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I'm Back ...I'm Back ...

I'm Back ...

Il y a 8 mois

  1. author

    Cakes by La’MeekaIl y a jour

    Your makeup looks fantastic!

  2. author

    Passant ZeidanIl y a jour

    Farsali liquid powder review pleeaaasseeee

  3. author

    Nasibah AbdullahIl y a jour

    The energy on this video frkm tati is definitely different from the 1st one

  4. author

    Catherine ShepardIl y a jour

    What did Charlotte use to darken her facial mole like a freckle?

  5. author

    Summer1989Il y a jour

    Her voice and the way she talks Reminds me of Amy Adams 🤣

  6. author

    DianerBananersIl y a jour

    Nurse Erika really is a refreshing drink o water, love her energy

  7. author

    Lynn StoltzIl y a jour

    What was the Milani highlighting palette?

  8. author

    Yani MdIl y a jour

    Hi Tati! ❤️ all your videos! It'll be great if you could tie your hair up 😘

  9. author

    Bostyn KirkIl y a jour

    Oh no!! That blush aged your beautiful skin 10 years!

  10. author

    Lea JacobsonIl y a jour

    Clearly you are so in love with your man. Hurray for you. It's nice to see two people happy.

  11. author

    Lupita SolIl y a jour

    I ordered the Blendiful and it never arrived, on the website said delivered but never received nothing. I message her customer service twice and never got a replied back:( , worst customer service and waste of my money .Never buying again!!

  12. author

    MariaIl y a jour

    Life is so strange. I was diagnosed with endoetriosis this thursday because of the find of a large chocolate cyst on my ovary. I never really had any symptoms before. I’m scared and I thought of you and what did I find on your channel but this video. Thank you for doing this ❤️

  13. author

    Mariana JamesIl y a jour

    In her eyes you can realize she’s been crying. 🥺☹️

  14. author

    Redmane441Il y a jour

    I bought it and hated it as well lol

  15. author

    Jaci PearceIl y a jour

    Thank you for this. I have 175k in medical debt because of my health. I had all the symptoms/signs starting at 16. Finally in 2013 I had laparoscopic surgery to diagnose. I have stage 4 endo plus other things. I seen a specialist in Denver CO named Dr Susan Trout for endo and infertility. I now have 3 beautiful children. Hugs to both of you! 💕

  16. author

    Ntobe NtuliIl y a jour

    His so talented my God

  17. author

    Kaylynn HuddlestonIl y a jour

    I love that.

  18. author

    stewartraIl y a jour

    Wait.. what about concealers?

  19. author

    Busra AykanIl y a jour

    The German website only has the face gloss and lipsticks 😡😡😡😡😡

  20. author

    Michelle AllenIl y a jour

    Laying here watching Tati vids to take my mind off being in bed with major flare-up pain, Stage 4 endo warrior! Thank you for sharing - loneliest disease a woman can have. Great to be reminded I'm not alone! Much love and all the more appreciation xo

  21. author

    AbercrombieindyaIl y a jour

    Chile went he put that first lash on... Tati was feeling herself.

  22. author

    lewisIl y a jour

    I’m here when BLOOD LUST is out and patiently waiting for her to review it since she loves purple😍

  23. author

    Waveycake CakeIl y a jour

    When you got all of the attention last year

  24. author

    TV !Il y a jour

    By far my favorite video ever put on this channel. I love all the makeup, but talking about a disease that so many women have no idea it even exists and is so personal makes me respect her even more. Thank you.

  25. author

    Mia ThombsIl y a jour

    make merch that says holy smokes plz i love your vida Tati ❤️

  26. author

    Ellen Chelsea SerranoIl y a jour

    She looks a bit like khloe Kardashian

  27. author

    Kat NyeIl y a jour

    $75 for vitamins lol

  28. author

    Janey ArredondoIl y a jour

    I had no idea what a passionate, fun lady Charlotte is! Shes beautifu! If only her products weren't so expensive. I would have to buy 1 item every paycheck. Lol! I'm gonna invest in her products. I'm sold!

  29. author

    Rachel LloydIl y a jour

    I have to replace my non CF BB cream, and this looks so nice! I need this!!

  30. author

    Maureen GreenIl y a jour

    I wish you would find a way not to block your demonstration with your mirror. :(

  31. author

    Jessica MuckIl y a jour

    I just got mine yesterday and I'm using it right now and OMG I think I'm going to order another set it's so nice !! I want to watch this to make sure I clean it right .. great job on this tati I am so happy with mine!

  32. author

    Susan ThomsonIl y a jour

    Why do the brushes have to feel luxurys

  33. author

    stephanie horneIl y a jour

    Tati, i think you are deficient in iodine. I saw on Dr Oz that lack of iodine is the reason for short eyebrows (the hair has stopped growing at the end). i got Nascent iodine and it indeed made the hair grow back. my eyebrows are filled in, even though i am nearing 50, the age when we grow hair where we don't want it and lose it where we do! i tell everyone i see with "short" eyebrows that they need to supplement iodine.

  34. author

    Lipstick CafeIl y a jour

    Something that really hurt and made me emotional was 'as women we always put ourselves last', that statement is so true and hurtful. Society has been training women to identify themselves as wives first, then as mothers... and the roots of these social norms go so deep that even as a feminist you still feel guilty when you put yourself first.

  35. author

    Kelli HillIl y a jour

    No one: Tati's cheekbones: 🔪

  36. author

    Lipstick CafeIl y a jour

    Thank you for this video. It tackles very important issues and I find it amazing that you are using your influence to raise awareness about such a sensitive topic. The UK has recently allocated a big budget and started a national project for research into endometriosis and tackling its issues, asking women to come forward about their experiences.

  37. author

    Wendy PiperIl y a jour

    He should do that again he didnt put as much on

  38. author

    Bronwyn NaishIl y a jour

    I have this too

  39. author

    Angel of LightIl y a jour

    Thank you for doing a hooded eye Scott!

  40. author

    river viewIl y a jour

    Wow...too much... just donate things you dont use/ much, so you have more space for the new one... ha..ha...

  41. author

    Shana MillerIl y a jour

    I'm so tempted to buy an RCMA palette but they are expensive and I'm not sure which color way I should get, does anyone know which one Tati uses??

  42. author

    Hawwa AlamIl y a jour

    How can I buy it in Pakistan

  43. author

    Aura ChnlIl y a jour

    I'm so excited. I've been wanting a light coverage, hydrating foundation. And being cleaner sends it over the top. I have to try this foundation! And the gloss!

  44. author

    misskmoiIl y a jour

    Thank you for sharing this. I was finally diagnosed 13 years ago after pain and suffering for 10 years. I had the same experience of being taken to hospital on more than 1 occasion after my family had found me passed out, vomiting, all over pain and profuse sweating. Like you I was told the pain can’t be that bad and to try using a heat pad. For me this disease is so marginalised and trivialised and more needs to be done to spread understanding and support

  45. author

    Jaye KogutIl y a jour

    I had similar symptoms, bloat, pain. Irregular bleeding and frequent urination tho- I had ovarian cancer. Gynecological issues are so vague across the board. It’s sad.

  46. author

    Karen MakowskiIl y a jour

    Your highlighter is too light. It looks iverpowering. You have a straight up strek line. Not appealing.

  47. author

    Heather HusnuIl y a jour

    Tati I've been watching your channel for years but have never commented and just felt a need to tell you how much I truly love you & your videos !! I love how truthful you are and also how elegant and lady like. Some women who have channels act like children and I can't stand watching them.thank you for making budget friendly videos as much as possible !! Keep up the wonderful work you do I love it 🖤🖤🖤

  48. author

    Lynee Anna SalvatoreIl y a jour

    I hope one day I can buy your product tati 💓🙂

  49. author

    Lili BeeIl y a jour

    So happy you mentioned Robert Welsh!

  50. author

    JelenaMaria218Il y a jour

    How about doing a Taylors MANTASTIC favorites? 😃

  51. author

    pat BosherIl y a jour

    Looks great on your man.i don't wear much makeup. So might work for me.

  52. author

    thenabilahaliasIl y a jour

    Tati, can you do a tutorial on how to wash the blendiful please? Thank you!

  53. author

    Cindys beauty reviews!Il y a jour

    Thank you for talking about this. I had my partner watch this and it seemed to help him understand all these weird symptoms I go through all the time, and why I am suffering through trying to adjust to the iud as my last option at this point before surgery. You definitely hit the nail on the head.

  54. author

    Ellen NolanIl y a jour

    Ok Why do people who have youthful skin try these products and say how amazing the product is.... A proper test would be to use someone who actually has a problem with wrinkles and sagging skin... I can barely see the difference with these two... They have MINIMAL problems... use someone who has skin that you can see a difference with. ...

  55. author

    Nancy HowellIl y a jour

    I used Maybelline mascara through 1968. It can in a 1X 2 inch red plastic box with the mascara and brush inside. The brush wasn’t as dense as the one here and you use more water to worked up the mascara. Never had any problem with it “spraying” on my face.

  56. author

    R 1111Il y a jour

    What's the point of these type of videos "worst reviews, bad bin, etc" if you're not going to zoom in? It looks completely fine from far away specially with professional lighting

  57. author

    Kelly 2110Il y a jour

    I have an illness which is unheard of called vulvodynia... I had bad edrometiosis and monthly cycle was horrible.. This resulted in an hysterectomy.... Best thing I ever did... Xx

  58. author

    S 63Il y a jour

    Would be helpful if you did a lip swatch in your video.

  59. author

    Jess PowellIl y a jour

    I swear these are two of the most beautiful women, inside and out, that I have ever seen! <3

  60. author

    Ruj BIl y a jour

    Tati can you have your palette ready to purchase in the uk?

  61. author

    Dolly ShawIl y a jour

    Enjoy your PR unboxing video ♥️♥️♥️

  62. author

    Hibiscus AngelIl y a jour

    I just bought her blendiful like right now ! Lol

  63. author

    Kelly is here.Il y a jour

    They do use fragrance in some of those products just FYI for people who are sensitive.

  64. author

    Isaiah GriffithIl y a jour

    @Tati me and you had the same problem with the kvdb concealer

  65. author

    Karla OrtizIl y a jour

    I just ordered (2) I’m so excited, can’t wait to get them in the mail. This is my first time buying any product from your brand, also I am a first time viewer. I’m very optimistic about trying your product, it seems very interesting to me. I can sure get a lot of good use from a sponge like this. ❤️🌸

  66. author

    boushy MorjaneIl y a jour

    I didn’t see any difference

  67. author

    Nathan brysonIl y a jour

    Tati: to the woman that is watching this, you are powerful Me, a whole man: yes girl preach

  68. author

    Voice of truthIl y a jour

    First I’d deal with the lack of make up

  69. author

    Anna ElmoreIl y a jour

    I need to know what eyeshadow she's wearing in this video

  70. author

    Geraldine RodneyIl y a jour

    It’s like 3 Tati’s in 1 room 🤯

  71. author

    Rinny DaleIl y a jour

    💖💖💖💖💖 TATI 👍👍

  72. author

    Tiara StarkIl y a jour

    I don't have endo...but i love this video. You both are so amazing

  73. author

    thesosososososoIl y a jour

    Why is tati’s sub count going down?it was 10m at one point and now it be at 9.66m

  74. author

    river viewIl y a jour

    I wish you have beautiful days in year 2020. And happy birthday.

  75. author

    Alma CorralesIl y a jour

    Can I work for you Tati please!

  76. author

    anne sulaimanIl y a jour

    i dont know...i just cannot watch tati video until the end because i fall sleep accndtly...im so sorry tati...actly i really love how u review....but i just cannot...

  77. author

    Mesha HibbertIl y a jour

    Love you Tati, can you do a haircare collection? Thanks have a blessed one.

  78. author

    Liza AndersonIl y a jour

    So so happy to see this content. Anytime I try to explain my endo I feel like I'm making it up and its impossible to convey they extremity of it. Thank you for this❣❣❣❣

  79. author

    Marisol GuerreroIl y a jour

    Am I crazy or I am the only one who would love if Tati talked with Dr. Mike about this topics ? Like how to get better comunication with your doctor?

  80. author

    river viewIl y a jour

    I love your channel, Tati. I knew it from a beauty youtuber in my place. I like her channel alot. I subscribed to her channel a couple years ago. When she said that she like take all your opinion. Like you are her beauty guru. She believes all you said. I heard your name more than a year ago. Then I think i need to see your channel. So here i am. I thought you are from my place because of your name. Tati is a common name in my place (my country). I just subscribe to yours less than a month ago. But I've seen much of your videos. But because i think I'm still a beginner (instead of years i spend watching beauty youtuber ha...ha...) i enjoyed your videos for beginners just like this one. When you do it step by step. Thank you for sharing Tati...

  81. author

    Dianna CarmichaelIl y a jour

    I would love to see a hair video ... your hair is amazing :)

  82. author

    Molly WalockIl y a jour

    What breed is your dog he’s so cute!

  83. author

    jus d'orangeIl y a jour


  84. author

    L. M. M.Il y a jour


  85. author

    FlowerIl y a jour

    Adorable married couple.

  86. author

    Carolina LaboyIl y a jour

    Is anyone else watching this in 2020 cause it popped up in their recommended?