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    Isabel DjojoIl y a 30 minutes


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    Helmi MkIl y a 31 minute

    ur videos have deep messages as allways

  3. author

    Eupho riaIl y a 31 minute

    I'm Arab and I can relate

  4. author

    Analiz FranciscoIl y a 31 minute

    This was so funny!😂

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    tomas reyesIl y a 31 minute

    you smoke too much hookah

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    Eloisa ,JIl y a 32 minutes

    A voz do Rudy em português parece de dublador kkkkkkkkkkkkk. Muito legal, deveria ter vídeos das mães mensalmente.

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    Black Nitendo MastersIl y a 32 minutes

    0:04 ahhh when he kissed her so cute😍😍😘😘

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    JK COOL BROIl y a 32 minutes

    I swear l liked when you said plz like and comment and your mom said ya you better like if you did (:

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    VIREIl y a 32 minutes

    This is starting to be really cringe and without ideas... Im just being honest..

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    Franchesca PerezIl y a 32 minutes

    jajajajajaj XD

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    Gospodin BangaviIl y a 32 minutes

    Back when rudy didnt have to censor himself... good ol' days.

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    FadiIl y a 33 minutes

    we need more Moms vids😂😂😂😂

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    Charaf SaghoineIl y a 33 minutes

    خلي حالك ظهرك واجعك 😂😂😂😂

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    XXQX8Y ROBLOXIl y a 33 minutes

    This is how many ppl will miss rudy bc this is his last vid checked his snap😞😢😭 ⬇️

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    Robin HoodIl y a 33 minutes

    Who is arbian

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    Magdalena OrtegaIl y a 34 minutes


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    Nana ansuIl y a 34 minutes

    Guys I really the collabs with your moms. Mom..You are speeding Rudy...Look at the speedometer its 18km/h you are driving too slow That's epic

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    Ibrahim M.Il y a 34 minutes

    Bro I lost it at the end😂😂😂

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    ImmortalTesumoIl y a 34 minutes

    "no no no, no police, no police"

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    Gamer GirlIl y a 34 minutes

    Was there any musical video that Rudy wasn't locked by some way in a musical place?😂

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    RuinZTIl y a 34 minutes

    Can you subscribe to my youtube channel(RuinZT):)

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    RenanIl y a 35 minutes

    A mãe do Rudy é muito engraçada kkkkkkkk

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    Raphaela wafikIl y a 35 minutes

    I love this

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    Thaís De Lima AlvesIl y a 35 minutes

    nao sabia que ele era brasileiroo

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    Aligarh walkersIl y a 35 minutes

    I love Hannah.

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    KillSwitchIl y a 36 minutes

    Have you MET my mother?

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    Raneem NowarahIl y a 36 minutes

    😂 this was so funny we’re from Palestine love u

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    Isha RawatIl y a 36 minutes

    Basically all moms lol

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    Jaywant LakhisaranIl y a 36 minutes


  30. author

    Palestine PalestineIl y a 36 minutes

    Both moms are adorable

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    Schwarze KatzeIl y a 37 minutes


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    regine nsh'Il y a 37 minutes

    Why do their moms kinda look alike and y do they kinda look alike

  33. author

    regine nsh'Il y a 37 minutes

    Why do their moms kinda look alike and y do they kinda look alike

  34. author

    Sarah AlhaidaryIl y a 37 minutes

    I’m Saudi Arabia lol

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    royal crownIl y a 37 minutes

    Foreign boys

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    Speedy 122Il y a 37 minutes

    Hey random scroller Have a great day 😃

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    Starboy TrggerIl y a 37 minutes

    did rudy really speak portuguese?? lol

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    Estela MontenariIl y a 37 minutes

    Muito bom kkkkkkkkkkkk

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    Ava BiblicalIl y a 37 minutes

    It wasn't amazing It is spectacular love your videos

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    Estela MontenariIl y a 37 minutes

    Meu Deuus

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    DoesMCPlayIl y a 38 minutes

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 im dying😂😂🤣😂🤣😂

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    mahsa abdolahiIl y a 38 minutes

    My mom is exactly like your mommmm rudyyy 😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍

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    SOFTWILLY 2.0Il y a 39 minutes

    Great Video! Cheers Anwar and Rudy ❤❤❤❤

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    Alicia ReidIl y a 39 minutes

    Lol I started to laugh before it even began to load😂

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    MC Pizza loverIl y a 39 minutes

    I relate so much to this 😐😂

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    X OffIl y a 39 minutes

    wait I thought Rudy's mom was hispanic and turns out she's not

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    Oscar CardosoIl y a 39 minutes

    I thought you were italian, didn't know you were Portuguese

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    Murray HaysIl y a 39 minutes

    friends I'm sad I saw Ruudy snap's cнecĸ my last video 😢

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    HAMZH _OZMANIl y a 40 minutes

    Hey Yow Like Me 👇

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    [MFS] MarineOP69Il y a 40 minutes


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    Matheus TavaresIl y a 40 minutes

    Mãe BR é fogo kkkkk

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    54 SIRIl y a 40 minutes

    2:22 خلي حالك ظهرك بوجع 😂

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    Regina ElenaIl y a 40 minutes

    Muito bom

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    Cool VibesIl y a 40 minutes

    The end tho was the best

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    Rishav ShrivastavaIl y a 40 minutes

    Anotho one!!!!!!!!!.

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    Kamal jamousIl y a 40 minutes

    في عرب هون 💪❤

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    Jai CatalanoIl y a 40 minutes

    Rudy you rock! You are so talented. Anwar too! And I must say mom and mom you gals did great!

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    X OffIl y a 41 minute

    I love people who love their moms

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    nadeen mohiarIl y a 41 minute

    Hi rudy 👋

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    KiritoDB -Il y a 41 minute

    Spiderman 2 remake ... mY BaCk

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    Estela MontenariIl y a 41 minute

    Eles são br???

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    PATTYY LIl y a 41 minute

    Iron Man ain't got super powers either

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    Islamic MindIl y a 41 minute


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    lulu ghazalaIl y a 41 minute

    Love u

  65. author

    lulu ghazalaIl y a 41 minute

    Love u anwerrrr 💜

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    halemi 313Il y a 41 minute

    I swear all moms do is judge your driving 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ wallahi that’s the worst

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    Χχ ΣχχοτᎥc χΧIl y a 42 minutes

    It's funny when Anwar's mom said to him 'ala habibi.'

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    Novellus kyrellIl y a 42 minutes

    😂.. Thank you Rudy!

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    King AliIl y a 43 minutes

    🤣😂 please more of the foreign mom

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    sssaricIl y a 43 minutes

    1:19 look at Anwar HAHAHA LOL

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    Drz_n00bhunterIl y a 43 minutes

    Love you rudy

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    fubuki shirouIl y a 43 minutes

    trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee af

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    Murray HaysIl y a 43 minutes

    bro I am sad I saw Rudy snap's cнecĸ my last video 😢

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    DayBag GamingIl y a 43 minutes


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    BinaryFusionzXIl y a 43 minutes

    I don’t get why the dad at the end tried faking him being injured, his son was the one who crashed into Rudy and Anwar’s car, they did nothing wrong 😂😂

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    m-Kh3ildIl y a 43 minutes


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    LONE WOLFIl y a 44 minutes


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    ruchi76 vatsieIl y a 44 minutes


  79. author

    marco boyIl y a 44 minutes

    Pls guys check my last vedio

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    super rinasIl y a 44 minutes

    Why does the song by the robber sound like smosh's story

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    zonamIl y a 44 minutes

    MOMS ALWAYS MOMS Hay rudy brother.. Looking for part 3😂😂😂😂

  82. author

    Cool VibesIl y a 44 minutes

    Anwar’s mom is such my mom 😂😂😂

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    Shahir AbdullahIl y a 44 minutes

    Rudy's Mom: "They don't even have cars, just camels' dead XD

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    Power GuidoIl y a 45 minutes

    Por favor legendas em português🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

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    Francis CrankIl y a 45 minutes


  86. author

    Nyc BibleIl y a 45 minutes

    My shoulders hurt from watching this video! Can I get your insurance information?

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    Sándor TrébicsIl y a 46 minutes

    I wanna meet rudy in the area 51

  88. author

    Don't talk to meIl y a 46 minutes

    45min 67k views

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    Fay cIl y a 46 minutes

    Anwar's Mum: You were drunk, you drank too much Tequila😂

  90. author

    Aymaaa suphrtIl y a 46 minutes

    We want foreign Dads🍂🍃 I think they gonna be Non Racist 🌚💃 . . . Anyone who think so😅

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    Tekashi Sao LeeIl y a 46 minutes

    Who's mom the same?? 😂

  92. author

    Crow KenshinIl y a 46 minutes

    Who can relate to this?? Cuz I can😂👽.

  93. author

    Pixie8017Il y a 47 minutes

    Press this if u understand Anwar’s mom 👇🏻

  94. author

    Ahmad GhafourianIl y a 47 minutes

    Every mum wallahi

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    Grace Williams Rose goldIl y a 47 minutes


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    Bleart ShaqaIl y a 47 minutes

    If he call police good luck 🤣🤣🤣

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    RASOL AL TMEMEIl y a 47 minutes

    I Love you Anwar (iraq)

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    Fizza AbbasIl y a 47 minutes

    does this happen to you when u see a nice comment with a lot of likes and you are like I WISH I wrote THAT COMMENT

  99. author

    Murray HaysIl y a 47 minutes

    friends I am sad I saw Ruudy snap's cнecĸ my last video 😢

  100. author

    Ashok SubediIl y a 47 minutes

    That ending though..