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  1. author

    STORMIl y a jour

    They got dope or nope?! They got cranky? THEY EVEN GO M8p8 ! :’D

  2. author

    BloobidyIl y a jour

    Jaxon was having a g-r-e-a-t time 😂 Not really 😂

  3. author

    Every 6 subscribers I will drink Pure lemon juiceIl y a jour

    👌🏼got em

  4. author

    janne nguyenIl y a jour

    The girl that said ramen is doesn’t help the fact that I’m Asian to

  5. author

    typical nadjaIl y a jour

    0:47 *gasp* is it Will!!! WILL COME IN HERE YOOO 🥺❤️

  6. author

    Minh Anh NguyenIl y a jour

    0:21 that ,,ok" from jaxon sounded so german

  7. author

    tom bulisIl y a jour

    AAAAAAND i found the mistake of this episode

  8. author

    J MartinIl y a jour

    Can someone fix the captions? There's an announcement about moving the Laugh challenges to the Try Not To Channel, but it doesn't seem to be in the video. The captions still show it, though and it throws the captions off track for the rest of the video? Thanks!

  9. author

    jusedeafIl y a jour

    BIG WRONG GANG STYLE ... MUST 1 leg and 2 leg and two times leg again ... hands is okay

  10. author

    Saeed AlshehriIl y a jour

    5:55 Italian chef has left the chat!

  11. author

    Dawn O'NeillIl y a jour

    Aww big hugs Tom 💙

  12. author

    maggie murtazaIl y a jour


  13. author

    Heart BriIl y a jour

    I think the blonde haired no makeup parent was the best and like her daughter said “up until now”

  14. author

    Aman rajputIl y a jour

    Dimash kudaibergen reaction plz

  15. author

    Aman rajputIl y a jour

    Plzz react on dimash kudaibergen 😍 😍

  16. author

    Jades VicenteIl y a jour

    Imagine dying with food in your stomach you poop when your dead 😵😵👽👽💀

  17. author

    Ayman HabibIl y a jour

    Try to react to a video called 'zain Ramadan ' trust me you won't regret

  18. author

    PinkyBearIl y a jour

    That was hilarious when some of them were trying to figure out how much the Wendy's Gift Card was. xD

  19. author

    stesha sukeshIl y a jour

    Watching their self control crumble is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. author

    Brodie NottleIl y a jour

    I am shitting myself laughing at Jackson and his mum

  21. author

    Cheyenne 123Il y a jour

    All these comments from 12 min ago and this video came out 10 FREKIN MONTHS AGO!

  22. author

    furyfox2.0 #RANDOMIl y a jour

    How funny I made pancakes and eggs in a girl cheese maker today hahaha

  23. author

    cherryglooIl y a jour

    was this on anyone else’s recommend lol

  24. author

    cherryglooIl y a jour


  25. author

    chrisIl y a jour

    i see everyone is getting this recommended to them now

  26. author

    Ryleigh GarrIl y a jour

    My last words Would be: YEET,BYE SEE YOU ON THe OTHEr SIDE

  27. author

    kurosakii89Il y a jour

    Chelsea UwU.

  28. author

    manager-nimIl y a jour

    Meh these aren't funny

  29. author

    Skyler ThurmondIl y a jour

    Same I have a lot of style but I'm super introverted

  30. author

    Trinitee SmithIl y a jour

    Molly was great

  31. author

    Theoutcast KidIl y a jour

    Ok what was in the box and how much was the gift card for? It shall burn within me like a UTI until I know the answer lol

  32. author

    Gabriela CoutinhoIl y a jour

    This alpaca is the cutest thing ever

  33. author

    CalW95 :DIl y a jour

    STOP blaming their actions on their childhood....maybe they are just PSYCHOPATHS

  34. author

    Dj EmjayIl y a jour

    Lucas ist the best

  35. author

    VerxyIl y a jour

    Alpaca out here with a fresh cut... haha, looks better than me....

  36. author

    Something’bout Money smels like LoveIl y a jour

    12:46 that was painfull to watch

  37. author

    SinisterAffectionGamesIl y a jour

    Jonathan's excitement over winning was so adorable. 😂

  38. author

    Brody HahnIl y a jour

    8:06 hohojouoooohohh

  39. author

    Faris Channel TVIl y a jour

    hi tom and mikaela !!!!

  40. author

    kurosakii89Il y a jour

    You watch alot of internet stuff, thats why. :) 1:44.

  41. author

    Lucas TellesIl y a jour

    Shit I got baited

  42. author

    Bhumika ChhetriIl y a jour


  43. author

    Quacking WeeabsIl y a jour

    My last food would be doritos

  44. author

    Salvador MIl y a jour

    Okay when my science teachers didn’t wanna teach we watched Bill Nye 😀😂

  45. author

    The Randomest moeIl y a jour

    When both of them "OOoOh!" ed it was so cute

  46. author

    carlos henriquezIl y a jour

    Try not to eat Regular show foods pls

  47. author

    The Randomest moeIl y a jour

    Cant deny the necklace is stylish

  48. author

    Joy BIl y a jour

    No one gets points because nobody said “is this the magic sckoo bus”

  49. author

    Studded_ HpankypoIl y a jour

    Lucas is hurting me

  50. author

    MOR the crazy guyIl y a jour

    you should let them watch this video:

  51. author

    MOR the crazy guyIl y a jour

    could you show them this video:

  52. author

    aria hernandezIl y a jour

    jaxon needs to take a cp

  53. author

    Busraa NiffoIl y a jour

    Another one!

  54. author

    Bangtan PotatoIl y a jour

    WHO ARE THE NEW EDITORS??? The effects are so great!

  55. author

    Josephine GreenspunIl y a jour

    on the twerk Lukas yelled twerk and then had seizure lol

  56. author

    DOPEITSALEXIl y a jour

    How do y’all not know what Pepper Ann is?!?

  57. author

    TeemoIl y a jour

    Play terraria pls

  58. author

    Stell CIl y a jour

    Jaxon is “that kid”

  59. author

    Nick MIl y a jour

    I just shant my pants.

  60. author

    rochelimit's hangoutIl y a jour

    Why do tiny hands make me laugh?

  61. author

    Dylan MarrIl y a jour

    I love Rosanna so much, she's my favorite youtuber, personality wise

  62. author

    mustafa al falahiIl y a jour

    Jaxon was absolutely disgusted

  63. author

    Bangtan PotatoIl y a jour

    It's one of *RJ's family* _Isabella the Alpaca_

  64. author

    Alan PaglinawanIl y a jour

    Dreamworks food!!

  65. author

    FAYC_FAYCIl y a jour

    Tori’s contact name for Eric is so cute 🥰, I’m sad they broke up 😞

  66. author

    Rai ManaloIl y a jour


  67. author

    YoubringIl y a jour

    why is she keep saying hash............ brown its hashbrown

  68. author

    Rocco DiFrusciaIl y a jour

    Where are my griffindors

  69. author

    Jacinta _BessonIl y a jour

    Sour crop is actually pretty good, in the Netherlands we eat it in the winter

  70. author

    h zahra2001Il y a jour

    This kids don't know what good music is 🤦‍♀️

  71. author

    Mitchell WRAGGE-KELLYIl y a jour

    Try not to sing DAgames songs plz

  72. author

    MilidikIl y a jour

    React to Eminem - Godzilla

  73. author

    Rhonda AlexanderIl y a jour

    Don Sr sucks at these. Lol.

  74. author

    Janel LeonardIl y a jour

    The editing was awesome for this video 👌🏾

  75. author

    BrothersgamingGolizadeh GoolizadehIl y a jour

    My favorite guy is tom

  76. author

    white T poisonIl y a jour


  77. author

    Michael Leonard SIl y a jour

    It should be called matpat being a nerd

  78. author

    Candy MayhemIl y a jour

    I really wanted ro and mat to be seated together

  79. author

    MartinaIl y a jour

    13:05 I swear I’m in love with her

  80. author

    N1inxx_シIl y a jour

    Gifting my next 20 subs *gifting a AirPod case that is Spider-Man,plusheen,tinkibell,superman,marvels and Wonder Woman. Hurry up,If I don’t get 20 subs in 2 more weeks I’ll cancel my gifting

  81. author

    Kabiswa CharlesIl y a jour

    It's to funny maybe because am young 9

  82. author

    A PotatoIl y a jour

    The real loser was us cuz we didn't get to touch any of it

  83. author

    Maro GottoIl y a jour

    jaxon and his mom are so hillarious. i love their mom and son relationship

  84. author

    Xx_chipotle_xXIl y a jour

    Ok I've tried the tacos before. Bruh there so good.

  85. author

    5am50nIl y a jour

    sometimes i feel like they are just paid to laugh smh

  86. author

    Coffy Jellee LiIl y a jour


  87. author

    Rhonda AlexanderIl y a jour

    Y'all could've gave Ted the squishie as his winning drink, since you know he doesn't drink alcohol.

  88. author

    David RudolphIl y a jour

    Ravenclaw :3 :3 :3

  89. author

    Ashau_132 !!!Il y a jour

    Who else is so hungry

  90. author

    MAKEOUTHILL_300Il y a jour

    2:19 Why does Jonathan sounds like Chris form Family Guy

  91. author

    Izzy Loya WayIl y a jour

    im laughing when someone edits the wttbp with memes

  92. author

    TyronnosaurusIl y a jour

    I feel like Enza is that type of mom that tries to embarrass their child but embarrassing themselves instead

  93. author

    Tess McKayIl y a jour

    6:22 my actual nickname in high school. Hit me where it hurts React.

  94. author

    Messed Up HinaIl y a jour

    Just let her touch the alpaca!

  95. author

    Reese CupsIl y a jour

    Stop flexing Lucas :D

  96. author

    Stoopy DippyIl y a jour


  97. author

    Nikhat AfsarIl y a jour

    Please please react to Eminem's Godzilla......

  98. author

    Azucar MartinsIl y a jour

    Do teens play dead by daylight pls ;-;

  99. author

    Shelly NinjaIl y a jour

    React To Brawl Stars

  100. author

    Andrew Coleman-BrewerIl y a jour

    Why does Tom’s impression of Shrek sound like Jon Snow?