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Try Not To FailTry Not To Fail

Try Not To Fail

Il y a 2 mois

  1. author

    Fareez HasinIl y a minute

    Suggestion for the wrong lyric : 1) the new wrong lyric should be logical/continuous to the previous lyric. 2) the need to sing it in tune with the song.

  2. author

    drippintearsIl y a 6 minutes

    Lil Nas - Old Town Road

  3. author

    Livv n Grace L and GIl y a 7 minutes

    My recents 😂🤦🏼‍♀️🌹👌🤷‍♀️♐️💕😭🤞👈🤗👏💫🤤💥⚪️💜⛈❤️😶🙄🥵🌈☄️🤬✨🤭😓🌪😈🖕

  4. author

    Sopee ZoldyckIl y a 9 minutes


  5. author

    flat out superIl y a 12 minutes

    Old town road lil nas

  6. author

    PYN MatthewIl y a 14 minutes


  7. author

    Loreen HaddadIl y a 14 minutes

    THIS WAS SO FUN TO WATCH OMG thank u for including people that speak arabic <3

  8. author

    Alyssa FuIl y a 24 minutes

    😤✅🤷🏻‍♀️🤦‍♀️😪💗😂👌🏻🐾😔👋😣🤡✊😐📈❤️😋💜🤚😌💀😡🌳😭🥝👌👇🤪😊 are my recent emojis

  9. author

    pornessian parrapio YouIl y a 26 minutes

    My emojis 🐜😡

  10. author

    Ruben VillanuevaIl y a 27 minutes

  11. author

    cake popIl y a 27 minutes


  12. author

    EyebolitzIl y a 31 minute

    This would be funnier if you told us the real quote before they guess it right

  13. author

    Mursal OmarIl y a 32 minutes

    My recent emojis: 💜😵😂😡🍉😊😲😜😋😭😆😓❤️🐵♎️🙁😎😪😧💩🙋😢😇😰😍🤑😤🤣😥💙

  14. author

    Curlyhead SaadiaaaIl y a 35 minutes

    old town road by- lil nas x

  15. author

    Bernadeth AquinoIl y a 35 minutes

    It's either I'm really bad with Spanish and Tagalog or they just don't make sense at all with Google Translate smh hahaha

  16. author

    xEllenLynchxIl y a 36 minutes

    my recent emojis are 😂🦋🤪🌴🌦😇🦴🤗💓🤩😐🎂🌊⚡️🌤🤦‍♀️😋😖🍗🌭☀️👑🐠🤷‍♀️🍒🐥💋😎😶🥺

  17. author

    K-12 Melanie J.CIl y a 36 minutes

    * 9:48 ..( signaling the records plans after they leave the girl at her casa) ..*

  18. author

    AzizulfikriIl y a 40 minutes

    Christy was definitely a crush when growing up. It’s nice to see she’s doing well after all this time

  19. author

    Camden DisneyIl y a 42 minutes


  20. author

    Magic MagicoIl y a 44 minutes

    Suggestion: For the "wrong lyric", the words should be sung in the same melodies. You know, change the lyric, not the melody.

  21. author

    Mmauludi PutraIl y a 45 minutes

    My recent emojis are ✌️👍🦇😂🥑😭😶❤️😗😐😾🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️👻👌🏻🐍🐺🤢🏳️‍🌈

  22. author

    Tegan HerholdtIl y a 46 minutes

    Lil naz oldtown road

  23. author

    Shaylie LadleyIl y a 47 minutes

    Ù put to much Vaginette on the toast

  24. author

    Abbie JacksonIl y a 49 minutes

    Lil nas and billy ray crus Old town Road

  25. author

    Flowara Kumar UwUIl y a 52 minutes

    My recent 🤞👌👉🌸🍑(≡^∇^≡)v✌🏻♍💢💖💗💓💞💕❣💔❤

  26. author

    Abbie JacksonIl y a 53 minutes

    Old time Road

  27. author

    Abbie JacksonIl y a 53 minutes


  28. author

    YourmomahoeIl y a 54 minutes

    Why is this girl always wearing black tank tops?

  29. author

    Anna xoxoIl y a 55 minutes

    🌝🥳😬👄💀👀😂🥴🙆‍♀️😣😶🐢🙄🤷🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️❤️😯😍💁‍♀️👁😡😌🤪😩😚😑👋🏻😔🔥🍵-> my recent emojis

  30. author

    Tenia BengtsonIl y a 55 minutes

    I remember watching MyMusic forever ago and it’s awesome to see you guys go back and touch on it again. Honestly legendary, much love y’all ☺️

  31. author

    rex uyIl y a 57 minutes

    Of course the asian will eat everything, we even eat duck embryo, human fetus and even your granny for the sake of money 😂😂😂

  32. author

    Jami OrtunoIl y a 57 minutes

    Old town road by lil nas and billy ray cyrus

  33. author

    Angel D365Il y a 57 minutes

    Oh wow! And I use emojis a lot haha! Hahaha! Plus I love this game on this channel! It's my fav! I love *do they know it?*

  34. author

    Faith MccormickIl y a 59 minutes

    Old town road by lil nas and billy Ray Cyrus

  35. author

    Almoutasim AlhabsiIl y a 59 minutes

    do a lana del ray new album reaction

  36. author

    Jackey XM8Il y a heure

    its sad how few people don't know your supose to blow out the flaming shot right before you drink it

  37. author

    Adeline AmeliaIl y a heure

    Marvel and Sony worked it out and Spider-Man is now back in the mcu

  38. author

    Sylveon The furryIl y a heure

    My recent emojis 🐴➰⬛️👍◽️❌❤️🌸✋🏻◾️🌺👁‍🗨😊👌🏻🤘🏻🌼🌹⏳🐶➿🤞🏻👋🎉🌛👍🏻⬜️🤜🏻😭⚜️🌜

  39. author

    Aina Ali ShahIl y a heure

    the arabic written the other way

  40. author

    SuicideBunny6Il y a heure

    Cool I didn't know Josie and Carol were Filipino too!

  41. author

    Astrid CasianoIl y a heure

    So how is it that “with great power comes great responsability” google translated to “ el trabajo es muy talentoso” or for a direct translation “the work is very talented” 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  42. author


    When you pass a test 2:46

  43. author

    xburn315xIl y a heure

    I would have put the nacho hat on my head and sang the song!

  44. author

    Xine DIl y a heure

    Can't believe she's the one from Cadet Kelly!!! <3

  45. author

    Mallory KempIl y a heure

    "of course he doesn't, he has a shamrock on his forehead" damn i legit laughed at that 😂

  46. author

    Isabelle The DoggoIl y a heure

    My recents: 😂👌🤗💗💘😰👏🏼💚😢❣️👀😲❤️💖💕💝👉🏼🤔💟🧡💞💓🖐🏼🍑💜💙💛👸😅💦

  47. author

    Angel D365Il y a heure

    Awww this is awesome! I love ya Christy! She's awesome! Even more awesome that she voices Kim possible and got to play Poppy Blu in the live action movie!!

  48. author

    LTU PRODigyIl y a heure

    😂🎪😭☹️🥳💔🔥💛🤮🚬🏀💕👌💻💜😘😊💚📱😢🎒💤🤡🧡👋😐❤️🖖🏽👇🏽😣 my recents

  49. author

    TigrisIl y a heure

    I would eat the crickets, the spiders look like they're chocolate covered so.....

  50. author

    Lucy ChapmanIl y a heure

    My recents 😂🖕🤬❤️🎳💩😡🥺😪😬👾🤧😣🤒😘♥️🥰🥵🐷😮👋😱🐽☀️🤠👏💕😕😃✌️

  51. author

    DoomWishMakerIl y a heure

    6:27 No. Minecraft is.

  52. author

    Kayla SimsIl y a heure

    I got I don’t care and that’s it lol

  53. author

    Natalia RosalesIl y a heure

    old town road by lil nas x ft billy ray cyrus

  54. author

    Mark ChristensenIl y a heure

    I thought it was funny how many jumped at the moth. XD My curious nature makes me wonder who was in the SpongeBob costume, though. I know it was at least two people (not at the same time, of course). XD

  55. author

    epicsamurai5Il y a heure

    Eric and I think alike. “What’s New Pussycat?”

  56. author

    Visit NepalIl y a heure

    My recent emojis areಠ◡ಠಠ_ಠಠᴥಠ[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡ಠ_ಠ)̲̅$̲̅]

  57. author

    블링크hohoIl y a heure

    Tagalog was super not accurate

  58. author

    Jeffrey TsaoIl y a heure

    Do a try not to laugh with the mouth full of water

  59. author

    Avebella Vigil-DunnIl y a heure

    What if a 5 old is watching this

  60. author

    Mia PedersenIl y a heure

    2:46 when i win an argument

  61. author

    Felly MaeIl y a heure

    The Tagalog ones doesn't make sense XD

  62. author

    Zannia OjibeIl y a heure

    Google translate is not the best when it comes to Spanish lol

  63. author

    S MIl y a heure

    Recents: *nothing*

  64. author

    Jasper KellyIl y a heure

    I like how some of the parents were proud to say it was an eggplant

  65. author

    aleatha shawIl y a heure

    I just saw vivica on dub video now she here😭

  66. author

    Daniel FrancoIl y a heure

    “Hay cosas que el dinero no puede comprar, para todo lo demás MasterCard”

  67. author

    heather RodriguezIl y a heure

    My recents 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 Lol watch 9:50

  68. author

    alba jimenezIl y a heure

    Did....did he said Spiderman said "with great power comes great responsibility" ...this ain't it

  69. author

    steven mulyaIl y a heure

    Old town road by lil nas x ft. Billy Ray Cyrus Overplayed piece of meme music

  70. author

    Navizar LubisIl y a heure


  71. author

    LasVegasEAS 702FAIl y a heure

    My recents 😂🎉🙏🔥🎂🤩👍🏻🤣🤔🏳️‍🌈🎁👵🏿❤️😔🏋️‍♀️💯👍🚨😭🎈😢😣🤕👌🎊🧻😌💡😖😀

  72. author

    Ashy's WorldIl y a heure

    This posting 1 week ago and people r just commenting now

  73. author

    Osoito GamingIl y a heure

    My recents🤬👋🏻✍️🐍🎮😎🍆🙂🍁😴👎🏻❤️👌🏻🗑😂🐃👵😠🤧🎃🐏😘😭👈🏻🖕🏻🦶🏽😡🙏🏻👶🍑

  74. author

    Colby is AwesomeIl y a heure

    My resent:👽❤️🥺🥴😚🌺⭕️♥️😕👾😞☹️❌😘🤔😸😉😗😍😭💋🌸😢✌🏻🥰😡🤣👇🏻🌷📚

  75. author

    Bariana FamilyIl y a heure

    my recents: 😂😡😎🦄😅💔😀💜👑😃🍰💶💙😬🐰💴😘🔨👳🏾🙈🎨💸😢🔫😭☕️❤️🍼🛡🍩

  76. author

    fayelovesmlb owoIl y a heure

    "Aque adew kerash..Tapiew aque maluew..Canew nak buat?" -Farish 2k19 I dare everyone who sees this to translate that :)

  77. author

    Gacha Ray RayIl y a heure

    That kid had to say he’s whole family’s dying

  78. author

    Pamela KibildisIl y a heure

    Old Town Billy Ray Cyrus

  79. author

    Ethan IraguhaIl y a heure

    Was that jacks films

  80. author

    Tyler JohnsonIl y a heure

    Old town road lil nas x billy ray cyrus Omg I hate this song 😖

  81. author

    InfernoIl y a heure

    😂❤️😢🥰💨🤠👏🔥🤬😞😪😊👌😓🥺☺️🍁😆👍👇💜😐🤥⭐️😭🙏🤦‍♂️❄️🖕👺 um I guess I’m kinda innocent

  82. author

    Georgina P.Il y a heure

    This is why I'm studing sworn translation

  83. author

    Isla JavierIl y a heure

    My recents:🐺🥺🥞🍰☠️😔🍘😂🥴😅🍝🧁🍙🍔😮👹🍕🌭🍨😡😺👾🤭🤩🧢😖😑🐐😍😀😅😇🙂😂😃😄🤣🙃😉😌😊☺️😁😆🤪🤨🧐🧐🤓😎😞😒😏🥳🤩😔😟😕🙁☹️🥺😩😫😖😣😢😭

  84. author

    IDK_superior-_-Il y a heure


  85. author

    jules christyIl y a heure

    😂🐋🐂😮😤😁😭☺️🐓😏😆🐩💘🐙🎅🏿😌🇮🇹😔❤️👍🏻🐛🐡😡😊🐪😕🐳🐃💗 innocent 🍑🐶 lmao

  86. author

    Sparking30Il y a heure

    Meh recents: 😄😭😊😉❤😀🤣😘😍😂🅱️💀🔰😁😅😶😑✔️😞😡😆😪😣⬆️😤🤔 lol

  87. author

    tiego kekanaIl y a heure

    You better lose your self in the music the moment you want it you better never let it go (go)

  88. author

    Ты любишь меня?Il y a heure


  89. author

    DianaMarks UwUIl y a heure

    My recents : 😕😑😐😰😨🤮🤢🙂☯️🎲🔪🖤😥👌😁😂😘👀🙆‍♀️🤷‍♀️🧟‍♂️💆‍♂️🙆‍♂️⛓🌃♊😒💦💘💋

  90. author

    Gacha fσrєvєrIl y a heure


  91. author

    Rosemary GomezIl y a heure

    My recents : 😂😔🥰❤️😍😝🤰✊🏻😤😎💀💕🥺☺️😧☝︎😘🤥😡🔴🐜😥🍷🐔😜🤬🦵🏻💊🤟🏻➖

  92. author

    Lindsey DeRushaIl y a heure

    Old town road lil nas X billy Ray Cyrus lololol hate this song

  93. author

    Devilrock2 9Il y a heure


  94. author

    Claudia MayaIl y a heure


  95. author

    Kryptikz 2KIl y a heure

    Recents: 😂👍😲😵🤑🤕🔥👽🥺😮😪🤢😭👾🤡☠️🙄🤤😈😷🤠👺😧😦💀🤐🤧🤮👹🤒

  96. author

    Viviana QuinteroIl y a heure

    Lil Nas X- Old Town Road

  97. author

    Pamela KibildisIl y a heure

    Great Job Christy 😊 Love Your Channel 🙂

  98. author

    WhiteWolfOfBlueIl y a heure

    Part 2 pls

  99. author

    Alex GonzIl y a heure

    Nhaaa who do the Spanish translate, que coma mierda que carajo le pasa. Jajaja

  100. author

    Briley GrahamIl y a heure

    My recents- 😂🥺😯👿✌️🥀🤢💔🧢😡💍💋🤮😭🙄😈🍵🥵🥰🤷‍♀️😇👋😀🚫💞😶🤪🥴🤞🍍