Taylor Swift - RedTaylor Swift - Red

Taylor Swift - Red

Il y a 6 ans

Taylor Swift - 22Taylor Swift - 22

Taylor Swift - 22

Il y a 7 ans

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    0:43 only if Taylor knew that Reputation(Look What You Made Me Do in particular) would be released 8 years after this song...

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    Joshua ArmstrongIl y a jour

    I love you 😘❤️💕

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    Simon EmingerIl y a jour

    i missed a song from reputation, but it would be too perfect that way

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    Jessica DemollariIl y a jour

    why every single model taylor uses at her videow are so handsome and perfectttt

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    H KaurIl y a jour


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    H KaurIl y a jour


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    H KaurIl y a jour

    Wowwwwww 😍

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    Sebastian ChirinosIl y a jour

    Who is listening and watching this in 2020!

  9. author

    Sebastian ChirinosIl y a jour

    Who is listening and watching this in 2020?

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    Sebastian ChirinosIl y a jour

    Who is listening and watching this in 2020?

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    Uchenna.05Il y a jour

    wow this really needs more likes if this was a movie I would definitely watch it

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    sushant fulzeleIl y a jour

    So sweet, I can't explain

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    Ines M.Il y a jour


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    anna guidaIl y a jour

    I'm 14, I just got my first BF and started High School. This song sums up what it feels like

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    bebecitaIl y a jour

    *Unpopular opinion:* acoustic versions of songs from *Lover* sound better

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    Bijou TurayIl y a jour

    Oh and love ur voice

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    Gladys Chibuluneje [Matthew YT]Il y a jour


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    Pyramid headIl y a jour

    RIP Taylor's ex lovers.

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    Julia DasilvaIl y a jour

    I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    SalemFlame TVIl y a jour

    Now that I’m if consenting age To be forgetting you cabaret...

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    Hanaa MohajerIl y a jour

    I love this song it makes me feel safe and happy... thx Taylor...we love u .. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    Crablante the CrabIl y a jour

    that's one ugly piano

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    Michele ZanaIl y a jour


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    Chinnawat ParnudomluckIl y a jour


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    SmoltroyeboiIl y a jour

    Idk why but this song was on reply in my dream last night so that's why I'm here

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    MaPF 432Il y a jour


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    Chinnawat ParnudomluckIl y a jour

    วันที่คุณเข้าใจความหมาย...โดยไม่ผ่านสมอง...แต่ผ่านสมองเข้าถึง...เลย คุณถึงจะเข้าใจนะ...นะ

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    Василий ОдноглазоеIl y a jour


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    Razia SultanaIl y a jour

    Everyone after exams are over: 2:46

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    Aiden and sailor Oh yeahIl y a jour


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    Its meIl y a jour

    This song reminds me from the melody too much on "Paper Planes" by Mia, just slower.

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    Canal gamerIl y a jour


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    Rebekah WiestIl y a jour

    i watched ms. americana and now im hooked on taytay

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    Gacha UnicornIl y a jour


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    Lala’s BoyIl y a jour

    Missing you too.

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    KERNOW. EXPIl y a jour

    A day after my b day Tay thanks

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    Aiden and sailor Oh yeahIl y a jour

    I like the I IAt the start

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    Ilahe KerimliIl y a jour

    1:00 Billie Eilish😍

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    UNSS-ISS 2021ϟϟIl y a jour

    Шикующие сучки,артистичные змеи,и вообще-аристократия. Ненавижу этих людей!

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    JazminethehedegogIl y a jour

    I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!!🧡💛🧡💖💝🤗🤗😘😁🤩😝

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    Manasi PURPLE ARMYIl y a jour

    I remember how crazy I went after this came out.

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    Mario RoqueIl y a jour

    Me encanta💜💕

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    Winter PhoenixIl y a jour


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    Stamp FiveIl y a jour

    Cool Song Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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    Felicia PrinceIl y a jour

    I love this song ❤️❤️😍

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    Merqizuo LombardIl y a jour

    This song is my childhood song

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    Moira QIl y a jour

    I mean I understand the concept anf everything!! But where is the song?? Is that a children's poem? She needs to hire someone for that! These are childish songs I mean I'm not a rude person but really??

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    ScitasticIl y a jour

    Fave female singer💖

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    Ashley CoxIl y a jour

    im 2020

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    Ashley CoxIl y a jour


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    Ashley CoxIl y a jour


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    Rebekah WiestIl y a jour

    " i don't know why i keep singing but i do." lmao

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    Felix LeeIl y a jour

    Love this! Love you Taylor!!!

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    rania metwallyIl y a jour

    admit it, you all danced your heart's out to this

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    JonesCode GamingIl y a jour

    *This is the type of music I listen to when homies aren't around.*

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    iDascoisasIl y a jour


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    RealGianella CerritenoIl y a jour


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    Eric ReadIl y a jour

    We going you home ladle

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    Son RiseIl y a jour

    I love you . . :)

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    RockAndRoll AmandaIl y a jour

    She looks so much like Supergirl from the series.. Supergirl lol

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    Nadeera DisIl y a jour


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    Lam My PhuongIl y a jour

    6 more years for me haha

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    Prashant vikram singhIl y a jour

    Reputation is my favorite album from tay tay❤

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    Jakeline YumboIl y a jour

    Me gusta

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    NightowlxIl y a jour

    Love you Taylor!

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    Cktar ZberIl y a jour

    Bijî Kurdistan✌ Long live Kurdistan✌ تحيا كردستان ✌

  67. author

    JonesCode GamingIl y a jour

    *I know you're doing an old song marathon.*

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    My WorldIl y a jour

    Really truly you are ri8

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    honza 123Il y a jour

    This is such a bad song

  70. author

    mysteryCat MMIl y a jour

    He clearly has a type

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    Samantha RunyonIl y a jour

    Love. This

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    Engelover RadioIl y a jour

    My Person for you

  73. author

    Nancy ReyesIl y a jour

    X destino trabajo entre hombres y ser jefa es muy dificil pero cuando voy a caer canciones como esta aparecen para seguir sacando la garra. 👍

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    Tana BrennanIl y a jour

    I love this. I went to school and I was bullied so badly. This got me through the tough times.

  75. author

    BlackJackIl y a jour

    This song underrated because kpop virus

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    Wolf ManIl y a jour

    When it says baby doll are u sure she wasn’t talking to me?

  77. author

    Wolf ManIl y a jour


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    Cris ReginaIl y a jour

    O em Duda love teylor

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    Duck_Plays_Games🐤Il y a jour

    Me, depressed listening to every Taylor Swift song

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    Laylas ChannelIl y a jour

    My favorite song of Taylor ❤️

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    Seresa SanchoIl y a jour

    ☺️I'm listening to this song and thingking: Should i be the one to talk to him first? But I really don't know what to say.

  82. author

    Eliana ChavezIl y a jour

    thank you

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    johann BoulangerIl y a jour


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    Lonezewolf GamingIl y a jour

    Them dislikes though

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    Patel SagarIl y a jour


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    Damn sIl y a jour


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    Damn sIl y a jour

    687, 033,000 millionsw

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    Damn sIl y a jour


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    Nahomy AboniaIl y a jour

    i love you so much you are beatiful and talented

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    Monica RIl y a jour

    Omg I didn't know Ellen was in this video 😍

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    Luz NahiaraIl y a jour

    Estaría bueno una película de esto

  92. author

    시빈Il y a jour

    테일러 사랑해요

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    Augustus MandracchiaIl y a jour

    This is when you realize the ariande got the idea of getting all the celebs for her video thank u next bad blood was the inspiration true story she said it

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    IRFAN HUSSAINIl y a jour


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    Gianluca FabiIl y a jour

    Your music is the soundtrack of my children's life. We love your positivity. Keep it up. La tua musica è la colonna sonora dei miei figli. Amiamo la tua positività. Continua così. (Roma - Italia)

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    Marinella InidraligIl y a jour

    Just for Jace ❤

  97. author

    Jon DonohueIl y a jour

    Jon Donohue jr aka jaw breaking Johnny I love you Taylor

  98. author

    AliwellIl y a jour

    Selena is the enem but irl she ended being her only real friend. Periodt

  99. author

    Potato ChipsIl y a jour

    "All 1998 kids are turning 22 this year, this is our year fellas!"_Caligo

  100. author

    Maya SegevIl y a jour

    QUEEN ❤️