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First Wins For FerrariFirst Wins For Ferrari

First Wins For Ferrari

Il y a 19 jours

  1. author

    Haekal AbdallaIl y a heure

    kubica and raikkonen like good old days...

  2. author

    In Trump We TrustIl y a heure

    Where is Fernando alonso ??

  3. author

    Maximilian RingelIl y a heure

    Hamilton/Bottas scene not shown? 🤔

  4. author

    Umberto cloIl y a heure

    I think that nex year SEB or Charles will leave ferrai away.....

  5. author

    N JohnsonIl y a heure

    Should have waved the black and white at Ricciardo's car during quali....

  6. author

    Yusuf El SaadounIl y a heure

    Illuminati? thumbnail vettel and then vettel win

  7. author

    chrestophirIl y a heure

    Upload Seb's outlap

  8. author

    Haekal AbdallaIl y a heure

    how long does sainz first pitstop?...

  9. author

    T H I C C boiIl y a heure

    stroll interview starts at 17:57, make sure to hit the skip 10s button a few times youll be all good, thank me later

  10. author

    Victor BurtonIl y a heure

    What's the muzak for? It RUINS EVERYTHING. THUMBS DOWN

  11. author

    Robert HendyIl y a heure

    Despite the result of vettel win, obviously it was quite similar to Monaco '17 when Kimi was sacrificed to hand the win for Seb. And now it was Leclerc. Why should driver who lead the race was pitted later where he had the right for pit options. Not really a good one from my side but yeah ok for 1-2 podiums

  12. author

    Rendy RamadhanIl y a heure

    I love this guy

  13. author

    Steve LangdonIl y a heure

    Did Stroll or someone not lead the race in Germany??

  14. author

    Luke JonesIl y a heure

    Fancy a laugh? Turn on auto-generated captions and watch for the driver's names. Antonio German Taxi, Pierre Gas Leak... :D

  15. author

    StefanesIl y a heure

    Charles was really mature here, you can see his development as a driver and how quick he's becoming prominent, amazing!

  16. author

    01.08. 1944Il y a heure

    Kubica my driver of the day . If he had a slightly better car and the management team would show their potential! he has needed a different steering wheel for months and he still has not received it. This guy surprises me with patience and deserves something better .. he has the honor and balls and you won't buy it, you won't train! You have to be born with such a character.

  17. author

    Alexplays 123Il y a heure

    When did the safety car came out

  18. author

    Carbon CrankIl y a heure

    good work Will. I'd take you over either on-air pit reporter.

  19. author

    AdzSONLINEIl y a heure

    At the end of the day they showed a green flag. That means go racing. If they wanted them to keep formation they should have kept the yellows out

  20. author

    misterG2006Il y a heure

    What happend between Lap 21 and 30. HAM was P1 and then P8. Why did you chop out 9 laps?

  21. author

    Svitato80 avvitato90Il y a heure

    Mi dispiace per Leclerc ma forza Ferrari !!! Grandi tutti team e piloti

  22. author

    Ty S.Il y a heure

    How was Grosjean supposed to go anywhere for George? He straight up pushed him almost into the wall, fully aware the Haas was on the outside.... LOL

  23. author

    D.M.A.Il y a heure

    Total dominance ... Hamilton wants a Ferrari...

  24. author

    SimpleTobiIl y a heure

    Charles is fucking triggered. I like that

  25. author

    flexmode17Il y a heure

    When you click on it so fast, you thought it was today’s 2019 team radio already uploaded 🤦🏼‍♂️

  26. author

    D.M.A.Il y a heure

    Forza Ferrari...Morto Mercedes...go red cars...suck it Nazimobiles...

  27. author

    Emanuel VoelkerIl y a heure

    yeaaaa Vettel, You can do it .... you're only .... 102 points behind. But hey, congrats anyways :)

  28. author

    Nyjah5589Il y a heure

    Dislike video they screwed over charles

  29. author

    90s KidIl y a heure

    Guys, don’t forget that he is a 4 time world champion. One can’t merely become number 1 just for the sake of luck. Leclerc is a great investment for the future. But don’t underestimate the skills and experience Vettel carries in his resume.

  30. author

    Neiraj SawlaniIl y a heure

    Why driver cry for places... One should overtake with his skill to gain the pride... And not cry over radio...

  31. author

    Mircovet 5Il y a heure

    Best race with Hockenheim 😍🏆

  32. author

    HatchepsutIl y a heure

    is everyone who loves hulkenberg german or something? I never seen him do anything that cool.... rather have a youngster come up anyways

  33. author

    Wilco MuurlingIl y a heure

    The TV director was so bored, he showed a Ferrari going 60 kph instead of Norris overtaking Grosjean. They showed an angry old German dude in a white shirt slamming the table instead of KUBICA overtaking magnussen in track! So much stuff missed because of idiotic TV director decisions.

  34. author

    Hermann26Il y a heure

    This episode makes me want to hear Michael's take on how he taught Mick things. :(

  35. author

    gauchinho ronuchoIl y a heure

    The funniest video I ever seen about F1.

  36. author

    IkcatcherIl y a heure

    Grosjean pulled a F1 online lobby with that spin

  37. author

    tyler lewisIl y a heure

    Is it wrong to make an Asian driver joke

  38. author

    Mayof ElkezzaIl y a heure

    Kubica what a shame to see him in this shape

  39. author

    ArcadeGO 15Il y a heure

    Congrats on second win this season seb Forza ferrari

  40. author

    Oscar MicóIl y a heure

    Multi 21 Charles, multi 21...

  41. author

    Михаил ПанковIl y a heure

    Leclerc being denied a victory like that...

  42. author

    Mohd NazriIl y a heure

    Nevermind Ferrari 1 2, Ferrari really catches Mercedes pace...

  43. author

    Jerom JanssenIl y a heure

    Charles is mad😂

  44. author

    J. MUNIYAIl y a heure

    Now mercedes strategy going wrong ...He loose race

  45. author

    M.Aswad MehtabIl y a heure

    Mercedes : We need to park the car on the side please so Hamilton can pass you... Bottas: just keep me coffee warm... Why he listens such bad team orders?

  46. author

    Tenzin LekmeonIl y a heure

    Merc dosent have the best car? An alfa leading the race? No team orders at Ferrari? Grazie regrazie guy winning again? The torpedo is back? Mclaren best of the rest? Magnussen got the fastest lap? Is this real f1?

  47. author

    Freza BanjoIl y a heure

    Lec said he wants to one two but how they can get one two if he goes to pits before seb btw...Seb average speed was faster

  48. author

    BuckyIl y a heure

    Worst GP of the season

  49. author

    BuckyIl y a heure

    That’s was honestly terrible

  50. author

    Arsenius SofianIl y a heure

    Turn 1 hate Kimi so much

  51. author

    David C.Il y a heure

    Shame that Ferrari plays favorites. Charles is an excellent driver and the future.

  52. author

    Brainiac 1209Il y a heure

    It is no fair for leclerc

  53. author

    wayne fernandesIl y a heure

    He deserves this one

  54. author

    Terry WilliamsIl y a heure

    Ferrari is good when both Seb and Lec are on their way. There is no doubt that the team benefits is no.1. The main competitor is other team and then these two drivers. Charles needs to learn more and Seb needs to find his speed back. Then this Ferrari is unstoppable if they try to work together. I believe both of them are clever drivers.

  55. author

    Andrew ThatcherIl y a heure

    Sort your white balance out.

  56. author

    Ullas JPIl y a heure

    Mercedes loosing respect of their fans by favouring one person.

  57. author

    HankookIl y a heure

    Whewwww, finally vettel won..

  58. author

    Cheng ThiamsoonIl y a heure

    Ferrari is back

  59. author

    Tay Tzu LeongIl y a heure

    With this, both Ferrari drivers are very close in points together......on to the next race bringing in more momentum

  60. author

    Bud The CyborgIl y a heure

    Leclerc v. Verstappen. Tied in standings. This is a sight I expect to see many times in the next 10 years.

  61. author

    mclarenV12Il y a heure

    I think a Gerbil got stuck on the transmission. Oh that's the engine.. whoops.. Oh modern Formula 1. You are like most children around the world in that you forgot what gender you are.

  62. author

    Anurag GuptaIl y a heure

    We need more of these!

  63. author

    Fabian F.Il y a heure

    Most boring race ever

  64. author

    Phil PorterIl y a heure

    Leclerc should ask Ferrari in future where they would like him to qualify in order to maximise his chances.

  65. author

    Исмаил НазаралиевIl y a heure

    Vettel is Back

  66. author

    Kristian KasmullerIl y a heure

    Eh where is the grazie ragazzi tatatatata

  67. author

    Anggi Chendana SIl y a heure

    very sailfish, just care to him, for him & only him, don't have respect for other driver

  68. author

    Kelvin SuenIl y a heure


  69. author

    Bayu ArdiantoIl y a heure

    he blinked rapidly when the steering wheel turned and his eyes is off camera. that's it!

  70. author

    AkshayIl y a heure

    Fucking fire Grosjean

  71. author

    Veramente EuforicoIl y a heure

    Calm down Leclerc...

  72. author

    Davide RosaIl y a heure

    Commentator says Giovinazzi is Italian so he made life easy for the Ferrari 🤦‍♂️ Giovinazzi had no grip and couldn’t fight a gp2 car in that moment but English commentators only see monsters when Hamilton is not involved. Not a word about Bottas driving 4 seconds slower to let Hamilton pass him after he pitted. Ridiculous commentators

  73. author

    tim ventersIl y a heure

    I got the feeling Leclerc will become th e hated very shortly in F1. Just a gut feeling about the guy. Not sure i can like him.

  74. author

    ReydrielIl y a 2 heures

    Ricciardo was fun to watch this race! Very racy

  75. author

    Zero Gravity BloodIl y a 2 heures

    It was lovely to see Vettel wins again!

  76. author

    Where Is The CatIl y a 2 heures

    Pi-eight Gasly Stop it Will 😅

  77. author

    Zack IrahzaIl y a 2 heures

    Charles Leclerc must win again!

  78. author

    Kevin RaaphorstIl y a 2 heures

    Charles is such a crybaby

  79. author

    Nawi ZakwanIl y a 2 heures

    Leclerc needs to keep his temper in check,last thing Ferrari needs right now is hostility between their drivers...

  80. author

    nomori rioIl y a 2 heures

    great race!

  81. author

    Martio CaturIl y a 2 heures

    Too risk.

  82. author

    Greiguci WootchieIl y a 2 heures

    I don't know how Vettel did that? How can you go from 3rd to 1st after a pit stop? I'm still puzzled.

  83. author

    Szabolcs NagyIl y a 2 heures

    Kimi crashed😭

  84. author

    NFS KingIl y a 2 heures

    Valtteri its james Pls suck my and hamiltons dick after the race ... What a shame "You can try it or be second as bottas"~ver

  85. author

    Collyn MarshIl y a 2 heures

    17:13 is anyone actually a fan of racing point?

  86. author

    Ale Can12Il y a 2 heures

    That's not fair... Leclerc had to win 😒 I'm angry and I don't even know why... That's insane... that was Leclerc's Victory 😒💔

  87. author

    Мокий ПарменычIl y a 2 heures

    Да, Шарлюшка, всё правильно. Когда соберешься на пенсию, тебе тоже будут помогать.

  88. author

    L NcubeIl y a 2 heures

    Sorry can we forget Verstappen and applaud Leclerc.

  89. author

    Bicho RocaIl y a 2 heures

    this race was ferrari saying: We are back to dominate. We have 2 awsome drivers. and we need to give Vettel his mmagic back.

  90. author

    jenbill1602Il y a 2 heures

    No body has ever won the race on first lap sure have many who lost it though.

  91. author

    RP MIl y a 2 heures

    Alex Albon is impressive on race pace but not on single lap pace as we see..... Not sure how this would pan out at the end of the year between gasly n him. Lets c ...

  92. author

    Alhisam TahilIl y a 2 heures

    Seb wins fair and square...move on charles...its ferrari 1-2...not merc 1-2...lets just celebrate...

  93. author

    Péter VargaIl y a 2 heures

    There is no undercut within teams! Unfair... Leclerc sticked to plan, and team gives the win to Vettel, who has no potential, almost wrecked the car again.

  94. author

    Jeffry SyamIl y a 2 heures

    Wow, what a complain... I think SF did intentionally want Seb stayed behind Charles that's why his pit stop was 3 sec & Charles' 2.4sec

  95. author

    Francesco CancianiIl y a 2 heures


  96. author

    obet zuluetaIl y a 2 heures

    who the hell are you talking too? is someone interviewing you? why dont you look at you dam camera?

  97. author

    Stephen WebbIl y a 2 heures

    Great for Seb. Well done .

  98. author

    Itz AceeIl y a 2 heures

    Imagine trying to watch F1 Team Radio but get a NASCAR commercial instead

  99. author

    Andrew CharlesIl y a 2 heures

    You earned it champion SEB

  100. author

    Péter VargaIl y a 2 heures

    Weak Mercedes strategy, thanks to Leclerc who stick to plan, and Ferrari gives P1 to Vettel. What a “great” team work, and everyone celebrates the winner, in this video as well... There is no undercut within teams! Always the car ahead has the advantage, Vettel should give back the position, and thanks to Leclerc finish +1 position in P2 ahead Hamilton (or Verstappen).