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Tags: Animated Stories. Story time. Real Life Stories.

  1. author

    Lovely elyIl y a jour

    I swear this sounds like my life :(

  2. author

    Cherpy BIl y a jour

    I have a game: every time someone says “olive” you say “garden” after.

  3. author

    Damian MedinaIl y a jour

    We went to Bangkok 😂😂 it was hot and dirty

  4. author

    Horse Girl 24/7 PowerIl y a jour

    I think it was wrong

  5. author

    Lisa SchafferIl y a jour

    My sisters call butt food and I hate it and myself call 911 and my sisters want to jail

  6. author

    xavier washingtonIl y a jour

    say its ok to ake mistakes then throws boomaragng at window.

  7. author

    Patromaniac DIl y a jour

    She seems to like your wallet more than you but that's none of my business.

  8. author

    greenapples !Il y a jour

    what are you doing STEPBRO

  9. author

    Selina haroulllIl y a jour

    If I if it was me I Let the K BOURD finish it

  10. author

    Cheetah blurIl y a jour

    That's rude

  11. author

    Katie GarryIl y a jour

    Stella thinks that it is ok to copy her mom by beautiful and get VIDEO FOOTAGE of Lorraine abusing u and take it to da POLICE so she can be put behind bars simple

  12. author

    LifeAs KyaIl y a jour

    Ahh the tittle Keep changing

  13. author

    Patty ArroyoIl y a jour

    Awesome ending 😀😃😄😂

  14. author

    Lexi HessIl y a jour

    He wanted to hold my hand

  15. author

    Jamael WilliamsIl y a jour

    Martha I wish you and Bruce all the happiness and love you deserve it💖👼🙏

  16. author

    Kate HjortelIl y a jour


  17. author

    asim arthurtonIl y a jour

    Well miss Martha you're lucky that Bruce came back to rescue you from your crazy stepmom Lorraine even though Bruce was far away from you I'm an all boys boarding school but I believe that he was thinking about you all day every night knowing that one day he will come back to you I'm to rescue your family his mum and his crazy sister as you're dead look at your phone in London's lesson about inviting a monster into his own house who actually hate kids well Ms Martha is my comment to you Euan Bruce have a good life and I'm pretty sure that your father won't mind sending you a holiday card just check on both of you best of luck to both of you in college fingers crossed🤞🏽👩🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦱🏫

  18. author

    Nafisa FakhriIl y a jour

    I saw it just now

  19. author

    Jamael WilliamsIl y a jour

    I'm glad, Karma finally caught up with Lorraine👿

  20. author

    ItzzËmůćhï PlayzIl y a jour

    Can you guys please stop putting 'Incase the title changes' its getting annoying now

  21. author

    nser uameIl y a jour

    Title is grammar 100

  22. author

    Gãçhå MøøñIl y a jour

    You could probably like travel like everywhere on earth

  23. author

    RobinFEMIl y a jour

    *What are you doing stepbro?*

  24. author

    Emily GoodmanIl y a jour

    You should have called the police on her all that was child abuse.

  25. author

    AdeIl y a jour

    8:04 hmm....

  26. author

    Samuele BincolettoIl y a jour

    Karma at it finest, i wish it would always happen in real life.

  27. author

    Peachy FrapIl y a jour

    Lets stop the *in case the title changes* trend. Ahh this channel be working really hard to animate and people commenting these stuffs not cool tbvh!

  28. author

    Jamael WilliamsIl y a jour

    I'm glad Martha at least have one person in her life who cares about her👍👼❤

  29. author

    Tino KanongovereIl y a jour

    Says she is bald What is that on your hair

  30. author

    Theblockyhero kusoIl y a jour


  31. author

    Rhianna MilletIl y a jour

    Bra Isn't them step siblings

  32. author

    Jamael WilliamsIl y a jour

    She chastises and ignore him and send him off to a boarding 🏫 I don't blame him for wanting nothing to do with her😤😡

  33. author

    Mayam BacchsIl y a jour

    Hey how are you

  34. author

    Guille LópezIl y a jour

    You're so nice

  35. author

    Sam RodabaughIl y a jour

    My older sister had to protevt me from my dad too and we live with our mom now

  36. author

    Samir MaqsudovIl y a jour

    She is just crazy really

  37. author

    Peachy FrapIl y a jour

    *People complaining that 'actually happened' isn't a real story animated.* Also them : *still watching* *oop- it may be true or not imma still watch i love this channel!*

  38. author

    Jamael WilliamsIl y a jour

    Everything Bruce did and said Lorraine she's so rightfully deserve👍

  39. author

    Holly Pink DiamondIl y a jour

    good story ... i guess

  40. author

    Jennifer WarthIl y a jour

    Reminds me of a rapunzel story.

  41. author

    shin The lightningIl y a jour

    That was my life my dad stays home my mom go to work. : )

  42. author

    Jamael WilliamsIl y a jour

    I don't know who the biggest s*** bag in this story indifferent father or the abusive stepmother and sister😡👿😤

  43. author

    nasrin sedaghatkhahIl y a jour

    Deprive Lorraine for her parental rights.

  44. author

    Alyzsa RhotenIl y a jour

    First off, you’re a hypocrite. Second off why are you watching your father through a window. Third off cheating isn’t genetic.

  45. author

    Christina ShalomIl y a jour

    Cinderella,is that you?

  46. author

    avocado doradoIl y a jour

    Bruh tell her(your actual gf) everything you don't like, and give her a second Chance, when she won't change, leave. Because everyone does not deserve being treated bad on the long term

  47. author

    Jordan SmithIl y a jour

    I know it sounds weird to marry her own step brother. Bbutttt. It can't be that weird. I mean there not related. They only knew eachother for a short amount of time.

  48. author

    Jill durhamIl y a jour

    Reminds me of Cinderella except Cinderella's evil stepmom had two daughters

  49. author

    SpongeBob SquarePantsIl y a jour

    The title got changed in only 2 minutes

  50. author

    Sierra BakerIl y a jour

    I would resend the card back to him. He believed that work was more important than his own daughter. Because of that, he never paid attention to the abuse I was suffering from. If I never got his love, he doesn't deserve my love.

  51. author

    jimin's tighsIl y a jour

    my mom is literary the definition of this video..

  52. author

    Karen sparkIl y a jour

    Title:my stepmother cut all my hair so I won’t go out my home

  53. author

    captivatingfly 31776601Il y a jour

    Why are all the problems happening with stepmoms/stepdads

  54. author

    Phantom_ dexIl y a jour

    Next title: My dad has a secret relationship with my dog and my mom does not know

  55. author

    Melody MIl y a jour

    *hugs* I'm so happy for you.

  56. author

    Chloe BanksIl y a jour

    Her hair looks terrible in the animation

  57. author

    Natwayn AltemaIl y a jour

    What A Nice Sweet Story ☺

  58. author

    RaimundasIl y a jour

    She just described my situation right now

  59. author

    inFlamesIl y a jour

    0:40 *MAAAN*

  60. author


    “My Stepmother Cut All My Hair So I Could Never Go Out Of Home” Just in case they change the title

  61. author

    aviana emersonIl y a jour

    Well rather giving u such memories maybe adoption was better option 🤔🤔😩😩😥

  62. author

    Aastha GirishIl y a jour

    This story is so nice 🤗

  63. author

    crazy Roblox leyvaIl y a jour

    That's where my name is similar to the name Stella

  64. author

    דניאל שרירIl y a jour

    "I got mail from my father" 4:06 "My father was still in prison" He is NOT his father!!! *There are no computers allowed in prisons!!!* *Prisoners are ONLY allowed to watch TV!!!*

  65. author

    The Diamond DropperIl y a jour

    Omg your stepmom is evil 👿

  66. author

    Shubham MorankarIl y a jour

    Make a movie about it then 😂😂

  67. author

    Corline ThomasIl y a jour

    12 minutes in and the titles already changed

  68. author

    Izac OwenIl y a jour

    Those wicked abusers shall be punished to prison for life!

  69. author

    Monster Jam OCD fan number 1Il y a jour

    0:18 is your big break in TV Welcome to Primetime bich

  70. author

    MariaIl y a jour

    Tbh if that was me at this situation I would go to the nearest police station and report them

  71. author

    Krystallovesroblox 2006Il y a jour

    Am i the only one that thinks she kind of looks like the girl from brave

  72. author

    fanofpinkIl y a jour

    Damn woman can you be anymore negative? Every holiday minuplates you.

  73. author

    -クリスタルフォックスゲームIl y a jour

    All this is someone who's complaining about her not being at a wedding 😂

  74. author

    Chris WilkinsonIl y a jour

    I sorry for you Father's

  75. author

    Josiah BrokoIl y a jour

    Why do they keep saying they are ungrateful

  76. author

    Pizza RollIl y a jour


  77. author

    Jamael WilliamsIl y a jour

    Martha I hope you and Bruce have a happy and loving life together💗👍👼

  78. author

    jay vuIl y a jour

    She mean bc he just need a few problems

  79. author

    Team KraveIl y a jour

    “Dᴏɴ’ᴛ ʟɪᴇ ᴡʜᴏ’s ɴᴏᴛ ɪɴ ғᴜʟʟ sᴄʀᴇᴇɴ 💀 🐵 (I’ᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ’s sᴜʙs ᴡ/ ɴᴏᴛɪs) 🎁

  80. author

    AuRoara AnimationsIl y a jour

    Mother-“Hey baby! What do you want for your birthday?” Stella-“Martha’s hair..” -Yo, even I felt a stab in my heart..

  81. author

    ourWorld LucyIl y a jour

    Wear a hat, Martha - or own your new look. Cutting your hair shouldn't prohibit you from going out.

  82. author

    Jamael WilliamsIl y a jour

    Why is it almost every step parent on this channel is a total a**hole😡👿😡

  83. author

    Aubrey NunyaIl y a jour

    Love ya ❤ 👇🏻👍

  84. author

    oshekal reedIl y a jour

    Mom I don't want a dumb son so we will give him up for another family dad we can live a better life without a son 5 years later mom dad had died in a car accident can you come back an live with me. Son no you abandoned me so now you know what it feels like to be abandoned. Mom please stay with me I Don't want to live without you. Son sorry that is what it feels like to be abandoned I'm going home. Mom I will go back with him to his flite in private. Son goes home mom follows him back home.sneaks into his room and haves sex with him.

  85. author

    100 Subscribers challengeIl y a jour

    I thought I have heard a lot about mean stepmoms. But this is unacceptable?! I will take my f-wording scissors and cut her damn eyebrows off. And I didnt even see the video..

  86. author

    Jedi Master Mace WinduIl y a jour

    One simple thing to do, call the cops on her.

  87. author

    Guille LópezIl y a jour

    I hate Ricky he sucks

  88. author

    Alex The hybrid and KikiIl y a jour

    Next My favorite color killed me

  89. author

    Junpei AnimatesIl y a jour

    *"My Stepmother Cut All Of My Hair So That I Never Go Out Of Home"* I'm lonely... so I don't care..

  90. author

    The Lazy Potato c:Il y a jour

    *This is normal*

  91. author

    Brianna HatzelIl y a jour

    Next title:I married Bigfoot because of my evil twin

  92. author

    Bass Town NcsIl y a jour

    lovely stuff

  93. author

    SkullslayerIl y a jour


  94. author

    Mushroom JonesIl y a jour

    the title before they change it was "My stepmother cut all my hair so I never go out of home"

  95. author

    jakia cottonIl y a jour


  96. author

    StridleyIl y a jour

    What the hell?!

  97. author

    jakia cottonIl y a jour

    Mom did the same thing as our dad once or twice

  98. author

    anuradha choudhuryIl y a jour

    next title: "mom cut my penis so that i cant give birth"