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    Kayla Beatty0731Il y a jour

    Guess considering he told Beth what to wear how to wear it made her look like a hooker it shouldn't be surprising he moved to make a new hooker for himself

  2. author

    jacqudaceIl y a jour


  3. author

    Chris Pierre LouisIl y a jour


  4. author

    tony torresIl y a jour

    Boy you licked her dirt..woman with a sugar daddy..thumbs down

  5. author

    Marion KozakiewiczIl y a jour

    Amazing the elites think if they throw their money at their wrongs, it’s ok

  6. author

    Suzie QIl y a jour

    Upset about her being as rich as her due to other talents!

  7. author

    Erma CardenasIl y a jour

    Excuse Me Pa Pa John’s Was Never Good It’s Disgusting Pizza

  8. author

    Fay JonesIl y a jour

    Harry talks shit a liar he dose not practice what he preaches...Megan is all about herself

  9. author

    Quu WuuIl y a jour

    Don’t cut his duck off

  10. author

    Joey GastelumIl y a jour

    i disagree that this show wouldn't be tolerated these days.they have shows today that depicts homosexuality and lesbians on tv.and its ok to watch that and not married with children because of the content.this show opened doors to shows that are aired today.

  11. author

    Ethan WoodieIl y a jour

    You said everything we alr know

  12. author

    walter tolyIl y a jour

    Love her

  13. author

    InkTONKSicatedIl y a jour

    I want to tattoo him. Someone drop him a message for me. Lol

  14. author

    Victoria CoxIl y a jour

    rip all he rappers that die and kobe bryant

  15. author

    Darren EvansIl y a jour

    There's me thinking they would all still 10yrs old.

  16. author

    Jimmy HughesIl y a jour

    She should have spent the money on plastic surgery

  17. author

    Kayla Beatty0731Il y a jour

    8 months dead some love anyone who can love someone and move on before the ground settles or ashes cool don't know real love it's called betrayal and his children have every right to show their asses. Can someone please put a bag over this bimos ugly ass 🤮 your 50 bitch not 15 dress and act like a sinior not a teenager

  18. author

    China MA MidnightIl y a jour

    Leave Amanda alone

  19. author

    Queen EmpressIl y a jour

    Why be typical when you can be amazing.. Armold other kids are simple typical rich kids who are now typical simple minded adults.. His love child is the only AMAZING ONE OUT THAT BUNCH. CONTINUE TO DO AMAZING THINGS YOUNG MAN.. Let typical ppl live their typical mundane lives.

  20. author

    Mr ShowtimeIl y a jour

    Cuba best movies (Imo) judgment night, radio, boys n da hood, men of honor and daybreak

  21. author

    Fig NewtonIl y a jour

    They're ALL demonic illuminati whores - that includes JayZ and Beyincè. I wouldn't let my kids listen to that trashy music.

  22. author

    DerSchmachtin ScymanIl y a jour

    Ich bin ein Cop, ohne Ausweg...

  23. author

    missing LinkIl y a jour

    spoiled douche bags....yuck

  24. author

    Bruno DaenenIl y a jour

    Megxit is becoming Megshit... :-)

  25. author

    Bosanac PraviIl y a jour

    Pop smoke was a sacrifice for the elites that worship the devil. It's all a setup to make it seem like a home invasion. God bless us all!

  26. author

    Mary PevittIl y a jour

    You were made to be some one that you were not , poor you, what a hard time you had, feel sorry for you , NOT !!!!😖

  27. author

    Dariel RodríguezIl y a jour

    No mercy, people like this Joel O. It’s already dammed. They go straight to eternal hell. Anyone who believe or support this kind of monster knowing what he does, it’s also in the same sack

  28. author

    Kimmy HawkIl y a jour

    She's a skank!

  29. author

    mvtelectraIl y a jour

    Isn't it time for her to get on her broom and fly off into the darkness ? She's a waste of time.

  30. author

    DutchIl y a jour

    Dam, she is really ugly.

  31. author

    Zion WilliamsIl y a jour

    So, why does J Ho still have a career? We all know that is a female version of Milli Vanilli.

  32. author

    DanijelIl y a jour

    I want more harry potter movies😢

  33. author

    De La Rosa GrantIl y a jour

    Wade is a batty man himself

  34. author

    Neighborhood SanchoIl y a jour

    Diss the Illuminati culo

  35. author

    Laura KingIl y a jour

    Happy to see him spend time with his son.

  36. author

    L M3Il y a jour

    She is so fugly.

  37. author

    JacobIl y a jour

    Teddi needs to quit next please

  38. author

    kernowartyIl y a jour

    Typical Cold Reading technique. An obvious fake!!!

  39. author

    Stephen MoanIl y a jour

    The single most racist species on the planet is the American black.

  40. author

    Shanon LynnIl y a jour

    $13,000 a month for rent?!

  41. author

    XYZ RatzIl y a jour

    He would be rich right now

  42. author

    David BoultonIl y a jour

    I think I love this lovely man 👏👏👏🇬🇧

  43. author

    Polly LewisIl y a jour

    JLo is involved in a group of celebrities that are a forceful & vicious part of identity theft just for the beginners! Polly Rosharon

  44. author

    Christian WeberIl y a jour

    I'm looking forward to the divorce so that it will be the end of this ridiculous odyssey.

  45. author

    Donald TrampIl y a jour

    True she is NOT a Motown singer!! She probably paid to do it!!

  46. author

    BenyikokoIl y a jour

    I love Kim Zolciak, Bethenny Frankel and Lisa vanderPump... and hope they will come back someday!!!

  47. author

    fly guyIl y a jour

    Bring it on lol

  48. author

    Tia JIl y a jour

    Maybe Kim is the difficult person here. She was trying to force herself upon Bey and Jay instead of letting a friendship unfold naturally like normal people do . No wants to be stalked and be subjected to "All About Eve" treatment that Kim is doing. .

  49. author

    Sherry MoriIl y a jour

    Too much money for normal people.

  50. author

    Todd FeldtIl y a jour


  51. author

    Kayla MooreIl y a jour

    Kobe Bryant ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔❤️❤️❤️💙💙💚💛❤️❤️💜🖤🤍🤎💔💔

  52. author

    Alexander BlakeIl y a jour

    Free her. She’d spent her life in prison already.

  53. author

    White CobraIl y a jour

    Yep most of the broads on the view are bitches. Only a few that came on are not. The view should be closed down.

  54. author

    Jason JacksonIl y a jour

    Broke & ugly can’t be a lot of fun .....

  55. author

    M EIl y a jour

    When DK coming back??

  56. author

    JayhawkIl y a jour

    Until today, everything I thought I knew about Patrick Mahomes was a lie. Thank God I found this video and now I finally know the truth.

  57. author

    Kotryna ZIl y a jour

    I’m crying 😭😭😭

  58. author

    Piper MarieIl y a jour

    Her parents failed her 🤷🏾‍♀️ my parents raised me to be financially responsible so I am. I think it’s ridiculous that she’s a few years older than me, has a family of 5 and a hubby and her mom is subsidizing her lifestyle. Raise your children properly and you won’t be pay for it later lol

  59. author

    Pony TrekkerIl y a jour

    Of course they don’t look that way anymore they’re all adults

  60. author

    XYZ RatzIl y a jour

    Awwwww girls , what a let down

  61. author


    They destroy him and his childhood. In the future he is going to have serious problems.

  62. author

    Christine FultonIl y a jour

    Look the trumps have been helping with the green for years with different problem issues....leave melania alone her ring was a gift from her husband you people should be bitchin about the money the clintons and obamas have straight up taken from americans and have yet to be punished

  63. author

    Linda WilliamsIl y a jour

    What does she expect. He cheated on his wife and child to have an affair with Tori

  64. author

    All About MoviesIl y a jour

    Megan Fox?!

  65. author

    joshua metzIl y a jour

    So what I dont speak to my parents, it doesnt mean anything. There is no law that makes you hang out with people.

  66. author

    OmeshaIl y a jour

    No wonder they mad at G g..she paid

  67. author

    Damien SmithIl y a jour

    If only more "celebs" did stuff like this with allllllll their cash, Specially footballers...Maybe the world would be a better place.

  68. author

    CruziIl y a jour

    these shitty channels always push narratives shits disgusting

  69. author

    Susan FudgeIl y a jour

    Hate most cheap pizza joints, but hate the NFL way more.

  70. author

    WaapRepeatIl y a jour

    ny loneliness

  71. author

    Eric MacLeanIl y a jour

    No idea who these people are lol.

  72. author

    Ed WhitmanIl y a jour

    Nikki Swift sucks

  73. author

    ElectroheadIl y a jour

    Black people put off! No way! 🤦🏻

  74. author

    Ed WhitmanIl y a jour

    Yeah Marcy didn't like the show but she like cashing those paychecks. And let's count how many shows she's been on since that would be zero. If they do a reboot I wouldn't have her anywhere near it she never appreciate it anything. Bring back Al.

  75. author

    Ed WhitmanIl y a jour

    Greatest show ever. Whoever made this list isnt welcomed in No Ma'am. Get lost.

  76. author

    mountaingal homemakerIl y a jour

    scary Jill is sending Israel to what appears to be public school for kindergarten

  77. author

    SeFu2006Il y a jour

    He made it, he’s known as og spidey he don’t need anymore roles

  78. author

    ElectroheadIl y a jour

    I hate this show! Almost unsubbed when I saw this 🤤🥴

  79. author

    Lisa OtrubaIl y a jour

    she still married to her husband?

  80. author

    Vironika saysIl y a jour

    That's sad that the kids blame him for an action their father did. As a mother...I wouldn't want my kids to blame or hate anyone for things that were between me and their father.

  81. author

    Rita BolerIl y a jour

    Of course Arnold's kids are resentful he cheated on their mother. They are also spoiled and entitled. They will either accept their brother or not its their loss if they don't. They don't seem to share Arnold's interests for physical fitness. His other son wants to bond with him through body building and sharing in the things his dad likes. Arnold may actually have a bigger bond with him because they were born of working class roots. They also seem to share a strong work ethic and a will to succeed. Arnold's other children were born to wealth.

  82. author

    TheSwitch747Il y a jour

    Hollywood didnt dump her lol looks like she dumped hollywood. Good for her. I admire the hell out of her

  83. author

    MelIl y a jour

    MTV for old people?

  84. author

    Bell BellIl y a jour

    Tell me who gives a RATS ASS about these two spoiled PUNKS?

  85. author

    oscar87171Il y a jour

    Ok. None of my business

  86. author

    mikemichaelmusic09Il y a jour

    She sounds like a talking Duck.

  87. author

    Pat MorganIl y a jour

    This hunk looks exactly like his mother the cleaning lady. Looks nothing like Arnold

  88. author

    oscar87171Il y a jour

    Stop........don't want to hear anymore.

  89. author

    Kelly FosterIl y a jour

    They both came up a little short on the divorce

  90. author

    allen fraserIl y a jour

    He is a great looking young man and I wish him well.

  91. author

    Kathleen M. HigginsIl y a jour

    Why is Chrissy so pissy?

  92. author

    Rylee PayneIl y a jour

    Face tattoos. Viking style! Being of Viking bloodline myself. I love it!! ❤

  93. author

    Luis MoratoIl y a jour

    Who cares

  94. author

    Al WashingtonIl y a jour

    So sad. The whole look from her head to toes. Just doing too much.

  95. author

    Eladio VasquezIl y a jour

    Household name I just heard of this kid in February 20th no disrespect

  96. author

    mr benchpressIl y a jour

    Real life scenario Hillary can't stand bill because of his womanizing

  97. author

    JaniceIl y a jour

    Jlo surpasses them all, that’s why they’re bitter and jealous😂🤣😅

  98. author

    Bell BellIl y a jour


  99. author

    darcy cummingsIl y a jour

    The entire Royal Family should leave and go the Canada as well. The concept of these people who live above the law in such luxury is so outdated and a fraud. Andrew has proven that.

  100. author

    Karen VannIl y a jour

    I can't believe Ms. Miller.