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  1. author

    tayo whiteezIl y a heure

    But he said b4 d fight that they were ready for AJ with different strategies.

  2. author

    pokyIl y a heure

    Andy, u disrespected boxing by partying instead of training hard for the fight. The fans should get a refund from from. I do not think that you deserve a third fight. I personally will not want to see it, because this match was a complete shoutout.

  3. author

    Jay AlIl y a heure

    Ruiz was eating loads of chocolates and pizza, now he lost he wants to talk about being out of shape 😂😂😂

  4. author

    Dawn HastieIl y a heure

    Well done a j you have done Britain proud. And yoursel f

  5. author

    Doug NovellIl y a heure


  6. author

    Peter benn panIl y a heure

    Ruiz is desperate now because hes blown all his money from his 1st fight with Joshua!

  7. author

    Mr SmigzIl y a heure

    i can see new everything , new AJ and new cap design and the new champion

  8. author

    GasnerIl y a heure

    Why would he come in even fatter then the first fight.

  9. author

    Enie wandaIl y a heure

    Could you just shut up already...whatcha tryna saying now before the fight you did say alot now crying like a baby...he forced you to fight his only just got lucky in the first fight and on this one much pressure was on Joshua not on you..he could have finished you in this fight easily but with pressure he wasn't gonna take any the fight again man and stop comparing yourself to him!

  10. author

    Noah AlexanderIl y a heure


  11. author

    Gary FffIl y a heure

    The clash on the Doons!

  12. author

    Janue MuzikIl y a heure

    1:47 “A lot of things going on my plate” We know bro we know... 🍖🍕🍟🍔🥩🥓🌭🧆🌮🌯🍜🍝🍤🥮🍣🍛🍙🍘🧁🍿🍪🍡🧇🥐🥞🥨🍚🍢

  13. author

    RaldoIl y a heure

    AJ Looks surprised with himself of how we was capable of winning that way

  14. author

    MGecko PMPLIl y a heure

    WHite dude is annoying as fuck, just shut the fuck up

  15. author

    George AnumbaIl y a heure

    Your father said no third fight before the fight now you lost Why should I give you third fight go treat that eyes and other internal injuries before

  16. author

    Nav SinghIl y a heure

    I still love Andy Ruiz Jr and wish him the best for the future!!

  17. author

    Skhanyiso MthethwaIl y a heure

    Andy '1 hit wonder' Ruiz lol

  18. author

    simon saysIl y a heure

    andys camp full of shit...they just to always say that he was ready and he ben training his ass off haha

  19. author

    Jean RemilasIl y a heure

    Listen TO YOUR DAD son.AJ...times...wilder IS THE BEST THE KING THE BEST OFF all times EVER.

  20. author

    Abid AliIl y a heure

    I new aj was the real deal n I believed in him I'm telling u 95 percent of people said he done retired after 1 loss so f u haters and doubters believe in our fighters

  21. author

    kal77ukIl y a heure

    Trainer should blame himself. How did he not notice Ruiz was 20stone.

  22. author

    SiaGyal KIl y a heure

    Everyone saying “AJ was running!” Can go fuck themselves! ... Learn about boxing you cunts! ...

  23. author

    Dark SoulIl y a heure

    Andy looks like he belongs on biker grove

  24. author

    Al MonIl y a heure

    Over rated! Over Hyped! Worst fight I’ve seen in a long time.

  25. author

    Gary WalkerIl y a heure

    I do like andy, but I dont think anyone wants to see part III

  26. author

    Peter benn panIl y a heure

    Surely Joshua isnt going to give him the 3rd fight?

  27. author

    English HooliganIl y a heure

    LMAO! The greatest fighter in the world???? Who? This pussy? He runs very well! Even Lennox Lewis didn't run so well! Cut the crap, you idiot! That was the worst fight in boxing history! That fat chump called Ruiz scared the living shit out of "the greatest fighter"! Heavyweight division is shit now! What a shame!

  28. author

    Gurpreet DigpalIl y a heure

    Fat fucker he trained, he actually looked slimmer than last the fight, He just got outclassed by a superior warrior 🇬🇧 🇳🇪

  29. author

    Versace Fa'evaIl y a heure

    Something told me if he fought ruiz like he fought joseph parker he would've beat ruiz the first time. Joshua did beat him but imo he didn't really vindicate his last fight with ruiz.

  30. author

    Robert FlanaganIl y a heure

    As a human AJ is up there. Great man first of all.

  31. author

    SamiIl y a heure

    How can you not train properly for the biggest fight of your life ?

  32. author

    speaknseeIl y a heure

    If Joshua couldn't beat this guy down.. How can Joshua expect a fight with Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder? Those are the 2 deserving heavyweights. Oh Ruiz by the way, you keep saying a 3rd fight is up next? who lied to you about that, you just dropped down to like 8 - 10th spot. You threw this blessing out the window dude.

  33. author

    Basil BrushIl y a heure

    Him and dillian should have a munch up

  34. author

    kids opening toys xIl y a heure

    Aj won the fight by running scared not a real warrior and he knows this and will bother him mentally when he guets the feedback from boxing community. I rather die on my feet then to live in my knees

  35. author

    Jean RemilasIl y a heure

    Nigga if you Will Win you will have TO SAY. I should listen To my dad...I Talk2 much waaoo.

  36. author

    Mr PlainIl y a heure

    2:10 was that AJ doing that sound ? Lmao

  37. author

    xavixlzIl y a heure

    this man was broken , no cash, nothig, then sudenly u got a rollsroyce, i snap it to

  38. author

    DonHalliIl y a heure

    Ruiz is still better to watch. He loves scrapping and getting in close, and, although maybe technically poor, is so much more interesting to watch, than the dance and jab from a distance.

  39. author

    ᔕШОЯD ОF MAЯᔕIl y a heure

    tough loss for da fatboi

  40. author

    AfricanaIl y a heure

    Their is no NEXT-ONE!!! Amigo's!!!! In Nigeria we say die-it😎

  41. author

    Ryan AdkinsIl y a heure

    My niggia got his shit back like I said he would

  42. author

    Tano SanchezIl y a heure

    Saludos andy megusta como peleas pero cualquiera pierde no excusa

  43. author

    bigch718Il y a heure

    The coach said we didn’t expect for the Anthony to stick and move even tho everyone said he should do that lol obviously The team strategy was a failure Andy is 6’2 he’s been dealing with nothing but tall fighters how couldn’t they devise a strategy that will work for him again tall fighters with jabs it’s retarded

  44. author

    Usman On iphoneIl y a heure

    Fk the cameraman

  45. author

    Peter benn panIl y a heure

    Has anyone ever noticed how Joshua never works his opponents body? If he had of done this to Ruiz in the second fight maybe Joshua would of slowed him down and got the K.O

  46. author

    ИльяIl y a heure

    He's killing the sport

  47. author

    Gerardo VargasIl y a heure

    what a championnn

  48. author

    The Sober ThugIl y a heure

    Ruiz fought aj and beat him and gave aj the chance straight away to get his belt back......aj needs to honor that, Ruiz didn't have to fight him, he didn't have to give aj the chance again so quick, but he did.....aj needs to honor that and do the third even if it isn't as big for aj.....honor means a lot and I will be ashamed of aj if he doesnt

  49. author

    Danii FarrukiitoIl y a heure

    He was running the whole time, when he tried to go 1 on 1 Andy was faster and more dangerous, AJ won but AR is a better athlete

  50. author

    Kimberley BrowneIl y a heure

    Ruiz looks like a dad with his kids getting his face painted 😂😂🤣🤣

  51. author

    RudraIl y a heure

    Is the camera man jacking off? Stay steady man!

  52. author

    Επίσημα Ραπς ΑργυρούποληIl y a heure

    look man, I generally agree with best fighting the best, but Charlo is building up his profile by giving more emphasis on winning c+-b+ fighters and retaining his 0, instead of adding top names on his resume which puts him at risk cause he isn't like an a+ fighter himself, he's a b+ at best imo, so whatever it's a strategy I can understand. and btw we all know that he's only calling out canelo and ggg cause he gets retirement money after those fights and raises his profile, let's be real.

  53. author

    rdesarleIl y a heure

    Something is Fishy. I didn't train, I put on weight . I Partied too much.. Really ? On your !st Title Defence ?.. Sounds like Bullshit

  54. author

    Levi RainIl y a heure

    Great champion he will be a legend

  55. author

    James SicatIl y a heure

    All excuse, no mention of AJ being the better boxer today.

  56. author

    ByGio99Il y a heure

    That was the best Joshua I've seen tbh

  57. author

    Juan OrtaIl y a heure

    Andy Ruiz knows a trilogy makes more money $$$$ money money 💰

  58. author

    Ms BlocKaChainZIl y a heure

    Volume needs balancing

  59. author

    LazaroIl y a heure

    He still can’t get over the first loss lol

  60. author

    zac alIl y a heure

    anybody could see he was in no condition...he's just telling you idiots the truth... you dumb AJ fanny boys

  61. author

    R CIl y a heure

    I like AR but AJ won the smart way.

  62. author

    jonas jonaitis1980Il y a heure

    Now Andy has to fight his way up before he gets this golden opportunity again, maybe than he will appreciate it MORE than PIZZA and PARTIES...

  63. author

    STEVEN AWOKEIl y a heure

    You did pretty well brother

  64. author

    boxer_engine2420 _Il y a heure

    This guy ain't deserve no rematch, especially when he never even successfully defended the belt. AJ, on to the next fighter!

  65. author

    Mike SimsIl y a heure

    "I expected more from you as a professional boxer" -Reporter who doesn't watch boxing. I think she was at the wrong fighter's conference

  66. author

    Myk VIl y a heure

    Nobody wanna watch a 3rd fight

  67. author

    john yabsIl y a heure

    He added weight ,bad lifestyle and got comfortable,no way he deserves another chance go fight bums

  68. author

    ozz100Il y a heure

    There won't be a 3rd fight.. he got lucky 1st time and then could'nt up his game this time round.. it's over pal. Aj boxed his head off all night.

  69. author

    Gavin CollinsIl y a heure

    He's a rich man now and on the map of boxing thanks to AJ, so AJ doesn't owe him another fight

  70. author

    AlexsotorealestateIl y a heure

    Really happy for Joshua I was going for Ruiz but it’s always nice to see someone overcome a loss and all the mental struggles that it comes with and get back on top

  71. author

    Mark PattersonIl y a heure

    Coming in that out of shape is inexcusable, people pay good money to watch that borefest,,noone wants to see a 3rd fight,he'll be lucky to get Dillian Whyte on the next AJ undercard

  72. author

    Peter benn panIl y a heure

    Why would Joshua want the rematch? He needs to enjoy his Christmas and then focus on getting the belt from Wilder!

  73. author

    RAGADIPIl y a heure

    Can’t believe that he did not train properly. Let down!

  74. author

    Cz ViperzZIl y a heure

    thought ruiz was used to having a lot on his plate 🤣🤣

  75. author

    phill tIl y a heure

    Ruiz still getting away with punching to the back of the head. He's a dirty fighter in my eyes now he's blaming his waight for loseing He just got boxed by AJ. Bollox to a rematch let's see wilder and AJ

  76. author

    Peter ShanleyIl y a heure

    Ruiz was too busy chasing AJ all over the ring. AJ had a plan using his jab all night and it worked. Next fight will be in a football stadium in UK for sure.

  77. author

    Carl. JIl y a heure

    Funny how a lot of the people saying "Joshua did what he had to do. That's how boxing works!" are the same people who bitched and whined whenever Mayhweather did that exact same thing to win fights. lmao

  78. author

    Ololade NoahIl y a heure

    Tony oloriburuku u said Ruiz gonna win oloshi 👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿alabosi

  79. author

    Mustafa KhanIl y a heure

    As soon as I saw AJ walk into the arena without a fresh cut, I knew he was ready to win. Remember how he fought against Povetkin. Man had some scruffy affro and looked like he had been secluded for 6 months. In the first fight against Ruiz, AJ pulled up with a mad fade. That's how y'all know now.

  80. author

    speaknseeIl y a heure

    With the excuses he just gave. I put on too much weight? I should've listened to my coaches? .. He needs to work his way back up again. This fight sucked because he displayed the antics of someone who never deserved to be #1 in this division. Put him back to rank #8.

  81. author

    Geert MatthysIl y a heure

    You shouldn't even box heavyweight at 6ft2, this is a tall mans game sadly

  82. author

    Chirawat ChampakunIl y a heure

    Wilder vs ruiz anyone

  83. author

    Mehmetcan SinirIl y a heure

    what a dumb guy, never give him a third match, exactly, he should fight ortiz first

  84. author

    Arvin BansalIl y a heure

    All the ppl saying he’s making excuses. Please learn what excuse are. He is literally saying “I made the bad choice” he isn’t making excuses. If criticizing yourself is making excuses then you will never be able to learn.

  85. author

    jon snipeIl y a heure

    he got spoiled and fatter

  86. author

    benjiekdIl y a heure

    I'm a big fan of knock outs but one thing that made Mayweather great and at the time I hated it, was the fact that he fits and moves and wasn't getting hit. I thought that last night Joshua went back to that philosophy and executed it brilliantly. He had to use that in the Olympics cos of the points scoring system so it was strange he ditched that when he became a professional boxer. Really well done on a very disciplined performance. Not explosive but showed he's not one dimensional.

  87. author

    josh jasperIl y a heure

    No mate you couldn’t throw your hands because you can’t reach him mate you’ll never beat him again

  88. author

    John DoeIl y a heure

    The result was the outcome of complacency and underestimating your opponent. He obviously believed he would be fighting the same AJ he fought in the first fight.

  89. author

    JM Segura CIl y a heure

    A.J. would not stop running like a chicken from Ruiz Jr. He knew that had he stayed closer and actually freaking box, he'd be knocked out. He knew that Ruiz was going to put him to sleep. Hence why he kept running like a 🐓🐔

  90. author

    Keyboard WarriorIl y a heure

    My question: You have such nice teeth, why cover some in gold? I know, it’s because he can. But it looks bad in my opinion. Another thing, look at Joshua, he’s got no signs of damage to his face. Ruiz was opened up. True champion

  91. author

    stuart mcmahonIl y a heure

    He says he was taking his best shots... AJ didn’t use his best shots, he did what was needed to win, Ruiz was simply outclassed..

  92. author

    mortal slothIl y a heure

    AJ is a Dosser, that wasn't shades of Ali, he was running the whole fight, He fought boring.

  93. author

    kellbell34205Il y a heure

    Ruiz came in looking like a fucking slob. Smh. He fucked off didn’t change anything. I knew it was a fluke win.

  94. author

    jacko 123Il y a heure

    Top trainer and humble guy massive respect for Rob 👌

  95. author

    bigch718Il y a heure

    The problem wasn’t jus his conditioning it was his strategy if I was him I would enlist mayweather and Tyson to teach him how to fight a taller fighter with quick jab that would help his defense and turning defense into offense

  96. author

    Shahad HaqueIl y a heure

    He hasn't got a mindset of a champion. Broke mentality, won all that money got him spoilt. I think he's going to give up now with all that money.

  97. author

    Jacob BacaIl y a heure

    What a chump please just quit i hope he doesnt give u another chance u dont deserve shit after this fight come in looking like a fat slob what a disgrace give him an opportunity of a lifetime and he looks like a fat pig

  98. author

    kay kayIl y a heure

    Wilder, Nes and all the LDBC are crying now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  99. author

    Real DealsIl y a heure

    Is he from Louisville Ky.

  100. author

    Ary maIl y a heure

    Boring boxer. Just no skills . So lost forevee