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Unus Annus
Unus Annus

What would you do if you only had a year left to live? Would you squander the time you were given? Or would you make every second count?
Welcome to Unus Annus. In exactly 365 days this channel will be deleted along with all of the daily uploads accumulated since then. Nothing will be saved. Nothing will be reuploaded.
This is your one chance to join us at the onset of our adventure. To be there from the beginning. To make every second count. Subscribe now and relish what little time we have left or have the choice made for you as we disappear from existence forever. But remember... everything has an end. Even you.
Memento mori.
Unus annus.

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  1. author

    fuego takis?Il y a jour

    I rate ethan a 7,5/10 comes with the personality

  2. author

    Lady LyricistHDIl y a jour

    When Ethan was doing the music! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🥰

  3. author

    john wickIl y a jour

    5:13 why does mark have a big ass scar

  4. author

    slenderman 10Il y a jour


  5. author

    FalloutIl y a jour

    There's always a helicopter flying over Mark's house. Scary.

  6. author

    Jack BarronIl y a jour

    Truly, a father son relationship that is evolving over time. XD Which also has a rivalry between the 2... what the hell is coming in a several months?? XD

  7. author

    Kierra PomaiboIl y a jour

    I keep rewatching the last part and it never gets less funny

  8. author

    GoldenNinjaIl y a jour

    Dude literally punched a fucking hole in a wall for entertainment... *That's dedication right there*

  9. author

    The QueenIl y a jour

    Granddaddy Mark be sounding like The Colonel lmao

  10. author

    Rogue AzazelIl y a jour

    When you watch this channel before and after surgery

  11. author

    WillFulForzaIl y a jour

    The end was so funny

  12. author

    XontiX SwitchIl y a jour

    to show you the power of flex seal I sawed this boat in half

  13. author

    Rivers woodIl y a jour

    is this buzzfeed unsolved?

  14. author

    Reagan PatersonIl y a jour

    In this episode of Unus Annus: Ethan and Mark become boomers!

  15. author

    raystrife234Il y a jour

    Ethan- ur average american granpa Mark- Alzheimers victim

  16. author

    Jacob MitchellIl y a jour

    Make a live stream on the last day of you ending the channel

  17. author

    AidentSnyderIl y a jour

    It’s a leap year which means we get an extra episode of Unus Annus 😩

  18. author

    Danger NoodleIl y a jour


  19. author

    travis lovettIl y a jour

    marks an ego maniac

  20. author

    Shrinky DinkyIl y a jour

    I don’t know why but this is the funniest shit I have apparently ever fucking seen

  21. author

    -The Knight Of Lego-Il y a jour

    My grandpa may or may not have dementia. We don’t know yet.

  22. author


    ???? 1:08 ??? ??

  23. author

    Logan RuddickIl y a jour

    Ethan:the scent is in my eyes!! Mark:dOnT lOoK aT iT

  24. author

    W R A I T HIl y a jour

    Me: God Dammit Grandpa Fischbach your walker fell in the pool. Old Man Mark: Aww Fuck it I'll Get in. .-. Me: Looks at him using the walker under water. XDDDDDD

  25. author

    Elli The AvocadoIl y a jour

    Ethan: I haven’t measured myself in a long time Ethan’s fangirls: PROOF ETHAN HAS A MASSIVE PEEN *swoons*

  26. author

    Production 360Il y a jour

    Hey you here how Ethan laughs at 4:07 it sounds like some kind of pump 😂😂😂😂

  27. author

    demonofthefullmoonIl y a jour

    that part with Lixian almost made me spit out my tea!

  28. author

    fuego takis?Il y a jour

    This is what its like to me drunk?

  29. author

    DARK JEDSIl y a jour

    Damn what a deal.

  30. author

    Entermemehere *Il y a jour

    Mark: Are you sure that animal was not a human? Ethan: yes.... it was a squirrel..... Also Ethan: *Looks away in disappointment that it wasn’t a human*

  31. author

    Erica EvoyIl y a jour

    Can she please just tell them what a ball change is? That would’ve made this a million times easier 😂

  32. author

    Elli The AvocadoIl y a jour

    I was born a female and I’m almost 6’ 😎take that biggo boyos

  33. author

    Ieva ZuriukasIl y a jour

    The ''kiss'' was everything. This video just made me crack up.

  34. author

    Nakayla ThomasIl y a jour

    Ethan's phone call at the end had me in tears!! 😂😂

  35. author

    Sydney HarrellIl y a jour

    Mark: look deep into my eyes The car for no particular reason: BoUnCe bOuNCe bOUnCe

  36. author

    Focus DedmemesIl y a jour

    "If it's not in pounds, it's worth nothing" That's either the most American or English thing i've ever heard

  37. author

    Jay LeeIl y a jour

    The tube thing would not work, fyi

  38. author

    NoBodyIl y a jour

    Dammm she THICCCCCCC! big titties and everything like dammmmm girl

  39. author

    Julia MayIl y a jour

    9:25 woah, was that a "Dolly zoom"? (that's when you get the camera closer to the subject while you zoom out, making the background look weird). That's so cool :)

  40. author

    Lt. RobinIl y a jour

    11:49 *Grandpa's Vietnam Flashbacks*

  41. author

    ZythaIl y a jour

    It will be off the internet *Mark you underestimate our power*

  42. author

    Ash MaxIl y a jour

    I so stiff

  43. author

    Production 360Il y a jour

    I think the a.i just created a bunch a fan fictions for many people’s desires

  44. author

    The SchwagIl y a jour

    I'm not eating bugs.

  45. author

    Nightmare WolfIl y a jour


  46. author

    staple faceIl y a jour

    Ethan is a famous dancer in some parallel universe

  47. author

    ZythaIl y a jour


  48. author

    Alien_pixelsIl y a jour

    Mark pulled a Harold bishop at the end there

  49. author

    Iri is GodIl y a jour

    Ethan: *questioning Mark about his puibess* Me: ''Aight, Imma head out.''

  50. author

    BadgerManuIl y a jour

    I am pretty sure at 3:50 that this is the vest that Mark used to wear in A heist with Markiplier

  51. author

    risefromtheembersIl y a jour

    "I like that, it's like Uber!" Yeah, I though of it more as being walked home lol

  52. author

    KyaCeption KyaIl y a jour

    I fucking knew one of them was gonna end in the pool xDD

  53. author

    Mr. SpringioIl y a jour

    ⏳Unus Annus⏳

  54. author

    Kane FosterIl y a jour

    I actually do this as a hobby job. Please, don't try this at home if this video is all you've seen of it. But you can find plenty of actual tutorials on how to life cast

  55. author

    Dilan The PickleIl y a jour

    When they deepen the voices Ethan sounds exactly like Mark and Mark sounds exactly like a DEMON

  56. author

    SophiaIl y a jour

    Anyone knows the song of Ethans death speech haha?

  57. author

    Mr. SpringioIl y a jour

    ⏳Unus Annus⏳

  58. author

    Depression BoyIl y a jour

    12:00 mark turns into a cardboard cutout

  59. author

    Stuff and ThingsIl y a jour

    Unus annus is just cursed try guys

  60. author

    Otaku SinIl y a jour

    Ethan almost looks like muman rider from one punch man

  61. author

    3milio gmIl y a jour

    Is that the bite of 87??

  62. author

    Dan SteerIl y a jour

    ethan gives me dr seuss vibes

  63. author

    Just Playz 1.0Il y a jour

    This is me if I get depress, which I am right now...

  64. author

    S!ckoIl y a jour

    I just love how Ethan makes a salt circle around himself XDDDD He's really afraid of gettin haunted LMAO

  65. author

    Colm McCluskeyIl y a jour

    What song is that

  66. author

    DahamsterbroIl y a jour

    Ethan charming the nice lady brings me joy

  67. author

    CLAUDIA;-;Il y a jour

    The amout of sex, gay, and kinky jokes in, i dont even know how many videos they made isnt helping the fact that they arent gay, ITS MAKING THEM LOOK MORE GAY THAT THEY SHOULD!!!!! no offense guys

  68. author

    fuego takis?Il y a jour

    Mark wouldn’t like me... i have adhd and im worse than ethan especially at school...

  69. author

    RainbowTurtleableIl y a jour


  70. author

    Shauna DingmanIl y a jour

    We're hitting 299 days left today and I'm very upset about it.

  71. author

    Aydon GrantIl y a jour

    There. I subscribed. I better be the tenthousandth million applier to the subscribe button!

  72. author

    Production 360Il y a jour

    I though Ethan had a banana on his finger I said 😦😧😟 ... wait what ???

  73. author

    Lizzie SmithIl y a jour

    Ethan - "it's in my eyes" Mark - "don't look at it" 😭😂😂 I like how the whole video in warped now

  74. author

    thomas featherstoneIl y a jour

    I can't stop imagining if they forgot about the pins in the bottom of marks feet and then mark stands up

  75. author

    NanosuitDemise 95Il y a jour

    Ethan: “I’m a real man’s man!” Mark: “Ethan” Ethan: *Turns Not Expecting A Thing* Mark: “Get on your knees” Ethan: *Most Audible Gasp Ever* Ethan: “Why?” Mark: “I’m ten feet away, you have safety glasses, and were outside” Ethan: “Mark” Mark: “Today’s the day” Ethan: “Mark” Mark: “Today’s the day”

  76. author

    Glitch 6165Il y a jour

    If old mark and old Ethan met they would be an iconic duo

  77. author

    DarthVircIl y a jour

    For future reference. Air mattress blower.

  78. author

    Victoria Luna BungartIl y a jour

    Okay, they are actually trying to kill themselves on this channel

  79. author

    ShkeletonsIl y a jour

    Has anyone noticed that Unus Annus means remember death,One year

  80. author

    LittleJabber - PPHDIl y a jour

    imagine just chilling in a target and suddenly you see markiplier and crankgameplays doing their weird shit. It would be wild like " hey those guys look famili- WAIT."

  81. author

    Chesca HemwinIl y a jour

    Did they just call loft house cookies disgusting-

  82. author

    Amber LynnIl y a jour

    I laughed so hard I caused myself to tear up. Holy shit, this was the best.

  83. author

    MysticEyeIl y a jour

    Anyone else get genuinely nervous when they saw mark go in the pool? Like, you know nothing bads going to happen, they wouldn't post it otherwise, but, the idea of being in a pool, that goes deeper (in the deep end) than he is tall with weights on... Scary.

  84. author

    AmandaIl y a jour

    what the fuck is this video

  85. author

    Amanda BoggsIl y a jour

    To fix the dent just get boiling hot water put over the dent take a plunger and basically plunge the dent as quick as you can till it’s fixed and the glass... sorry dude I got nothing besides vacuum

  86. author

    Diamond RainbowzIl y a jour

    I'm in a construction class as of now, and I'm getting pretty nervous during this entire thing because of safety reasons. I feel like I'm more of a man than Ethan, and I'm a sophomore in High school, and I'm a girl.

  87. author

    Lydia Skinner-NobleIl y a jour

    Ethan "I think this is funny"

  88. author

    WannabeIl y a jour

    When the ramon started moving I thought I trippin ballz then the video furthered and I knew...I was trippin ballz

  89. author

    Katelyn WallaceIl y a jour

    they tried to deprive their senses, but only demons would respond who know that sensory overload would slip them into the beyond?

  90. author

    Elliot ToastIl y a jour

    This channel is just Mark and Ethan playing pretend lol

  91. author

    Raging CanadianIl y a jour

    Ethan should’ve said he was going to delete a heist w/ mark but delete some other vid just to cause rage and chaos

  92. author

    Laylah PascualIl y a jour

    why is mark dressed like my grandpa 😂

  93. author

    Yeah, it's GenesisIl y a jour

    Ethan: I'll teach you a thing or two about going on a date... tappin' some ass, HM? *Simultaneously the coolest but most disturbing grandpa ever*

  94. author

    Yecenia TamezIl y a jour

    When Ethan dance to Amy why did he look like the Grinch!?!?!

  95. author

    Khanate of the Golden HordeIl y a jour

    I want to be one of those old men who's still in pretty good shape, but is still sassy and doesn't give a shit. lol

  96. author

    TheRealCondorGamingIl y a jour

    Last year in around April, my neighbor passed away from cancer, he dealt with cancer like maybe 3 times before, I saw him like my grandfather because I grew up with them next door, I was really upset for about maybe a month, I'm still sad about it but I have come to so called somewhat terms about it. The worse part is that I never got to say goodbye, I had the chances and I thought I would have more time but I didn't, he was gone in about a week.

  97. author

    isaiah downeyIl y a jour

    the funny thing is my great grandpa 85 is almost completely healthy

  98. author

    Esperanza NajeraIl y a jour

    I cant see a thing bitch was the best thing to come out of this video

  99. author

    ShineBllackStarDraw ShimmerIl y a jour

    and this is how the Super Mario sound effects became real

  100. author

    fouoii gyhhIl y a jour

    Dementors don’t breed they just come into existence when there is more sorrow in the world