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    ben garciaIl y a jour

    What about the gila river arena?

  2. author

    Matthew BaldwinIl y a jour


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    Nope NopeIl y a jour

    Everyone should use opposite hand sticks for one game

  4. author

    reelkenaIl y a jour

    no, next

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    anssi umpikelaIl y a jour

    can you make a hockey video where jesse tryhards the shit out of him in beer league

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    Justin TurnerIl y a jour

    Tape like 20 mini sticks together and make a regular sized stick with it! ☆GoLdEn IdEa☆

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    MisrabelleIl y a jour

    Would have been more fun if everyone on ice had to use a mini stick.

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    Captain CanadaIl y a jour

    That 4 year old kid on the bench listening to Jesse yell Batman 50 years from now. "Grandpa how did you lose your hearing?" "Well there was this guys using a mini stick in a beer league game."

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    ZalapskiIl y a jour

    Howie Meeker still thinks the stick is too long.

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    Mr.BrewerIl y a jour

    AHL affiliate quiz please or AHL goal horns

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    Blocko_Il y a jour


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    NotdfueIl y a jour

    Wtf!!! Fortniteeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Mike StopakIl y a jour

    Great video, always fun playing along on the quizzes! Go Thrashers!!

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    Keoni ManaIl y a jour

    This is just frustrating to watch.

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    JayyIl y a jour


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    Commander NeyoIl y a jour

    Jesse vs the Refs

  17. author

    Hawk ManIl y a jour

    Holy, Jesse is yoked

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    Brendan McCarthyIl y a jour

    David pastrnak for the kids confirmed

  19. author

    NotdfueIl y a jour

    Hey Luca when u cuttin that gay pony tail

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    Gavin SagerIl y a jour

    Finally another going bar down video

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    SkyroIl y a jour

    This might be a strange question, but what was that tool that you used to create your team lines??

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    Viperz MapzIl y a jour

    Who’s the kid

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    Maple MooseIl y a jour

    Luca kinda cute, if only he were a leafs fan 😂

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    Graydon FrauselIl y a jour

    Where a you get the jofa helmet?

  25. author

    alex martellIl y a jour

    alright “darn right i would” i think part two?

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    DIRTY30Il y a jour

    Try to use the longest stick you can find

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    FantasticNarwal2009 VidsIl y a jour

    Imagine it was the wrong way

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    Chef BoyardeeIl y a jour

    Legend says Seguin still thinks he looks like Brad Pitt

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    Rockit321 ‘Il y a jour

    Does anyone else find it weird that Jesse pays attention to the length of Sidney Crosby’s stick?

  30. author

    Mahmoud TarabeinIl y a jour

    When’s the next road trip coming out

  31. author

    Craig MullenIl y a jour

    Too much

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    GD 02Il y a jour

    Lots of teams turn it up around this time. The ones who can.

  33. author

    Chicken ArmyIl y a jour

    Forgot about Brown and Green for the leafs OG jerseys

  34. author

    E VerettIl y a jour

    Jeff is a beast. Love this guy.

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    Shawsome KiatIl y a jour


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    Lobster RockIl y a jour

    skateboarders are always the coolest pro athletes 😂😂

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    Mikhail WashingtonIl y a jour

    The Raptors might have the mose international rostet

  38. author

    ÆðelwulfIl y a jour

    You guys should've given him the Sundin straight blade

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    AscendancyIl y a jour

    Those skates actually look dope lol

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    Gamingwith AlexIl y a jour

    Wayne has more points because it says he has 1669 points and gordie has 1809

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    Gregory KashmanianIl y a jour

    I’d like to see one of these where the challenge is to play good team defense and give that poor goalie a break.

  42. author

    Johnny SmokesIl y a jour

    Those guys definitely hate playing you guys they probably are taking it seriously and you’re out there rocking mini sticks😂

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    CrHjEoVgEdLeLnEIl y a jour

    hey guys, sprinkler tech here and I just want to let you know that that is not how fire sprinklers work.

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    Leo Cogan-DrewIl y a jour

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Not a single soul: Luca during the post game interview: WHAT WAS THE HARDEST PART ABOUT USING YOUR MINI STICK

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    MultiCappieIl y a jour

    In Edmonton we always were speculating he was "bad in the room." To me, even if it is or isn't "correct" seems to fit the patterns.

  46. author

    MrHummus 15Il y a jour


  47. author

    PS 316Il y a jour

    These guys are idiots. Guess what. Leafs suck. Why so surprised? Lol just laughing at these guys!

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    陳朗Il y a jour

    Oh my gosh a Going BarDown vlog! I’ve missed them! Are there rules in the ASHL regarding shift length? Because if there isn’t I want the next challenge to have somebody on ice for an entire period. I nominate Corwin.

  49. author

    Ethan SeguinIl y a jour

    1 million views nice

  50. author

    Caden Jacob RIEGERIl y a jour

    I forgot Golden Knights retired 58

  51. author

    Logan N6Il y a jour

    Sometimes I question how old Jesse really is

  52. author

    MixIl y a jour

    do people not listen? Jesse literally had a hemorrhoid in this vid lmao watch him actually play mans pretty nice

  53. author

    Max GreenwoodIl y a jour

    4:20 A moment in BarDown history.

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    Daniel KobzarIl y a jour

    Not a lot of Canucks questions guyysss

  55. author

    Emo BassistIl y a jour

    I wish they had hockey leagues here

  56. author

    Mikw BiancoIl y a jour

    bottom line is the Leafs are the softest fucking team I've ever seen

  57. author

    Samuel GardenIl y a jour

    They should do a vid where they recreate stuff from mighty ducks like stripping in the box or the Flying V

  58. author

    DoorsofprcptnIl y a jour

    What are they even talking about, came here like a gullible person because I read the title. I have a feeling it's not the first time they've done this.

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    Wow its Carter! !Il y a jour

    5:08 isn't that a different stick

  60. author

    Charlie LewisIl y a jour

    who calls it mini stick only men call it shinny

  61. author

    DylanIl y a jour

    How do I get me one of those

  62. author

    Pat HardyIl y a jour

    Even if u don’t like Boston how can u hate pasta

  63. author

    K AlexandraIl y a jour

    Jesse just wanted to show off those insane shoulders. Damn Jesse, congrats

  64. author

    Klaire GraysonIl y a jour

    My back is screaming 4:10

  65. author

    Jamo DaBossIl y a jour

    I bloody love the real life hockey vids please keep it up

  66. author

    Blue BearIl y a jour

    6:52 when mum buys gushers

  67. author

    BlackHawks97Il y a jour

    That 2012 series between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia was absolutely insane. With guys like Hartnell and Simmonds around, nobody was gonna fuck with the Flyers.

  68. author

    Ivan MondragonIl y a jour

    are his elbow pads on the outside of his jersey or are the sleeves just rolled waay up? either way... why?

  69. author

    Official Melons Head CoachIl y a jour

    Make someone play in a game with a baseball bat or a golf club

  70. author

    Mr McEvechkinIl y a jour

    Hire Don Cherry to spite SportsNet and the racebaiting Llibby leftards. You'll double your viewers. Take a stand against fake ass propaganda.

  71. author

    Ms. Felony StrutterIl y a jour

    Dude tackled Luca on the break, no call?? "Don't go to the head??"If Matt Cooke showed up #8 would stay home NECT time you play them put a bounty n te head of #8.....loser even does the Gretx jersey tuck....whiney Karl Racke

  72. author

    Starr43Il y a jour

    Anyone else remember curving your mini-stick over the stove? Now they sell them curved. Hell I curved my wood sticks by hand too haha

  73. author

    gimmickIl y a jour

    Alfredsson. I bet both sedins and Zetterberg Idolized him and wanted to be like him.

  74. author

    Ryeer WynnerIl y a jour

    “Oh yep!” *Trips falls* “right idea!”

  75. author

    Tyler AndersonIl y a jour

    He successfully tripped someone from inside the penalty box. I’ve never even thought of that before that is legendary to me

  76. author

    BlackHawks97Il y a jour

    People who thought Ottawa as a dumpster fire was hard to watch, Buffalo is worse in every single regard. Atleast Ottawa has a bright future, just a douchebag of a owner. If the fans of Buffalo thought they’ve suffered enough, the pain hasn’t even started yet.

  77. author

    mnikss03Il y a jour

    Shea Weber looks a giant in this haha

  78. author

    Ryeer WynnerIl y a jour

    GIvE ME mY StICK BaACK StRipES!!! GiVE Me MY TwiG!!!!! 😂 I laughed so hard when he said that holy. How did he not get unsportsmanlike or a delay of game 😂

  79. author

    P.J1776 LibertarianProtUSAIl y a jour

    He's a badass. Pro wrestling is more dangerous than mma. You all got robbed of great entertainment because I was too poor to afford school itinerary 💔

  80. author

    DaveyJonesIl y a jour

    They just don't want to play, Matthews has a cancerous attitude!

  81. author

    Darth SpockIl y a jour

    Jesse looks like Brendan Gallagher and Luca looks like Matthieu Perreault

  82. author

    myh 896Il y a jour

    Do a prank against Luca now 😂

  83. author

    roof pizzaIl y a jour

    Been to Buffalo. How can you like an industrial city named after an animal that doesn't even occupy the same continent?

  84. author

    Mike DalvitIl y a jour

    You guys should have a second camera so that we can see some of Z’s reaction to the answers

  85. author

    zoe zaikosIl y a jour

    thank you for getting seggy in there! 🥰🥰

  86. author

    Logan MainordIl y a jour

    Jesse went full Bortz with that interview, Y’know?

  87. author

    Carter FranzenIl y a jour

    why does he put on his skates before the breezers?

  88. author

    Johnny SakicIl y a jour

    He has won 2 cups more than the Leafs in the past 53 years, bunch of clowns 😂

  89. author

    JdboogZ 24Il y a jour

    Hahaha what the heck this channels awesome

  90. author

    SCJIl y a jour

    You should've at least used composite ministicks

  91. author

    MacAttack GamesIl y a jour

    "I feel like a bag of milk" *CANADA* *INTENSIFIES*

  92. author

    George DouglassIl y a jour

    Common myth that sprinklers with all go off if one does. Every modern sprinkler system uses individual valves that break with heat so they only go off if there is extreme heat below them individually.

  93. author

    Tyler WolfIl y a jour

    i kinda just want to see you play a normal game

  94. author

    5ant69 !Il y a jour

    Jesse is my idol i love you all guys Bardown deserve is own channel

  95. author

    LT TorokIl y a jour

    Winnipeg turnovers

  96. author

    David ChavIl y a jour

    Soderberg style. Everyone playing with an eye patch on so they can only use one eye.

  97. author

    iRwdyIl y a jour

    It’s knee hockey bud

  98. author

    MikeIl y a jour

    6:12 😂😂

  99. author

    Carson VinkIl y a jour

    Next vid get the longest stick and put the longest extension in it

  100. author

    Shane BoegemanIl y a jour

    Look at Andi rocking the GNR shirt.