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  1. author

    goku narutoIl y a jour

    Justin using rock slide was an absolute disaster.Though arent we all happy for the little simone.

  2. author

    Bryan BorrayoIl y a jour

    She really just squared up with a Machamp lol

  3. author

    TheStaniGIl y a jour

    Bea needs her own anime, end of. Bea has so much heart and determination here, and shes faced with OP plot setbacks (Leon) shes practically screaming MC

  4. author

    UltimaPhoenix2405Il y a jour

    This is the birth of "Simone, the Destroyer of Worlds"

  5. author

    TaniachiIl y a jour

    Guys, please, make an anime about main game series protagonists!

  6. author

    Jenna G.Il y a jour

    I love how people are over looking the message and just complaining on how gamefreak/Nintendo "Whitewashed" Bea.

  7. author

    Makilaki2345 PlaysIl y a jour

    So is this like Ash in Galärvägen or Galar or is this like twilight wings literally.

  8. author

    Snowy AJIl y a jour

    I see this ad on my tv everyday lel

  9. author

    PROMOneilIl y a jour

    The Pokémon don’t really say their name. They just growl

  10. author

    Alejandro333777Il y a jour

    Are there any Gigantamax Charizard moments or Gmax pikachu moments in this? If so can someone give me the timestamps

  11. author

    RavenDeluxeIl y a jour

    This is the Animal Abuse Control, Im going to Have to Fine you, - Barry

  12. author

    TyIl y a jour

    6:29 Wooloo wanted none of his business lmfao

  13. author

    Scott HarryIl y a jour

    HAHA no wonder her pokemon are weak, she's their only sparring partner

  14. author

    JamalGaming255Il y a jour

    Is it just me or do you guys think this is a teaser for the DLC because this area not in the game??

  15. author

    DaDerpIl y a jour

    He won with dracovish? Nice.

  16. author

    Francesco MengardaIl y a jour

    To everyone complaining about the machamp fight, have you ever saw team rocket flying through the skies and surviving?

  17. author

    KJYIl y a jour


  18. author

    itsSamPraIl y a jour

    Red gets released *Boss music in the back*

  19. author

    XennyIl y a jour

    Idk shit about Pokemon I just came here to see Simone Lim beat some ass

  20. author

    FedoraaIl y a jour

    The video game casually goes live at 2am

  21. author

    Problem BroIl y a jour

    waifu arrive

  22. author

    Wolfer NMIl y a jour

    is there gonna be a sword and shield *show* tho? cuz I wanna see it on netflix

  23. author

    アズベルIl y a jour

    パンプジン使いの人が出るのは 5:07:15からですね

  24. author

    Some dumb BoiIl y a jour

    People who think Pokémon white washed deadass have sand on the brain

  25. author

    Manic the hedgehogIl y a jour

    Every time I try to download pokemon master is not working tell me why 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  26. author

    DaKing VAIl y a jour

    To those assuming the whole white wash thing, if a character isn’t “black black” like afro samurai, rei hououmaru (who is LITERALLY from Africa) or anyone from the hidden cloud we shouldn’t be guessing what color they are.

  27. author

    Megadon 1337Il y a jour

    Now I wish that the game had voice acting

  28. author

    YSD YSDIl y a jour

    5:07:15 VGC masters

  29. author

    puppylover PLAZIl y a jour

    At the end of the video Hop: puts on leon's matches Woolo: nope i see at on Wednesday (Sorry if i type that wrong)

  30. author

    TallGuyGaming OGIl y a jour

    This gives me more of a reason to love machamp even more

  31. author

    TVTube MeIl y a jour

    Should we be content or concerned that one day, like this pokemon, the human race may be born wearing underwear? Hmm..I wonder if it's self-cleaning too

  32. author

    YEET BOI.Il y a jour

    How much cocaine went into the production of this song.

  33. author

    RozeIl y a jour

    I have to say that I love this series! The Pokemon anime has always been meant for little kids (and that's not a thing I would change -- except maybe getting rid of Ash, please). These short stories involving Corviknight Taxi Guy are simple, yet so thoughtfully made. The animation here is beautiful and dynamic, and the way the Pokemon move look amazing! I've been a fan of Pokemon for over 20 years and am so happy to see things like this and Pokemon Generations telling far better stories than the main anime would ever show. Keep them coming!

  34. author

    RiolugaIl y a jour

    Well i dont remember the wild area being that epic

  35. author

    mya pIl y a jour

    that junior girl is adorable as heck

  36. author

    francisco RodriguezIl y a jour

    Is this a Pokemon series as well ???

  37. author

    • irene •Il y a jour

    3:13 when. will. they. add. these. sync. pairs.

  38. author

    Oblivion LibraIl y a jour

    There's something so weird and special about a martial artist and their humanoid martial arts Pokemons. The ultimate training companion

  39. author

    ニアえぬIl y a jour


  40. author

    The World's Number 1 Pokemon MasterIl y a jour

    Yo , bo. 1 pokemon Master here

  41. author

    Aran RockettIl y a jour

    Any one else realise that when machamp punches her she should be flying at terminal velocity towards the rock?

  42. author

    TheOnlyFurryIl y a jour

    1:16 Wait that's illegal.

  43. author

    Bùi Bảo NguyênIl y a jour

    I hope i can see my boy Milo.

  44. author

    ashy peppermintIl y a jour

    oleana: “hopefully she won’t push herself too much and get hurt.” bea: *pushes herself too much and gets hurt*

  45. author

    Raggedy ExynosIl y a jour

    She got a fucking machoke and machamp just use some goddamn rock smash lol

  46. author

    ISODM AMVIl y a jour

    Does this mean that more Pokemon are added to galar

  47. author

    T TakiariIl y a jour

    im glad they never had Tobias on here. that guy is hack.

  48. author

    Nick BoonIl y a jour

    Justin shakin his arms like a feckin elekid

  49. author

    Monos SonomIl y a jour

    5:43 hmm kinky

  50. author

    KimoyaFTWIl y a jour

    Congratz to Champion Simone!!!!!!!

  51. author

    Hoshimaru57Il y a jour

    I don’t care what the haters say, keep doing what you’re doing guys. I may have had my gripes and not been able to play Sword/Shield, but you’ve done right by it.

  52. author

    A Ganondorf MainIl y a jour

    I'm guessing this is something like Pokemon Generations....

  53. author

    АлёнаIl y a jour


  54. author

    SolCalibreIl y a jour

    Game two, she didn't need to switch out gyarados. Could've stayed in after the protect and use Waterfall on rhyperior. That way, you had rotom for glaceon later.

  55. author

    jemandIl y a jour

    simone is sooo cute and her prediction was amazing. so deserved!

  56. author

    sparkle wonderIl y a jour

    This was heart warming and beautiful. Pokémon and Pokémon trainer share a wonderful connection. This is why I fell in love with pokemom❤️ plus beautiful animation😍

  57. author

    o cachorro mt loucoIl y a jour

    A simone poderia ter pegado o gyrados e ter acabado com os pokemons daquele garoto la ia ser facil

  58. author

    DragonTamer SharikIl y a jour

    Episode 1 link?

  59. author

    Anju DizonIl y a jour

    Damn you can mass sleep like that? Is that not busted?

  60. author

    Loki OIl y a jour

    simone is so talented and I'm so proud of her!!!!

  61. author

    YOU GON BE DEADIl y a jour

    if only they put this much effort into the damn video game

  62. author

    darkmega97Il y a jour

    This episode would be a lot shorter if only one of her pokemon knew rock smash

  63. author

    taigaIl y a jour

    I just wish we had an official series with this style of writing besides just following Ash

  64. author

    that bitch ewIl y a jour

    Simone's smile was so adorable and heartwarming... And that protect read was awesome!

  65. author

    Ruben SuarezIl y a jour

    It’s honestly not fair how There’s way better players out there but they can’t afford expensive cards like they can. But other than that 10/10 stream

  66. author

    Baeby BearIl y a jour

    Bruh she straight up said "Oh yeah I knew he was gonna protect the Rhyperior" LIKE ONLY QUEEN STUFF RIGHT THERE xD So adorable omg

  67. author

    Philip MylonasIl y a jour

    After losing to Leon in a Pokemon battle, she's training to kick his ass (literally)

  68. author

    Jlord 32Il y a jour

    bea = best waifu

  69. author

    Date MasamuneIl y a jour

    I wouldn't mind training with Bea. I'll show her my Rock Smash and Pound attacks.

  70. author

    The_Cheesy_PunIl y a jour

    Anyone know where I can watch the whole thing?

  71. author

    凱恩戈姆香草坪Il y a jour

    Very good plays on both ends. Justin is really good, and he did well! Simone's prediction on protect was absolutely nuts, and it got me good

  72. author

    bindass boyIl y a jour

    Please ash should catch a legendary or and mythical pokemon

  73. author

    Black AxeIl y a jour

    Why was that justin kid twitchy af?

  74. author

    Corin MeredithIl y a jour

    BuTs ItS wHiTe WaShInG BeCaUsE hEr SkIn Is LiGhTeR REEEEEEEEEE

  75. author

    Black Thunder7Il y a jour

    She is soooo cute!!

  76. author

    Haunter FanIl y a jour

    There are some accusations of Bea being "whitewashed". Like, Bea isn't even that dark, she's tan. It's just a lighting from the sun. Do your research first before you accused anything.

  77. author

    R4inSpid3rIl y a jour

    This is too fucking adorable.

  78. author

    Mason CarrolIl y a jour

    I can tell allisters gonna be part of the third episode

  79. author

    Mason CarrolIl y a jour

    Machamp: *almost kills bea* Bea:CMON FIGHT ME Machamp: nah

  80. author

    VX-treme ChannelIl y a jour

    4:29 My heart melted watching her

  81. author

    VX-treme ChannelIl y a jour

    They escaped with the power of FRIENDSHIP (classic)

  82. author

    Green Beans For lifeIl y a jour

    Why are people saying that she is being white washed? Ok here is my impression of them. *ahem* Bea was white washed ugh it’s not the lighting or anything no im also retarded

  83. author

    Jennifer ParkIl y a jour

    Translation is awful;

  84. author

    agustin gallardoIl y a jour

    R We just gonna ignore the fact those are some durable ass flip-flops

  85. author

    Byjam 0Il y a jour

    Midget porn

  86. author

    Com-e Kem.pIl y a jour

    Whitewash my butt.

  87. author

    El JackoIl y a jour

    keep in mind the machamp is female

  88. author

    A Normal ChestIl y a 2 jours

    Did you guys know that leon is the undefeated champion! AND he has a charizard!!!

  89. author

    Just The BessIl y a 2 jours

    This commentator xD

  90. author

    xHvsIl y a 2 jours

    This anime is fire so far

  91. author

    Lord yashaIl y a 2 jours

    so is this just a remake?

  92. author

    Emiliano Vila RoblesIl y a 2 jours

    5:15:07 el momentazo del combate para los que vengan de metapod para señor del fuego

  93. author

    Just A manIl y a 2 jours


  94. author

    Super mega sonic x Gotta go fastIl y a 2 jours


  95. author

    Sai KriSaikiIl y a 2 jours

    Pokemon community Make Greninja Return To at Galar before Nessa or After Kabu

  96. author

    Corrinne LeañoIl y a 2 jours

    Did they forget about Machamps pokedex entry?

  97. author

    Mhm YeahIl y a 2 jours

    Hello gamefreak, my name is boudabou from Saumon Quebec. Please, don’t rush with the Diamond remake, take all of your time to make it awesome as you guys are. We, the fans, will patiently wait for it, so no stress. The game can be out in 2 years, in 54 years between generation Deez & Nuts and the let’s go Pikachu remake, or in one billion years after the Ultra Mega Primal Star Delta Species Magicarp, we don’t care, we will wait =). Stay awesome guys, love y’all ❤️.

  98. author

    Mhm YeahIl y a 2 jours

    Hello gamefreak, my name is boudabou from Saumon Quebec. Please, don’t rush with the Diamond remake, take all of your time to make it awesome as you guys are. We, the fans, will patiently wait for it, so no stress. The game can be out in 2 years, in 54 years between generation Deez & Nuts and the let’s go Pikachu remake, or in one billion years after the Ultra Mega Primal Star Delta Species Magicarp, we don’t care, we will wait =). Stay awesome guys, love y’all ❤️.

  99. author

    Gold ze geekIl y a 2 jours

    We need an alister episode. Come on I know bea is his replacement in sword but come in, I need precious child action.

  100. author

    That Asshole in The Comment SectionIl y a 2 jours

    "Just you wait, Elite Four! The greatest pokemon trainer in the World? That's me... GARY MOTHERF@CKING OAK!"