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  1. author

    words wpnsIl y a jour

    that was even a big test for mc tapper ..gheatje wouldve been a better test

  2. author

    Sushi UchihaIl y a jour

    I hope Tony ruins bald mans plans :)

  3. author

    shearer567Il y a jour

    Daly was awful all world cup and is not a natural full back, constantly caught out of position. Watson for me is our best option. Put big Joe on the wing, he needs as much international experience as possible now. Either Mako sorts his scrummaging out or goes.

  4. author

    Hardeep JohalIl y a jour

    Nick getting more bigger in every video

  5. author

    VSJ 1987Il y a jour

    Hardy is naming all losers like him.

  6. author

    Mr AndersonIl y a jour

    Subbed for Nick Pete's accent. 💪💪

  7. author

    Frank ieIl y a jour

    Diaz vs McGregor 3

  8. author

    Knight WarriorIl y a jour

    Take them shades off brother. There is no legitimate reason to look like a bellend

  9. author

    Gerry ScullyIl y a jour

    Who gives a foooooook about what these 3 have to say ... they wear the wrong colours anyway

  10. author

    James JordanIl y a jour

    Really shows khabib is only a millionaire as a result of fighting Conner . Khabib can mumble and whine away how he won’t fight Conner attempting to manipulate his opponents like he has his whole career but the ufc will strip khabib of the belt

  11. author

    Matt MosleyIl y a jour


  12. author

    TroopzIl y a jour

    Cowboy is shot to bits.

  13. author

    Blitz BIl y a jour

    All McGregor has is a left shoulder

  14. author

    Kel GeeIl y a jour

    Dan's the type of guy to get completely stoned for this fight. :)

  15. author

    superball57Il y a jour

    LL Snooze J 😴

  16. author

    Philip ChanIl y a jour

    Conor thinks too highly of himself. He is definitely no match for Usman, Masvidal, Colby or even Tony.

  17. author

    TheUcHiHaMaDIl y a jour

    Dan slowly reverting back to "the outlaw".

  18. author

    A SIl y a jour

    Think Hardy should try his hand at McGregor on his return, see how he fares... Wonder what Nick Peet would look like versus a pro MMA fighter. Ugh.

  19. author

    EHMT -1Il y a jour

    1000% agree with Hardy! Man, moment just too big for CB

  20. author

    Tommy SailoIl y a jour

    The longest 5 mins interview

  21. author

    Krishna Ram NavaneethakrishnanIl y a jour

    Surprise surprise it just took one round....

  22. author

    OuroborusIl y a jour

    Brain Dead Diaz is calling it Fake. LMFAO!

  23. author

    RitalieIl y a jour

    I know it doesn't sell fights, but I'm loving all the politeness and respect from all the fighters right now.

  24. author

    Fergy TonesonIl y a jour

    Conor vs Jorge make it happen Dana! It will be a stand up affair.

  25. author

    Daniel BrownIl y a jour

    well cheers woodward. cheers.

  26. author

    Luke oIl y a jour

    Dan Hardy on the proper 12 last night

  27. author


    ??? 1:37 ??? ????

  28. author

    Toys & FunIl y a jour

    3:50 min full respect

  29. author

    Alex EmeryIl y a jour

    Ah dan play.n psychology now. He shit.n on cowboy try.n to get either a cowboy or a conor fight himself. Nice try dan.

  30. author

    Author FallingIl y a jour

    Greg wearing triangles with the all seeing eye.

  31. author

    Jamie BushbyIl y a jour

    Why are people saying we don't know how good conor is this fight showed us nothing lol he is a 2 weight champion he koed aldo and alvarez he also has wins over Diaz mendes poirier and Holloway talking of Holloway he has lost 2 of his last 3 fights and he is called one of the greats and if he is as good as people say he is he should never of lost to poirier and volkan why does conor have to do ten times more than any other fighter to get credit and every fight he has he has to prove he is good enough

  32. author

    highlight reelIl y a jour

    “how’s he gonna knock out cowboy” conor: here hold my left kick

  33. author

    Mr AndersonIl y a jour

    Dan Hardy was created in the Xbox avatar generator.

  34. author

    Jordan GosdenIl y a jour

    This guy is a CLOWN

  35. author

    Tommy SailoIl y a jour

    this guy is a joke, soo fking dope

  36. author

    Gary MehmetIl y a jour

    Dan Hardy is an incredible presenter. with his experience, he is so insightful. but he knows how to speak and he just has perfect cool composure in front of the camera. Good for him I would love to see a lot of him on TV. he is great.

  37. author


    ?? 0:48 ??? ? ??

  38. author

    bourne275Il y a jour

    Seems like he has to keep reminding people he’s “champion”. Sounds like he’s lost under a huge shadow.

  39. author

    CCIl y a jour

    I like how there’s trash talk but also respect when needed in the ufc

  40. author

    DuncleIl y a jour

    Serious disrespect thrown at cowboy here

  41. author

    Prince De-anoIl y a jour

    FFS, who d'ya think ya are with the shades on. Get them off ya dafty.

  42. author

    NexTDayEyesCould SeeIl y a jour

    That opening left was in order to steal the fastest KO in UFC history from Masvidal.

  43. author

    Sam FrameIl y a jour

    Can't help but feel a wee bit bad for Cowboy

  44. author

    Mic OIl y a jour

    How long will he drag this injury out ? 8 months ?

  45. author

    Marty WoodlandIl y a jour

    Conor be sounding like captain barabossa in some parts of this especially the bit about Nate 😂🤣 fair play conor! Absolutely smashed cowboy! On to the next!

  46. author

    BUM CITYIl y a jour

    Fixed fight or Cerrone took it upon himself to turn up with the intention of losing early. The "headkick" looked like it hurt alot less than Cerrone portrayed, McGregors toes practically grazed his chin. 😂 Boxing is no different... Canelo vs Kovalev was a more believable fix, everything looked real except the power of Kovalev who was clearly instructed not to hurt Canelo. (Even his jab was like 200% stronger vs Yarde & E.Alvarez) I hope Pacquiao vs McGregor never happens. (Pac vs McG would be a real fight because they're both "superstars" but I don't want it to happen because I know Pacquiao wins and most likely quicker than Floyd did - Floyd wasn't even trying to hurt McGregor for the first few rounds, Pac won't play like that.)

  47. author


    ???? 1:26 ?? ?????

  48. author

    Callum Hudson odoiIl y a jour

    Get in I have Lewandowski headliner

  49. author

    kowalveliIl y a jour

    Kamaru "outlandish" Usman

  50. author

    GunsGiftsGalleriesIl y a jour

    1:05 Stephen A Smith said the exact same thing about Cowboy and everybody got mad But Hardy seems to agree

  51. author

    TheHarripIl y a jour

    Hahaha all the comments coming at Dan for his silly outfit. I love silly outfits too, Bob and weave Dan, dodge them haters.. Haha

  52. author

    PULLUP JIl y a jour

    How is he gonna knock out cowboy 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️who’s paying this dude to say it twice ahaha

  53. author

    DR MolinaIl y a jour

    Lol whatever everyone looks for the money fight.

  54. author

    Gold DragonIl y a jour

    Donald still wasn't ready for those shoulders lol 🇨🇮

  55. author

    Stig KenobiIl y a jour

    Seems like a darn nice guy when he is sober. Best of luck to him. Great win.

  56. author

    calvin whiteIl y a jour

    Dan Hardy and mate way too hard on cowboy hard shots taken to head before going down

  57. author

    brokenupsoundIl y a jour

    A pop rock douche

  58. author

    sonof arkhamIl y a jour


  59. author

    Pendulous TesticularisIl y a jour

    Unbelievable comeback!!!

  60. author

    Sean MIl y a jour

    Who is here after the fight

  61. author

    Bryan GipeIl y a jour

    Winners, everyone who made money on this fight, losers everyone who paid to see this. This fight is exactly why I stopped buying ufc cards. What a joke, the fans were robbed

  62. author

    #1P4P_Akq BIl y a jour

    Cowboy has been looking old for years now he has no punch resistance

  63. author

    Christopher Engish EubankIl y a jour

    Bayern probably sign Haaland when Lewandowksi leaves

  64. author

    Don MakaveliIl y a jour

    I don’t remember these guys being so cut when RDA wrecked Cowboy...I smell secretly jealous haters

  65. author

    DJIl y a jour

    Dan went to the Guy Ritchie store in the mall Lets talk about the fact that Cowboy is well past his prime and has taken way to many shots over the years. Realistically, he wasn't fit to fight, and did it for money..

  66. author

    Dale TIl y a jour

    Usman is the fight to make and if he wins, Masvidal for the BMF belt!

  67. author

    hari alliIl y a jour

    Why are we all pretending like Donald was a worthy contender

  68. author

    leslie fabienIl y a jour

    Just suspicious, asking if it was a pre arranged fight...

  69. author

    Dave PritchardIl y a jour

    I know they tried this in the past but it needs to come back. Same rules as rugby. Abuse the ref and yellow card. End off. This is the best thing ive seen football wise and would help VAR no end

  70. author

    PlayerEstatesIl y a jour

    Dan Hardy is the worst

  71. author

    Joe TeeIl y a jour

    conner vs masvidal and conner puts a lambo or rolla up for that belt , dana get it sorted

  72. author

    DOCUMAXIl y a jour

    Cerrone should refund half of my pay per view. This bloke is right here, Cowboy immediately looked for a way out. I've seen him d that before, with Till. But he got his big pay check, picked up his mini me, and he was out of there. Like a bandit.

  73. author

    G OIl y a jour

    That's the day we decides to buy Allison

  74. author

    Ben R TaylorIl y a jour

    Inspired my recent this

  75. author

    Ben R TaylorIl y a jour

    Imagine going to the toilet for first 40 seconds

  76. author

    Mike KendallIl y a jour

    Very harsh on cowboy !

  77. author

    Filmfolio productionsIl y a jour

    i think this fight was just for marketting and made him win on purpose cuz conner is good at marketing the UFC cowboy probably got payed to get knocked out so conor could fix his propaganda conor is just a loser with a big mouth

  78. author

    Mr. MarshallIl y a jour

    UFC=-Undeniably Fixed Contests.

  79. author

    James KleinhammerIl y a jour

    Cowboy fought exactly the way mc expected. I want to see Mc take on Wonderboy. If he can beat Thompson, I will give mc respect.

  80. author

    Mind TubeIl y a jour

    When masvidal gets a 4 sec KO, It's earth shaterring ... But when ppl crumble against Conor ... Some always say ... He was not tested, the opponent didn't fight back... Guys it is not a sport of strength or even skills to some extent... It's all a game of deciet and being opportunistic and making the other guy forget his gameplan

  81. author

    voltron forceIl y a jour

    any fewl who thinks the fight was a a fix. U really think the ufc would risk that . If people found out a fight was a fix no one would ever buy or go to another ufc again , they would go out of business

  82. author

    Ben B **Il y a jour

    My fighhhhht monnneeeeeyyyy

  83. author

    RENCHERIl y a jour

    All week long Cowboy just looked like a guy happy to be invited to the Conor McGregor show. Conor looked good, but I don't read too much into his performance. Quick turnaround against a genuine title contender is needed.

  84. author

    DelIl y a jour

    Great guy,,pleasure to have him at ibrox

  85. author

    Fred ticoman.Il y a jour


  86. author

    Golden ArmsIl y a jour

    Snoozeman being boring af like usual. Seems scared to call out McGregor like he don't want that paycheck

  87. author

    Ninja UnknownIl y a jour

    Is Dan hardy really 6ft??

  88. author

    G EIl y a jour

    Sounds like Dan Hardy is trying to set up a fight with Cowboy to me 🤔

  89. author

    ben bellaIl y a jour

    Haters everywhere. He remain the champ though.

  90. author

    Dustin ParksIl y a jour

    I love cowboy, he is a legend and should be proud of his legacy. But I feel like the fire to win is gone. Just listening to things he said pre fight. It's almost like he didn't believe in himself?

  91. author

    zeejbuono1Il y a jour

    Woodley rematch

  92. author

    Jay FairgrieveIl y a jour

    Who is he ? Is an mma fighter ? Must be up and coming never heard of this guy

  93. author

    I am DogIl y a jour

    That fatass guy always had the first question

  94. author

    MuleyIl y a jour

    Did Donald grow an inch when fighting Conor?

  95. author

    RangusIl y a jour

    Gotta love dana throwing in the Dallas Texas comment, those venues must be expensive.. and knowing they’re coming back in the future would see them raising costs more freely and without hesitation. Dana knows keeping other big players in the mix will keep costs down to an extent

  96. author

    Sean MoyerIl y a jour

    1:22....sorry dana, but the khabib rematch doesn’t make sense for those of us that actually want to see competitive title fights.

  97. author

    Tom Williams JrIl y a jour

    Of course he won! Cowboy is over the hill ..

  98. author

    Richard BullivantIl y a jour

    Cowboy didn't turn up, Cowboy gave up... respectfully disagree... Conor was sensational. Caught him in the face, broke his nose, dropped him with a kick to the face and then pounded him on the ground. Looked like a beast. Simple as that Also why is all the talk of future opponents about opponents Conor has already fought? Let's get some fresh looks on this man

  99. author

    Danny RamirezIl y a jour

    Why tf would they give conor a title figjt so fast? Yea he came back strong he looked good but he JUST came back. He don’t deserve a title fight yet. He needs at least one or two more wins before being considered for a title fight

  100. author

    Gideon AdemaIl y a jour

    What did he just say? At 5:20 Ceronne was looking for a way out?! 🤔