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The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.

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    Codster PeteIl y a 43 minutes

    You guys are perfect tho, dont worry bout it fam. I mean, just look at Bobby Lee. You'll always have my subscription.

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    Ummh we gotta problemIl y a 43 minutes

    can you please get some English FRreporterrs or celebs on the podcast if you can

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    antirot TVIl y a 44 minutes

    Ethan, we are all fans. We're not hating. We are simply telling you that we do not enjoy how you interrupt EVERY single guest. I dont think it is fair to call it a "unique interviewing style" because no other podcast I watch interrupts. And you said it best, at least it was received good. We know you care more about the numbers and that's all that matters. "But I got the bag" -Ricescum

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    BanIl y a 44 minutes

    I think you are over thinking this whole thing. Just don't interrupt people. If you want to take the conversation somewhere, wait until they finish the previous question you just asked them, then use your confidence and authority to direct the conversation. You're not making anyone comfortable by interrupting their thinking processes mid-answer

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    Alex MorenoIl y a 48 minutes

    Anyone notice the auto-captions on this episode also say it?

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    Anastasia BarnettIl y a 50 minutes

    I got a pizza hut ad

  7. author

    Levon DegennaroIl y a 51 minute

    the IRS voice killed me

  8. author

    trash canIl y a 51 minute

    Hila''s outfits are really horrendous...

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    Dolce LuxeIl y a 51 minute

    Omg that conversation about Bloomberg and the campaign donations was PAINNNNFULLL

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    Dakota ShuttIl y a 53 minutes

    The picture Trump tweeted was a black and white one that made it look worse but it’s not photoshopped

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    William WIl y a 53 minutes

    When Papa John was talking about tapes I thought he said that he hadn't heard the tape, but he doesn't need to because he was one of the ones on the call; also when he was talking about the tape you could find, he was talking about a talk he had at a university or at least I think. The video highlighting "the tape," comments was just edited very well to not show the context, I thought it was satire.

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    John AptedIl y a 53 minutes

    New interviewing technique my ass

  13. author

    jamesIl y a 53 minutes

    Ethan is an awful interviewer. Love papa tho

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    yoav kaloIl y a 55 minutes

    The subtitles at 37:41 still think he's saying the nword. Great job youtube 👍 At least this one didn't get demonetized.

  15. author

    Llama CommaIl y a 56 minutes

    Yes, Hila is extremely pretty, but can we talk about how handsome our boy Ethan is <3

  16. author

    WitheringVirusIl y a 58 minutes

    So pewdiepie won’t be coming on?

  17. author

    TateTWarIl y a 59 minutes

    Sonic’s actually doing real well box office wise. People love Sonic, man.

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    Upstairs KIl y a 59 minutes

    I love the podcast, especially when it's only ethan, hila and the backstage crew, but when it gets to interviews, ethan is incredibly annoying. Hila was on fire this episode with the questions, but everytime ethan has to butt in with his dumbass comments. And then the pizza eating mid-conversation. I mean come on, really? You get a once in a lifetime chance and don't even let the guy finish his sentences. Sorry for being so angry, but this happens everytime and ethan has to do something about this.

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    Rising storm 2Il y a 59 minutes

    let Ethan have his opinion, amber is ugly.

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    Daniel RobinsonIl y a heure

    just to say kitboga dose not go on the scammers pc they go on his virtual machine. honestly if you could get him on the show it would be a great show

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    Mojave MailmanIl y a heure

    Ethan: "I wanna know who's oven Papa is putting his pizza into" Someone in the back room: Laughs Hysterically. I love this show

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    AshleyIl y a heure

    Ethan is a hard-hitting journalist

  23. author

    DashaIl y a heure

    2:05:39 Dan is pronouncing name of a twitch streamer. can anyone write his nick? couldn't hear it

  24. author

    BronsonASMRIl y a heure

    You can tell on the photo of trump they turned up the saturation way up

  25. author

    BronsonASMRIl y a heure

    You can tell on the photo of trump they turned up the saturation way up

  26. author

    DunnbarIl y a heure

    In "America, Land of the Free", if you level up enough you can buy "President", a rare epic item. A champions belt. Used to be a grind and you'd have to win it at the annual tournament, but now it's just p2w and auctioned to the highest bidder.

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    RoyTheBoyIl y a heure

    When are you gonna post on your main channel

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    Сергей КауровIl y a heure

    mby better ask Papa to tell "Wow, Ethan great moves. Keep it up. Proud of you." for introduction?

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    LaurenIl y a heure


  30. author

    Kush OverLordIl y a heure

    I wish he learned from bill Burr and STFU

  31. author

    Sam MartinIl y a heure

    Personally, I loved the Papa episode in all aspects, its been a long time coming. a living legend. but I also just rly like this podcast

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    Brandon SutherlandIl y a heure

    People can criticize anything if they think about it enough. But they're all still watching so... But personaly I don't see why bother criticising.. I enjoy watching the show and I doubt I could do as good a job as Ethan anyway.

  33. author

    MathewIl y a heure

    Pappaaaa knows best

  34. author

    Anthony MIl y a heure

    It's kind of funny watching them critique someone else's fashion/style when they both dress like kids.

  35. author

    TITAN EPICIl y a heure

    The caption still says the n word when he played the clip

  36. author

    ISAAACIl y a heure

    I just ate like 5 slices of papa johns pizza it was so good holy fuck thank you papa

  37. author

    piknikkopiIl y a heure

    Does anyone know what laptop do they use?

  38. author

    420BlzEiTFgTIl y a heure

    Ethan = Aspergers

  39. author

    trashbuttIl y a heure

    im glad we have Dan. He's like the one talking for all of us and Ethan just gets super upset when he gets put into his place.. Ethan always has to be right until proven wrong. even when he is proven wrong he still thinks out of his ass. being a long time fan of the podcast i can say it has gone to shit. im shaking my head throughout this entire podcast.. i just miss it so im trying to power through it.

  40. author

    senaIl y a heure

    Ethan: I can't even imagine to be in that state of mind, to be so gullible. It's like you've really slipped mentally if you fall for that shit. My autistic ass who believes everything: :0

  41. author

    happycarmyIl y a heure

    hila looks so amazing

  42. author

    JacksonIl y a heure

    You are a great interviewer Ethan. And your method is one of a kind. Just sometimes you have to let people finish. Cause we haven’t heard everything you have heard. But hey dude. You rock

  43. author

    Angelika TorresIl y a heure

    Disappointed that you didn't get Papa to say "Wow Ethan, great moves. Keep it up, proud of you"

  44. author

    Richard MajorIl y a heure

    Get Kassem G as a guest. You can talk old FRreporter and Maker studios etc. Could be great!!!!

  45. author

    EL STINKOIl y a heure

    37:40 it still thinks he said the n word if you use autocaptions

  46. author

    Frida MembrenoIl y a heure


  47. author

    Stephanie DeLaHuntIl y a heure

    A dominoes ad played while watching. Iconic

  48. author

    krysIl y a heure

    Please invite Theo Von back! Your personalities work really well together

  49. author

    12apidxHDxGamerxIl y a heure

    Ethan you aren’t destined to be hated by your fans. You just shouldn’t interrupt your damn guests all the time!! It’s really annoying! Feel free to drive the conversation but know when to stfu and you don’t even have to shut up and listen because IM TRYING TO LISTEN ASS!

  50. author

    Starz HisokaIl y a heure

    The absolute worst thing you could do when you receive critisism is call it hate, I'm a big fan of H3H3 and follow everything they do, but that was a low point, Ethan.

  51. author

    Adina CohenIl y a heure

    I really enjoy this podcast and I do think Ethan has the right intentions for his interview style. I just think he needs to keep practicing. the questions were great but maybe the timing was not perfect.

  52. author

    ArbiterIl y a heure

    I think what this show needs is a shock collar on Ethan. Every time he says something stupid or starts singing or he just keeps going on and on with a dumb joke that wasn't funny to begin with, shock him. I feel it would make the show so much more watchable.

  53. author

    ricardo paganIl y a heure

    I see a lot of Bloomberg's ads all the way in Puerto Rico and we don't even get to vote. Like WTH

  54. author

    D MIl y a heure

    Get David Bond on the show

  55. author

    Clickbait CancerIl y a heure

    The people complaining about Ethans aggressive style don't realize that this isn't an interview or a podcast, it's an interrogation.

  56. author

    Mighty ClipsIl y a heure

    1:25:45 i would pay

  57. author

    hittingdabclappingcheeksIl y a heure

    Joe Rogan used to suck at interviewing people and is now one of the best. The skill of talking to people takes time to develop.

  58. author

    Philippe GauvinIl y a heure

    Ethan I think you should check out the louder with crowder show. They have a similar thing than what you guys are running. And i think they found great ways to express themselves freely. You should take pointers

  59. author

    KatelynIl y a heure

    please don't paywall your show i'm a poor bitch and i love it ://///

  60. author

    AshurIXIl y a heure

    The Bloomberg thing is only funny to people who have know ideas about meme culture and are completely out of touch with it

  61. author

    Ryan ShattoIl y a heure

    I love Ethan. I think his interview style is great because you get so many questions out there. But I would say, know when to stop pushing because you will get a Jim Rome and Chris moment.

  62. author

    HermogeonIl y a heure

    I thought it was fine that Ethan started with less serious interview questions to have a laugh. I don't think Papa was uncomfortable with the questions. If anything, it brought out the eager child in him. I think he enjoyed the questions. Even the movie-servicing questions

  63. author

    Robert LeBlancIl y a heure

    Glad Ethan threw out there the idea of Bernie having a cabinet position for Yang. I’ve always thought that too! That would be awesome. I have always supported Bernie but I have a lot of respect for what Yang campaign did and I think Yang brings a lot of great ideas to the table and he is just a really smart and genuine guy.

  64. author

    Nathan TIl y a heure

    I’m a big fan but I understand why people get mad a lot, some of your points are ridiculous

  65. author

    Carlos MontielIl y a heure

    Ethan does interviews as someone who goes to a new friends house and the first thing it does is opening the fridge, is weird for everyone but brakes the ice fast. Papa was uncomfortable at first but at the end, was answering how much money he made from the sale of his shares.

  66. author

    AlexIl y a heure

    Also, I think with interrupting, just let them finish their sentence first. A couple times you interrupted mid sentence and I think that comes off worse as a listener who wants to listen to the guest speak vs if you just wait til they finish their sentence

  67. author

    Kevin DadIl y a heure

    ive been hospitalized 3 times, most recent was 10 days back in jan of this year for trying to commit suicide. i suffer from aspd, bipolar, anxiety and depression ontop of that i'm about to move to 100mg on methadone because from 14 i self medicated with opiates that turned to IV heroin in the later years of it. i've od 100s of times but 3 of which i had to be narcanned. i've attempted several times but i just suck at it i guess.

  68. author

    SrelioGoIl y a heure

    KITBOGA DEFINATLEY GET HIM ON he deserve the awareness

  69. author

    SonicGirl4EverIl y a heure

    I got four Bloomberg ads during this podcast

  70. author

    Aldo HernandezIl y a heure

    1:29:07 is the best moment that has happened in the H3H3 history

  71. author

    BG LocetIl y a heure

    I like how Ethan jokes about 50% tax being bad but endorsed Bernie where it will be much much higher XD

  72. author

    Kevin MoralesIl y a heure

    What's wrong with salmon burritos? Wouldn't that technically be similar to a fish taco?

  73. author

    AlexIl y a heure

    Ethan you did a good job, you did interrupt a couple of times but it was a great podcast overall. You’re right, you have to cut to the chase cuz you have limited time and people have a tendency to go off tangent. Love your podcast and your guests.

  74. author

    KalidenzaIl y a heure

    Ignore the whiners and complainers!

  75. author

    Mehmet Akif ÇalışkanIl y a heure

    From Michelle Obama to Papa John. Is this an upgrade?

  76. author

    ZnoozeIl y a heure

    Am I the only one who watches H3's eyebrow movements?

  77. author

    Sara MACIl y a heure

    Twitter is full of “wildly irritational” behaviors & reactions

  78. author

    AlexanderIl y a heure

    Ethan, I'm glad you don't let comments bother you. You guys are H3 remember? You're supposed to be absurd from time to time. I enjoyed the Papa interview and I had no problem with the way you guys interviewed him! Keep doing what you're doing. It's your show, fuck the negative comments.

  79. author

    cbongiovaIl y a heure

    Can OK Bloomberg replace OK Boomer??

  80. author

    heekin777Il y a heure

    mad awkward fam

  81. author

    João Matos CostaIl y a heure

    In these podcasts you shouldnt be afraid to go on tangents. You were hesitant to see the Vin Diesel video but i´m glad you did, it was the funniest part of the whole podcast.

  82. author

    Maddie EIl y a heure

    Papa intro was so wholesome♥️

  83. author

    brittany stellfoxIl y a heure

    get post back on PLEASE

  84. author

    Mojave MailmanIl y a heure

    I've worked at a family owned pizza shop for 3 years, this has been very educational. Thank you Papa

  85. author

    Dracula WannaboogiedownIl y a heure

    Dude pewdiepie couldn’t make it ONLINE ? 🤨

  86. author

    casual ninjaIl y a heure

    Mamacitas Margarita Pizzaria

  87. author

    sarah griffinIl y a heure

    Get Jenna and Julian back on the pod!

  88. author

    R MIl y a heure

    Get IDubbbz back on the show from his videos the last year I feel he'd be like a different person to interview

  89. author

    Luis CoronaIl y a heure

    just man up and control your adhd ethan

  90. author

    Truth PrevailsIl y a heure

    Gotta work on interrupting your guests man let him talk! Take a min to ask your next question, I was just as excited as you but damn so many missed opportunities. Lost content. But great none the less.

  91. author

    ImSoAbellIl y a heure

    It’s not bad to do the aggressive interrupting thing, but it’s more about when to let the man speak and when to interrupt. It’s was too often in this episode. Ethan will get better at it.

  92. author

    OzzyIl y a heure

    im just surprised yall have never watched dr phil

  93. author

    datguy729Il y a heure

    Pewdiepie has been honeydicking this show for a year now

  94. author

    HelloTardisIl y a heure

    No one hates you Ethan. You were just interrupting a lot. It happens. Your fans can criticize you and still love you.

  95. author

    Outrundiamond 64Il y a 2 heures

    she is 100% bi polar

  96. author

    Ruiner WinklerIl y a 2 heures

    Asking papa if he gets kinky is hella interesting but not at the beginning of the interview. I support the "aggresive" style but i think you can try to structure it a bit better :)

  97. author

    Luis LopezIl y a 2 heures

    I haven't found any podcast that is as good as H3 any one have suggestions

  98. author

    Paloma ReneeIl y a 2 heures

    Dan: “I appreciate this new thing that you’re trying” Cuts to ad: women singing: “I found a new birth control with no hormones”. Seems fitting.

  99. author

    Dorks Save the WorldIl y a 2 heures

    How many times pewds gonna cancel on y’all

  100. author

    The Drunken SwedeIl y a 2 heures

    Thanks for making cleaning my appartment less painful. I got laid yesterday! Yeee!