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Flavor Swap??Flavor Swap??

Flavor Swap??

Il y a 28 jours

Thank you, Grant.Thank you, Grant.

Thank you, Grant.

Il y a 2 mois

This Made a MessThis Made a Mess

This Made a Mess

Il y a 4 mois



Il y a 4 mois

  1. author

    IllustrioustacoIl y a 33 minutes

    Please look into a juicer machine? It pulls out the pulp of most things and makes then delicious to drink. (Doesn't work on watermelon though. There is no pulp with water melon... But if you juice the water melon then let it settle you might be able to pour off the excess water and weigh what's left?) Also it might be fun to juice other things. Like a steak maybe?

  2. author

    Xavier Smith SchwarzeneggerIl y a 34 minutes

    i never realized that he already passed away. condolences

  3. author

    10k sub with two video #Il y a 34 minutes

    Freeze dry jack fruit??

  4. author

    Matt ManIl y a 34 minutes

    You should freeze dry ink Like so they can see

  5. author

    Aidan ClarkIl y a 37 minutes

    What does sodium metal do in liquid nitrogen, or gallium, or even acids?

  6. author

    Chris PhamIl y a 37 minutes

    Watermelon without water So just mELon 😂

  7. author

    Moriah ElizabethIl y a 39 minutes

    What happend if you putt dry ice to the freeze dry

  8. author

    Suvan GoyalIl y a 39 minutes

    He protecc He attacc But most importantly He tell us how to cracc

  9. author

    Maira AliIl y a 40 minutes

    Can you make fairy floss with those freeze dry stuff?

  10. author

    Marley MatthewsIl y a 41 minute

    Put it in the freeze dryer

  11. author

    Julie GonzalesIl y a 41 minute

    You should ask freez jolly wrancher

  12. author

    el giee deeeIl y a 41 minute

    Can you make Cotton meth with crystal meths lmao

  13. author

    PurpIl y a 42 minutes

    Make watermelon juice using the powder and water

  14. author

    Faded GamingIl y a 45 minutes

    Is it ice-y?

  15. author

    Eleanor NiedermannIl y a 45 minutes

    At 9.44 look at his face

  16. author

    Too StrongkIl y a 47 minutes

    What about cucumber?

  17. author

    StarlightRoseIl y a 49 minutes

    I love the lava lamp in the background

  18. author

    타이키그린팜Il y a 49 minutes

    You know what the saltwater taffy you dropped into the cup of water awfully looks like bathbomb.

  19. author

    water i eatIl y a 49 minutes

    What will happen if you put Nintendo Gameboy in liquid hydrogen?

  20. author

    Your future boyfriendsIl y a 50 minutes

    Does the water melon became a melon ??

  21. author

    Dirt SmoothieIl y a 50 minutes

    As an Australian why do Americans have these lol just put your food in the compost ??

  22. author

    Kuntal MondalIl y a 50 minutes

    Ever heard of botulinum which thrives in vaccum condition.

  23. author

    Grove332Il y a 50 minutes

    It's probably because you left the rinds on. You should try the flesh only.

  24. author

    Thomas jarred FrondaIl y a 51 minute

    I actually thought they got beated up

  25. author

    ElijahTommy 777Il y a 51 minute

    I made an airtight electrolysis chamber to fill up balloons. And the oxygen side of the annode completely corroded away. So now i gotta remake it 😔😑

  26. author

    Stephen DeckerIl y a 53 minutes

    Cali - fire has to happen

  27. author

    kirti SrivastavaIl y a 54 minutes

    Can u make chlorine by mixing acid with bleach

  28. author

    Curly GirlIl y a 54 minutes

    I believe it will go through a few fails before you "perfect" it

  29. author

    BaiKoi JjangIl y a 54 minutes

    Omg its calcium not silicon .. of course it won't become grass

  30. author

    AILC RockstarsIl y a 55 minutes

    try to powerize fast food from mc donalds and try to make it into cotten candy so it super unheathy aslo i wanna see if it will work

  31. author

    Magic MotionIl y a 55 minutes

    When he was writing the date on that bag it was 1 day before my birthday

  32. author

    Golda DarleneIl y a 55 minutes

    12:55 Agdinwisjxusi

  33. author

    Zane WestIl y a 56 minutes

    I miss this glitch 😔😭😫

  34. author

    TheFakeFox301 _Il y a 56 minutes

    If you make bubble from the yelliw it could be lighter and a better result because the yellow is plastic

  35. author

    Éric CôtéIl y a 56 minutes

    Can you turn the powdered watermelon to drinking juice?

  36. author

    Curly GirlIl y a 58 minutes

    hmmm mmmmmm.............

  37. author

    Jackson BarlowIl y a 59 minutes

    You should freeze dry celery

  38. author

    Timothy SimonsenIl y a heure

    When you put the 500 gimbals in it looked like cat litter

  39. author

    Sam SingletonIl y a heure

    Eats apple peel: "Tastes like apple peel"

  40. author

    Zenkey PlayZIl y a heure

    Frees dry a orange

  41. author

    Johnderick EboraIl y a heure

    Where is the real king of random im sick watching you two

  42. author

    YT_ Pv1001Il y a heure

    Can you guys make freeze dried watermelon powder into cotton candy

  43. author

    systemmax2000Il y a heure

    Fun fact: More AOL trial cd's were made than any other disc combined.

  44. author

    Jacob CrawfordIl y a heure

    Product idea! I would buy a jar of watermelon smoke from you any day. I need to know what you were 8:15 ing about.

  45. author

    archiman pramanikIl y a heure

    Did anyone noticed there is no watermelon seeds in it? 🤔

  46. author

    Blast GamingIl y a heure

    Can you try to freeze dry bread?

  47. author

    Pete HollingsIl y a heure

    I'm completely gutted. What a terrible loss for everyone.

  48. author

    dinosaur theoristIl y a heure

    I'm gunna make all of these 'cause I have the SAME cotton candy machine.

  49. author

    Shadow PhoenixIl y a heure

    Freeze dry marshmallows

  50. author

    hobbes7839Il y a heure

    Can you freeze dry grapes ?

  51. author

    Teisha MISUNDERSTOODIl y a heure

    You cut that watermelon 🍉 so perfect 😩👌🏾

  52. author

    Anna JovanovicIl y a heure


  53. author

    F13RY ASASSINIl y a heure

    Can you freeze dry a popsicle please or freeze dry ice

  54. author

    unicorn squadIl y a heure

    Adding lotion to putty makes it soft.

  55. author

    Farms GraceIl y a heure

    Why didn't you use the two piece lids designed for vacuum sealing those mason jars? Your experiment was tainted by not being able to maintain a proper seal.

  56. author

    Moni WatersIl y a heure

    My question is why hasn’t anybody made it into cotton candy or snorted it yet 🤔

  57. author

    Bella FitzpatrickIl y a heure

    what about a puzzle?

  58. author

    chris clokeyIl y a heure

    Where does ask the water go in that machine?

  59. author

    Mr. Minecraft.Il y a heure

    Cook food by pouring alcohol on it

  60. author

    Kevin WillburIl y a heure

    Could you Freeze dry lemons? Then use the powder to make lemonade. Try it with oranges too.

  61. author

    Talking ScribeIl y a heure

    I want to know what brand of thumb drives you're using if you can fold them in half and they not only don't explode, but are still usable afterwards.

  62. author

    Mohammed JassimIl y a heure

    Can you try to blend 50 Bouncing Balls in a Blender?

  63. author

    Nika BerbaIl y a heure

    You Did SMTH Wrong The Water Needs To Be Purified Or Purified Water

  64. author

    LoneWolf5841Il y a heure

    How about freeze drying a PBJ?

  65. author

    unicorn squadIl y a heure

    You should try fun dip powder for cotton candy

  66. author

    Patrick MorilleIl y a heure

    What happens if you take a few drops if water i a bunch of Fun Dip

  67. author

    Ed WoutersIl y a heure

    0:35 Calli"s like an uninterested little girl just waiting to get started.

  68. author

    Atlas SOLOMANIl y a heure

    My hero May he Rest In Peace...

  69. author

    UNIVERSAL JUDGEIl y a heure

    *So sad that u didn't get to do these future projects😔😔. your in heaven maybe building other stuff*

  70. author

    johnnytheprickIl y a heure

    i just finished watching grant's hh2 generator, then, as usual, i started reading the comments section and learnt of his passing. very sad indeed, seemed like a really nice guy, and so young.

  71. author

    πIl y a heure

    it was sitting in the dryer for 24 hours, it probably spoiled before it dehydrated.

  72. author

    Pamle PfirmanIl y a heure

    I used to watch that game

  73. author

    CadeeceIl y a heure

    bruv litteraly didnt even use toothpaste thats my og fix

  74. author

    Pamle PfirmanIl y a heure

    Lol make this a series

  75. author

    Pamle PfirmanIl y a heure

    Now we’re gonna slip

  76. author

    AbiosawusIl y a heure

    Wooooo Collins is the best

  77. author

    Chrysa KampIl y a heure

    Can you DIY a frizdryer?

  78. author

    AHMED SPECIAL .Il y a heure

    Watermelon dust looks like brick dust

  79. author

    MCB mr.pugBotIl y a heure

    11:43 slurp juice You will be remembered/ missed original TKOR

  80. author

    Broxiu YtIl y a heure

    2:28 his shirt says the truth

  81. author

    Joseph VaughnIl y a heure

    First hook garden hose to dishwasher inlet, wire a solenoid valve to turn water on whenever the unit is running. Put in some cooked and raw beef ribs with bone, chicken breast with skin. Plastic silverware, maybe metal depending on motor HP

  82. author

    Galaxy GlowIl y a heure

    6:33 is the faker

  83. author

    TheLonelyETIl y a heure

    Freeze dried onions, carrots, ginger root, and pears please

  84. author

    Clare BlayneyIl y a heure

    No I do not think that I have used bleach because I am 9. I do not think I ever will want to either!

  85. author

    Max pIl y a heure

    Duuude you could give the millenium falcon to me

  86. author

    KEZIAHAMIRRAIl y a heure

    Yall shouldve tested it wirhout the rhine also, It probably would gave taated different

  87. author

    Demosthenes GubanIl y a heure

    How to put water again in watermelon? From watermelon to desertmelon

  88. author

    Sir Schamilott xxIl y a heure

    RIP to your member

  89. author

    MysticAssKicker PopcornIl y a heure

    Nate: *"what are you asking about"* Cally: *y e s*

  90. author

    Rowan QuinnIl y a heure

    Can you freeze dry the slices without the rind, then rehydrate the slices in a BBQ brine and smoke them? I'm curious how smoke watermelon will be like if all the water is taking out first. .. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  91. author

    Phin GillespieIl y a heure

    You guys should do fog machine experiments!

  92. author

    Elijah the GamerIl y a heure

    It's making me hungry

  93. author

    Hannah MontannahIl y a heure

    If I was there, eitherthe purple or the red one would be gone. Or the green Or maybe just all of them

  94. author

    Mr HypebeastIl y a heure

    Next up: make a homemade RPG

  95. author

    Tomato FlipperIl y a heure

    Can you guys freeze dry a cucumber, water and oil. Love you guys ❤️

  96. author

    Nâthân davidsonIl y a heure

    Okay so obviously the plant material can’t be made into cotton candy.... but what if you somehow extracted the liquid and turn it into powder?

  97. author

    Acidspitting EmuIl y a heure

    *TKOR tries something new* Nobody: Absolutely no one: Not a single person in the history of ever: Calli: Let's set it on fire!

  98. author

    Aboodi ObdIl y a heure


  99. author

    Jennifer SuttonIl y a heure

    Lol you kinda look like my social studies teacher 😂😂😂

  100. author

    Vach BakthIl y a heure

    Can you dye molten metal ?????🤴