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    Sorta normal EricIl y a jour

    Amanda destroys her in a kickboxing bout so idk what she's talkin about

  2. author

    Glenn HeflinIl y a jour

    24 and 17. She is almost GOAT level Artem Lobov status.

  3. author

    Embajador de BasquetbolIl y a jour

    I remembered you being choked 2 times in your last 5 fights. Man, this guy is 3 wins and 3 losses in the last 6 combats! Those are facts!!!!

  4. author

    TheSandman714 xxIl y a jour

    Good way to start his season 👍

  5. author

    Tony A.Il y a jour

    Cerrone should have retired 5 years ago

  6. author

    R. kuroshIl y a jour

    Conor alcoholic is over we dont want fakefights

  7. author

    WendellIl y a jour

    I still don't understand why folks think she is an easy win. She's a legit fighter. People let her nerdy appearance fool them. In her last fight she beat Valentina's sister too. Modeferri is a really good fighter. She also appears to be getting much better, and even more fit. When I saw this fight on the card, I first thought that Barber was not winning this, and if she did win it would've been tough. Even if Barber's knee hadn't had gone out, she would've lost this fight. Good win.

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    Dmac 740Il y a jour

    Mma is only way for her to make money there is no money in women's boxing..

  9. author

    djtheoryIl y a jour

    I like to see Usman try to stand with Wonderboy and we’ll see how that goes lol

  10. author

    jamakoIl y a jour

    "She can't beat me" LOL.

  11. author

    R. kuroshIl y a jour

    Fake fight

  12. author

    T JohnsonIl y a jour

    his coach's wife is a crown jewel!

  13. author

    Brain SampleIl y a jour

    stupid hat

  14. author

    MyFootYourFaceIl y a jour

    Kamaru would punk Conor.

  15. author

    Explosive WadIl y a jour

    Mii nanny wears that. Conor vs masvidal

  16. author

    Kulas MagilasIl y a jour

    Who wana see him against st.pierre.. biggest fight in the history.

  17. author

    Robert CobklinIl y a jour

    Meow can we see you fight a real opponent Meow

  18. author

    Nadav DreweIl y a jour

    Deserved this win!!!!!!!

  19. author

    jraskin carcleaningIl y a jour

    Fooook usman

  20. author

    O CIl y a jour

    Usman looking like the guy from get out

  21. author

    paoIl y a jour

    Dana be like $$$ in the making

  22. author

    Sean MilliganIl y a jour

    He will beat Khabib if he stays like this

  23. author

    Harun KochIl y a jour

    Well since kabib went through him he is more humble McGregor ? 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😂

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    Jack TripperIl y a jour

    Amanda is probably the best female fighter. Claressa is probably the best female at wearing gloves as big as your head and a waistband up to your tits

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    Jr 3954 kingstonIl y a jour

    Them who say it was fixed u cannot do that fixed

  26. author

    Mark O'BrienIl y a jour

    Marty fake snoozeman doesn't deserve a McGregor pay day

  27. author

    Roy B.Il y a jour

    Not that I want to see it, but if Conor fights Mayweather next, as far as we know, he isn't on a UFC contract (he told Ariel he signed a 1 fight contract prior to the Cowboy fight), so why does he even need the UFC involved in this? He can just have his own agents/managers negotiate with Mayweather's team+showtime and put this event without the UFC's backing.

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    johnnyIl y a jour

    Grannies in Ireland wear that ha

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    COACH VIl y a jour

    Dana is absolutely right, from a Business stand point Conor vs Khabib is the fight to make..but Tony earned that fight and he deserves it. The right thing to do would be Tony vs Khabib and Conor vs Jorge and then winners fight and losers fight, but by doing that there is the risk that Conor could lose to Jorge or Khabib lose to Tony..he doesn't want to take that risk, that's what it is.

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    Pantr jIl y a jour

    All due despect..., But it ain't that easy!! If it was every athlete would do it!....

  31. author

    Adam SaddiqueIl y a jour

    5’8 Usman

  32. author

    joshua talunIl y a jour

    Smokey the blackbear

  33. author

    Privileged White MaleIl y a jour

    None of it matters now

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    junior daniel ramos alvarezIl y a jour

    Que estafa , ya estaba desidida esa pelea , se nota desde que cowboy entra a la medición de peso y cada momento que caminaba.

  35. author

    Dark Star KingIl y a jour

    This entire event was a PR event for Conor.

  36. author

    Michael RobbinsIl y a jour

    The boppers have ruined this sport

  37. author

    Kane1993xIl y a jour

    McGregor Vs Masvidal for the bmf belt a lightweight... yeah baby

  38. author

    sammyflindersIl y a jour

    You could beat her in a boxing match, but she would beat you in a FIGHT.

  39. author

    Well FeddIl y a jour

    Masvidal vs Usman is the only way to go then if masvidal can actually beat a good fight like Usman he truly deserves a mcgregor fight these commentators are crazy if they think otherwise.

  40. author

    Cain KongIl y a jour

    Man I fell asleep, what did he say????

  41. author

    Amroz KhanIl y a jour

    Coner not tested very well in this fight

  42. author

    LeRenardIl y a jour

    Looking between the mic and his beard

  43. author

    ThAdonisIl y a jour

    ffs All these Masvidal is too big for Conor. If Iaquinta can beat Masvidal, so can Conor. Recency bias and fickle fans will make it seem an even bigger win when Conor starches Jorge.

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    PeterIl y a jour

    ✊🇮🇪🍀 welcome back you psychopath

  45. author

    morris LasloIl y a jour

    Connor beats 4 and 7 since 2017 Cerrone and he's all of a sudden Ali - Foreman status LOL!

  46. author

    randy stevensIl y a jour

    Let him fight Justin Gaethje and then he'll be legitimate. He's still a has been at this point.

  47. author

    Rick RosadoIl y a jour

    I agree Brett I like the Conor vs Justin fight

  48. author

    don brennanIl y a jour

    The mic is in the way.

  49. author

    GarbageDanksIl y a jour

    That girl in the background is thinking of dirty things. She's a succubus. The good kind of succubus lol.

  50. author

    Nathan MIl y a jour

    Everyone saw this coming..Cerrone been stopped by Masividal, Pettis, Till and now Conor early in the fight. Very slow starter.. Conor vs Masivdal- let these men get paid!!

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    J ROZAYIl y a jour

    I think Conor vs Masvidal makes more sense then the Khabib rematch. That fight would be a war!

  52. author

    kevin mahonIl y a jour

    I think this is the True Conor. Great interview.

  53. author

    2old 4shitIl y a jour

    The crack in his throat when talking about his Mum I hope she's well 👍

  54. author

    Nate HillIl y a jour

    Super lame - they feed cowboy to mctapper- so they can “justify” a title shot (lol)... it’s all for money and it looked to me like cowboy got paid to take a dive. I’ll bet anything cowboy won’t do more fights, if any they will feed him one or two brand new morons before retiring him and putting him in HOF....

  55. author

    HiMyNameIsDannnyIl y a jour

    I regret not betting on her. Too many peopled overrated the brat while forgetting Roxanne derailed an undefeated hype train before.

  56. author

    ChegsterIl y a jour

    Cool story bro

  57. author

    Quebec SucksIl y a jour

    I agree with Dana, this IS the fight to make and Conor will win the rematch against Kabib, just watch. Go get those rats Conor.

  58. author

    -1nterruption -Il y a jour

    Khabib did humble this man

  59. author

    GoatGang DizzIl y a jour

    We want Conor vs JORGE!!!!!!!

  60. author

    Michael PetitIl y a jour

    And with that interview. His popularity will get even better! The best UFC POST interview ever. Humble, and relaxed. Very cool.

  61. author

    2old 4shitIl y a jour

    The Grannys in Ireland wear Housecoats to watching the soaps I'm fooking DEAD 💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  62. author

    Nothing and EverythingIl y a jour

    Fkn goof

  63. author

    Chris ColbertIl y a jour

    This McGregor can beat Khabib if he stays focused

  64. author

    Rochester P&GIl y a jour

    Kamaru playing it smooth lol ya right

  65. author

    Frank HartmannIl y a jour

    I love a man who loves his country!

  66. author

    Sam BhimaniIl y a jour


  67. author

    Silver SteelIl y a jour

    Real fight should be usman vs khabib, tony vs masvidal because tony has no chance against khabib , and conor should go to trash 🗑

  68. author

    RelapseGalore55Il y a jour

    Conor Vs Masvidal is all i wanna see now

  69. author

    k wickeIl y a jour

    God this lady is amazing 😍😍😍

  70. author

    Aadil khanIl y a jour

    Defeat to Khabib really effected him.

  71. author

    IsaacIl y a jour

    What's going on with all of the ladies in the background lol

  72. author

    Benjamin MarsiliaIl y a jour

    She would get smashed by amanda nunes in mma

  73. author

    Jim McCabeIl y a jour


  74. author

    Jaime CervantesIl y a jour

    That cleavage 👀

  75. author

    Gh0stIl y a jour

    Stay in your lane Claressa You are the best female boxer but mma is a whole different world

  76. author

    R35Il y a jour

    Why is Tony so underestimated? The guys a machine

  77. author

    ARSYA GAVINIl y a jour

    adakah subtitle Indonesia nya

  78. author

    J JjIl y a jour


  79. author

    Daniel RiceIl y a jour

    I hope Conor and Cowboy become friends. I truly believe they would be good friends.

  80. author

    CowBoahIl y a jour

    he's a man of commitment, focus, sheer fooking will

  81. author

    Michael HarrisonIl y a jour

    nobody can take that left shoulder shot

  82. author

    Cold ChillingIl y a jour


  83. author

    Juslisha El CrumIl y a jour

    She’ll scrape nunes straight hands and she’ll beat her with enough training y’all just hate her cuz she’ll beat lil essay

  84. author

    Sound Innovations design & productionIl y a jour

    Kavanah in the back boutta smash some strippers haha we back

  85. author

    j shuttlesworthIl y a jour

    Dee 😛😛

  86. author

    Benoit CrevierIl y a jour

    Guys look the way they talk and act, no hype. They both knew it looked fixed and they are talking against their heart...

  87. author

    Justin EjimahIl y a jour

    Usually click off after a few seconds of listening to marty. but this one wasnt too bad. Seems like others disagree though.

  88. author

    Joel SeparationIl y a jour

    F..k that calressa calressa crazy them people been taken karate since they was 5years old

  89. author

    unfounded_ignoranceIl y a jour

    make it happen.conor vs masvidal would be the greatest this sport has ever seen !

  90. author

    iLikeYoRainCoatBih SDVIl y a jour

    Lmao y’all talking like she’s gonna fight Amanda this year.

  91. author

    Il y a jour

    konor ureysen

  92. author

    Harrison GageIl y a jour

    Here after Connor knocked him out. Still love me some Donald though!.

  93. author

    Peter LaneIl y a jour

    Interview in a library?

  94. author

    wetdogIl y a jour

    He's baaack!

  95. author

    Peter ThiessenIl y a jour

    Diana quit bringing up Connor and khabib. Khabib has beat Conor khabib said Conner needs to win 10 fights before he will fight Conor again .don't your ears work??

  96. author

    Yogi SotoIl y a jour

    Man wants all the smoke🔥

  97. author

    91fAuxIl y a jour

    Marty "snif your jockstrap style" usman

  98. author

    Gabriel BlackIl y a jour

    I hope they can’t find anyone else to take a dive for this chump

  99. author

    Peter LaneIl y a jour

    Dana White couldn’t wait to have Conor back! $$$$$$

  100. author

    DonDuxlqIl y a jour

    The fix is in