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Products Google KILLEDProducts Google KILLED

Products Google KILLED

Il y a 26 jours

Why Tube TVs DIEDWhy Tube TVs DIED

Why Tube TVs DIED

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Il y a 7 mois

  1. author

    Robert MontgomeryIl y a jour

    I just noticed your eyebrows don’t match

  2. author

    Cassidy WrightIl y a jour

    im only 25 and i still only like to use sms, its just so much more streamlined and easy, plus i cant stand things like snapchat filters anyway. or emogis

  3. author

    HoboBobGamingIl y a jour

    Maybe it’s because consoles are computers stupid

  4. author

    Vincent Von DudlerIl y a jour

    3:46 - Would love for you to prove that installing Linux on an XBox 360 is still possible. Have only seen it recently with many many caveats - like no updates since ~2009 or whatever.

  5. author

    ZMWanimationsIl y a jour

    Not sure if this was covered yet, but VLAN and Subnets As Fast as Possible?

  6. author

    Shammy BammyIl y a jour

    the for the rgb on the fan for my cpu cooler had to be plugged in seperetly, same with the rgb at the front of my case

  7. author

    AwesomeHDIl y a jour

    Clickbait I came for Mickey Mouse >;(

  8. author

    ParGellenIl y a jour

    So what I'm hearing is "Why the actual F&@% would you throw money away on a console over a PC?".

  9. author

    Silent SirenIl y a jour

    Clippy is cute though 😂

  10. author

    Allspark TVIl y a jour

    I've been building mine for the past 30 years. Just yesterday I did an impulse buy for a pre-built PC for $1K (it was $200 off)- had a little bit of buyer's remorse but after doing some parts pricing after I bought it and might have saved 50-60 bucks for the exact same parts not including the case and PSU... I figured it was worth it and I'm pretty happy with it. I wouldn't have done it at full price though

  11. author

    HarleyAverageIl y a jour

    It’s not more or less popular than using data munching apps. It depends how and who. Funnsies, through app. And some people make some stupid fucking choice to ignore texts and only use an app. Those people are children that have a long ways away of growing out of neverland. So unless you’re mindlessly sending gifs and memes back and forth all day, some important date/time/event becomes muddled into nothing. Than they text, asking where are you?

  12. author

    DosonTheGreatIl y a jour

    I stopped subscribing to streaming services and just pirate everything now. It's more convenient and I also don't want to be supporting pozzed media. I do import Japanese stuff, but no money for subversive western media companies.

  13. author


    I pulled a rabbit out of my hard drive.

  14. author

    Yuca LucaIl y a jour

    My old phone had 16gb. My new phone has 123gb now. Thank god

  15. author

    ThalanoxIl y a jour

    You can also try out older or low-spec games. It's a great way for someone with more modest hardware to see what a high framerate would look like.

  16. author

    Chris SniderIl y a jour

    I don’t use social apps I don’t txt I call it’s way better

  17. author

    Cee mcneilIl y a jour

    Lol my whole wifi box disappears smh

  18. author

    beckIl y a jour

    isn't direct contact better?

  19. author

    BluuMIl y a jour

    I remember I was watching news on the North Korean threats against Guam, because I live there, and the weekly EAS test started. my heart felt like it stopped for a solid 5 seconds

  20. author

    Darcy GrantIl y a jour

    Wow, how good of such a large channel like Modern Vintage Gamer to help out a small channel like Techquickie <3

  21. author

    Bluth53Il y a jour

    What about those hybrid PC/console-machines at big game developer studios used to create for the next generation of consoles?

  22. author

    BodyzHDIl y a jour

    What's stopping someone from just emulating console gaming on pc?

  23. author

    Rodrigo MadrizIl y a jour

    And then there will be the Apple power plug, which will change every few years forcing you to use a dongle

  24. author

    Amanda ArcherIl y a jour

    My new rig is amd oriented, ryzen 5 3600.

  25. author

    Hingle McCringleberryIl y a jour

    All these people bashing 4k are fucktards. Either haven't experienced it first hand or they bought an RCA, Sanyo, element, (insert crap TV brand here) cheapo quality 4k TV. Having an Xbox one x and a Samsung KS8500 the experience is amazing. Playing a game in 4k hdr like metro exodus is truly a work of art and a visually pleasing spectacle. Edit: I also love the, "I can't tell a, difference between 1440P and 4K" Guessing you can't tell the difference between 480P and 1080P either. Smh Get your vision checked clowns.

  26. author

    MobileDecayIl y a jour

    I died because of wired headphones. ☹️

  27. author

    Shanez1215Il y a jour

    I mean, I was looking for a TV for months and one of the top contenders I was looking for dropped 30 bucks. No model swap or anything. Still had to pay taxes though :(

  28. author

    noah jansenIl y a jour

    God they’ve shut my WiFi off 7 times for pirating games lmao

  29. author

    Chris DIl y a jour

    My wifi ssid is "The Internet has been destroyed abandon all hope".

  30. author

    TheArKtecIl y a jour

    Sms is better because you don't need data ( internet) to use it.

  31. author

    SworatexIl y a jour

    Step one: Install Linux to Xbox Step two: install a virtual machine with Windows

  32. author

    Yung WafflesIl y a jour

    But it already runs custom version of Windows 10

  33. author

    iAndroTech ProIl y a jour

    can u please upload a video about airpod radiation ..?

  34. author

    DsjIl y a jour

    The only extra service I have besides Netflix is Disney+ and FRreportertv cause I’m a tv kinda guy

  35. author

    Richard AxtmannIl y a jour

    *caugh* libre office *caugh*

  36. author

    Richard AxtmannIl y a jour


  37. author

    MertTheMMDIl y a jour

    Ummm... is 600kb upload speed on 25 mps modem normal?

  38. author

    Mikey129Il y a jour

    And this is one reason why we won't have flying cars.

  39. author

    Dixon DathanielIl y a jour

    Also forgetting what you just said as fast as possible

  40. author

    Faizan MazharIl y a jour

    Who’s WiFi stopped when watching this 😂

  41. author

    Unsettling ThreatsIl y a jour

    I mean the most recent update fixed a huge security flaw, not needed to do this though

  42. author

    Ryan JackstadtIl y a jour

    y'all are talking about how he forgot the F. It's a newer prefix used on 9th gen processors to indicate that they do not have integrated graphics. it's basically just a P series processor with an F.

  43. author

    JSGuiderIl y a jour

    The reason it does the feature on the thumbnail is because malware can be installed on the same directory of a Microsoft developed program. But the question is: WHO WOULD GO CHECK THE DIRECTORY OF A FREAKING PROGRAM CREATED BY MICROSOFT?!?!?!?

  44. author

    Mondo GeckoIl y a jour

    I love bluray recordables.. They are awesome

  45. author

    Wolf ReviewingIl y a jour

    1:54 I’d Buy that as a poster the blue background with green and white

  46. author

    Will, The HomeSchool DJIl y a jour

    Can y’all do a video talking about how many cores different programs and games take advantage of. Like premiere takes advantage of 12 cores. How many cores does davinci resolve and final cut take advantage of?

  47. author

    BacklightTerruviaIl y a jour

    I always hated EAS. Normally I would listen to the local pop station LATE at night when I woke up in the middle of the night, and unfortunately that was when the EAS equipment in the radio station would perform their "self test" randomly during the times when people should have been asleep. I would hide under my bed sheets because the three tones at the start always scared me. Even the EAS smartphone tones would scare me. Eventually I learned that they're just warnings and just ignore them unless it's something OTHER than a harmless monsoon (Which are common in the summers where I live). I haven't actually experienced ones shown on the TV, since we don't have cable and mostly use Hulu and Netflix for our entertainment needs.

  48. author

    DoJo Mast3rIl y a jour

    Telegram is superior to whatsapp

  49. author

    boxertestIl y a jour

    You are a pirate yar har fiddle dee dee be a pirate is so good to me .... you are a pirate!

  50. author

    Stephen RayIl y a jour

    To overheat your phone, screen mirror a tv and point the camera at the tv.

  51. author

    猫可可Il y a jour

    Idk about others but I would trade these fancy show off functions like wireless charging or waterproof or being insanely thin with a removeable battery. Removing battery from phones are super satisfying. Again we're at the era of "people trying to do what they could and forgetting if they should" 😬

  52. author

    L. G.Il y a jour

    Ah, no. RCS is also dead - even before it was really born. :D

  53. author

    EliteCIl y a jour

    I guess they are winning in the cpu platform rn

  54. author

    Pine Tree808Il y a jour

    There's an easy solution the noise problem, just hire someone to blow at your computer every 5 minutes and you'll be fine!

  55. author


    I don't think your Bitcoin is worth waiting time mining

  56. author

    Brandon CheeIl y a jour

    maybe if you have very little data then SMS is the thing for you but idk

  57. author

    Joshm2303m LIl y a jour

    at 2:04 you can hear a Samsung notification sound lol

  58. author

    pierce newbyIl y a jour

    Better, actually free version of synergy

  59. author

    Gabriel MielliIl y a jour

    microchips are gaay

  60. author

    FAHRENHEIT .D ELIOIl y a jour

    F**k HDCP. And f**k this Hardware Based "copyright protection", forced on us (the consumer), by Private companies. *Private Companies..! That have decided they have the right to control what a Private Citizen does with their own Property, and they have made the choice to "Enforce" their Own rules/de facto "Laws", despite the fact being They NEVER had the authority to do Any of this! So, of course they merely employed another illegal strategy in order to facilitate all of their BULLS**T... All that had to do due was form a Relatively small Group of Companies to create a Niche, yet potentially Powerful, and Certainly a Very Profitable ...'group business model

  61. author

    TKP GAMINGIl y a jour

    The ending tho!

  62. author

    Diego HernandezIl y a jour

    I only use it for porn!! *jumps off window*

  63. author

    ChutneyIl y a jour

    2:05 I legitimately, unironically, use Winamp.

  64. author

    Diego HernandezIl y a jour

    It's basically shit

  65. author

    The NiwoIl y a jour

    I had a compaq back then. It was a good machine. Barely upgradable, but small and.... well it was shit.

  66. author

    Hadou CanIl y a jour

    Piracy will never die because I can't watch the madalorian where I'm from

  67. author

    Eric CardonaIl y a jour

    FRreporter is getting smarter though, I think they "flag" users that have adblock and it displays an error message for a few seconds instead of going straight to the video

  68. author

    The NiwoIl y a jour

    LTT in 2040: Were are we now?

  69. author

    Infinity AXIl y a jour

    The loudest sound in the world? An Acer Aspire 5 fan at max power.

  70. author

    ChelseaIl y a jour

    1tb for all my porn

  71. author

    Outrageous PuddingIl y a jour

    Wasteful capitalism is why.

  72. author

    Max WildeIl y a jour

    Yes, yes it is.

  73. author

    sgt bIl y a jour


  74. author

    Gebrüder SchwarzwaldIl y a jour

    The point is to do it?

  75. author

    70 RoadrunnerIl y a jour

    With the advent of cheap 4k UHD displays that run at a true 120htz and have game/sports mode that give true high refresh the only thing missing is the display port connector next to the HDMI.. In reality the new HDMI specs have passed up the Apple standard except in multi display splitting although most new graphics cards that have 3 or 4 of those ports can do the same job.. Free sync vs 60 or 120 frames per second I just can't see it.. Nothing like playing on a 65 inch Sony Bravia 950 4k ultra TV, my son was playing a game in 1080p and I was watching from very close on a bit of an angle and I started to get motion sick.. I want VR games bad...…………...

  76. author

    Jessica LaceIl y a jour

    I'm 43 and disabled it's all I can afford. I lost a couple of finger to diabetis and it just to hard to use facebook now anyway. When I started using facebook 20+ years ago it was so simple. I wish things stayed the same as they were then.

  77. author

    βûßßlε ŧεẫIl y a jour

    Ha, look at these normies paying for animes on netflix on hulu. Im just on kissanime watching anime for free

  78. author

    ZennaIl y a jour

    40 cores mean while 2020 thread ripper 3990X comes out. XD

  79. author

    joe a boss SandsIl y a jour

    Anybody else here the android notification sound at 2:05 :)

  80. author

    ToriIl y a jour

    2:05 sick phone sound :eyes:

  81. author

    Jay dogIl y a jour

    Is there something that can happen and I Arizona City 😟

  82. author

    DimIl y a jour

    Meh, rebrand piracy as communism, they seem to love that in the entertainment industry.

  83. author

    Michael18751Il y a jour

    That moment when you can't install windows 10 on a 300 dollar xbox but can install windows 10 ARM full desktop on a 35$ Raspberry Pi

  84. author

    kostas rompokasIl y a jour

    I've been using RCS for a while now. As far as I know, most of the European carriers already support RCS. As for US, google released RCS without the carriers(because they were taking to long to do it). If your smartphone's brand doesn't support it out of the box, then you can just download the android messages app from play store and enable it.

  85. author

    poiurewq0Il y a jour

    Clicked the PIA link, don't see the deal depicted at 5:33. :(

  86. author

    siricoIl y a jour land of hope and glory

  87. author

    GerardIl y a jour

    MVG is a great channel

  88. author

    Leo TimtomIl y a jour

    How come only American computer companies go bust? How come majority of them have `` poor quality`` attached to them? Where is IBM?

  89. author

    ErikIl y a jour

    *This video is only for BOOMERS*

  90. author

    Zack AkaiIl y a jour

    Are you the sort of person who thinks they can actually tell the difference between running a game at 110fps and 115fps? If so, go for it. If not, probably don't bother.

  91. author

    Badboy DCXIl y a jour

    I have no clue what he’s taking about •_•

  92. author

    Kevin OmegaIl y a jour

    they make it FREE cuz they injected it of lots of bloatwares.

  93. author

    ツKazutoIl y a jour

    stop acting gay bro

  94. author

    Thomas WadeIl y a jour

    SCART is analogue, and I know a few people that still use it for at least one old device (often a DVD player, or some kind of TV viewing box (Sky, freeview, freesat, etc) or in some cases a VHS player).

  95. author

    Lebon19Il y a jour

    I only use SMS. Yup.

  96. author

    Windows XPIl y a jour

    My first ever bluescreen was on Windows 10 and the error code was UNCORRECTIONABLE_ERROR Or something like that But basically, I overcharged my battery which began overheating and Windows just died on me But now, my Windows 10 is doing fine Heck, the pld Windows 7 desktop PC has never bluescreened. Not even once.

  97. author

    Andrew landIl y a jour

    I would download a car

  98. author

    King BraxyIl y a jour

    What about the other way around? Xbox os on pc?

  99. author

    Sgt WartortleIl y a jour

    The one thing that i wished i had known before building a pc was how to partition my ssd because that was a big hang up i thought it was the wired being bad or a bad ssd. I know it sounds dumb but i figured it out.

  100. author

    JmvarsIl y a jour

    "My" first PC had a Radeon X800GT. Features? A LIGTHNING fast 475Mhz! An INSANE 256MB GDDR3 SDRAM! It ran CS 1.6 at 100 fps and could run CoD4 at 60 fps on native res and low graphics.