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    EnriqueIl y a jour

    I'm really into boxy cars so, the Corolla will do for me. Really sad that in my country I can't get the stick shift one with a nice trim.

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    M3LT _ VCLANIl y a jour

    They complain that the outback looks very close to other Subaru models. Butttt the gold looks like almost everything that Volkswagen has ever created like wtf make a better review

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    Rishabh PurohitIl y a jour

    3:34 I was lying down but I got up with a gaping face and it was still revving, that thing PULLS!

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    Arush KalraIl y a jour

    You guys are fantastic, made a non car enthusiast subscribe

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    Jabid21Il y a jour

    Which one wins as the fastest car.... to the repair shop?

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    Jacob DeutscherIl y a jour

    11:29 enough said

  7. author

    Chance GintherIl y a jour

    Great review. Funny reviewers. Subscribe worthy.

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    Ivaylo1985Il y a jour

    Why why didn't you strap them to each other on the snow and check the AWD system ... Same tires... Without snow off-road test that review was useless....

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    Mike RIl y a jour

    If only it had a v8☹.. The TT inline 6 sounds like trash.

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    Miles DysonIl y a jour

    I've owned both cars. Both were manual, both were painfully slow, and incredibly boring. My first Corolla was 17 years old when I junked it, the brake lines were shot & wasn't worth fixing, though I wish I had. That car never failed me once in the 17 Chicago winters it endured. My Civic after that was GARBAGE. The car quite literally fell apart, endless recalls and replacements, the oil pan and hybrid batteries weren't cheap. Granted it was a first generation Hybrid Civic Honda knew was packed with flaws, it should have never been called a Honda Civic. I'll never buy another Honda product. I look forward to owning my 2015 Corolla for many, many, reliable years. Toyota forever.

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    Yamalı PijamaIl y a jour

    Are U serious . Golf c class,subaru d premium

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    Pat CellucciIl y a jour

    Now that is going off-road! All other journalists go on dirt trails and say they went 4x4ing. You guys really tested the Jeep. Good on ya!! Now... how did you get permission to do so? :-)

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    AidIl y a jour

    Outback vs. rebadged allroad

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    Ben WIl y a jour

    I got my Stinger Premium and didn't really cross shop anything comparable (like BMW; which I'm not a fan of) This was major upgrade from my last car, which I wasn't planning on doing. I was considering Optima (which was also a decent upgrade, and was hesitant about stepping up). I only ended up with Stinger because I had the same "middling modest kia" mindset about the brand. Didn't know what it was, saw the badge didn't expect much 'till I I got in it. Then I saw the price and almost spit up. All it took was sitting in it. All but ruined myself financially to have it, but now it's owned outright and i'm young enough to recover. 10/10 would nearly bankrupt myself to get one again.... although I would go for the top trim next time, premium was all that was on the lot and my last car was totaled and I needed a car soon/badly (1hr commute) so I took it.

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    Derek LeeIl y a jour

    What do you guys think this vs. the upcoming 2020 Macan GTS? @thestraightpipes

  16. author

    Twenty ThreeIl y a jour

    My very first car I bought was a used 2014 corolla S. 100k+ clicks and I have not experienced any major problems yet. Obviously not a fast car but it’s super reliable, practical, efficient and low maintenance. With winter tires on it’s kept me safe during Canadian winters for multiple years. Great for road trips and everyday use.

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    Richard RecuperoIl y a jour

    It looks like a boat driving!!! That's awesome

  18. author

    ScrubTzeroIl y a jour

    2021 Kia Optima please!

  19. author

    Joshua MooreIl y a jour

    I really like the VR6 option, but I don't feel that it is competitive in the sedan Market for the price with how many actual features it Lacks. The Jetta GLI seems like a much better option than this.

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    Daniel SalinasIl y a jour

    Probably has been asked and answered, but I have seen some videos and curious to why the strong opinions on satellite radio ?

  21. author

    Giulio GiorcelliIl y a jour

    I like the upgrades that came with the Competition package, but I wouldn't pay $60K for it when you can get a used "base" M2 for mid-30s

  22. author

    Edward VõIl y a jour

    Will you guys do a review of the Kia Seltos?

  23. author

    DCAMG1WCIl y a jour

    Thanks for reviewing the remaining manual cars on the market. Would love to see more !!

  24. author

    ApolloTheGodIl y a jour

    Press and hold the traction control button in the Alltrack to fully disable traction control without using the on screen menus.

  25. author

    Morten BergIl y a jour

    Heel-toe ......... In a Golf all-road??? 😂😂😂

  26. author

    jack pIl y a jour

    2020 and hybrid version still not available in N.Anerica ? Kia , Hyundai have had hybrids in their line up for several years now. E-boxer has been available in Japan and Europe for some time now. Even lousy Ford Escape is now available with hybrid. RAV4 Prime is months away Outlander PHEV has been on sale for several years now. WAKE UP Subaru !!!

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    Bruce WayneIl y a jour

    Subaru vs Vw ?? Subaru 👍👍💪💪 Vw 👎👎👎👎👎

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    FranIl y a jour

    Make a vintage review of rhe 996 4s please!

  29. author

    TheExtra40414Il y a jour

    LOL, I own a 2004 VW passat wagon and a 2017 Subaru outback. I have a thing for wagons...

  30. author

    BboyZoinksIl y a jour

    Civic for drag 86 for drift I love the 86

  31. author

    Paul CueninIl y a jour

    Can I get that hat with straight pipes Logo on it 😂

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    Anderson CIl y a jour

    Since it has a 360 camera...why not also "auto park assist"? There will be times for some people where the parking lanes are narrow and the one space narrow because the 2 cars happened to park too close together. Happens. Or you live in a lux condo that happens to have narrow parking spaces. Why not have this tech to greatly minimize the possibly of an "off day"...maybe you're coming home from a night out. Had a few too many drinks...etc. The tech IS out there (BMW has a mode where you can "call the car"...will drive out of the parked in space and drive to if driven by a why not have something like that for supercars? An "I've had one too many park mode" :)

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    Eddie MIl y a jour

    u2 r morons go off road with them then tell me which one u would rather have what kind of review was that anyways .

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    Driven homeIl y a jour

    Why don't the middle seats swivel all the way around and to the center and you can put in a pop up table. Makes sense, used to have them in the 80's.

  35. author

    Lucky YouIl y a jour

    Audi allroad

  36. author

    Phineas T BirdpocketIl y a jour

    It's butt ugly.

  37. author

    Adam SensabaughIl y a jour

    I hate beige, I think the darker trim looks better.

  38. author

    AeroHilIl y a jour

    I have a BMW X1 and the MINI Hardtop 2D. The opposite directions of the scroll wheel for the info system is super annoying. Also the wireless carplay skips on the mini too. But not enough to bother me that much. Great video guys!

  39. author

    George hIl y a jour

    5 minute rant about sat radio rewinding...who the hell even pays for sat radio anymore? Totally unnecessary.

  40. author

    Alexis _Il y a jour

    Stupid Siri!

  41. author

    EnchisedmyIl y a jour

    The fake exhaust tips is a proper dealbreaker. Either go for a clean and flat design with the regular exhaust or make some flashy exhaust tips that actually function. That's properly silly.

  42. author

    Volkswagen ProvedIl y a jour

    Awasome! Pls do the review ChrisFix's Drift Stang (Mustang)

  43. author

    CalvexIl y a jour

    Apple CarPlay is a shit

  44. author

    m1cajahIl y a jour

    God I hate “Infotainment Systems”. All of them. But Subaru’s (and even Tesla’s) are abominations.

  45. author

    Mr ComerIl y a jour

    Looks 1. Camry and Optima 2. Altima 3. Passat 4. Sonata 5. Malibu 6. Accord 7. Fusion

  46. author

    Dan OrdelIl y a jour

    This GT2 is a reminder why German engineering is ahead of so many

  47. author

    Chuck FralickIl y a jour

    Why is the front license plate frame on crooked? So it's straight when you body roll in a corner?

  48. author

    CengizhanMilfhuntürkIl y a jour

    Funny thing my friends 116d also has the sports display even tho it’s a slouch xD

  49. author

    να μην σε νοιάζει πος με λενεIl y a jour

    Mazda rx8

  50. author

    Raymond ZayasIl y a jour

    I have this car, they missed a few things, like that it has Golf R brakes in the front, colors are customizable among other things. I agree with Yuri about the pumped in audio, I disabled it on the first drive. It’s a very sporty, practical and fun car. It also has huge aftermarket support since it shares its powertrain and platform with the GTI.

  51. author

    Mr ComerIl y a jour

    Looks good. My coworker just got 1 it's all black

  52. author

    Jason BeardIl y a jour

    Toyota .. the refresh King

  53. author

    Sean PellandIl y a jour

    Just trashes guys and trucks from Barrie eh. Take your element and “lag” off

  54. author

    Daryn oIl y a jour

    I'll take the full time AWD & the 3500 lb towing capacity on the outback

  55. author

    Nest TeaIl y a jour

    Only around 2k sales of the supra in its opening year. Not looking good. At the same time, it seems like the c8 corvette will sell at capacity. It truly shows that you need to put in the time and resources to sell a car well in such competitve times.

  56. author

    ovathere93Il y a jour

    Are these Lamborghini colors? Being how Vw owns them?

  57. author

    WillIl y a jour

    How about the Honda Crosstour! It was an 4wd V6 Honda Accord with a lift and a sport back.

  58. author

    E&G MindUrsIl y a jour

    Telluride is in Colorado

  59. author

    Winston MorrisIl y a jour

    "last box car", "they were all japanese"..... am i making a mistake thinking the jeep renegade fits into the exact same outline as the kia.🤔

  60. author

    lorenmorgan2010Il y a jour

    Doesn't look good...its just ok...if it looked like the FT1 I'd be 100% in...seeing the car in person doesn't spark that much emotion..all the wait and hype for that?! Its a big ol flop imo!!

  61. author

    Optimus PrimalIl y a jour

    Huh, interesting. This car is called the Honda Jazz in India.

  62. author

    Swiss-viationIl y a jour

    Saying a Golf has more styling than a Subaru is like saying a turd with glitters has the same appetizing look than a chocolate chip cupcake...

  63. author

    Dougie QuickIl y a jour

    I bought a slightly used 2018 club for 21k (9500 miles) and I was worried I would kick myself for not just buying the 2019 BUT from what testers say there really is no power difference unless you get near red line and it turns out I seldom am revving this car out because it has such sweet toque lower down and I am driving overwhelmingly in the tight twisties (I live in Foothills of Palomar mountain in southern california) So all I would have done really would be to spend like $10k extra for the 26 extra horsepower I really don't miss IF I start tracking this car? Yeah then I might kick myself I don't know ...but then with the 10k I saved I COULD bolt on a carb approved supercharger and have more hp everywhere it counts and then some than the 2019/20 has AND with money left over to amp up the brakes and bolt on some beefier antiI sway bars and a few other bits. And truthfully as I was debating to spend more I just kept thinking about the fact I could buy a low mileage Porsche Cayman for the same money and have even more power. So that's my 2 cents....ifanyone even reads this....

  64. author

    Daniel FloresIl y a jour

    Ima buy one soon!

  65. author

    Adam PearsonIl y a jour


  66. author

    Brian LoweIl y a jour

    Think you should a thrown in the new GX 460 concept.

  67. author

    eduardo chicoIl y a jour

    To be honest very ugly design, looks like a RAV4 & Highlander, very disapointing for a Lexus 😤😤😤

  68. author

    davidlgti1Il y a jour

    The freakin visor test is hysterical!

  69. author

    Dane MoodleyIl y a jour

    Amazing GT3 renders. Well done guys.

  70. author

    Spazza42Il y a jour

    So many channels and reviewers commenting on infotainment when it has nothing to do with driving. The amount of useless crap in cars has to stop, most of it doesn’t need to be there. It jacks up the price and distracts companies from focusing on the drive, fuck infotainment.

  71. author

    Kyle ReeseIl y a jour

    VW= endless money pit

  72. author

    Dalton TranterIl y a jour

    Shoutout to Vaughn Mills mall 👌🏻😂

  73. author

    indian pitstopIl y a jour

    Can a software engineer earning 125000 cad per year , afford this

  74. author

    BigJooeIl y a jour

    Europe is not UK... the buttons are still on the left...

  75. author

    Mr. CairoIl y a jour

    Competes with the Passat Alltrack but whatever.

  76. author

    Rafael Nery MendoncaIl y a jour

    I don't care about the engine or the power ... i care about does it have a chicken magnet with a Style like the price tag

  77. author

    Rafael Nery MendoncaIl y a jour

    Yo ho.. it will fit 3 friends 7 beaches in this car... 2 beachs passenger sit... 3 beach and 2 friend back sit .... on the trunk 2 beach and a 1 friend coming from the hookup place

  78. author

    Nikulas RikhardssonIl y a jour

    Yes! This is my jam! The best lifted wagon is the volvo xc70.. yes I own one.

  79. author

    Simon HeeremanIl y a jour

    Still watching this in 2020. So - is it still the best? Cheers from Germany...where I am driving a Volvo 🙊

  80. author

    UploaderNineIl y a jour

    Just too bad the second its out of warranty its gonna break. Chrysler fact.

  81. author

    Abdul MohammedIl y a jour

    The best car review channel on FRreporter right now! You guys should review the all-new Ford Expedition King Ranch edition against the new Chevrolet suburban

  82. author

    KontioIl y a jour

    Ofc subaru wins a shitty ass germany car it oretty much beats every germany car

  83. author

    SSG JohnsonIl y a jour

    Did he say, “Scratched up Ghetto Black?

  84. author

    matt someone with an SRTIl y a jour

    Real amg or not.. I bought a hellcat charger for less. And I got 707 real pony power.. What do you got? A 6 banger, a nicer dash, and a light strip.

  85. author

    1 Slow 5.0Il y a jour

    *laughs in super snake*

  86. author

    Sralaine 007 o-007Il y a jour

    That's not good Comparison to VW and no Comparison...... You two are Full of BS Opinions. Subaru is the way to go dude..... I know we different 😂

  87. author

    J AIl y a jour

    You guys deserve 1M subscribers!

  88. author

    Mate MarijanIl y a jour

    I just bought one. No sense in buying mk7 for double the price. Not much difference between them

  89. author

    jak pIl y a jour

    It’s less ugly is the best compliment you can give a Nissan. Still has a cheap non cooled battery.

  90. author

    H ConIl y a jour

  91. author

    VolebienIl y a jour

    the Honda is much more better looking than the Corolla but why those guys saying the Corolla looks better? Are they being paid by Toyota or what?

  92. author

    LouisIl y a jour

    All track With the money saved get a tune and a GTI turbo 😉

  93. author

    DreamyIl y a jour

    Honda Accord with SH-AWD would cream the competition

  94. author

    LAW MANIl y a jour

    Anyone who asks if Steve McQueen is still relevant, is irrelevant to me.

  95. author

    skeleguns 10,ooo,oooIl y a jour

    The new Cummins and Powerstroke has more Torque than that

  96. author

    Sajib AhmedIl y a jour

    After 2 years and watching this review countless times I've saved up enough to buy a 340i with the MPPSK! Sounds as glorious as it has through the video. Thanks(?) The Straight Pipes

  97. author

    RydnorthIl y a jour

    Excited for the C8 review!

  98. author

    RydnorthIl y a jour

    Outback all the way!

  99. author

    redline2466Il y a jour

    Nice game of chicken. Should've got a Model 3 Long Range :P

  100. author

    Rafael ThomasIl y a jour

    Sex. Great design.