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  1. author

    RealSERGRIC ThaKingIl y a jour

    OH MY GOD,this is...unancepptable t-the kid talking about to suicide.The teacher have to help him and the students have to stop NOW,I want to hive a Hug to the kid🤗 and help him.

  2. author

    Matthew Limbaco SierraIl y a jour

    For the people that say it’s fake he has a documentary when he was 4 that was made in 2015

  3. author

    KIM Kardashian memeIl y a jour

    Oh wow he’s a 18 yr old god is going to punish him for lying 🤥

  4. author

    Vitaly ShigrovIl y a jour

    Bullying has been a happening for ages. It's sad to see that it has to come this bulling people with disabilities or other differences. Emotions can run high. We tell stories in music and song so people hear the grief of life

  5. author

    Hope JonesIl y a jour

    even if this is fake or not, it still goes on for other kids and that’s what breaks my heart the most :/

  6. author

    Alfx KillzIl y a jour

    I swear he is a 18 year old dwarf and a actor 18

  7. author

    jeev kandaIl y a jour

    I like to huge him. I was bullying by everyone single one in my school and college my workplaces too. When I saw I am crying I don’t know why

  8. author

    Margaret LopezIl y a jour

    I hope this isn’t true..

  9. author

    Artyom FedorovIl y a jour

    This is very disturbing and sad.

  10. author

    ZercxzIl y a jour

    This is fake. He is actually 18 @quadosss on ig

  11. author

    James LimIl y a jour CNA should stop using a very outdated and racist map comparison of China with the United States~ The link above shows that China in actuality is 2.2% bigger than the United states. As an American we still need to be factual~ and not spread false assumptions like a certain orange tan because he couldn't verbally attack the Japanese anymore with his outdated rhetoric thats been repeated by himself for 30years. Hey fella's, our president just recycled and reused a racist bias to harass others only based on the certain way they look. Yes to an arrogant ignorant, there is no difference between a Japanese or Chinese🤢🤮

  12. author

    Nneka OnwumeluIl y a jour

    HE can't change how he looks imma start a riot TikTokers: Ima start a riot im so f***ing tired

  13. author

    Johnny SinsIl y a jour

    Love the grind my g

  14. author

    mal mooreIl y a jour

    Darling Quaden dont let them destroy ur pure soul ..... You are beautiful

  15. author

    green devils YTIl y a jour

    It’s sad that people think that it’s okay to do this to other humans

  16. author

    『 Violet Bear 』Il y a jour

    People who bully are so rude, he wants to KILL himself. HE IS THAT UPSET. HE IS THAT UPSET HE IS GETTING BULLIED AND THAT IS AN ISSUE FOR HIM AND HIS FAMILY. We don’t want this child to be so upset. It has upset me as a 7 to 9 year old. I got bullied for 2 years. And it’s not good. It’s heartbreaking. Please, if your mean and you see this video or comment, please, STOP. 😭 ♡ I hope your child gets better.

  17. author

    gamer fanasyloverIl y a jour

    it's not his fault he has dwarfism I think hes special I hope he has a good day and I hope god will watch over him

  18. author

    Jesse SwaffordIl y a jour

    I wished I was 9 years old and lived in Australia to whip those bullies and give them a lesson about doing this to someone. If I was student in that school those bullies wouldn’t even dare to do that and I personally fault people for picking on people. That kid is stronger than he thinks he is he has a the strength of a roaring lion inside him.

  19. author

    quccieIl y a jour

    Tip: Dont film ur son whilst hes sobbing and saying that hes literally gonna kill himself in front of you. I know its Good that u spread the Word But dont have the camera Up His face.

  20. author

    محمد اسامهIl y a jour

    Egbert ten ft jgj

  21. author

    Jedison UllonIl y a jour

    and teachers do nothing bout this, honestly

  22. author

    RelevanceIl y a jour

    A lockdown is common sense, you let people go and spreading is a blatantly obvious outcome.

  23. author

    WhatisitIl y a jour

    The whole world as one community sharing culture of one another without prejudice is what I'm hoping as a result of the Oscar 2020. It's boing! boing! Bong!

  24. author

    Flor PlateroIl y a jour

    keep strong.

  25. author

    Denise FordIl y a jour

    My name is lola . I get bullied at school because I am diffrent

  26. author

    RelevanceIl y a jour

    smh now you lock it down

  27. author

    Jacob JonesIl y a jour

    “I have been on trial for being a dwarf my ENTIRE LIFE...” -Peter Dinklage

  28. author

    Fabian KIl y a jour

    Cool. We have a god that creates viruses that sickens and kill us.

  29. author

    15 BeatsIl y a jour

    Thanos should have wiped human race 😑

  30. author

    Jack BradIl y a jour

    Heartbreaking 💔💔

  31. author

    Axel FloresIl y a jour


  32. author

    Mario OchoaIl y a jour

    No one deserves this, as a parent this is my worst fear because it could happen to any of our kids, this really broke my heart 😭

  33. author

    Yummi SeokieIl y a jour

    I can count in 6 languages only count tho😂. Which is English, Thai, Korean, Chinese, IsiXhosa and Afrikaans😊

  34. author

    vaibhav jainIl y a jour

    This guy has an Indian accent and I don't know why and how!

  35. author

    Amy StreetIl y a jour

    I 💗 little people. I'm so sorry you're going through this. My son is special needs and has gone through the bullying as well. For years he was the smallest child in the entire school because of the meds he has been on since age 4. He got kicked, hit, punched, pushed- every day. I talked to the principal and guidance counselor repeatedly and no one could do much about it. It got worse and worse. My son too became suicidal at a very young age. It got so bad that he took a knife to school to defend himself. The school then treated him as a threat and put him into an alternative school. I pulled him out of school and did home school through the K12 program. There is actually a video of my son telling his teachers he misses them, but he doesn't miss the bullying, on my channel from years ago. I think the best thing I did was to put him into mixed martial arts classes. He learned to defend himself but to also be respectful. He made friends in the class who were also getting bullied and his self esteem soared. He never again felt the need to take a weapon to school to defend himself and the new confidence deterred bullies. He is 17 now and has been back in regular school for years. He is still special needs and always will be but he doesn't get bullied for it as much. He makes friends easier now as well.

  36. author

    H PupoIl y a jour

    Stop being stupid this guy is 18 he raised 500k and now it’s spending everything

  37. author

    Jin AlawiIl y a jour


  38. author

    Ugly slump GodIl y a jour

    I don’t like midgets he got what he deserved

  39. author

    The InfectedIl y a jour

    It’s fake

  40. author

    Dylan McCollumIl y a jour

    Sorry but it’s fake guys

  41. author

    FollowerIl y a jour

    Probably fake like the last kid getting bullied and went viral

  42. author

    Dark ShadowIl y a jour

    I'm not phased.

  43. author

    Maria M. CartagenaIl y a jour

    We are praying for you little champ. You are beautiful. Your are a very special little boy who is teaching us human race to love, to respect, and to be kind to each other. We are thinking of you all the way from Florida! 🌴 God bless you and your family 💋

  44. author

    quiet rebelIl y a jour

    Save your money on better things - for rainy days, for your retirement, for your house, for your future. It's honestly unnecessary to spend a tonne of money to impress people whom you barely know of or not having a sort of meaningful relationship, it's this culture in the Chinese community to "save face", the grander the better. Even if it's true that it's the only time when many families regard it to be a special family occasion and would even help with making it look spectacular like it's in the movies, I'd rather spend it on having a smaller intimate wedding banquet and not feel awkward about any guests on my list at all. It's gonna be fine even if your wedding isn't like what some celebrities or wealthy people do. Marriage is more important than the wedding's presentation. Take a chill pill and invest the energy into your marriage instead.

  45. author

    Dark ShadowIl y a jour

    He just completely embarrassed himself.

  46. author

    Hayden the best KinserIl y a jour

    I fell so bad for him hes so butiful and does not deserve to fell like this

  47. author

    James CaldwellIl y a jour

    He will be a very strong and smart man when he grows up. I had it happen to me and you never forget it but the intelligence shines through him. Hang in there xxxo

  48. author

    Ed TexIl y a jour

    I know what it feels like, I’ve always hated being an asian in middle school and feel like killing myself.

  49. author

    Sarkis SIl y a jour

    As a true caring and responsible parent I can’t imagine letting your disabled kid to gradually reach this level of despair that is beyond repair. Strangely terrible.

  50. author

    Fade. XIl y a jour

    He’s 18

  51. author

    Lam ParIl y a jour

    Working together with neighbor to confront an emerging new threat is a right way to move forward. Nothing unusual!

  52. author

    Tracey FoleyIl y a jour

    What World are we living in when a 9 year old wants to kill himself I fear for my daughter growing up in this world

  53. author

    Chrissy MossIl y a jour

    Approximately 1950's the sugar ind. was accused of poisoning the U.S. by an accredited dr. (He wanted all added sugars removed) the HUGE sugar companies fought it out. Of course, they had billions of dollars and won, ...... even though the dr. had scientific evidence. Fast forward circa, and it turns out the dr. was right! Large, billion dollar companies can, and do, use their money when they feel a threat to their business.

  54. author

    Erick GuerreroIl y a jour

    Their should be a class for not bullying in school

  55. author

    GysecIl y a jour

    It’s fake it’s actually a 19 year old man with dwarfism

  56. author

    GHØSTLYIl y a jour

    I really hope you read this and i really hope it makes you feel better god put his hands on you a bit more on you than us please stay strong

  57. author

    Sean MthembuIl y a jour

    Oh my God 💔🥺

  58. author

    Ben DoverIl y a jour

    Nice acting👏 How can a 9 year old know about the word suicide?

  59. author

    Silly NiggaIl y a jour

    WHY would anyone ever bully this kid!!!! He seems like a very nice kid and I would IMMEDIATELY defend this kid if anyone bullied this kid. AND I would become his friend..... Sad to see a 9 year old boy talk about sucide....

  60. author

    Surge 187Il y a jour

    I was bullied up until about 3rd grade and i really can't recall ever wanting to commit suicide more homicide than anything

  61. author

    HalluciIl y a jour

    Isn't he 18 lol

  62. author

    Avatar AangIl y a jour

    Y'all do know that he's 30 years old right?

  63. author

    Stanislaw DrozdzalIl y a jour

    Like, this kid makes me laugh i don't know why 😂😂😂

  64. author

    GHØSTLYIl y a jour

    just stay strong!please

  65. author

    GHØSTLYIl y a jour

    Stay strong buddy much love to you❤️don’t let yourself down because of some crackheads who don’t even respect themselves🙏🏻💕

  66. author

    rainah jimenezIl y a jour

    It’s fake bc he’s 18 and if someone killed their self the would go to hell so what’s the difference

  67. author

    califaern3stoIl y a jour

    How bout you beat the bullies nearly to death? That'll learn 'em

  68. author

    barrett floresIl y a jour

    Nice plan guys! Finnesed the world 🤑

  69. author

    ShazGreenockIl y a jour

    This is to all those STILL bullying Quadan saying he is a professional actor and this is fake. Even if he was or wants to be an actor are you suggesting he can't actually be suffering in real life? Have you written to the actors and hopefuls who suffered at the hands of Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein or Amber Heard and said they are lying because they know how to act? Have you ever had the guts to approach a desperately upset victim and tell them to their face that they are lying? No, you never have. You'll bully to feed your desperately lacking self esteem, which in itself is a tragedy, but you'll never back it up with a non aggressive face to face conversation explaining your choice to bully. Now what do you think that actually says about you?

  70. author

    Diana HaidarIl y a jour

    And is it a good idea to be shoving a camera in his face when he is clearly traumatized?

  71. author

    FDRIl y a jour

    Whoever believes in Him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe has already been condemned, because he has not believed in the name of God's one and only Son. John 3 : 18

  72. author

    Auggie DoggIl y a jour

    Take him out of school for a good long while. Surround him with positive people.

  73. author

    dada thakorIl y a jour

    Disgusting own PM opens his backdoor to the same people he ousted

  74. author

    Jami HensleyIl y a jour

    Come on we can do without new stuff for awhile we are such a wasteful nation . It’s not altogether bad that we learn to repurpose,reuse or do without. I’m sure there are exceptions,but come on

  75. author

    Skyy BIl y a jour

    💔😭 I can't.. Look at this

  76. author

    Patrick HodgeIl y a jour

    This kid is soft, nothing compared to an mw2 lobby when I was nine.

  77. author

    mia_xox xoxIl y a jour

    Aww bless him I agree with you ❤️😇

  78. author

    Jessica HagueIl y a jour

    People need to stop. This kid is clearly wanting to kill himself. His mother is really worried about him. If you are a bully just stop. It’s not fine. If someone has hurt your feelings that doesn’t mean you can hurt someone else’s. Thank you for reading. You now may scroll down the other comments.

  79. author

    mankey .D luckyIl y a jour

    Hasn't this been a thing since forever 😒 it's surprising how now people decide to act

  80. author

    TribuoooIl y a jour

    Wasn’t this a scam

  81. author

    ÂRKØ CREATIONSIl y a jour

    It pains dude...I have experienced a lot...going through it daily..just because of my ugly face...u people are handsome and u look great..yes we r not... But we do have hurts makes us hate kills our confidence...u may not like us..but please don't hurt us...PLEASE !...

  82. author

    GLIXT_ YTIl y a jour

    1like =1 prayer for Quaden

  83. author

    marcia menageIl y a jour

    Very sad, people need to pay attention to the vaccinations which seem to have a direct correlation with the growth in autism, in fact predictions indicate autism will be 1 in 2 within a decade, and there will be no government funding,

  84. author

    GustoIl y a jour

    Bullying will never stop, its human nature to bully people who aren’t “normal looking”

  85. author

    Panos ChlambeasIl y a jour

    Μy question is: what kind of a mother keeps filming her child after he says he wants to die??? She should have stopped filming, hug him and make him feel good... Just my opinion

  86. author

    demi r.bIl y a jour

    Omg I'm crying with u rn pls get in touch I will like to talk to him and help him through this I've been through it to xx

  87. author

    GLIXT_ YTIl y a jour

    I feel you man I’m getting bullied as well don’t worry just walk away or if they follow you just go inside my man life gets better don’t kill your self trust me think about the people that care the people that love you your mum is crying in the background that’s how much she loves you life gets better trust me

  88. author

    KARATEGIRL 101Il y a jour

    Aww that's so freaking sad i was bullied for a year and a half and the teacher's didn't do anything about it and I hate going to school i really do and I was bullied middle school high school STRAY night prom and college and it's not fun and i almost killed Myself too and me being bullied is not fun

  89. author

    Kiera BetonIl y a jour

    Why isn't the mum consoling her son when hes upset, hes literally saying he wants to die in front of her and she has a camera in his face telling the world whilst her son is sobbing

  90. author

    Andrew Bryant Amateur BoxerIl y a jour

    I see a bunch of people saying this is fake. If that’s true then these people are honestly trash for taking people’s money...

  91. author

    Curse of sorrowIl y a jour

    What a wonderful world

  92. author

    ItssjustmelissaIl y a jour

    2020 WE ARE IN 2020 !!! He is only 9 years old give him a break JESUS!! GOD DIDN’T SEND US ON HEART TO HURT EACHOTHER!! THIS IS REALLY SAD

  93. author

    VeTri VeNkAtIl y a jour

    I'm always with you ...Don't worry bro🥰🥰🥰

  94. author

    Beautiful VdoIl y a jour

    thnx god no more snake @ other animals !!

  95. author

    Devious ToeIl y a jour

    You aren’t helping him by pampering him. Get him a punching bag And send him to live in the mountains for a couple of winters. What doesn’t kill you makes you stonger. We need bullies

  96. author

    Savenaca GoleaIl y a jour

    He’s 18 bruh

  97. author

    Michele ZhangIl y a jour

    No Asians I ever knew -this breeding ground for this fantastic photojournalist by sub human bone in the nose island happy beauty parlor rioters will survive- NEW DAWN OF MANKIND NO ASIANS ON ISLAND AND NOWHERE IN NORTH AMERICA- VIRGIN ISLANDS WITH BEAUTIFUL SATELLITE PHOTOS FREE OF DYING BREEDS OF UGLY CRUEL BONE IN THE NOSE- OVER FRESH AIR! ENJOY!

  98. author

    Musa KhanIl y a jour

    trash loser is 18 SCAMMER GET SCAMMED.

  99. author

    RVR KL 14Il y a jour

    You are a champion Quaden. You have no idea about your friends from INDIA . We are supporting you champ

  100. author

    Sunday CorellaIl y a jour

    This angers me to no end. What kind of people raise these children that would pick on someone for fun ? My children never did this I always taught them to be kind to everyone. This little guy has no idea how strong he really is God bless him