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Cold WaterCold Water

Cold Water

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Park CityPark City

Park City

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Il y a 4 ans

Purpose Yule LogPurpose Yule Log

Purpose Yule Log

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Lake LifeLake Life

Lake Life

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I Really Like YouI Really Like You

I Really Like You

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The KeyThe Key

The Key

Il y a 6 ans

  1. author

    Mari SantosIl y a jour

    eu to destruída 😭 eu to tão orgulhosa dele por conseguir realizar esse sonho, ele merece toda felicidade do mundo 😔💜

  2. author

    ThalíaIl y a jour


  3. author

    ayush kumarIl y a jour

    Premium users here we meet again

  4. author

    Tans WalkerIl y a jour

    1:09 im gonna die, for 2 times.

  5. author

    Robert lwinsIl y a jour

    Why only show his duck where is his family members seems like they are not there only two months wife change him for worse than ever he learned how to tell lies

  6. author

    Uvika SrivastavaIl y a jour

    Really dude

  7. author

    CALON SARJANAIl y a jour

    Indonesia mana nih ? 🇲🇨 . yang Fans Sama Justin Bieber ❤😍👍

  8. author

    Putri WidyaIl y a jour

    Once a belieber always a belieber 💜 and I'm still here

  9. author

    Jamie LathamIl y a jour

    Fucking amazing omg

  10. author

    Bikash MajumderIl y a jour


  11. author

    Pickle PIl y a jour

    She always has that god dam phone in her hand It takes a few years to recover from addiction. Haley has she ever been a drug addict?

  12. author

    Sanjib kumar MachhaIl y a jour

    God bless you

  13. author

    Ashley MukuiIl y a jour

    Ah beautiful. Just beautiful!

  14. author

    emelyne bydIl y a jour

    He grow so fast :( I love them both 🥺

  15. author

    Michael ReconIl y a jour

    Congratulations Justin! The album is on repeat in my car and everytime I hear it , it grows more and more on me :)

  16. author

    Kristin ChavezIl y a jour

    When I started watching his documentary just crying like tears were shed I’m apparently proud of him Justin had came a long way since 2009 I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him and hailey

  17. author

    Mallory AlesnaIl y a jour

    AWESOME series! I am sad it’s over 😭 I wish they would do one on Hailey next, I could watch these two all day everyday ❤️❤️

  18. author

    zeid2000Il y a jour

    I only wish he expressed these raw and complex emotions in his album and music instead of releasing stuff like yummy. It would've been really nice to hear that.

  19. author

    Bethany HannaIl y a jour


  20. author

    Kaley nealIl y a jour

    This was such an amazing series. It’s so great to see Justin be raw and real with his life for the past years and to just show is what he’s been up to. He has really grown as a man and person and you can tell he is at a good place now. I love you and I’m so proud to see you back in action and bd happy at that ☺️💜👌🏾🤗

  21. author

    Vision ytIl y a jour

    Proud to be a belieber😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭 love you idol

  22. author

    Robert lwinsIl y a jour

    Why to share for publicity and attention we don't need to know your another lie unfaithful sex addict life.. Most thrash and boring fake couple in the world you are change for worst more than ever we can see in your eyes...where is your mother who supported you and help you so much from the beginning only showing your impulsive decision two months 🐍 wifey ..

  23. author

    Avi DasIl y a jour


  24. author

    Nunhlui ChhangteIl y a jour

    when ever I hear '1 less lonely girl' I thought of Selena 😭

  25. author

    Jada CodwellIl y a jour

    Why is Justin Bieber always bent over like an old man?!? Lmao

  26. author

    Celi AvalosIl y a jour

    What?is beatiful

  27. author

    Curls By Marisa GraceIl y a jour

    15:38 literally just made me cry😭😭 He looks so happy im so proud of him!! And hailey !! :) Theyre so beautiful together

  28. author

    Jay RokxstaIl y a jour

    Changes is spot on Good on you bro.

  29. author

    Ricco dedekIl y a jour

    Lose you to love me in two months you replaced us,😅😅

  30. author

    Elza SaradedyaIl y a jour

    I always support you from here, from year to year I still support you. I love u bieb😭😭😂😂

  31. author

    Kobe Bryant PHIl y a jour

    What exactly does ETA means?

  32. author

    carminji gamingIl y a jour

    9:15 shawn mendes :0

  33. author

    보미조아Il y a jour

    한국인 손

  34. author

    kevin argandoñaIl y a jour

    Te amamos hermano yo crecí con tus canciones desde los 12 años y ahora veo como creces y yo tmb lo hago como avanzamos intentando ser lo mejor de nosotros mismo fuerza te queremos y apoyamos mucho Bro tálvez nunca leas esto pero te deseo lo mejor de lo mejor

  35. author

    Evie 1234Il y a jour

    Ughhh gosh haven't they seen a wedding before who make seasons for wedding enough already

  36. author

    Sanjana BhartiIl y a jour

    I m big fan

  37. author

    brisa angellaIl y a jour


  38. author

    김민수Il y a jour

    결혼준비하는게 무미건조해보여.. 이 과정에서 헤일리가 혼자 준비했는데 집어치우고 바꾸자하니까 서운해보이고 ..

  39. author

    Jade LimaIl y a jour

    Amei vcs se merecem. Justin amo vc desde 2009 parabens garoto q odwia chocolate

  40. author

    aadil ansariIl y a jour

    Chal bhosdike....

  41. author

    Ana SilvaIl y a jour

    Y para cuando la traducción en español

  42. author

    Nevaeh GabbidonIl y a jour

    He’s so amazing I’m crying :’(

  43. author

    Celina DanielsIl y a jour

    I love how beautifully hailey knows what she needs to do as a wife for her husband.. wow I am happy that Justin got her as his wife.. and kinda learnt few tips for myself 😂

  44. author

    Game GameIl y a jour

    OMG usher

  45. author

    रामू जी चौहान स्टूडियोIl y a jour


  46. author

    Moatemjen PongenIl y a jour

    God bless both of you

  47. author

    Young DIl y a jour

    Imagine Justin and Selena are good and they make music together damn what a banger it would be

  48. author

    Game GameIl y a jour

    Trust God. Gbu

  49. author

    Mai Anh BuiIl y a jour

    Wish you were happy on your journey. I really appreciate all of this seasons it's really meaning to me

  50. author

    What’s Going on BeijingIl y a jour

    I'm really happy for you guys xoxo Love from Mongolia <3

  51. author

    Young DIl y a jour

    I feel like there's should be a S2 of this I love it!!!

  52. author

    Black StrawberriesIl y a jour

    Я теперь жду чтобы она забеременела от него ааа это так мило

  53. author

    Anne MacleodIl y a jour

    Have thoroughly enjoyed ‘Seasons’ ...thank you Justin and Hayley for revealing yourselves in such an open sincere and loving manner. Mental health is what we strive for, but mental ill-health is as common as anything. 💫 This should give people hope....take baby steps, surround yourself with loving family and friends, have faith, love what you do, and be happy with your 11 year old self!

  54. author

    Life of AmishaIl y a jour

    He’s grown up a lot I started crying seeing him cry he’s been through a lot and I know that I’ll be by his side no matter what #belieber

  55. author

    Winnie kansimweIl y a jour

    Congratulations ❤ 🇰🇪💓

  56. author

    Eva EvaIl y a jour


  57. author

    Katyaa ShanIl y a jour

    Gatau mau bilang apa wkwk

  58. author

    Najilahu WunnamIl y a jour

    This is really beautiful, I’m crying🥺🥺.

  59. author

    Karol-Ann HuneaultIl y a jour

    I love her

  60. author

    Rabbil I like it AliIl y a jour


  61. author

    Pickle PIl y a jour

    She is odd. The way she talks. Maybe she is just young

  62. author

    Nawal FatimaIl y a jour

    I couldn’t help my smile when He smiled at the end

  63. author

    tiktokIl y a jour

    Kok indonesia

  64. author

    Samarjeet CheemaIl y a jour

    i think every like smile when justin smile so smile by seeing at 15:38

  65. author

    Jhuvylyn MelgarIl y a jour


  66. author

    Celina DanielsIl y a jour

    This whole journey was very emotional finally seeing him grow into a man God destined him to be, is awesome I'm so happy justin ur in a better place have been praying for u and ur soul to be saved when I saw ur getting out of track.. its awesome to see you as a married Man u have grown up to be a good person and omg its awesome to grow with u we're same age and even I have a family I have a baby boy hope Lord blesses you soon with a baby too ♥️ God bless you and hailey Following ur journey since day 1 😋

  67. author

    Hoodie PeaceIl y a jour

    Selena Gomez... lucky from this buddy

  68. author

    Travel HereIl y a jour

    Justin Bieber is just like a real human! Suprised? No.

  69. author

    Jhuvylyn MelgarIl y a jour


  70. author

    Leonardo UngaroIl y a jour

    Dr. Bieber best song so far I've listened to 6

  71. author

    Samantha JeanIl y a jour

    This whole series was literally breathtaking. I couldn’t get enough. Him and Hailey give me hope that true love is still so alive. Just the pure raw emotion that was shown. You could feel the energy and felt so connected the whole time. Such a beautiful thing to watch🖤

  72. author

    Leonardo UngaroIl y a jour

    Thru molly for sure

  73. author

    Leonardo UngaroIl y a jour

    Ed Sheeran?

  74. author

    Dee JaaayIl y a jour

    Leeeets go!!! Good on you bro 😁 hope to see you tour New Zealand as well man, perfect getaway for you& yours 💯🇳🇿☀ respect 👍

  75. author

    suvera shaheenIl y a jour

    Love You JB Big Fan of yours You'll always will be my Most Favorite Artist You Really inspired People Who are Suffering from different things You give people Hope and Faith to trust the process and Live your life's every moment at it's best God Bless You Justin You're using your Gift For Serving God and Helping People ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  76. author

    Sahana MalikIl y a jour

    I'm in tears rn:")❤ 11 years and counting❤

  77. author

    Leonardo UngaroIl y a jour

    Church music

  78. author

    Samarjeet CheemaIl y a jour

    on 9:15 i see someone can you recognize him if you understand than gave like

  79. author

    Sweety YadavIl y a jour

    What a contagious smile Justin has.

  80. author

    Sam CobatIl y a jour

    This is really cool. He is now become a husband. I saw him when he was a kid and follow his journey. But this is the most incredible chapter of his life!

  81. author

    Chelsea BhatiaIl y a jour

    Shoot I cried so hard 😭😭😭 It's was emotional....jay beliebers will always be there for u 💜

  82. author

    honeybee12Il y a jour

    "IM CALLING MY MOM" bruh that is A whole MOOD

  83. author

    unboundtwister 23Il y a jour

    Love the change god is good!

  84. author

    Nadia FryksellIl y a jour

    Love yooou!! ❤️❤️❤️

  85. author

    SAMMY CHOZAHIl y a jour


  86. author

    solay _o10Il y a jour


  87. author

    Ina Real MeIl y a jour

    Don't make me crying, plissss....😭

  88. author

    K AotearoaIl y a jour

    i think Heiley was already well aware and how to handle of every situations since she was baby due to her parents, so she can handle much more than other girls that became famous or don't know much about being in the spot light all the time... So Justin did choose the right person

  89. author

    virgi fpIl y a jour

    Kau tau bratt p and a jolie😂

  90. author

    NeykoIl y a jour

    Good Night Mr Stax 😍

  91. author

    Elif D.Il y a jour

    Why no subtitle???

  92. author

    Barry PascuaIl y a jour

    Congrats both of you! 😘💕

  93. author

    Dev ShahIl y a jour

    Justin if you're seeing this then I just wanna say that this documentary was very touching. I hope Season 2 ASAP

  94. author

    Sebastiàn TaboadaIl y a jour

    Sub spanish plsssss

  95. author

    YUSSIF RIDWANIl y a jour

    Justin Bieber I'm saying this on behalf of all the beliebers. We love you we are proud of you we wish you and Hailey the best in your lives. Thank you for being such an inspiration❤

  96. author

    Jayas PatilIl y a jour


  97. author

    Indian CitizenIl y a jour

    Happy marriage life justin bieber 😘😘😘 love you from India🇮🇳

  98. author

    Mace windus hairy nutsIl y a jour

    Glad to see my guy clever has finally made it

  99. author

    Priya ChoudharyIl y a jour


  100. author

    Saint NtbIl y a jour

    Billie literally love him more than life itself 🤣🤣❤️