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Kara and Nate
Kara and Nate

Hey, y'all! We are a husband and wife from Nashville, Tennessee traveling to 100 countries by 2020. It all started with an idea to take 1 year off before our lives got to serious, and we thought daily vlogs would be a fun way to document it. We left home with 2 carry-on bags on January 10, 2016, and halfway through we KNEW we didn't want to stop traveling the world anytime soon! Thank you for following our journey!
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    Moontasir AmitIl y a jour

    Lots Of Thanks Kara & Nate for discovering Bangladesh & its Culture. You two are amazing.

  2. author

    Tw0 Scp MasterIl y a jour

    Israel does not exist that is banned in map but palestine exits 🇦🇿🇹🇷🇵🇸

  3. author

    Cookie playz GatchaIl y a jour

    Everything Kara needs is coffee☕😂

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    Kris BIl y a jour


  5. author

    Jenny ZathangIl y a jour

    omg, i left myanmar like last week :(

  6. author

    Rene RobynIl y a jour

    I think Ukraine is beautiful and affordable to live in.

  7. author

    Headshot GamingIl y a jour

    Nepal please 🙏

  8. author

    marlene StRIl y a jour

    Wow..the sound was incredible ..thanks for taking us on another journey that most of us would never take

  9. author

    sonam alexIl y a jour

    Nate u look like Cristiano Ronaldo

  10. author

    nightmare DarkerIl y a jour

    Like nyo to Kung kala nyo taal!

  11. author

    D.o.f.h Monkey manIl y a jour

    She said she left there electronics down the hill but her phone was on the charger?

  12. author

    apple BageIl y a jour

    Bangladedh is one of the poorest country in the world,because people are dumb,selfish and illiterate.

  13. author

    Mostafizur RahamanIl y a jour

    Thanks you visit Bangladesh

  14. author

    Nory LuisIl y a jour

    Wow , what a beautiful tree house.

  15. author

    VOYDPLAYZIl y a jour

    I live in Thailand! Thailand is very beautiful place Never step on Thai money

  16. author

    lighten upIl y a jour

    some rich country hate rice.... they want steak..... meat is all they want ..... killing millions of animals means nothing to them...... we poor country eat rice and veggies few or seldom meats.....

  17. author

    Max FriedliIl y a jour

    Okay NOT trying to make a big deal here but just an fyi ALL drone use is banned in Bhutan except for government agencies and such and if the government finds proof it will hurt the tour company. Idk if there’s a way to edit it out but I just want the best for everyone 😊 Loved the videos of Bhutan 😍

  18. author

    Mehedi HasanIl y a jour

    it is a great pleasure for us.....

  19. author

    Prokercher GamingIl y a jour

    Like if you never flies to lukla before

  20. author

    Real loveIl y a jour

    That's called..It's not there time to die.

  21. author

    Bronte. ShawIl y a jour

    I feel bad for both of them because like as they said they’ve been through a lot this weekend so I feel like they would’ve been like so much stress😥😥😥😥. Edit: btw the second taxi driver his translator app was super adorable☺️☺️☺️

  22. author

    נועם מןIl y a jour

    Go to hotelll!!!

  23. author

    Alan CorbettIl y a jour

    When taking off in the same direction, which is the most common way, the plane does a number of spiral turns as it climbs to a safe height and continue on its way. This is to ensure that if an engine fails or if there is a technical issue with the aircraft, the pilot can turn back safely to land and avoid hitting any mountains. Think of it as climbing up through a cone shaped tunnel. The higher the aircraft goes the more time and room it has to set up a safe landing as there is more space to manoeuvre. It is not dangerous as such to land there as the guy said, however it is more challenging than most airports though. I travelled through a lot of Bhutan and would highly recommend a visit to the eastern part which is rarely visited by tourists. It is very different to the western areas where most visitors go. Just check the weather prospects if you fly to Trashigang as you may have to turn back and wait for days at the airport for the clouds to lift. An alternative is to travel by car to the east and return or enter Bhutan via India which would be a more timely alternative. Finally, Bhutan requires an upfront payment per day which may seem expensive but that fee does include three star accomodation, a driver, guide, all entry fees and meals. You can go where you want as long as it is safe to do so. This fee is not required if you are Indian or come from two other small countries, Bangladesh and the Maldives. A reasonable time to see all the country by road is 3 weeks and remember it is a developing country and it faces challenges like any country.

  24. author

    liquidswordfishIl y a jour

    I love that butter milk tea. I used to drink a lot while i was nepal. Back in early december when i was going ebc trek. I had it along the way. What surprised me here is bhutan people had made pan(beetle leaf) their sort of tradition after like that of Myanmar. Here in nepal we have it but nobody's make at home just shop and its not that popular this days

  25. author

    ashok joshiIl y a jour

    Very nicely shooted . You got to learn archery , milking cow , lifting basket full of earth on the back .nice experience .The way they live tensionless life is amazing .only hard work and faith in God is plus point .

  26. author

    faith cenetaIl y a jour

    Is that safe?? Because its realy scary😰😰

  27. author

    Nancy mertensIl y a jour

    🐶🙏❤️☦️ for your journey & thank God for each day & night, NancyNYS

  28. author

    Muhtamim ChowdhuryIl y a jour

    I don't think Will Smith knows how famous you two are................or else he wouldn't have missed the opportunity to spend some time with such awesome people.

  29. author

    daniel ndungutrippIl y a jour

    Amazing video where men and women play their roles without conflict.

  30. author

    Dakota RoseIl y a jour

    oh how fun i meant to be going to vanuatu in a few months for a mission trip... i’m really scared now..

  31. author

    Margaret JamesIl y a jour

    'i have been praying for the monks for years..I never leave them out..yes.. they're amazing..'💓

  32. author

    Wapu NgIl y a jour

    damn..not a very good start in India...If it was me, I would have stood there and cried by the side of the street

  33. author

    Margaret JamesIl y a jour

    'you know they say the Best for Last..baby' 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🌍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  34. author

    Naomi FezIl y a jour

    I am from the Netherlands and i just want to say… ik hou van je video’s Translation: i love your videos 💕💕💕💕💕

  35. author

    Margaret JamesIl y a jour

    'did you say 80 kids at the top of the world..!👍..🌍..such Love..'

  36. author

    JohnfromBathIl y a jour

    When you wash your clothes....don't put them in the wash with other clothes... because ALL your clothes will stink. Wash them on a separate wash a few times until the smell of Sulpher is out ! x

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    Margaret JamesIl y a jour

    'something to look forward too...the rest of your lives..living family..'🌍..🏚️..🏡..🚗..🚲..🚲..💕🎊🎆

  39. author

    Margaret JamesIl y a jour

    'hi Kara&Nate...can't wait for you two will have a little one you can take traveling..maybe a little boy..Kara&Nate..can you imagine...when you're done with the 100 countries by 2020..'👍

  40. author

    Margaret JamesIl y a jour

    "living with the monks can be exciting and very spiritual.."

  41. author

    Margaret JamesIl y a jour

    'i must say plenty of memories to think back on..in the years to come.. always enjoy..🎈

  42. author

    Go GovindhaIl y a jour

    westernized guides and western behaviour in Bhutan - an absolute no go, bloody repellant and nothing than western, caucasoid uppishness and decadency - kick them out all like rubbish, they are always polluting the spirit

  43. author

    Margaret JamesIl y a jour

    'hi 😎Kara&Nate...I couldn't have reached the summit at Tiger's Monastery.. without your help..and Nate's guide who carried the backpack.. lol'..cute

  44. author

    Srijana AdhikariIl y a jour

    You should visit Nepal 🇳🇵 in 2020

  45. author

    _ VocaIl y a jour

    That lake looks like a game cutscene that did not render properly.

  46. author

    Marina PavlovaIl y a jour

    You should go to Bulgaria I am from Bulgaria and there is a dog dogs and those of the rivers mountains.

  47. author

    Maine NadayaIl y a jour

    Taal volcano?

  48. author

    Margaret JamesIl y a jour

    'hi Kara&Nate... how are you doing..the Bhutan video one of the best...loads of fun..' 👍🤣🤣🤣

  49. author

    Charley.TraviaIl y a jour

    “Boats are ‘she’s’ “ Kara 2019

  50. author

    Ella sIl y a jour

    I’ve been there

  51. author

    Rachael JancowskiIl y a jour


  52. author

    Perihoss PerfectIl y a jour

    How is gonna be hell fire 🔥 🔥🔥 than this eruption 🌋

  53. author

    Perihoss PerfectIl y a jour

    Dangerous to be close, sometimes it meant erupts throw far which can injure 🔥

  54. author

    Shae-Lynn ShepherdIl y a jour

    Just took the test and I’m a 98% 9!!!

  55. author

    Nazmus SakibIl y a jour

    This paddle boat is more than 130 years old, So don’t expect too much luxurious stuffs from this Yaa u had other option but I think u did it right I had also willing to make a trip in this oldest boat in Bangladesh

  56. author

    Mark JavierIl y a jour

    Hi guys! Im a filipino and im one of your million fans.Your videos are mazing and you act really natural.keep up the good work and i wish you all the best guys.hope you visit the philippines

  57. author

    Timothy O'BrienIl y a jour

    6:48 you missed an oppertunity to reinact that famous scene from the titatanic! lol

  58. author

    Souranil PaulIl y a jour

    That's HAIL! Not Snowfall 😄😄😄

  59. author

    Free AnimeIl y a jour

    Do you think this is the most dangerous airport. search Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Nepal.

  60. author

    Faraz HassanIl y a jour

    Ma sha Allah, Lovely country and lovely folks . . . Love from PAK :)

  61. author

    Avi OlegIl y a jour

    Before you enter Jerusalem, you must to know history

  62. author

    Captain PhilIl y a jour

    🌲best tree house ever

  63. author

    Juan SoledadIl y a jour

    The guy is so freaking hot !??

  64. author

    FeybredIl y a jour

    the choice in food lacked copious amounts of protein and other vital components for optimal gains... I am off to go consume foods that are alien to you... hearty... if you will, packed with nutrients and sustenance. I know all of these new terms like protein, hearty, and substantial are new to you. But something must be done. I've lost lean body mass by simply observing that that... "meal". All of this just to compensate for your incompetence!

  65. author

    Bon appétitIl y a jour

    People are friendly in Asia 95% of Western people are very arrogant and proud of themselves much I don’t know why. They are just bullshit

  66. author

    R711 6A fan- ARF multimediaIl y a jour

    Whats the music called at the very start of the song?

  67. author

    Joey DrumboyIl y a jour

    This is so cool. I’ll be on my way there this week. If I run into these guys I’ll try to let them know I came across this video

  68. author

    SK ONTHEROADIl y a jour

    Unfortunately there were no captions, or obvious mention, saying where they were when in the video amongst "the masses", but it is the famous Shibuya crossing of Tokyo. You have likely seen it in many movies. I do not know if they were even aware of it at the time, but the second floor of Starbucks is one of the best spots to get a photo of when the light turns green and everyone scurries across the road in different directions (directed by the lights--no one is jaywalking). That is why there is often a wait to get into that particular Starbucks. I just happened to stumble upon this channel while helping my son and his friends plan their upcoming backpacking tour through Europe after their gap year abroad (as that is part of my profession, in a sense). Having watched different videos of theirs from over their 4 years I have noticed a few things... they have many dedicated viewers who love them. They seem to be doing quite well (and look exactly the same)! They have a blog I have not yet read (but hope to, unless I get sidetracked...), and it is said to include useful information such as their budget, etc. I found details above in the description about how they fund their travels--an often asked question--but I am still curious as to what their real passions are. Travel? Food? Film and/or documentary making (many say they have gotten a lot better and their editing is great, but that is not what I am focused on or "watching")? Exploring different cultures? History? Art? Religion? Politics? They have been very good at showing simply "their experience". There is no political agenda, no religious leanings (we do finally learn in episode 100 when they travel to Israel that they are.... Spoiler Alert!....Christian), nor any commentary on art or history (at all, or I have yet to view one including art historyor appreciation). Nor do they claim to be experts in anything in particular. Yet they also do not seem so inquisitive about local customs or culture. From time to time, Kara adds an interesting factoid she has just learned, giving the clip some added depth and a take away. Yet their trips are very short, thus superficial, making it more about, again, "their personal experience." It is not by any means a travel guide--they do not seem to be seeking anything out in particular or asking any deep or meaningful questions along the way (or even not so deep). And when they do, they unfortunately do not follow up with the answer and details (of course many, luckily for many reading the comments, are eager to provide, as I was). At least here I have yet to see it happen. And they often miss major landmarks, sometimes even unwittingly, but that is due to their carefree "what's next?" attitude, something to be said for for some (yet also due to their lack of research and planning). One does get a lot from the comments, where people pipe in with tidbits on the location, a list of a restaurants visited or corrections of misinformation, which is helpful (when correct). They seem to enjoy food which is one of the best parts of traveling, but those parts also seem to be footnotes--in the sense that this is also not a food guide to the cities they have traveled. I am still trying to figure out their POV, which may be the production side of their adventure. They are clearly onto something and their relationship is cute to watch, without being annoying (said by someone whose husband still brings her coffee in bed every morning after 24 years--seemingly the definition of a "keeper" by many, 🤣🤣). And Nate apparently looks just like a famous soccer star. Just as much as people are crushing on Kara--once in a while they answer a random comment here with a smiley face....direct comments seemed to show up more so in the beginning,--which makes sense--they certainly are busy! I don't know how many platforms they have to manage in a day, but they appear to literally be having the experience of a lifetime and enjoy taking us all on it. I have certainly learned a lot from them in the many hours I spent watching them today, and I have made many notes about how my son & co. should approach their upcoming trip (which is very different than how I did it many years ago!)! In many ways much about traveling the world has changed, yet it is interesting to see how so much, happily, stays the same!

  69. author

    Bella VollmerIl y a jour

    *me trying to watch every video before 100th country documentary comes out* i don’t think it’s gonna happen i have a lot to go🤪😬

  70. author

    mahamud hasanIl y a jour

    টুরিস্ট গাইড টা একটা মূর্খ। কিছুই পারে না। আাবাল একটা।

  71. author

    Tsahor MizrahiIl y a jour

    Also damnnn You were so close to literally my home ):

  72. author

    trishguajardoIl y a jour

    Probably one of the only places in the world where the food comes to you & looks just like the picture! So yummy looking!

  73. author

    Lord HegIl y a jour

    Tbh I’d love to live in an airport, especially with these

  74. author

    Malia_ BeaumontIl y a jour

    When they got to the island and the lady gave them the drinks did she say “Ms Nick”?

  75. author

    nicholas wooIl y a jour

    This is literally why dumb tourist die

  76. author

    Alex ShmalsonIl y a jour

    I’ve tried that malawach they went to. Her reaction didn’t do it justice it’s life changingly good

  77. author

    Tsahor MizrahiIl y a jour

    Ok I’m sorry but you got it all wrong You can get texi from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem In 90 dollar and that like a lot

  78. author

    Leila LaurellaIl y a jour

    Happy birthday kara

  79. author

    Matthew HarrisIl y a jour

    I don’t agree with xtianity as it’s blatant fake idol worship, but that site where Yoshke, Yimach Shemo, was crucified, held some of the most frantic energy. Heavy not really the right way to put it but when you guys left, it was like holy crap I can breathe again! Wow. At least all the Jewish sites were super peaceful. There’s the difference between HaShem and Not God. Peace vs heavy frantic

  80. author

    ckalnickiIl y a jour

    110,000 Dong? That’s a lot of Dongs.

  81. author

    Leslie WheelerIl y a jour

    Amazing kaizening onward! Keep learning

  82. author

    Jenn WIl y a jour

    You two are so brave going into places that are scary and have no idea where you are ending up. Your adventures probably make your moms pray for you like constantly.

  83. author

    Ori GreenbergIl y a jour


  84. author

    sethorlandoIl y a jour

    just wow! lovely!

  85. author

    Dawn HopkinsIl y a jour

    Omg ... No words just 😱😱😱

  86. author

    Jenn WIl y a jour

    You can force her to eat a bug or tarantula but not doughnuts... 😂😂😂

  87. author

    Jenn WIl y a jour

    I want that doughnut 🍩

  88. author

    Rene RobynIl y a jour

    It's a whole lot cleaner than trains in the US. And why do you keep flushing the toilets b4 using it. You're wasting the water.

  89. author

    Choki LhamoIl y a jour

    I’m tearing up missing my home country 🇧🇹 It’s a good video. I hope you guys had great vacation at Bhutan. 😌

  90. author

    Ahsan FahimIl y a jour

    Liked it

  91. author

    Rene RobynIl y a jour

    It IS disgusting to wear your footwear hovering other people. It's disgusting to bring your dirty footwear into people's home let alone wear it to bed. That thing have stepped on to god knows what. You've been in toilets with that. It's all about Hygiene.

  92. author

    Pradeep BhagatIl y a jour

    These train coaches are from India !!!

  93. author

    Ianne LobederioIl y a jour

    Taal volcano

  94. author

    Choice DesignsIl y a jour

    Kara has Great Rhythm💜🖤💜🖤

  95. author

    jcin1051Il y a jour

    After watching several videos I decided to start from the beginning. First comment left on this video. You guys rock, love these videos. Can't stop watching!

  96. author

    Ashley HilliardIl y a jour

    As a Canadian I love how happy you guys look in Vancouver! 🇨🇦

  97. author

    Carmelo AyalaIl y a jour

    I cant stand you guys , you guys seem to be racist

  98. author

    MeToo84Il y a jour

    OMG, you guys are SO white! No!!!!!! I had such high hopes. At the END of the video you said it right, but to be so uncultured in the beginning, Kara. 😣 Instead of saying "I can't pronounce your name, so I'll call you this," why don't you work to learn her name? Friends of mine get really excited when I actually call them their full name, not a nickname. YOUR name isn't native to her language and yet she still learned it. It's one thing to keep messing up as you try, its another to whitewash it and give it up, as she, a fan, comes to help YOU. I really liked watching your videos up until now and that part was.... off-putting. I don't think you're bad ppl, but that part is SO cringe. Your @BarbieSavior card is showing. GAWD IS IT SHOWING. How....tragic...on an otherwise great channel.

  99. author

    Awilda HernandezIl y a jour

    $5.80 for lunch dang wangi that's a good deal!

  100. author

    Christian RobertsIl y a jour

    If you don't care about the people and just want to see the tour 5:16