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Cookin' HardCookin' Hard

Cookin' Hard

Il y a 2 ans

  1. author

    Ryan PetersIl y a jour

    But Scott, I got the circle pad pro, and I never leave the house without it. Gotta stay strapped.

  2. author

    Miner MoleIl y a jour

    I hate rumors as well. Also, this video is currently #30 on trending for gaming.

  3. author

    Stephen DemonSlayer SIl y a jour

    You Bro,You have Super Smash Flash 2 Online,It features Sandbag and Chibi-robo,now they just updates some things few days ago and It got better for thoose who can't play ultimate

  4. author

    cereal unionIl y a jour

    Eat your cereal Glory to the cereal union

  5. author

    Coconut 505Il y a jour

    Anna May Will you.. Will you... Will you be my girlfriend? OwO

  6. author

    xrelikIl y a jour

    One critique I will stand by is ignoring the people who say 3ds is dead. It isn't. It's not even on life support "yet" That would imply that there is a system that can replace the handheld system and quite frankly, the switch isn't it chief. The system simply doesn't have the portability nor the battery life to consider the switch a likely successor. In fact, the switch is overdue for an upgrade similar to the jump from ds > 3ds. Mark my words, the day the new system comes out with the announcement that it can play MHW with battery life exceeding/almost matching the 3ds, that's when people should jump ship.

  7. author

    Lower ResolutionIl y a jour

    I want Scott the Woz to host a Jackbox game

  8. author

    no one caresIl y a jour

    Eat your cereal

  9. author

    Golden BulbasaurIl y a jour

    Scott: “It’s like if Nintendo announced a Mario game early in development” Nintendo: announces a Zelda game early in development the next year

  10. author

    AlphaStormIl y a jour

    3:43 *guitar nerd intensifies* If you know anything about guitars, a good majority of the guitars on the wall should be familiar. Here's a list of names I could see which seem to imply that this game was sponsored by Gibson Guitars (seriously, all but one of the guitars I can see look like they're Gibsons). Also this is going in order top row to bottom row, starting from the top left and moving right: Gibson Firebird Gibson Flying V Gibson Explorer Gibson ES-335 (either that or an ES-339) Gibson SG Gibson Les Paul (I think) Fender Stratocaster And you can tell why I think the game was sponsored by Gibson, and that sponsorship later fell through which lead to the inclusion of a Fender Stratocaster. But, those are some of the most iconic Guitar Shapes in the world, which to me is a problem. They couldn't have gone for some rarer stuff, or attained the rights to rarer stuff? Anything from Schecter, LTD/ESP, Jackson, Ernie Ball, PRS or anything else. PRS and Ernie Ball being main ones because those are equally as recognizable compared to the Gibsons. Of course, to anyone who doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about, just think: You may have seen at least one or all of the guitars I listed and not known who they were made by or what they were called, or have heard the names but not seen the shapes. But I bet you, 9 times out of 10, some of your favorite rock bands (or hell, some pop bands) have used one or more or even all of these guitars live or in the studio before. TL;DR, the guitars they chose to hang on the wall in the first room of the game are so well known that they're the generic go to body styles or names.

  11. author

    Jack WindrammerIl y a jour

    I remember getting this system day 1 as a little guy and playing street fighter for like an entire year because the launch titles sucked epic gamer cock

  12. author

    CrawlzIl y a jour

    Brawl was the first smash I played and remained the only one I played for a long time. Going back to it, I understand why fans didn't like it. It's slow and clunky. But I didn't have friends to play against so all I ever really did was do the campaign and all the extras, and I still love it for that.

  13. author

    travis the maxusIl y a jour

    3ds will never die

  14. author

    Encrypt3dIl y a jour

    I have an ags-001. It's good

  15. author

    ii_Crimson - ZombsRoyale and MoreIl y a jour

    woah scott out here with the uploads

  16. author

    MindCraftSteevIl y a jour

    The amount of product pushing in gamestop nowadays is FUCKING RIDICULOUS

  17. author

    Lemon LollipopIl y a jour

    The 3DS was SLAPPED

  18. author

    Victor ArreolaIl y a jour

    7:05 -What I said on the first day of school

  19. author

    Ian The AlbinoIl y a jour

    31:24 I just bought that model yesterday and you're killing me inside

  20. author

    SilverLunaIl y a jour

    Scott you can’t do this I turned on the volume just as you said “SEX APPEAL!”

  21. author

    Ewan SkinnerIl y a jour


  22. author

    Degrox10Il y a jour

    Is it just me or is it a bit of a shock that Scott owns Shadows of Valentia?

  23. author

    Ricardo OrtizIl y a jour

    Rip 3DS

  24. author

    elijah waltonIl y a jour

    This is dumb. Gamestop is stupid. Go to media reload or locally owned shops.

  25. author

    Jersey JimmyIl y a jour

    >pokemon XY >"a big boy game" pick one

  26. author

    Coop110Il y a jour

    Despite the size of your channel, every single video feels like a 1on1 conversation between a couple of friends

  27. author

    jetsetgeminiIl y a jour


  28. author

    Heemin Gamin' StationIl y a jour

    Man this wasn't just a history of 3DS rumor's this was just a good history of the 3DS video.

  29. author

    Popcorn CrackIl y a jour

    I actually had the Mario and Luigi dream team system. The design wasn't great but I used to love Dream Team, I later upgraded to a Pikachu New 3DS XL and system transferred so I have the game on there now.

  30. author

    Cameron HudsonIl y a jour

    I got the SNES, and I got it from a "Shady" guy who downloaded about a hundred Nes and SNES games.... still a shady drug dealer

  31. author

    PixasterIl y a jour

    Okay scott, you know i love you but i am just to drunk for 30 Minutes D:

  32. author

    Jordan PenzaIl y a jour

    This video is so great. Videos with Scott’s friends are always instant classics. The jokes are rapid fire and hilarious. There is a lot of high energy acting and slapstick comedy or visual humor. The personality of Scott’s character shines very bright here. I have watched this video at least 15 times over the last few months, and I’ll most likely keep coming back to it.

  33. author

    lilcoffeebeanIl y a jour

    I don't know why but I'm incredibly proud to own the link between world's 3ds xl but it's literally nothing special lmao

  34. author

    TBrizzle01Il y a jour

    I wish Nintendo put more effort into their original Game Boy games on VC. Sega gave you a good amount of options on Game Gear games.

  35. author

    Valkyrie 641Il y a jour


  36. author

    kim jong unIl y a jour

    you should make a lego game video

  37. author

    loco monkedoIl y a jour

    15 years later gta 6 mobile,cod mw mobile that has PS4 graphics

  38. author

    Daniel SaylorsIl y a jour

    I'm sure someone said this already, but you're not a true NES: The Legend of Zelda master until you finish both the 1st Quest and the 2nd Quest (Master Quest) you can either play the 2nd quest by finishing the game (Doing so replaces the file icon with Link holding a Sword) or by right off the bat by naming your save file 'ZELDA' it is the same overworld but dungeon and hidden room/shop locations are different and the dungeons are laid out differently, and the bad guys are a bit tougher. I hope this keeps you up at night knowing you've only half-beat the game until you do beat it and make a video for it. :D

  39. author

    TBrizzle01Il y a jour

    I still wish Majora's Mask was remade in HD. And yeah it left a lot to be desired. We all saw that bizarre video that was insanely promoted for some reason lol.

  40. author

    Sajiv GIl y a jour

    3:16 💀💀

  41. author

    Jasper BrokawIl y a jour

    At 9:08 he says Lucario Jigglypuff and Ness were accidentally leaked via stickers but isn't that "Ness sticker" actually just Pokemon trainer?

  42. author

    connor HostetlerIl y a jour

    Hey Scott you should do a video about the psp 1000-3000

  43. author

    ReckliousIl y a jour

    First video I’ve seen by you and let me just say I’ve been laughing the whole time😂😂 amazing job and well deserved sub

  44. author

    xX1NORM1XxIl y a jour

    “Who knows what they can do?” Release a fridge in 2020 apparently...

  45. author

    tomstrik :IIl y a jour

    Post the extra shut the fuck up clips

  46. author

    aly bobIl y a jour

    Scott : someone even said a new Luigi’s mansion 3 would come out Me watching in 2020 : well they were right

  47. author

    Jordan3DIl y a jour

    "It was a Nintendo handheld, of course it did well" Tell that to the 3DS' first year on the market

  48. author

    Kevin DriscollIl y a jour

    There is an SNK Arcade Classics 0 for the PSP that you could say is Vol. 2, except that all the games were made before there was a Neo Geo.

  49. author

    Andrew HiggesonIl y a jour

    Scott, I know this is a long shot, but could you maybe do a first impressions on Google Stadia? And congrats on your photoshop going viral btw

  50. author

    Brady ButlerIl y a jour

    Eat your cereal

  51. author

    Shirayuki NobuIl y a jour

    The 3ds is not going to die any time soon, in fact the new pokemon games might increase sales in the 3ds and 2ds

  52. author

    Baskerville_ 999Il y a jour

    who else thought this was Tom Holland

  53. author

    jroid3Il y a jour

    the only time i would get a subscription box is for things i collect like knives or trading cards.

  54. author

    Republic trooper ProductionsIl y a jour

    You really did the Yoshi leak??!!?

  55. author

    Rin In A BinIl y a jour

    Wii Phone

  56. author

    Radical UsernameIl y a jour

    Nostalgia straight up ripped my spine from my back when I was focusing on Scott pulling out budokai tekaichi 2 and 3

  57. author

    Dogefan Lego FilmzIl y a jour

    Home Run is in Ultimate

  58. author

    ThinkcordIl y a jour

    *Amazon fire TV with Alexa voice control!?!?*

  59. author

    『Crimson 』Il y a jour

    Little did they know Steel Diver would become a very crucial game later on

  60. author

    ummm helpIl y a jour

    I judge the year a game came out and what the fuck PICKEM CAME OUT THE SAME YEAR AS GTA 3???

  61. author

    Colin NolanIl y a jour

    *Where’s your hotter son*

  62. author

    Daniel RequenaIl y a jour

    i still dont forgive nintendo for completely destroying my hype for the 3ds Paper Mario after it released as the abomination known as Sticker star

  63. author

    Ryan KornackiIl y a jour

    Angry birds is also on PS3 for some reason

  64. author

    SirAwesomeness41Il y a jour

    I have the Link Between Worlds 3DS and my brother has the Dream Team one.

  65. author

    BrickHouse98Il y a jour

    5:41 after playing ringfit where the joycon can monitor your heart rate, well dang they actually did bring it back

  66. author

    ಠ_ಠIl y a jour

    Z Tier FRreporterr

  67. author

    ShmimpleIl y a jour

    17:42 nice rice bro

  68. author

    Philipp DeppischIl y a jour

    You should have tried the Attack on Titan game, it is really good while being very typical Anime

  69. author

    ChandlerIl y a jour

    To be fair on humanity, I don’t think people “gave up” on 3D after Avatar. It’s just that no other movies used 3D quite as good.

  70. author

    Q WIl y a jour

    Scott drinking wine Since he was 5 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  71. author

    dsproductions19Il y a jour

    Shame he didn't cover Duelist of the Roses. As I remember it, it's one of the best games from the PS2.

  72. author

    loco monkedoIl y a jour

    Weird to hear a guy say he(WANTS)to be a pussy

  73. author

    Corrupt_Gamer96Il y a jour

    There's this epic fight scene at near the end and scott ends it off like aunt may in the post credits scene of spiderman homecoming

  74. author

    S U N S E TIl y a jour

    Eat Your Cereal

  75. author

    SpaceThunderIl y a jour

    Another amazing video by Scott, but people should definitely check out the other people involved in this too. I noticed the animation channel has only 8K subs despite this video having over 600K views. Be sure to give the animators, the voice actor and the music guys some love too! Anyways, great video Scott!

  76. author

    Epic Pokeman 518Il y a jour

    i used to play this game a lot as a kid, until my ds broke and my sister claimed it has "hers". (we used to share it, but as I said, my ds broke and after that she claimed it as hers).

  77. author

    meatballsahoy 92Il y a jour

    "16 year old scott made this" fourth wall- broken

  78. author

    Santiago SanchezIl y a jour

    can someone show this normie some real anime. Interesting video.

  79. author

    xX1NORM1XxIl y a jour

    Me too I’d genuinely spend 10 minutes answering them

  80. author

    forstgrade &Il y a jour

    Hey all *BILLY MAYS HERE*

  81. author

    Kassaye CainIl y a jour

    I like how the end actually sounds like a bad anime dub.

  82. author

    Harbinger of HentaiIl y a jour

    good to see critique that leak is still around. how else am I gonna get fool proof evidence of my latest leaks!

  83. author

    AlstarIl y a jour

    Do Crash Team Racing

  84. author

    loco monkedoIl y a jour

    In the middle of the night... him to the ds:CUT THE MIDDLE BLUE WIRE

  85. author

    William MueettIl y a jour

    I own a wii but never played wii play I know kill me

  86. author

    Carlos SwiftIl y a jour

    17:11 thats what she said

  87. author

    NuckFuggetIl y a jour

    1:14 im watching this videoon this display lol

  88. author

    Steyr AcrxIl y a jour

    Man You Tube Gaming needs more channels like Scotts and GF Reviews. These channels are similar with their razor sharp wit and high production value. They rely more of intelligent writing than drama to sell their videos and with youtube gaming becoming a cesspool of hate and drama more channel like these would be awesome.

  89. author

    Sol1pzIl y a jour

    Trash FRreporter channel

  90. author

    look who it isIl y a jour

    Dude literally every nintendo youtuber uses the bird man research theme in all their videos lmao

  91. author

    neami drawsIl y a jour

    Ewww pepto bismol

  92. author

    Pro Hanzo Main 76Il y a jour

    Scott doesn’t have my same interest so I think he is a bitch

  93. author

    KENNETH RIVERAIl y a jour

    Eat your cereal

  94. author

    Detective DJcronicIl y a jour

    If I walked in your room game room I would not be impressed I would be like "since when whas I at gamestop?"

  95. author

    BlueFire Gaming And CardsIl y a jour

    I think if any game deserves a sequel it is Pokémon Conquest.

  96. author

    Supertimod PodcastsIl y a jour

    Eat your cereal

  97. author

    Ian DiLorenzoIl y a jour

    GTAIV is better than 5, it just is. Shhhhh

  98. author

    Jason BeardIl y a jour

    This guy fucks.

  99. author

    Max TwTIl y a jour

    Rip Wii ✌️👋🙏

  100. author

    Sufyan QassemIl y a jour

    fucking weeb