters and on Amazon Prime-

  50. author

    Madeline E CurtisIl y a 8 jours

    Dove lying about her name here. Hahaha. Love you Chloe

  51. author

    Alice FinardiIl y a 8 jours

    Q: Jake Gyllenhaal, in or out? Me: in and out and in and out and... Sorry for the lame joke.

  52. author

    minty coconutsIl y a 8 jours


  53. author

    Social MediaIl y a 9 jours

    Kelly. . I want to meet you so bad. . I legit raise my kids with you in mind. .I have a meeting friday (Valentine's day) with the principle haha I have a big issue with them dropping the ball on my sons work and I fear he may live with me forever. I am going to quote you twice and plan to let them know if he doesnt get into college I'll haunt them.

  54. author

    Social MediaIl y a 9 jours

    Jessica Biel is a hottie and still to this day my hero. . I think what would she do on seventh heaven and I do that..

  55. author

    HyrulChicIl y a 9 jours

    Medium: Is there anyone here with a father figure here? Me: No shit.

  56. author

    Ray CampbellIl y a 9 jours

    Wow!!! Keri didn't want to kiss Michael SMH.

  57. author

    Akhilesh NagarkarIl y a 9 jours

    What club song are they talking about 🤔?

  58. author

    R FIl y a 9 jours

    "I talk about this in my book" Sale's strategy lol

  59. author

    MrZargon28Il y a 9 jours

    Laura is even hotter now then she used to be in the 70s show

  60. author

    Megan McGunnigleIl y a 10 jours

    This is actually the worst one i have seen her do.

  61. author

    Влад ИславIl y a 10 jours

    Bungee workout. "Balance"

  62. author

    Raymond RochaIl y a 10 jours

    Dakota Fanning! Need I say more! She gives me a boner like nobody's business!

  63. author

    hiroshirIl y a 10 jours

    The guy probably thought the sex was unreal too.

  64. author

    bigmassive69Il y a 10 jours

    Thongasaurus Rex🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  65. author

    Lian DoddsIl y a 10 jours

    I was born in 1998

  66. author

    Patriot PatIl y a 11 jours

    The 80's called, they want their hair back

  67. author

    Barrack RobertIl y a 11 jours

    Wow, she's so pale

  68. author

    Mike HarrigonIl y a 11 jours

    Both of them are another example of secret Baphomet worshipping male to female transgender deceivers in Hollywood.

  69. author

    rajIl y a 11 jours

    Joey still hot!

  70. author

    Crystal LopezIl y a 12 jours

    Those kids doing it for the gram @ 3:00

  71. author

    marketbuyIl y a 12 jours


  72. author

    23Il y a 12 jours

    So the thing people need to understand is that Teresa interprets messages. Yellow roses can mean many things and only through experience can you begin to narrow down the possibilities. It's almost like charades. For example: A four legged furry creature could be a cat or a dog. But it all depends on how YOU relate to it. Not everyone keeps clothing of their loved ones. I don't. Not everyone dies the same, although yes, there is only so many ways to die. Heck, you can be a medium in that case if you hone you craft. By the way, I don't believe in religion period. I do believe there is an inexplicable energy that hopefully science can dive into some day. Edit: She's also in a group. It's like playing Charades with an audience of dead people. Some messages might not be properly separated .

  73. author

    23Il y a 12 jours

    DUDE THE CAMERA MAN SUCKS. HOLD STILL BRO Also that lady needs to chill. She's so crazy.... Poor Teresa...

  74. author

    adrian welchIl y a 12 jours

    it's not a hair transplant, it's a wig

  75. author

    Jada WaddellIl y a 12 jours

    And to add on y’all need to be mad at the one man that claimed he’s a medium but read only famous people 🐸☕️

  76. author

    Jada WaddellIl y a 12 jours

    A lot of y’all are dumb in these comments.. of course she going to be switching quickly between people and piggy backing, she’s in a room full of people who are connected to souls, which are a lot stepping foward ! And ofc she’s may lag on which souls goes to whom because a lot of people can relate, and being that it’s live, it’s not like how she would be on the show dummy. A lot of souls step foward so there’s a lot of people she would try to read and relay messages to Vs on the show in a smaller crowd or one on one there’s better focus

  77. author

    VR TVIl y a 12 jours

    Does this make anyone else feel old...

  78. author

    Wonko SaneIl y a 12 jours

    Matt was totally like..."yeah, I'd tap it!"

  79. author

    Yvette BelizIl y a 13 jours

    Mark Consuelos is my Man ❣️

  80. author

    TheTroll865Il y a 13 jours

    Don’t they speak Portuguese in Brazil?

  81. author

    micheal prattIl y a 13 jours

    Never liked Kutcher, find him very overrated and is a very bad actor. Personally think he ruined Two And A Half Men. Stopped watching the show when he started.

  82. author

    lilly manseillIl y a 13 jours

    this disconnection with food is actually called arfid (avoidant restrictive food intake disorder). there’s a lack of interest towards food and what others consider “picky eating”. as someone who struggles with arfid, it is so reassuring to hear a public figure be open about their relationship with food.

  83. author

    Patty BradfordIl y a 14 jours


  84. author

    WiN GamingIl y a 14 jours

    Morgan H stark

  85. author

    Marcelo Liberman De LoretoIl y a 14 jours

    When he metts Chandler again he says he was talking to a little girl and Chandler says there wasnt a girl in the house because she died 30 years ago. That was funny.

  86. author

    South3rnReaper 85Il y a 14 jours

    wow he really married ruby lol

  87. author

    D MIl y a 14 jours

    I remember when she would interview male celebrities and reveal what a crush she had on them, like she was drooling right in front of them. I used to think, her husband is definitely one unlucky guy. He settled, cause he probably dreams of other women too. They both "settled" for each other, like most married couples do. They're no different, people!

  88. author

    Karina AssiterIl y a 15 jours

    I don’t like her audience readings as much as her private or small group readings; as someone else mentioned she is picking up on way too many spirits all at once.

  89. author

    renee angeleIl y a 15 jours

    Of all things I think Marc would not need nap inventions lol

  90. author

    thatonedudebroIl y a 15 jours

    wait does Hayden Panettiere's Daughter speak any Ukrainian?

  91. author

    AshlyMonetIl y a 15 jours

    This gave me instant chills. I felt so much bad for this lady 😣😣

  92. author

    Yol BrennanIl y a 16 jours

    She would be a princess in my hometown Hong Kong, with such eloquent and Japanese manners. Oklahoma is the least state in US we want to visit, death to KKK and racism.

  93. author

    Christina BernatIl y a 16 jours

    That was SEXY, Mark! Beautiful too!

  94. author

    Sweetness SheltonIl y a 16 jours


  95. author

    Steele mIl y a 16 jours

    What’s up with her hair the one on the left?

  96. author

    anjelia rayamajhiIl y a 16 jours

    She has witch power or god power but anyway I love her so much she is great she always help others thank you

  97. author

    Christopher MatosIl y a 16 jours

    I like that suit homeboy from star trek has

  98. author

    bkpasterIl y a 16 jours

    What research studies is Dr Saladino looking at? If you had read some of the 36 studies he provided you, before The Drs Show, you would have known!! Melina you are full of it!! You acted horribly on The Drs Show!!

  99. author

    Janay's NewlifeIl y a 16 jours

    People have to understand when you have a gift you’re sensitive to energy’s and she’s in a room full of people with different stories so she’s probably picking up on so many different energies at once that she can’t pinpoint just one spirit at once and sometimes before somebody can even say that that resonates the spirit is gone and a new spirit steps forward so it makes it appear as if she’s moving onto the next person without finishing the next person but sometime is that the spirit is no longer communicating with her which is why she gets them mixed up with the wrong people sometimes

  100. author

    Tatrice ShippIl y a 17 jours

    We are supposed too give birth sqatting. You not supposed to lay down. You don't lay down too poop.