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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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Lev Parnas Sings!

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Release The Articles!

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Hey Congress, U Up?Hey Congress, U Up?

Hey Congress, U Up?

Il y a 13 jours

  1. author

    Navya KIl y a jour

    Watching again And realizing that even though they are not close friends, but they are good friends and they have fun together, deep conversations as well.

  2. author

    Angelo TorresIl y a jour

    I like Howard Stern now. He is a man that has reflected (and I think, although not entirely sure) and has changed some of his ways. But it is still hard to accept that his high shock d!ck!sh way of bullying people got him to where he got today. I find myself now liking a man that made his fame being a villain. It feels so awkward.

  3. author

    Vince SimonIl y a jour

    This hack can slurp me.

  4. author

    JettyIl y a jour

    I’m sorry, but when you start misusing the word conspiracy theory to describe everything you don’t believe, it’s an insult to everyone with working brains.

  5. author

    linda gurreraIl y a jour

    Love her dress

  6. author

    Marcel SmetIl y a jour

    I couldn’t do this. Breathe the breath from somebody else

  7. author

    jelayIl y a jour

    Ahhhhhh i really love this performance 💜💜💜

  8. author

    Jason MunguiaIl y a jour

    White libs ha!! no one laughs that's awesome cause it's true

  9. author

    Ewan HowardIl y a jour

    How about one to Daniel Boone Ballard?

  10. author

    On TakaIl y a jour

    DNA tests for SUCKERS

  11. author

    F HarrisonIl y a jour

    He is a bad guy, so we killed him... Try use that logic as ordinary folks ...

  12. author

    Hafsa AhmedIl y a jour

    How can he call himself a Muslim bro we Muslims pray 5 times every day not just friday noon😂

  13. author

    odorico lealIl y a jour

    I used to love Colbert, but it's just impossible to tolerate him now. What a mainstream media spineless rat.

  14. author

    Special GoddessIl y a jour

    I’m gonna tell all my people bout Yang.

  15. author

    N DiazIl y a jour

    Glad Colbert took him seriously this time. Must have been the Dave Chapelle endorsement lol. Glad you came around Stephen

  16. author

    MaliceahIl y a jour

    I love how the tortoise is smiling!

  17. author

    UrmilaIl y a jour

    I realized it recently only thing gwe ever did brainy was thing like conscious far as relationships were concerned...all other aspects about her lol lol....

  18. author

    AshIl y a jour

    Does anyone else not find Colbert that funny? The whole act of "Bernie is old", "All white candidates on debate stage" thing is getting very tiring very quickly.

  19. author

    Native LevelIl y a jour

    Super 👍!!! Even finishing on a sonic the hedgehog soundtrack 😄!!!

  20. author

    francis bkIl y a jour

    Just came here to dislike.

  21. author

    UrmilaIl y a jour

    seems gwe and goop never got to hear about kegel exs and how they

  22. author

    Mr. Park Jeon Kim MateoIl y a jour

    JK adlib is so perfect no need to have auto tone

  23. author

    Trey BIl y a jour

    You fools need to go to Cuba or Venezuela. This man is the last thing we need. His old ass can't live much longer

  24. author

    Cj ScanlonIl y a jour

    That was an intense meanwhile intro

  25. author

    MaliceahIl y a jour

    Abra-cadaver! lol

  26. author

    Jay BaxterIl y a jour

    Oh gorsh.

  27. author

    DrdizoIl y a jour

    theres only one true president t and thats the king of grime, president trump is a fraud

  28. author

    Juan martin JimenezIl y a jour

    I think this is how the interview actually went down frfr this was pretty accurate

  29. author

    Jina GibsonIl y a jour


  30. author

    MaliceahIl y a jour

    The Gothic delivery was fantastic and shows what a consumate performer Stephen is. :). Love it.

  31. author

    BobaIl y a jour

    sure a woman can become president. just not present women candidates. male, female, black, white, its on merit not token, affirmative action etc.

  32. author

    Sean LutzkeIl y a jour

    It's Japan you have to specify.

  33. author

    Wizard TimIl y a jour

    Katana huh? Does he know the vortex move? Spin clockwise, enemies are repelled. Spin counter clockwise, enemies are sucked in... -.- Though, yeah, if you don't know s* about swords, Katana is pretty objectively a good choice. More forgiving slash, heavier blade for slashing, not as focused on thrusting...

  34. author

    Barbara CataldoIl y a jour

    "I welcome him to say it even more. Every time he says it, I'll show him another picture." Those Ukrainians are tough mothers-

  35. author

    Ownhome MoviesIl y a jour

    He’s not a sociopath, sociopaths don’t love..

  36. author

    Gandalf the GreyIl y a jour

    Imagine a flat earther watching this, shaking their head and saying (yelling) “pRoPaGAnDa”

  37. author

    Emme FrazierIl y a jour

    Colbert...youre killing me. The tortoise...omg. "The good Ruby Tuesdays" cmon...lololol

  38. author

    jayknight139Il y a jour

    I feel like I'm alone in taking this issue seriously. When I tell people about this it seems like they barely care. What's going on?

  39. author

    Jade AndersonIl y a jour

    Stephen is loving it!

  40. author

    Y BIl y a jour

    Senators sworn in to be impartial jurors. (2:24) Moscow Mitch: "I am not an impartial juror" (2:38)

  41. author

    rab fraIl y a jour

    Ok boomberg

  42. author

    THE STONESIl y a jour

    lie, deny shift blame are the actions, reactions of a child. NOT A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE

  43. author

    human? knowing is required. 'The Purpose of DNA'Il y a jour

    What's up with his wife alleging abuse, now? Suspiciously timed.

  44. author

    Atul KattiIl y a jour

    Get back in line or we'll all do time

  45. author

    Maria VazquezIl y a jour

    It’s 2020 and he hasn’t released his tax returns. That’s how an innocent man acts, right?

  46. author

    Amin SahidIl y a jour

    The wall was not built. 2020 election is head. Good luck Trump.

  47. author

    Lueva JacksonIl y a jour

    Is the Ugliest of them all. Sorry Tiffney you're second. 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  48. author

    madbug1965Il y a jour

    That last clip was so hilarious! Bravo!

  49. author

    TóxicoIl y a jour

    never watch his movie kkkkkk gay too

  50. author

    xoobo volaIl y a jour

    If McConnell has stated on tv that he has no intention of being an impartial juror shouldn't he recuse himself?

  51. author

    Deniz AgazadeIl y a jour

    Supeəeeer. Very nice video like. Klaaaasssss

  52. author

    Rainy DayIl y a jour

    Mmmmm, I'd watch him any day. ❣️❣️❣️

  53. author


    ????? 0:50 ? ? ? ? ? ?

  54. author

    VGLVIl y a jour


  55. author

    pippypipettesIl y a jour

    real news

  56. author

    Hazel McCloyIl y a jour

    Randy Rainbow is great at interviewing Trump. You tube him.

  57. author

    UrmilaIl y a jour

    she endorses this and then she is shown saying wtf u doing to ppl and at the same time moronicccc laugh.......or should I say dumb blondie laughing at what she is part of?!......yeah n just today I heard robert dj saying gwe reads script one time n says yeah she got it in one all scripted with no applied brains?! ms paltrow? lol lol lol lol....these ppl r fucking idiots at goop ....I mean what goop lab? I mean really lab? lol....she comes equivalent to sex cults....working behind legal name......which were apprantely working hiding....I think she just realizing she is "also" a sexual being....what an awaken american lol lol....that's what to take from it blondie realizing she has sexual side to her.....common...laughing at others when the whole freaking joke is on you urself?! m like lol

  58. author

    Vanessa ThompsonIl y a jour

    I read the story about the tumor and the turtles and eww but hilarious

  59. author

    N KIl y a jour

    He deserves to be the president of USA: brilliant, charismatic, very human.

  60. author

    K1dIl y a jour

    Too bad he wasnt telling the truth about how much time he gets in the pocket. Brady has had the best o line in the NFL for years. He ususally gets 5 seconds.

  61. author

    Brennen WilsonIl y a jour

    I'm sorry, but I'm a huge fan of Tina. This actress doesn't sound like her & the arrangement is off too. I'm sure it has something to do with the mic & theater, but she's off key some places & on another octave. I would not spend my money to see this if this is what it would sound like in the theater they perform in. SORRY

  62. author

    Wolfman JoshIl y a jour

    Does Stephen think that the people who watch his show for political content are all his age and/or have the same taste in music? That was weird.

  63. author

    Brandon PastrasIl y a jour

    Very interesting to see my home town get some love haha.

  64. author

    Mike MearsIl y a jour

    This guy is a prophet ! Good Call !

  65. author

    Mario LuigiIl y a jour

    I like Yang, but we shouldn't "consult our allies" before taking out a terrorist. Bush did that, and that's how Bin Laden got away. Obama learned from this strategy's failure, and didn't tell ANYONE when he raided Bin Laden's compound, then drone striked Al Awlaki with the same M.O. (without "consulting our allies.") I like to think that our "allies" are trustworthy, but we know very well that "allies" like Pakistan are going to leak info to terrorists (which is why Obama didn't tell them jack).

  66. author

    Aidan MurphyIl y a jour

    How prophetic was that from 5.00, shes marrying into a family where she might not feel welcome, jan 2020 harry and Meghan are bailing out uncanny.

  67. author

    The DominatorsIl y a jour

    Weekend is different then other artists 🤘 I m big fan ❤

  68. author

    Allen AkersIl y a jour

    Colbert is a piece, hack getting rich off your hate. Wake-up sheep, ask yourself truly, honestly, what is going so wrong in this country to justify the hatred.. Other countries are as you say this country is, apply your energy there you would be much better served..

  69. author

    Hope TIl y a jour

    i love how she still calls him david

  70. author

    Ptao TomIl y a jour

    “He’s a bond guy” really want too bad XD

  71. author

    ddrew1973Il y a jour

    Still one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.

  72. author

    MrSpiritchildIl y a jour

    75% of Americans don't want anything to do with Iran, 90% of Americans don't want to be blown up by Iranian sponsored terrorists. (yes, I'm just pulling a percent out of my ass, basically I'm just 90% sure I don't want to be blown up.)

  73. author

    Richard DastrupIl y a jour

    Oh look Rachel maddow mini me . He is acting like a news anchor. He has no talent. Looks like a loser.

  74. author

    Hope TIl y a jour

    this is great parenting. Letting your child go after what they love & are good at & being proud & supporting them every step of the way their whole lives🤘🏼💙

  75. author

    Armando GomezIl y a jour

    She's funny, awkward and sexy, I think she's a men

  76. author

    D. GabrielIl y a jour

    DNC is corrupt... hilarry over Bernie in 2016 was forced not the wil of the party. So both parties are dirty.

  77. author

    Kristine NalingIl y a jour

    Suga and JK's harmonization YASSS 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  78. author

    xIl y a jour

    All good things will eventually come to an end. But, I was definitely not ready when they ended the show.

  79. author

    john dillingerIl y a jour

    Yang is a marxist fool.Chappelle is an idiot 12 months ago people never heard of Yang,and in 12 months,nobody will remember him.

  80. author

    Daniel ChavezIl y a jour

    2:58 🥰🐷

  81. author

    Richard DastrupIl y a jour

    Desperate Stephen Colbert fixated on his reruns.. a no talent guy relying on reruns to get attention. A no talent guy desperate.

  82. author

    Paul GermanaIl y a jour

    I think Donald Trump is a communist.

  83. author

    red32303Il y a jour

    I boycott DiNiro

  84. author

    Julia ConnellIl y a jour

    LOVE these - thank you - always more Show Me More, please thank you - Stephen in something other than a suit?? what gives - where is our footage of this

  85. author

    White DragonIl y a jour

    LOL... Not fair... it is way too easy to make a fool out of Trump.

  86. author

    D'LuxIl y a jour

    I'm fucking 💀💀💀💀. They really went in on this one. Cheers for the Late Show Team.

  87. author

    Judi BickfordIl y a jour

    Aren't The Olympics about "coming" together! 😄😉

  88. author

    EltopoIl y a jour

    Democrtas trying to kick out berny again....

  89. author

    V BIl y a jour

    Im not American, I just follow American politics from a distant. And even I can say with certainty that Bernie is not sexist.

  90. author

    Dj DjIl y a jour

    I wonder if it was a toilet baby🤭🤭

  91. author

    Elliot LangIl y a jour

    Not sure whether to dislike because I dislike Bloomberg or like because I appreciate Colbert having him on

  92. author

    Steven MartinIl y a jour

    Ezus H Christ! The incredibly annoying, super creepy mind reading Hilton spokes-flake is now world famous for it!?! She's famous for acting creepy and annoying with her super creepy mind reading and possibly drugged out antics!?! And now shes on the Late Show because of it!?! WTF is the world coming to!?! Where do these nobodies keep coming from!?! Why aren't more interesting people on the Late Show? All you could find was the mind reading Hilton spokes-flake to interview!?! What are you going to talk about....ah who cares? Its the end times thats for sure. 😳

  93. author

    Bettie segalIl y a jour

    Trump is PAYING the Republicans to stick with him.

  94. author

    Petty PinottiIl y a jour

    He is funny, hilarious, smart, intelligent... And i think he is genuine good person

  95. author

    TSIRHC SEVASIl y a jour

    What’s wrong with these actors? Judge not and thy won’t be judged

  96. author

    heavenlyheartbeatIl y a jour

    He's the one! WAKE UP, AMERICA!