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    Nikkor D50Il y a an

    Found 6 Episodes of Dream Date with Brent Rivera on FRreporter. Do search for "dream date with brent rivera".

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    CWO 017Il y a an

    HEY GUYS why don't you hop onto my cannel and subscribe, I mean you do have time to read this comment, so you have some time to click a button XD

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    Ken D'AmatoIl y a an

    lucas damato channel Courtney damato

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    Jana SeidaIl y a an

    real food vs gummy food please

  5. author

    Brent JonesIl y a an

    Im the real brent.........screw off

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    Heather LaurentIl y a an

    Brent on your next video can you do the MHMM

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    Lets PlayIl y a an


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    Jerod SIl y a an

    3 mil subs. thats unexpected. someone told me this guy was some kind of youtube vine video guy. i didnt expect his following to be quite this big. i guess you can never tell what the people you meet do. all i can say is well done. im impressed at the very least.

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    itisnat13Il y a an

    Hey Brent, could you please do a Crush vs Celebrity Crush video? I would like it if you did 😊😊❤️

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    Victoria MilevaIl y a an

    Damn, I love ur videos. Today one of my friends told me about u and when I watched ur first video I died... Love u so much

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    Alysa KiesIl y a an

    Brent you are so awesome and super cool!!!!!

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    sonal kankariyaIl y a an

    can you make a video with Wengie

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    Hulises Avila EntertainmentZIl y a an

    One day, you should feature me. In a good way or a good way either way :) btw I love this channel

  14. author

    max linIl y a an

    brent can you do a giveaway

  15. author

    NJIl y a an

    Keep it up bro 💜

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    salma zejliIl y a an

    can you do another "Songs In Real Life"

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    Nicolas EntertainmentIl y a an

    he does the best videos

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    Therese MarieIl y a an


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    SeragonoIl y a an

    I actually came cause i wanted to quit making Videos and my friend suggested to watch your vids...Really great work you are doing :D

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    Candy SmithIl y a an

    Your Videos are so great. Keep up the great work.

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    JimmyThatBoiIl y a an

    And I'm an old SUPER fan but I just realized you were being bullied in school.. I saw it someone posted it on youe discussion wall in coments.. And Bullying is a thing that makes people do harm to theirselfs! You don't want to hurt yourself do you? You have 3 Million subscribers on yt, 5 Million+ people follow you on facebook, 5 Million+ followers on instagram, 2 Million+ followers on wow. You have us! :D And we still love you and we will till you exist in this world... Isn't a single "he is so hot" comment in your youtube etc.? WE LOVE YOU!!!! <3 #STILLINMYHEART

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    JimmyThatBoiIl y a an

    BRO!! :D 3MILLION+ SUBS! :O CONGRATS!! :D no wonder every girl who watches you says you're hot XD Peace ly keep up the good work! <3 :D

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    ОбзорщиkIl y a an


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    Prxncess !Il y a an

    my last name is Rivera

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    JRoselle02Il y a an

    Brent, Can you do a Real vs Gummy Food Challenge, Like if you agree please!

  26. author

    I'm ZooviIl y a an

    I'm in love with you, Brent <3

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    thatonegirlnamedsamIl y a an

    You will probably never see this... but you are one of the greatest and funniest FRreporterrs I have ever watched. :) I've been subscribed ever since you did that Soda Challenge with WeeklyChris (that would make me being subscribed to you for 3 years!)...that was the first video of yours that I watched! I hope you keep doing what you're doing. If you ever, ever read this...I don't know. Reply or something :)

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    Quetzali chaparroIl y a an

    how old is he

  29. author

    Junior SpesungelIl y a an

    to who ever said he is ugly like dog just now may be his parents are reading you guys comments so better to just leave him alone and if you hate him then just unsubscribe to him and leave his channel okay anybody agree yes or no???????????????

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    insane insaanIl y a an

    thanks for making us all laugh there r a lotof worries on this earth!!

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    Madison JangIl y a an

    I subscribed and hit the the thumbs up button.

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    Alejandra CejaIl y a an

    i did both of those thingss...!!!!

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    Sunny TangIl y a an

    I'm sorry, I'm invading your privacy, Brent, but... You're born in/on Huntington Beach, CA, Your birthday is January 9, 1998 and birth sign is Capricorn. :-)

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    FoodIl y a an

    LOL wigs!

  35. author

    erikalee.124Il y a an

    ooooo discussion!!!!

  36. author

    Megan FIl y a an

    Your vids are amazing! I love the ones with you in wigs, it's funny.

  37. author

    modi trumpIl y a an

    what is ur hairstyle know as

  38. author

    JaimeeTigerIl y a an

    #LOVE YOUR VIDS make that a hashtag plz and go to my channel jaimeetiger and sub

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    Saiyara IslamIl y a 2 ans

    i like potatoes

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    Cassidy MeadorIl y a 2 ans

    I love u!! but ur vids are so short! great,but short.......

  41. author

    20 20Il y a 2 ans

    Happy BIRTHDAY!! brent

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    CassiopeiaIl y a 2 ans

    Hi it's Cassi from!!!

  43. author

    Tairica BrownIl y a 2 ans

    I'm deaf. Happy Birthday.

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    Fatima AzeemIl y a 2 ans

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!! in advance :>

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    говно.Il y a 2 ans

    You have a lot of subscrubes from Russia, sorry if i have any mistaks,because i don't know english so well...

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    RMSHOWIl y a 2 ans

    the movie ?

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    shayana somaiIl y a 2 ans

    hey Brent! you are amazing! your video's are awesome! and you are a great actor...when I see your video's...haha!! you are a amazing and great guy!

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    Sophie SophIl y a 2 ans

    Videos make my mom laugh which isn't easy to do, thank you for making your videos to bring joy.

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    Mercy ʀᴀᴍᴇɴIl y a 2 ans

    hey brent can you do a Q/A

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    Арина НовиковаIl y a 2 ans

    Hi Brendon, I live in Russia and I dream communicate with you. Have you e-mail?